Dump Or Date? 15 Ways To Test Her

Dating is tough! I know – that's a pretty obvious statement to make, especially with the multitude of dating apps, social media platforms, and the extreme vanity that comes with attempting to sell yourself to a stranger.

Fellas, this one is for those of you who are wondering if you should continue forward with a woman you've recently begun seeing. Don't judge her just by her physical attractiveness, far more goes into finding a compatible lady than visual aesthetics. Trust me, we can understand the difficulties of finding someone you get along with, fits well into your social life, and makes you a better man.

Let's face it, with all that's going on surrounding sexual harassment, guys are about to enter a new dating landscape. This shouldn't worry the good guys out there, but it shouldn't also mean that you lower your standards or just accept any woman that pops into your life. Which is what brings us to this list and how we can help you spot the ladies who are perfect for you.

Get your notepads ready and start taking notes, this list of 15 tips will change your dating lives forever. Don't believe me? Well... you can't take advantage of our money back guarantee.

15 See If She Offers To Pay For Dinner

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The dinner test is one that gauges how she sees your relationship. If she offers to pay, it's likely she sees your relationship as a partnership. If she expects you to pay, she probably has an antiquated view of relationships that simply seem odd in today's society.

Preferably both of you would take turns paying for meals and most of the expenses within the relationship. When the economy is down for everyone, it's quite important to work together.

If she passes the dinner test with flying colors, you probably have found yourself a lady who you can work through almost anything together.

14 Test Her Around Your Best Friend

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If she treats your best friend poorly, expects you to ditch your friends, or isn't willing to get to know your friends - why are you even dating her in the first place?

This test needs to happen quickly, no relationship is worth losing years of close friendships in favor of someone who may not even be in your life for that long. You definitely need to think this one through.

She doesn't need to agree with your best friend on everything, but she shouldn't treat people close to you poorly - nor should you treat her friends with disrespect.

Luckily, it's fairly easy to figure out how she'll be around your friends. Take advantage of that and end the relationship if she disrespects them.

13 See How Understanding She Is With Finances


This is one of the most important tests in finding a suitable ride or die. Let's face it, most of us aren't millionaires, and that's perfectly alright. However, there are some potential partners who will expect to control your finances or won't be interested if you cannot buy her expensive clothes, jewelry, and lavish vacations.

Even if you are financially fortunate, do you really want to be with someone who only wants you for your money? Whenever you have the opportunity, begin a casual conversation about money and gauge how much money really means to her.

Of course, nobody wants to live in poverty, but if she's expecting long vacations to Dubai, you may want to rethink your relationship.

12 Is She Willing To Help You Grow?

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"You know nothing, Jon Snow." If you are like Jon Snow and do not have knowledge of anything, will your lovely lady be willing to help you grow into someone who is full of knowledge?

If she expects you to be perfect from day one, then she has unrealistic expectations; not even I, the great Donatello Nagata, am without flaws! Test her early on to find out what she expects from you in the relationship and see if she will help you grow, or if she will leave you out on an island.

You should want someone in your life who is going to challenge you and push you to greater things, find someone who can help you reach your goals.

11 Test Her After An Argument

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Does she have to be right during an argument? Does she insist that an argument could never begin because of something she did? Does she refuse to apologize after screaming at you?

Keep these questions in mind when you honestly know that you have handled the situation to the best of your abilities. In all honesty, both parties have fault in the vast majority of arguments within a relationship.

If after an argument she refuses to admit to any wrongdoing, perhaps she isn't the most mature person to be involved in a long-term relationship with. Nobody is always right and if she is insistent that she is...well...she fails the test.

10 Test To See If She Can Be Trusted

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Yeah, Justin Timberlake learned this lesson the hard way. What Goes Around Comes Around, isn't exactly the treatment cheaters receive - yet, it is a cautionary tale informing the viewer of the importance of trust in any relationship.

Early in the relationship give her space and ask questions that you know the answers to - if she tells pointless lies, then she obviously isn't someone you want to invest in long-term. It may hurt to end it with a woman you were really into, but it's going to save you a lot of heartbreak in the long run.

Trust goes an extremely long way, if she fails this test there is no hope for a healthy relationship.

9 Test How She Handles Compliments

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No, this isn't referring to how she responds to lewd comments that shouldn't be directed at a lady. What we're talking about here is how well she handles compliments regarding her accomplishments, intellect, and classy references to other facets of her being.

It's important to gauge how she responds: Does she show a big ego? Is she dismissive over compliments? Is she humble? Does she ignore the compliments completely? There are a number of different reactions she could have, which give direct insight into who she is as a person.

Of course, it's up to you to decide what reaction fits your personality, but it's good to know what you are getting into early on.

8 See If She Helps Around The House When She Stays Over

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How many really enjoy cleaning up after someone else? Who enjoys dating someone who is completely selfish? You're in luck, there is a perfect way to test how thoughtful the lady in your life is without being confrontational.

When she spends a night or weekend over at your place, see if she offers to help you clean the dishes and any of the mess she helps create. Do not expect her to do your laundry or anything like that.. come on now...

However, if she is thoughtful enough to lend you a helping hand it shows that she values you and your living space. She's an absolute winner if she provides that kind of support and you should pay her the same respect.

7 Is She Excited To Be Around You In Public?

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Is she happy to be around you in public? Does she treat you the same as she does behind closed doors? It's a silly stereotype that men do not need emotional support and feel like they are wanted.

If she acts as if she's embarrassed to be seen with you in public, then she fails the test and quite frankly isn't worth your time. If she smiles, makes you laugh, and bring a carefree attitude - then she is someone that deserves you to go all in.

Nobody deserves anything less from a relationship, make sure she passes this test with flying colors. You will definitely be better off in the long run.

6 Does She Wait To Tell Friends About Your Relationship?

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If she doesn't bother telling her friends or anyone else that the two of you are together, then there is definitely something is wrong. It's important to make sure there isn't some kind of miscommunication, yet if that's not the case there's something deeper going on.

If weeks have gone by and she hasn't mentioned it to anyone, then you should probably question here as it's likely she doesn't have her heart in the relationship.

It's honestly best to end this one as quickly as possible as this could be a sign of more problems that could come up in the future.

5 Test To See If She'll Try Your Hobbies

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Try and see if she'll give some of your hobbies a try. Whether you're a gamer, gym rat, or a movie buff - offer to bring her into that aspect of your life. If she refuses without giving an explanation but expects you to try her hobbies - something foul is at play.

While she doesn't have to fall in love with everything you enjoy, it's important to get to know the person you're dating and understand who they are as an individual.

This test delivers insight into how open she is and if she is willing to try new things. It can be boring to be stuck in a relationship with someone who is closed off to anything new.

4  Does She Reciprocate Pleasantries Like Opening A Door?

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When you open a car door for her, does she unlock the door for you? While small, these small acts of kindness show appreciation for a kind gesture. Relationships are a team effort, one individual shouldn't wait on the other as if they are royalty - that isn't the typical recipe for a healthy relationship.

If she reciprocates pleasantries or even initiates them, it's a sign that she values the role you play in her life and is recognizing you with acts of kindness.

Finding out whether or not she acts in this manner is important early on in a relationship, if not it may be a good idea to call things off.

3 Does She Help You With The Small Things?

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It's the little things that matter. Find out earlier on if she is willing to help you with the smaller aspects of life. Will she help you tie your tie? Will she help you study for a test? Will she help give you confidence if you're feeling down?

These are the aspects of life which are extremely important and often overlooked. Intimate relationships are built on the foundations of love and support. If she helps you in those aspects of life, then there is no doubt that she is worth keeping around for the long-term.

If not... well... no reason to stay in a relationship where you aren't being supported!

2  How Does She Treat You Around Her Friends?

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If she treats you well around her friends, then she most definitely is a keeper. It may not be easy to be around her friends, as they more than likely have heard a great deal about you. However, if she pasts the test and treats the same around her friends then you should let loose and be yourself - you truly have nothing to lose.

In the unfortunate circumstance where she disrespects you in front of her friends, then it's a fairly good sign that she doesn't value you, your feelings, nor respects who you are as an individual.

If she fails this test, there isn't a speed fast enough for you to call an end to that relationship.

1 See Who She Is As A Person


Why would you want to date someone who is a bad person? It's important to your health and sanity to figure out what type of person she is on your first date. How do you do that?

Ask questions while you are out with her, find out her values, and figure out if she is compatible with you on an emotional and mental level. Trust me, her looks are not that important in the grand scheme of things.

If you find out that she isn't that good of a person, you should break off the relationship immediately. There are a lot of single women looking for a guy who will value who they are.

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