Daily Underwear…And 19 Other Things Floyd Mayweather Spends His Money On

A lot of people in the world know how to make money, but few know how to spend it like a guy we know as Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. Mayweather is undoubtedly the best boxer of his generation. Many people will say that he often runs from fights or that he boxes too defensively, and everything in-between, but no one can deny that there were few, if any, boxers who were as talented as this guy in the history of the sport.

Running away from fights or not, this is a man who finished his professional boxing career with a 50-0 record, surpassing Rocky Marciano’s 49-0. And if there was one thing that Floyd might have been better at doing than boxing, it was making money. This man literally changed the game when it comes to athletes making money. It is no surprise to anyone that Floyd Mayweather is one of the richest athletes who ever lived. Money has a net worth of about $565 million, but that doesn’t mean he is stingy with his wealth. Much on the contrary, Floyd spends a lot of cash. And a lot of that money goes to ridiculous things, just like the 20 we will show you on this list.

20 Beverly Hills Mansion Worth Over $25 Million

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Let’s talk recent events. As all of you definitely know, Floyd Mayweather recently got an astounding payday after his groundbreaking flight against Conor McGregor. The amount of that payday? A $100 million check. And that is just the money we know he got from the fight. So, what would you do if you had just earned $100 million? Invest on something? Maybe buy a house? Well, that was exactly the thought Mayweather had. We don’t know if it was the first thing he did with the money,

but Floyd did recently purchase a house in Beverly Hills; a house that he bought for a reported $25.5 million.

Yeah, the guy barely won all that money and he has already spent more than a quarter of it. Now, we are just left wondering what he is going to do with the rest of that cash because it does seem like he is willing to spend it all and soon.

19 This Car (Only One Made To US Market Specifications)

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The reason we didn’t put the name of the car on the title of this entry is because it is unbelievably tough to write. Here, just imagine having to spell “2010 Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita” in a spelling bee competition. This is the kind of name that qualifies as nightmare fuel for people who are bad at spelling. Either way, this is a car Floyd bought a while ago and has just recently gone to auction.

Back when Floyd first bought the car, he unloaded an astounding $4.8 million,

which does make sense when you realize that his model was one of only two that were built in the world. His model was actually the only one made to US market specifications. It is still a ridiculous price tag for anyone to put on a car, but when you make $100 million in a fight, who cares, right?

18 Underwear Problems

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This is the exact spot where we are going to try and make a new saying stick:

“Have you ever imagined being so rich that you didn’t have to repeat underwear?”

It’s good, right? At the same time, it sounds extremely far-fetched for anyone to be so rich that they would not need to wear any repeated underwear for the rest of their lives. While there are people who have the money to do something like that, it just seems like a waste of cash. What is the problem with washing your underwear? Well, it seems like this is a big deal for Floyd because he is a guy who doesn’t repeat underwear... ever. To put it in figures, it is speculated that Floyd spends around $6.5 K per year on boxers alone.

17 A $20,000 Gift For His Son

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Every dad should give gifts to their son. The only difference is that wealthy dads can give their kids pretty much whatever they want. But even if you have that amount of financial freedom, there is no reason for you to give your son something as ridiculous as a Bentley golf cart. Seriously, Floyd, your kid was only a 15-year-old, not an old white guy who doesn’t like walking from tee to tee.

That little golf cart you see Floyd and his son in was worth nothing less than $20,000.

Yes, this guy bought his son a golf cart more expensive than most people’s cars. Now, we are just left to wonder who actually uses the cart more, Floyd or the kid. But if we are to be completely honest, we do think that no one really uses it, and he just bought it for the Instagram post.

16 Keyshia Cole

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Being as rich and famous as Mayweather is, it is impossible to steer away from dating rumors and things like that. The most recent dating rumors involving Floyd Mayweather had him linked with American singer and songwriter Keyshia Cole. Now, no one really knows if these two are together or not because despite the many rumors of their relationship, neither of them has actually come out and said that they were dating.

Cole actually once said that she would not be able to date a boxer.

But we will leave their relationship status to your judgment. The only thing we have to say about that is to explain to you that the watch you see in that picture is a $300,000 diamond-encrusted Rolex Floyd bought to his “friend.” Who wouldn’t wish they had friends like that?

15 An NBA Team

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As far as we know, this has not come to fruition yet. But don’t be surprised if one day you see Floyd Mayweather as the owner of an NBA team. At some point, when you have as much money as Floyd does and keep making as much money as he also does, you will undoubtedly find yourself at a loss, wondering what the hell you are going to spend your next dollar on. It seriously seems like Floyd doesn’t like having money in the bank and not spend it. And that is his right. After all, he got all that money fair and square, so he can spend it however he likes.

But after a recent conversation with Magic Johnson, it seems like he got the bug for the NBA. If anything, this would be one entertaining development for both boxing and NBA fans.

14 This Crazy iPod (Worth A Reported $50,000)

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After the iPhone revolution, it became harder and harder to see people walking around with iPods. It became kind of a vintage artifact to have one of these old-school iPods. And what better way to display some of your vintage gear than having it inside a diamond case? Yeah, just when we thought we had already seen all the crazy things Floyd does with his money, the guy manages to top that. Remember how he bought his son a $20,000 golf cart?

Yeah, this iPod case is more expensive than that Bentley golf cart.

Believe it or not, he spent a reported $50,000 on this iPod case. While it does make sense for it to have that price tag since it is made out of diamonds, it is still as ridiculous a purchase as they come. What’s wrong with the $5 cases?

13 Bugatti Chiron Worth Over $3 Million

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Floyd Mayweather has bought a bunch of cars throughout his career, but while we are not going to talk about every single one of them since it would be impossible to fit them all in one list, we will still dedicate a few entries to some of the most expensive cars this guy has bought. There was that soup letter car we already told you about, which might have been the most expensive car Floyd has ever bought, but it does not stand in a league of its own. Another supercar that has been a part of Mayweather’s fleet

was a $3.5-million hyper car from Bugatti, the unbelievably fast Bugatti Chiron.

And when we say unbelievably fast, we are not kidding. This car has 1500 hp and can reach the ridiculous speed of 290 mph. Not to mention that it can go from 0 to 62 in 2.2 seconds. How’s that for a car?

12 The Pre-Fight Gift (Also Worth More Than $3 Million)

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Floyd already knew he was going to make a ton of money out of the Conor McGregor fight, so he started spending even before he earned a dollar from the bout. That being said, this guy bought himself a bunch of pre-fight gifts. Maybe that was his way to get some encouragement or to relax before he got in the ring. Either way, we guarantee you that not many boxers can give themselves pre-fight gifts like this one. As you have probably figured out, the gift was a car, just like every two in three gifts Floyd gives himself seems to be. And as fate would have it,

this was yet another Bugatti. But instead of the Chiron, this was a brand new and bright red Bugatti Veyron.

The price tag on that one? Nothing less than $3.3 million. Did you expect anything less from the boxer?

11 Just A Ridiculous Story Involving A Mercedes

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What do you do when your car is in the shop and you need to get to the airport? Back in the day, you would probably just call a cab or maybe have a friend drive you over. But these days, you could also get an Uber. Well, as you have probably figured out, Floyd Mayweather is not like most people. Once upon a time, before his historic fight against Manny Pacquiao, Floyd needed to get to the airport, but he didn’t have any transportation. What do you think he did? He certainly did not call a cab or an Uber. No,

this guy bought a new Mercedes and drove it to the airport.

But that is not the crazy part of the story. The insane part of the story is that after parking the Mercedes and getting on to the plane, Mayweather completely forgot about the freaking car. It is probably still at the airport picking up parking tickets.

10 Charters Jets

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Floyd Mayweather is the kind of guy who likes his privacy. And hey, if there is one thing that money seems to be able to buy these days, it is peace and quiet while you are traveling. Sure, that might involve chartering a private jet for your entourage. Yes, when Floyd flies, he likes flying alone. We are sure that him liking his privacy has a little bit to do with the fact that

he charters separate private jets for his entourage to travel with him, but there is also another fact involved in this ridiculousness.

According to an interview he gave a while ago on The Howard Stern Show, the main reason why Floyd makes his bodyguards and everyone else ride in different planes is because he is scared their weight is going to drag his plane down.

9 A Gift For His Daughter Worth $400,000

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Now, if you are anything like us, you were already astounded by the news that this guy spent $20,000 to buy his 15-year-old son a Bentley golf cart. If you do fit that description, get ready to take that feeling of yours up another notch. No, a $20,000 golf cart was not the cherry on the cake. Why? Because

Floyd Mayweather bought his 14-year-old daughter a $400,000 Rolls-Royce.

No, we are not kidding. The girl was two years away from being able to drive, and the guy had already splashed $400,000 for her to be able to take her driving test on a Rolls-Royce. This is beyond ridiculous. It would have already been ridiculous if he did that for someone who was able to drive. Nevertheless, Floyd decided to give this kind of car to a 14-year-old girl. Do you know who probably enjoyed it? Her driver, because she definitely has one.

8 Premium Concierge Services For Tickets

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For us mere mortals, concierge services are something that we come across every once in a while when we get an upgrade on a plane seat or a hotel room, which is not actually a concierge service, but it makes us seem special in a way.

When it comes to Floyd Mayweather, concierge services are concierge services. By that, we mean that this guy gets the premium of the premium on this subject. For the best example, we have to go all the way back to the time when LeBron James was in Miami and they were playing the Spurs in the 2013 NBA Finals. As you can imagine, there were no tickets left for game seven. But fear not, Floyd called his premium concierge service and told them to get him a bunch of courtside seats the day of the game. Of course, they got him what he wanted. But Mayweather ended up paying $80,000 for four tickets.

7 Sneaker Problems

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This might not be as infuriating as his boxer habits, but it definitely has to be more expensive. Out of the many unbelievable spending habits of Floyd Mayweather, this could possibly be the most expensive constant on his list of purchases. Not only does this guy not wear the same underwear twice,

but he doesn’t wear the same sneakers twice either.

Yes, Floyd only wears a pair of sneakers once before disposing of them. The biggest beneficiaries of this being the hotel room workers who are lucky enough to clean up his room after he leaves since the shoes stay behind for them. What is crazy about this is that Floyd is not wearing $20 shoes either. This guy is wearing Prada and other expensive brands before just throwing them away. We can only imagine how unbelievable his shoe budget might be.

6 Carrying Cash Around (But Not Without A Bodyguard)

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This is not exactly something ridiculous he loves spending his money on, but the way Floyd carries his money around was weird enough to warrant a place on our list. For someone who has this much money, you would imagine Floyd would just walk around with super platinum credit cards. But it turns out he is actually not a big fan of that.

Mayweather likes to purchase things in cash.

And to purchase things as expensive as the stuff he buys every day, Floyd needs to carry a lot of cash. Does he carry all that cash himself? No, of course not. He has one bodyguard who constantly walks around next to him carrying a large Nike duffel bag. Inside that duffel bag are thousands of dollars in packs of $100 bills.

5 Buying Jewelry

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It is no secret to anyone that Floyd Mayweather likes to walk around in style. That being said, he obviously needs to have the freshest shoes and clothes, as well as a bunch of jewelry. How much money exactly Floyd spends on jewelry is a mystery to everyone. However, there was one incident a few years back that gave people an idea of just how much this guy has spent in bling throughout his career. We are talking about the incident when a couple of robbers broke into his Las Vegas home in 2008 and proceeded to grab everything they could find. By everything they could find, we mean they got a bunch of jewelry from Floyd’s home. Now, take a deep breath before you read the rest.

Those guys stole $7 million in jewelry alone.

Talk about one hell of a payday for a thief.

4 Shoes For Everyone (And Not A Cheap Pair, Either...)

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Some people might feel outraged by the carefree way Floyd spends his money. But if you find yourself in the right place at the right time, you will be glad that Floyd likes burning through cash as fast as he does. Back in 2015, Floyd was in a good mood after his legendary fight against Manny Pacquiao, which is not tough to understand since he both won the fight and made more than $200 million in the process. Thankfully for everyone who walked into a particular Christian Louboutin store, that good mood of Floyd’s was also a giving mood. It turns out that

the guy bought every lady who happened to walk into the store a pair of red soled shoes.

How much money he spent that day is still a mystery, but we are sure it was not even enough to make a dent on his profit.

3 Betting Habits

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The whole sport of boxing revolves around a culture of betting. People love to bet on fights, it is entertaining, and even fighters who are not involved in the bouts can get into the fun. Floyd Mayweather is no stranger to betting. This guy loves betting his money more than he loves winning. At least, that’s how it seems since he is known to bet more than hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time regardless of what sport or game he is betting on.

There was a time when he made $200,000 off a bet he put on Texas A&M when Johnny Manziel was still their quarterback. We are sure he also bets on boxing fights he is not involved in, as well as basketball and any other kind of sport. He once posted on Instagram that he made more than $300,000 for betting on Isaiah Thomas and the Celtics.

2 Partying Habits


He might make more money than most, but there are a few similarities between Floyd and every other professional athlete in the world. All of these guys love to party. Yeah, we are sure you can find an exception here or there, but the rule of thumb is that professional athletes love to party, and they love to spend a ton of money while they are partying. There are rumors of all kinds of athletes from many different levels spending thousands of dollars during a night out. And as you can imagine, Floyd Mayweather has put it on himself to top that.

When Floyd parties, he parties in style.

From packing his Las Vegas hotel suite full of dancers and making it rain $100 bills on them to blowing $50,000 in a club in one night, this guy parties like the best of them.

1 Buying Planes

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Another thing that Floyd Mayweather is notorious for is his exquisite fleet. When we talk about athletes and fleets, people usually think about several cars they might have. Of course, Floyd does have some cars on his fleet, but the cars are not the only thing there. His fleet also includes a couple of private jets. Yes, apparently, one airplane was not enough for Floyd Mayweather. It might be because chartering a second plane for his entourage to travel in was getting too annoying. Whatever the reason was, Floyd Mayweather

did end up buying a second airplane to add to his fleet.

We are not quite sure if he has kept the plane for a while or if he has already given up on it, but when you are making more than $100 million a year, jet fuel and maintenance might not make that big of a dent on your budget.

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