Egyptian Tombs...And 19 Other Random Things Rappers Spent Their Money On

All kinds of celebrities have become notorious for their spending habits. In sports, we have guys like Floyd Mayweather Jr., who buys ridiculous things but still manages to keep his fortune intact by always making more money than he blows. Then, we have celebrities like Nicolas Cage, who has a little bit more trouble with their finances and gauging what they should and should not buy. But if there is one profession among all celebrities in which people made a name for themselves for buying ridiculous things, it has to be rapper. Don’t get us wrong, though, rap is arguably the most successful society-changing form of art we have today. Sure, there are the guys who are in it just for the money, but the greatest of rappers are always making social critics and defending the people they love.

Nevertheless, a great parcel of rappers has a legitimate problem when it comes to spending their money. A few of these guys are like fish. Just ask Lil Wayne and his diamond teeth. Or go up to Jay-Z and ask why he spends $250,000 every time he wants to drink champagne. These might be exceptions to the norm, but we found at least 20 ridiculous things rappers spent their money on that will have you shaking your head.

20 Egyptian Tomb

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Let’s put the whole thing into perspective. Imagine you are a rapper wanting to open a clothing store. What is the first theme that comes to your mind? Egyptian stuff, of course. It has all the glamour and coolness you could need to attract interest to your new clothing store. At least, that was the line of thought we think Tyga followed when he was opening his Last Kings store in Melrose. For better or for worse, the pictures of the store are astonishing. The place looks fantastic, which has to be a given since Tyga spent more than $120,000 to decorate the shop.

That number starts making sense when you realize some of the stuff he put inside that store. For example, he made sure to send someone down to Egypt to buy a $20,000 tomb for novelty sake. Oh yeah, the sand in the store is from Egypt as well. He didn’t want to use the sand from the beach one street over.

19 Lil’ Weezy And The Diamond Teeth

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Lil Wayne is arguably one of the richest and best rappers alive. The man is worth more than $150 million, which means that he has enough money to buy pretty much whatever he wants to buy. At the same time, being able to buy something doesn’t mean that you should spend your money on whatever you want. Sometimes, the thing you seem to want the most is about as stupid as it can get.

For Lil Wayne, the most ridiculous purchase of his life happened sometime between 2009 and 2010. It was during that brief span of time that this man decided to spend more than $150,000 on his smile. But he didn’t just want to clean his teeth. No, Wayne wanted something else. He wanted to put diamonds on his teeth. And since he had the money, the dentist did it.

18 A Gift For Your Kids (Not Appropriate For A 7 Year Old)

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There is nothing wrong with a father or mother wanting to give his/her kids an expensive gift. Hell, have any of you guys seen how much toys cost these days? It is insane. But that is besides the point. What we are trying to get across here is that it is okay to give your kids expensive gifts, as long as they are something that kids would find a use for—these gifts should be something that your kids could use to play with and not something that would get them robbed.

A perfect example of a gift that you should not give your seven-year-old son is a $34,000 Rolex. Actually, forget that figure. That wasn’t for just one Rolex. That was the price Fabolous paid when he decided to buy his son a pair of Rolexes.

17 All The Jewelry ($65,000 Can Get You)

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This might seem like we are beating down a dead horse, but it doesn’t hurt to enforce a good point. There is nothing wrong with buying expensive stuff. People who have the money can and should spend their money in whichever way they like. The only thing we would like to add to that is that just because you have the money to buy something, it doesn’t mean it is not ridiculous to do so. What is the problem with going into a jewelry store and buying only one thing? That is what most people do, and it is okay.

Wearing jewelry is a part of rap culture, and one of the most awesome parts of it, if we might add. Still, we cannot help but cringe when we see news like when 2 Chainz came out of a New York City jewelry store saying he dropped $65,000 on three items.

16 The "Experience" Shower

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There are a lot of weird stories surrounding rappers and their spending habits. Most of them have to do with grills and jewelry, but there are a few that go beyond what is considered regular within the scope of celebrity spending habits. One of these stories is the tale of Drake and the “experience shower.” Yes, we had no idea what an experience shower was before hearing an explanation the Canadian rapper gave to not being able to conduct an interview in his home.

He answered that the interview wouldn’t be conducted there because people were doing work at his house, which would prevent the interview from going smoothly. Only later did people find out that this happened because they were installing an experience shower in his bathroom, which is a shower that is lit by LED lights, has 10 jets, and sprays whatever kind of scent you want it to spray.

15 Chain Game Strong

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We already talked about how much rappers love jewelry. But within the realm of jewelry, there are a few pieces that they love more than the others. There are the grills some of them insist on putting on their teeth, but the main jewelry article you will see that rappers wearing are chains. Chains are kind of a way to gauge how successful a rapper has been. The richer the guy is, the more karats you will find in his signature chain.

If we are to follow that logic, we cannot help but think that Meek Mill is one of the most successful rappers of all time. After all, this is a guy who dropped about $540,000 on a new chain. Yes, that is how much he spent on this 250-karat beauty.

14 A Better Gift For Your Kids (Remote-Controlled Bentley GT)

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We roasted a rapper before because he bought something his seven-year-old son would not be able to play with. Seriously, don’t buy your kid a Rolex. He’s just going to break it. But if you are hell-bent on buying your kids something inexplicably expensive just for the hell of it, we have found the perfect thing for you to blow your money on—a remote-controlled car.

But those things are super cheap these days, aren’t they?

Well, not if they are made out of diamonds. Yes, this was the gift Game gave to his son—a remote-controlled Bentley GT made out of diamonds. The price tag on that one? Almost $100,000. How’s that for a Christmas present? Although if we were to give his kid a little advice, it would be to play with that car inside his home. Because if you go out with that remote-controlled car, there is a good chance that it’s going to get stolen.

13 Mike Jones - $1 Million Chain

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It must be awesome to be someone like Mike Jones. This is the kind of guy who walks into any place and people start screaming his name because that is literally the hook of most of his songs. No, we are just kidding. But he does yell his own name in all his songs. That being said, yelling his own name has made this guy a lot of money. How do we know that? We know that because this is the man who owned the chain to conquer all chains. Yes, Mike Jones had a chain that was worth an estimated $1 million. No, we are not kidding. This is for real. And when we say owned, we also mean that in the past tense.

Believe it or not, the chain was stolen by someone he considered to be a close friend.

12 Jay-Z - $80,000 Doll For Blue Ivy

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Jay-Z is kind of at fault for this, but this ridiculous purchase was not only his fault. Beyoncé also had a finger on it. Well, she probably had an entire hand on this, but since Jay-Z helped pay for it, we deemed it worthy for our list. We are talking about yet another gift a rapper gave to his kid. But this time, it was not a Rolex nor a super cool remote-controlled car. No, this time we are talking about a Barbie doll. And we all know how Barbie dolls can be expensive and all that.

Still, Jay-Z and Beyoncé decided to take it one step further. They decided to buy their little daughter a diamond-encrusted Barbie doll—a little gift that was worth a whopping $80,000. We just wonder if a doll with 160 diamond gems is a safe toy for a kid.

11 Superman Indeed

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Can anyone even imagine how much money Soulja Boy made for that one song that turned him into a celebrity? Crank That was indeed an unprecedented success when it comes to music and dancing. People all over the world were doing the Soulja Boy dance, and we’re sure he got paid handsomely for that song and its success.

Nevertheless, we are also pretty sure that he did not earn enough money to buy himself a G5 jet for his birthday. Soulja Boy’s net worth is somewhere around $30 million, which is about $5 million short of the price of the jet he allegedly bought. More than that, he was apparently also going to spend an additional $20 million on decorating the jet. We are calling this fake news, but if it did end up being true, it is absolutely the most ridiculous purchase we have ever heard off.

10 Party Lifestyle

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Since we are on the topic of Jay-Z, we could not help but throw a little jab at his drinking habits. No, we are not saying that Jay-Z’s a drunk. He’s far from that. You will probably not see the guy going to your local bar and getting blasted like every other regular town drunk does. Jay-Z has a fine taste in alcohol. How fine? The kind of fine in which you regularly buy yourself $250,000 bottles of champagne.

Yes, apparently, every time this guy wants to drink champagne, he drops a quarter of $1 million for one bottle. How long can someone keep drinking if he spends that much on one bottle? It is something so tough to understand that we think regular people will never really comprehend what it’s like to spend this much on a bottle of champagne. Why not just buy a house?

9 One-Of-A-Kind Cars (One Worth $8 Million)

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Not only rappers, but all kinds of celebrities love cars. Wait, who are we kidding? Everyone loves cars. If we had the money, we would probably be spending millions of dollars on cars as well. But since we don’t have that kind of cash, we are left mulling how it feels to drop $8 million on a one-of-a-kind car. That is how much Birdman spent on his exclusive Maybach Exelero.

This beast of a car can reach the top speed of 218 mph, which has to be exhilarating, as well as a great way to get yourself an expensive ticket to pay at the end of the month. The car’s acceleration is also out of this world, as it can go from 0 to 60 in just 4.4 seconds. So yeah, we can easily say that Birdman rides in style.

8 The Candy Room

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As we get further down this list, we keep finding better and better gifts rappers have given to their kids. This is another entry that falls into the category of couple purchases. The couple this time is none other than Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon.

The two of them might have divorced in 2016, but the gift they gave their twins was arguably the greatest gift any father or mother has ever given to a kid. These two spent we don’t know how much money to make a candy room inside their house for the children. Yes, a candy room. You seriously cannot make this stuff up. It is a dream come true. Can you imagine being one of those kids, waking up, and walking to get a snack in your candy room?

7 Big -- Chain

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A lot of the chains on this list are here because of their price tag. But there is one that goes above and beyond everything anyone could consider normal. This is the story of T-Pain’s big-a*s chain. And yes, the chain itself says “big a*s chain” because it is indeed a big-a*s chain. Are you still with us?

To call a chain like this anything close to normal is pushing whatever boundaries of reality anyone believes, aside from the ridiculousness of the size of this thing, which we are sure is going to get T-Pain some sort of back problems. After all, the chain weights around 10 pounds. Nevertheless, the price tag is about as astounding as the size of this piece of jewelry. T-Pain spent a reported $410,000 on this big-a*s chain.

6 The Only Way To Play Games

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Everyone loves video games. It doesn’t matter if you are a PC person, a PlayStation person, or an Xbox person. The bottom line is that everyone loves video games. They are fun and are a great way to pass your time. And these days, a lot of people make money playing them. At the same time, there are a few people who cannot stay away from ridiculousness, even while they are playing a simple game. We are talking about people who are like the rapper Just Blaze, people who need to customize everything they do in their lives.

The difference here is that most people only have money to add basic customizations to their video games like different skins and things like that. Just Blaze, on the other hand, had enough money to buy himself a diamond-encrusted PlayStation controller chain.

5 Classic Kanye

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Kanye West is one of those people whom you either love or hate. Given the state of things and how he has recently become notorious for his reactions to fans and during his shows, we would say that the hate column has been getting a lot more followers. Still, you will find people who avidly defend Kanye’s every move. However, we have one move of his that we find hard to defend. Maybe it is just because it is about as narcissistic as anything gets and maybe it is just because it is plain and simply ridiculous.

We are, of course, talking about the time when he paid $350,000 for an artist to paint the ceiling of his dining room to make it look like the Sistine Chapel. That is the kind of ridiculousness we have a hard time believing someone will surpass.

4 Show B.o.B The Curve

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There are several levels of stupid. There is regular stupid, as in not being able to point out the country where you live on a map, to not being able to read a room before making a damning remark that pisses everyone around you off. But then, we have the epitome of stupidity. Yes, we are talking about the new cult-like doctrine that began appearing on our planet out of nowhere and started picking up followers. We are talking about the Flat Earthers.

From Kyrie Irving to all other kinds of celebrities, some people really do believe that the Earth is flat. But no one has come to the point of funding a satellite launch to see for himself that the Earth is not flat. We mean, no one other than B.o.B. If you have not seen the crowdfunding page, we think you should take a look at it because it is priceless.

3 A Toilet Like None Other

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This is kind of a movie trope and definitely something every person in the world has dreamed of having. Seriously, who would not want to have a golden toilet? That is the very proof that you have won everything there is to win in life and that you have so much money you have no idea what to spend it on next. After all, you don’t think about buying a golden toilet unless you have already bought all the cars and houses you can think of.

When it comes to rap, the one guy who we know has bought a golden toilet was Russell Simmons. It has been longer than a decade since Russell made this purchase, and he doesn’t even own the house where the toilet is located anymore. But Simmons will always be remembered as the rapper who bought the golden toilet.

2 A Diamond Mine

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We have seen how much rappers spend on diamonds every day. How many chains, toys, and remote-controlled cars have been bought, we will never really know. Nevertheless, only one rapper had the idea of getting the diamonds straight from the source. This could turn into a whole new debate as to whether or not Akon is a rapper, but he has rapped on occasion, so let’s just say he qualifies. If not for that, we are sure you will be glad to hear this story.

Tired of buying diamonds that might have been fake, Akon decided it was time to get them straight from the source. So, he bought a diamond mine in South Africa. Now, we are just left wondering how profitable the business of owning a diamond mine is these days. We are sure working conditions have to be awesome at his mine (not).

1 Too Much Partying

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Not only the most sought-after rap producer of his time, but the most sought-after producer of any kind of music of his time, Scott Storch was someone who did not handle fame all that well. We all know the stories of people who end up falling prey to their money and suffering serious consequences because of the addictions they pick up during their days of fame.

When it comes to Scott, the addiction that took out his career and almost his life was coke. We say that because this man was once worth tens of millions of dollars, but now he is only worth $3.6 thousand. And that is all because of coke and his spending habits. While partying in Hollywood, the man spent a whopping $30 million in just six months, on everything from cars to parties to drugs and yachts. So yes, Scott’s first lines were arguably the most expensive things anyone ever bought in the rap industry.

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