Drake Has A Pink Diamond Tooth And 25 Other Celebs With Mouth Bling Worth More Than Our Car

In the world of the rich and famous, it seems like everyone is constantly looking for a new way to show off their fortune and standout amongst the pack. From "pimped out" cars to multimillion-dollar mansions, celebrities are always looking for ways to outdo their peers in order to prove that they have the most money and access to all the luxury items in the world. Yet, there are some celebrities that take this to a new level. Rather than focusing on the diamonds around their neck or the price tag of their diamond-encrusted watches, some celebrities have chosen to add bling to the inside of their mouths.

Grills have often been seen as a mouth accessory worn solely by rappers but the popularity of this diamond accessory has created more celebrities to try their hand at this new fashion piece. From Madonna sporting a gold grill on the red carpet to Olympic swimmers getting a custom mold to wear on the podium, it's interesting to see how far this fashion trend has stretched. Drake recently spoke about his pink diamond in on his tooth when a fan commented on his Instagram post: “Lmao all that money and your teeth don’t look clean." Drake obviously knows how to stand his ground and didn't take the comment too seriously when he responded: “I have a pink diamond in my tooth… I brush with activated charcoal before any club night where I will see baddies know datttt.”

There are even a number of companies that specialize in creating diamond-encrusted mouthpieces for the general public but with a modest price tag to suit those that aren't in the celebrity world. Yet, the real interest comes when people start to realize some of the extraordinary price tags on some of the mouthpieces worn by celebrities. Check out these 25 celebrities with bling in their mouth that's worth more our car and see how the rich and famous are choosing to spend their money.

25 Lil’ Wayne

Lil' Wayne is known for going a bit overboard when it comes to his flashy accessories and lavish lifestyle. Yet, this is something that should be expected from an artist that coined the phrase, "Bling, bling." In 2009,

Lil' Wayne took his lavish expenditures to a new level when he purchased these diamond teeth that reportedly cost around $150,000.

With the price of a Mercedes-Benz starts at just under $35,000, it's interesting that Lil' Wayne would spend that much on embellishing his teeth. However, it should be noted that his $150,000 price tag for teeth is still about $30,000 cheaper than buying a Bentley. With Lil' Wayne being a platinum-selling artist, no one seems to be worried about him spending a ton of money on something as frivolous as bejeweled teeth.

24 Birdman

When Birdman first became known to the world as a rapper and producer, there were too many hit songs for people to dismiss him as a one-hit-wonder. As the co-founder and public face of Cash Money Records, it seemed like Birdman was here to stay and he definitely lived a lifestyle that was expected of a "Stunna" rapper. During the heyday of Cash Money Records,

Birdman reportedly spent $500,000 on his diamond grill.

While the price tag definitely grabbed headlines before, it's becoming an even bigger headline now that Birdman is reportedly going through such financial trouble. There is talk about a pending bankruptcy and even defaulting on a loan that put his multimillion-dollar home in jeopardy. Lil' Wayne has even come out to talk about how Birdman mismanaged finances with Cash Money Records.

23 Tyga

Tyga is a rapper that is probably best known for dating Kylie Jenner. Their relationship was always put into the headlines because he was already entangled in the Kardashian family through his relationship with Blac Chyna. This is also a huge reason why there has been so much criticism surrounding Tyga because many people thought that his talent may take a backseat to the perception of being an opportunist through his personal relationships. After purchasing an expensive pair of diamond grills for Kylie (that even further gave him some headlines), Tyga came out with his own pair of diamond grills that many people reported as a gift from Kylie.

Hip hop jewelry designer, Ben 'Baller' Yang, called these top and bottom grills as the "hardest diamond grills in the world,"

and TMZ reported that the grills cost $45,000. His previous pink diamond grill reportedly cost around $35,000.

22 Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has always been a bit of a standout amongst her Kardashian/Jenner family and that's a big reason why people have gravitated towards her over the years. Many people can relate to the "ugly duckling" feeling within their family and people have sympathized with the extreme amount of criticism she's received over the years. Unlike her other family members that have pretty much followed the same mold in their looks, Kylie has branched out in her style choices to include everything from teal hair to going all over with the pink. It seems like she's even had some influence over her Kardashian half-siblings. This particular standout accessory came when Kylie's boyfriend,

Tyga, gifted her a glittering mouthpiece that reportedly cost $15,000.

Considering that a brand new Ford Fiesta S is just under $14,000, this is definitely a luxury purchase.

21 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is known for living a lavish lifestyle and people have loved watching her reality antics on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Yet, it seems like the most lavish expenditures have come around once she married Kanye West. As a rapper, he's known for going a bit over-the-top with his spending and he's been known to really go overboard with spending since he married Kim. During Paris Fashion Week, she showed off a pair of gold grills on Instagram and she later posted another photo of her wearing the gold grills while flaunting the new diamond ring given to her by Kanye West. This photo became infamous once news of Kim's robbery came to light and everyone seemed to focus on the 20-carat diamond. Kim later donned another set of grills after the robbery and proved that she wasn't done with diamond teeth.

20 Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty is considered one of the best new artists in recent years ever since he found fame online. With a myriad of mixtapes and viral moments that helped to create a huge fan base, it seemed like Lil Yachty was an artist that people couldn't help but notice. He's known for his over-the-top hair and lyrical style that sets him apart from other rappers. With his trademark accessory being his red skinny braids with plastic beads, it seemed like he had enough to make him memorable. Yet, he wasn't going to stop there and he decided to adorn his teeth with a bit of bling. He reportedly spent $35,000 on rainbow-colored grills that he famously wore to the Grammy Awards to show off his winning smile.

19 A$AP Ferg

A$AP Ferg first got attention as a hip-hop artist when he was a member of A$AP Mob but many people know him for his efforts as a solo artist. He first debuted his first album back in 2013 and the second album was released in 2016. The mixtape "Still Striving" helped to continue the fascination of this talented artist but many people think that his grills give him just as much publicity. He's known for wearing some lavish diamond grills throughout his time in the limelight but there was one that really stood out.

This piece reportedly cost $10,000 and is completely custom.

The top row spells out "Hood" with a letter on each tooth and the bottom row spells out "Pope," which is his nickname.

18 Kanye West

Kanye West is a rapper that is known for getting a bit out of control when it comes to his spending. Yet, he's owned up to that on numerous occasions. One of the best lyrics from his hit song, "All Falls Down," West can be heard saying, "I got a couple past due bills, I won't get specific. I got a problem with spending before I get it." West showed off one of his lavish purchases when he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres with

a bottom row of teeth that he claimed had been pulled out and replaced with diamonds and gold.

In a 2010 Vanity Fair interview, West was asked why he permanently drilled diamonds into his teeth and he stated, "I just like diamond teeth and I didn't feel like having to take them out all the time." With a $60,000 price tag, this is definitely an expense that not everyone can make.

17 T-Pain

T-Pain is a hip-hop artist that gained the majority of his fame during the early 2000s. The public instantly fell in love with signature auto-tuned voice and he had a string of hit singles that made him a huge favorite on the radio and in the clubs. Yet, it wasn't just the sound of his voice that made him a standout since he has an equally signature look. From the top hats to the dreadlocks, T-Pain made himself instantly recognizable. Yet, it was the blinged out grill that many people remember the most. His grill was a huge standout because it was completely encrusted with all yellow diamonds. While people may have wanted one just like it, not everyone has the same $30,000 it took to buy it.

16 Paul Wall

Paul Wall is known for teaming up with the famed jewelry designer, Johnny Dang, to produce their own line of custom diamond encrusted teeth called "Grillz." Dang accredits himself for introducing Nelly with the diamond-encrusted mouthpiece trend, which turned into the hit song, "Grillz." Wall has put a great deal of effort into growing his brand of jewelry designs and has made it available to the regular public.

The caps start at $800 per tooth

but there are other affordable options available for caps with fewer diamonds or different qualities in the diamonds. Yet, the one that Paul Wall often sports has a price tag that's much higher than the regular $10,000 for the standard 12 tooth grill for the top and bottom mouthpiece.

15 Ryan Lochte

While rappers are known for spending an outlandish amount of money on diamond-encrusted teeth, it's not just those in the music industry that have indulged in this dental extravagance. Ryan Lochte is a professional swimmer that created a name for himself when he earned five swimming medals at the London Olympics in 2012. Lochte won Team USA's first gold medal at the London Olympics 2012 for the men's 400-meter individual medley but he caused some controversy when he sported his American flag-themed grill on the podium.

The mouthpiece was a Paul Wall Grillz design and featured red, white, and blue diamonds to showcase the American flag.

Lochte addressed his use of the grill by saying, "I wear it when I go on the podium. It's just a unique way of showing personality out to everyone." The mouthpiece reportedly cost a whopping $25,000.

14 Riff Raff

Riff Raff was once only known as part of the Three Loco rap group but branched out on his own to create a name for himself in the world of rap. He is best known by his stage name, Riff Raff, and his debut studio album, Neon Icon, was met with favorable reviews. Yet, people couldn't help but remark on how outlandish Riff Raff is in his personal appearance. From the over-the-top color combinations in his style choices to his signature thin braids, Riff Raff has often been criticized for being a bit cartoon-like in his persona. To put things even more over the top, Riff Raff purchased an aqua berry diamond grill designed by Johnny Dang and Paul Wall for a whopping $21,000 in 2014.

13 Quavo

The music artist, Quavo, has proven that he is more than just one type of rapper, singer/songwriter, and producer. While many people know him as part of the Migos group, others love his collaborative efforts in the rap group, Huncho Jack. With his incredible talent, it shouldn't be surprising that he would choose something truly unique to showcase his obsession with diamonds and jewelry. He turned to Johnny Dang & Co. for this 16-piece invisible hand set grill. It's set in 18-carat gold and features VVS princess cut diamonds. With the incredible clarity of the diamonds and the total carats being a whopping 16, Quavo has proven that he puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to his talent and his grills. The price tag was reportedly $30,000 but that didn't seem to be a problem for him.

12 Travis Scott

Travis Scott was just starting to make a name for himself in the music industry when he became romantically-linked to Kylie Jenner. Since he hadn't yet reached the status of some of the other more well-known rappers, many people thought that he was just another opportunist that was trying to use the Kardashian/Jenner name to gain some free publicity.

He garnered some even more attention when he sported this 18-carat gold mouthpiece with a $25,000 price tag.

The mouthpiece was designed by Johnny Dang, a leader in the diamond-encrusted mouthpiece industry, and featured 10 carats of diamonds. It featured pink, brown, blue and white diamonds and was a standout feature that made people think that he wanted to get noticed for being more than just Kylie Jenner's new man.

11 Katy Perry

Katy Perry is known for changing up her look and choosing some outlandish style options when it comes to her red carpet looks and music videos. From the infamous cupcake bra to the myriad of different hair colors, it seems like nothing is too over-the-top for Katy Perry. Yet, it was her 2013 red carpet look for the VMAs that really had people talking. She was promoting her new album and she wore a diamond-encrusted grill that had the word "Roar" written on it. There were also two diamond-encrusted teeth that flanked the letters and Perry was happy to show it off to the cameras. While the entire mouthpiece reportedly only cost $2,300, that's still more than many people would pay for a used vehicle if they had the chance.

10 Lil Jon

Lil Jon first made a name for himself when he was the frontman to the music group, Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, but he soon branched out to become a true celebrity in his own right. From his solo music career that produced a number of hit singles that had everyone singing along and loving his signature sound to his appearances on reality television, it seemed like Lil Jon was much more than just another rapper with grills. The public seemed to really root for him when he was on Celebrity Apprentice and even his outlandish look seemed to really work for him. He's worn diamond-encrusted grills on more than one occasion but it's this one that reportedly cost $8,800 that people seem to remember the most.

9 Sauce Walka

While there once was a time when rap seemed like a music genre that was under the radar and more of an underground scene, it has been heavily commercialized by a variety of different rappers over the years. Everyone from Jay Z to Nicki Minaj has been accused of being far too commercialized in their music and it seems like everyone is looking to get a bit more underground with their style choices and collaborations in recent years. Everyone wants to find the newest rapper that will bring it back to the days of Nas and old school Kanye West and it seems like some of the lesser known rappers are making their own name through underground tracks. That's exactly what happened with Sauce Walka when he was featured on a track with 21 Savage and Lil Yachty. Another way he let his success be known was when he showcased a diamond-encrusted grill that reportedly cost $14,000.

8 Nelly

When Nelly first emerged as a new rap artist out of St. Louis, the public instantly fell in love with his signature sound and his standout look. From wearing the bandage on his face to his signature grills, it seemed like he was the artist that truly put the diamond-encrusted teeth on the map. In 2005, Nelly released the single "Grillz" which featured Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp. Paul Wall became so obsessed with the whole grill fascination that he ultimately partnered up with a famed jewel designer to create custom mouthpieces for the general public. Their company has been responsible for creating custom pieces for some of the biggest names in Hollywood but

Nelly was the one that really started the trend.

He's worn a number of different grills over the years, with each of them carrying a hefty price tag and some have even been six figures.

7 Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates is a music artist that first began his career back in 2005 and started creating a name for himself with people inside the music industry. Signing with the local label, Dead Game Records, Gates was able to use this opportunity as a stepping stone to garner more attention in the world of rap music. While his mixtapes received a high amount of praise, things went a bit awry in 2008 when Gates was convicted and sentenced to 31 months in prison. Yet, he didn't let all of that time go to waste because he continued his education in prison and even earned a Master's in psychology. Upon release, Gates released another mixtape that garnered the attention of Lil Wayne and that's when the industry really started sit up and take notice. Gates proved to the world that his $14,000 diamond grill was real by posting a picture of a diamond tester.

6 Pink

Pink has had a wildly successful career that has evolved over the years to truly prove her worth as a singer and artist. When she first started out in the music industry, the public had a difficult time trying to put her into a specific box when it came to her music genre. It seemed like the perfect mix of hip-hop, rock, and pop. Yet, she continued to impress her fans as her music evolved and she's also changed her persona to go with her newfound talent as a music artist and performer. While many people think about her tightrope acrobatics on stage, many people can't get over the diamonds she's had implanted into her teeth. Dr. Anjali Rajpal gave an interview with The Sun and priced Pink's teeth jewelry at about $2,000 per tooth depending on the size and quality of the diamond.

5 Beyonce

Beyoncé is known for having some seriously extravagant tendencies when it comes to her couture gowns and her lavish vacations. Yet, people might be surprised at how frugal she was with her diamond-encrusted grill. This infamous Beyoncé grill was created by the famed jewelry designer Johnny Dang and was a French tip design made out of white gold. This 10-carat gold mouthpiece was actually quite understated when it comes to gold grills but she definitely showed that sometimes less is more. It featured a bottom piece that had extended fangs and was a prong set with white diamonds.

This was the perfect complement to the white gold and it had a modest price tag of $1,400.

While it may be relatively inexpensive for a celebrity grill, it's still about the same as a used Honda at any local car dealership across the country.

4 Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane is a rapper that is attributed to creating trap music and first debuted his own solo album in 2005. The Trap House album did extremely well and it seemed like each new album helped to garner even more success and fame. Yet, his professional career started to become affected by the problems in his personal life and it wasn't long before his legal problems caught up with him. There were a number of different charges that came his way, from aggravated assault to battery and drug charges. Gucci Mane wound up spending some time incarcerated but emerged from jail, seemingly a changed man. His ultra-lavish wedding to Keyshia Ka'oir was a star-studded event and his wedding cake cost $75,000. Yet, that shouldn't have come as a surprise since he had been known for dropping thousands of dollars on gold mouthpieces in the past.

3 T.I.

When T.I. was first introduced to the public, he was just the arm candy for his superstar wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris. She was part of the hugely popular girl group, Xscape, and T.I. was just the man that was behind-the-scenes in her love life. Yet, all of that changed when T.I. embarked on his own journey in the music industry. People fell in love with the "Rubber Band Man," and it wasn't long before people were considering T.I. as one of the hottest new rappers in the music industry. During this time, T.I. was known for carrying around stacks of money and spending lavishly.

Paul Wall famously created a custom diamond-encrusted mouthpiece for T.I. and the price tag was a whopping $30,000.

To put things in perspective, a brand new Nissan 370Z has a price tag of $29,990.

2 Jill Scott

Jill Scott is considered a hugely successful and talented music artist but she isn't exactly a mild-mannered woman. There have been some rumors regarding her diva antics behind-the-scenes and there have also been some public feuds that make people think that her smooth and soulful voice may not tell the whole story. Recently, the biggest headlines have focused on her marital issues since her ex-husband is seeking out some extra funds. He claimed that the prenuptial agreement was rushed and that the signing shouldn't stand. With Scott being financially successful in the music industry, she might be regretting all of those expensive purchases she made during a happier time of her marriage. When Paul Wall was asked about the most expensive mouthpiece he had ever created, he claimed it was for Jill Scott, despite the fact that he made one for T.I. that was priced at $30,000.

1 Nas And Kelis

Kelis is a music artist that has been known to wear gold grills at various events, including the red carpet. Yet, Nas isn't exactly a rapper that is known for doing outlandish stunts like this. Instead, he's been heralded for being an underground artist that has had commercial success without being commercialized, himself. When these two artists came together and found love, it seemed like a great pairing. They celebrated their engagement in 2004 and that's when Paul Wall helped to design matching engagement diamond-encrusted mouthpieces to show off their special union.

Each of them had a hefty price tag of $36,000, but that was nothing to two successful music artists that have sold millions of records between them.

While their marriage didn't last, they will each have a token reminder of happier times.

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