Cheater Confessions: 15 Times They Got Away With It

There is no doubt that cheating can cause a lot of pain and heartaches. But many factors can lead a person to cheat.

It's never okay to cheat on your significant other, and there isn't any excuse for it. If you're unhappy with your partner, then it's best that you both either find a way to work through the tough times or leave. However, there are numerous people out there who continue to cheat and stick with their partners. These crazy and bizarre cheating confessions that we have found on the web are downright wrong. But somehow, the person cheating got away with it.

Take this story, where one woman was in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend and decided to call her ex. You can probably guess what happened between them and after the night was over, she immediately regretted sleeping with him. In fact, it made her appreciate her boyfriend even more. This story and the other fourteen on this list are awful to say the least. Luckily, the cheaters managed to get away with it while their significant other never had a clue.

There is no doubt that cheating can cause a lot of pain and heartaches. But many factors can lead a person to cheat. Check out these fifteen stories of infidelity and how the cheater had luck on his or her side.

15 Cheating Helped This Woman Find Her Husband

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There are a million things that can cause a person to cheat on their loved ones, but what happens if cheating actually helped in the long run? This one woman was convinced she was with the man that she'd spend the rest of her life with. But when she got closer to one of his friends, they instantly clicked. She ultimately cheated on her boyfriend with his friend, and he never knew. She continued to cheat on her boyfriend until she knew it was time to end things with him. She later got engaged to her ex's friend and has been happy ever since. She stated, "I've never been this happy and I know that even if it's not the way I dreamed of finding my husband, it was the way it had to happen."

14 Twilight Star Gets Away With Cheating On Co-Star Boyfriend With Movie Director

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Twilight movie fans were overjoyed when co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart began to date in real life. No one thought that the Hollywood couple would break up, at least not so suddenly. Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on Pattinson with Rupert Sanders, the director for her film, Snow White and the Huntsman. Reportedly, the two were caught getting hot and heavy in a vehicle. However, Robert seemed to accept her apology, and the two went on to date for another year. It didn't look like Robert could take dating a cheater any longer, and the two eventually went their separate ways.

13 Cheating Opens Up Woman's Eyes To Sticking With Her Man

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Would you cheat on your significant other to help prove that you actually love him or her? That's what this woman apparently needed to do when her boyfriend was out of town and she drunk-dialed her ex. After meeting up with him and sleeping with him, she confessed that she ultimately regretted it. Stumbling home and never telling her boyfriend, she realized that it was a mistake, but it made her appreciate her boyfriend even more. We don't know how that makes any sense, but she actually stated, "If I never cheated on him, I don't think our relationship would have survived. It opened my eyes to how much I love him."

12 Kendra Wilkinson Forgives Hank Baskett For Cheating On Her With Transgender Model

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Not only have people gotten away with cheating on their partners, others like celeb Hank Baskett cheated, apologized, and still ended up with his wife, Kendra Wilkinson. Hank got away with cheating on the former Playboy model with a transgender model back in June of 2014. Any person would leave their significant other after learning about the infidelity, but not Kendra. The duo wound up on Marriage Boot Camp and seemed to work through the scandal. In fact, Kendra stated that their marriage is stronger than ever. Still, Baskett got away with sleeping with a transgender model.

11 Anthony Weiner Gets Away With Cheating For Nearly Six Years

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In June of 2011, it was revealed that Anthony Weiner was sending inappropriate photos of himself to a woman from Seattle, Washington. He resigned from Congress that same year and his wife, Huma Abedin, who was once an aide to Hillary Clinton, stood by his side. As he was running for Mayor of New York City in 2013, another scandal arose of Weiner sending out more photos of himself, and he became known as a "serial se*ter." Again, he got away with it, and Huma continued to stay married to him. But that all changed after she finally filed for divorce, six years after Weiner's photos of his crotch were all over the Internet.

10 Numerous People Are Getting Away With Cheating By Going Overseas

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A woman was studying overseas in London with her boyfriend back home in the States. While there, she happened to meet a British man with blue eyes, blue hair, and an amazing body. The woman admitted to being drunk during the time and actually went back to his flat and did the dirty. After telling her friend about it, she was informed that her boyfriend back home was cheating on her, too! We guess both people got away with it since they both ended up splitting. Still, there are dozens among dozens of stories of people secretly cheating while they're overseas; we guess it's just easier when your partner is in another country.

9 We Can't Not Talk About Tiger Woods

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Golf pro Tiger Woods was extremely close to getting away with the scandalous affairs he had with all those mistresses. But thanks to stories from sources like The National Enquirer, Woods was busted. There were speculations after speculations about Woods cheating on his then-wife, Elin Nordegren, with New York City nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel. After months of keeping quiet, Woods finally admitted to cheating on his wife with multiple women. It was a huge infidelity scandal, and the golfer must have been cheating on his wife for years. Woods may not have gotten away with it, but he was pretty darn good at keeping it a secret, especially being in the public eye all the time. He definitely needs a lesson or two from some of the people in these other scandalous cheating stories.

8 What Happens In Italy Stays In Italy

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Apparently, whatever you do in another country stays in that country, and that's the case for one woman who kept her cheating a secret from her boyfriend who was back in the United States. During her study aboard, she left her boyfriend of six months back at home and found herself meeting an Italian man who she ended up falling for and sleeping with. She ended up at his place night after night and kept it a deep dark secret. Her boyfriend never found out, and she has no intentions on telling him! Whatever happens in Italy stays in Italy.

7 Snoop Dogg's Wife Stays By His Side Despite Hooking Up With Random Chicks

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In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2013, rapper Snoop Dogg admitted that there was a period in his life where he was doing some shady stuff behind his wife's back. He admitted, "I did a Playboy tour, and I had a bus follow m  e with 10 b***** on it," adding, "It was never about the money; it was about the fascination of being a pimp." However, his wife, Shante Broadus, still stayed with him, despite revealing his reckless past with other women. He added that when he finally quit being a pimp, Shante was still by his side.

6 Bones Star Cheats Multiple Times With Same Mistress As Tiger Woods?

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David Boreanaz is a big Hollywood star, thanks to his leading role in Bones and his part in the classic show Buffy. Sadly, the good-looking star couldn't stay faithful to his wife of thirteen years, Jaime Bergman, and cheated on her on multiple occasions. He stooped so low, it was said that he was texting his mistress while his wife was giving birth to their child! To keep things quiet, it was reported that his mistress was asking for six figures. Many sources even stated that he had the same mistress as Tiger Woods! The actor apparently paid the woman the same amount of money, but eventually, he came clean. Despite all the scandalous cheating, Jaime is still by the star's side.

5 Nothing Says Getting Away With Cheating Than Getting Your Wife A $4-Million Ring

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When Lakers star Kobe Bryant admitted to cheating on his wife, Vanessa Bryant, back in 2003, he did the only thing he thought would save the marriage. Dishing a whopping $4 million on a "make-up" ring for his wife. And guess what? It totally worked. The basketball legend also spent another $50,000 on a recommitment ceremony two years later. The couple is still together, with Bryant stating, "I am happy to say that Vanessa and I are moving on with our lives together as a family."

4 Woman Ditches Boyfriend For High School Sweetheart

One woman recounts a time when she ended a relationship with a guy in high school after starting college and later meeting and dating another man three years later. Thinking he could be the one, she ended up walking into the library and spotting her high school ex. After catching up for hours, she later went back to his dorm and cheated on her then-boyfriend with him. The very next day, she broke up with her boyfriend and ended up dating her high school sweetheart. While this sounds like some kind of romantic movie, it's actually a true story. We don't know if her then-boyfriend ever found out, but at least she didn't continue to cheat.

3 Black Eyed Peas Singer Renewed Vows With Actor Husband After Cheating

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Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie and actor Josh Duhamel married 8 years ago in 2009, but it wasn't long before the cheating had begun. Josh apparently slept with a pole dancer in Atlanta and Fergie had to make the decision to leave him or work through his cheating ways and stick by her man's side. The singer chose to stay married to Josh on their first year of wedding anniversary and renewed their vows. It was just recently announced that the couple finally gave in the towel and split after eight years of marriage.

2 Even The Most Powerful Hollywood Couple Can Get Away With Cheating

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Soccer star David Beckham and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham are one of the most powerful Hollywood couples, falling in love and getting hitched way back in 1999. Still together and going strong, they didn't always have a squeaky clean partnership. In fact, the soccer legend reportedly spent several nights with a woman by the name of Irma Nici back in 2007, and he was thrown into another cheating scandal in 2010. Despite all the rumors and gossip though, Victoria and David stayed strong and the dark-haired bombshell let her husband get away with his infidelity.

1 An Affair That Almost Ended A Presidency

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We're sure you know which president we are talking about here. Former president Bill Clinton rocked the nation and the entire world when it was discovered that he was having an affair with his 22-year-old intern, Monica Lewinsky, during his first term as the U.S. President. Still married to Hillary Clinton, it was discovered that Bill and Monica had encounters nine different times from November of 1995 to March of 1997. However, Bill continued to deny the claims and during a White House press conference, stated that he "did not have s*xual relations with that woman." Regardless, Hillary stayed by his side throughout the rest of his presidency and continued to stick with Bill thereafter.

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Cheater Confessions: 15 Times They Got Away With It