Cardi B's Million-Dollar Wedding: 20 Things The World Needs To Know About The Event

Cardi B is one of the biggest acts in the world of rap and hip-hop these days. After appearing on the VH1 series Love & Hip Hop: New York, she became something of a sensation. Before that, however, Cardi B became noticed on Instagram. She has lived life without any regrets and has been kind of a no-nonsense kind of woman. Originally from The Bronx, her life has been turned completely upside down this year, gaining intense popularity! Those following Cardi B now know that she is engaged to be married to fellow rapper Offset. After a very public and very flashy proposal on stage at a concert in October of 2017, the upcoming wedding is rumored to be quite the spectacle!

But Cardi B and Offset are both living quite a life. There is so much the world sees, but then, there is so much that they don’t see. For 25-year-old Cardi B, her wedding will be something everyone talks about both before and after. But just what does the world need to know about this hip-hop power couple? Here are 20 amazingly juicy tidbits of information about the hip-hop wedding of the century and this rap diva that has taken the world by storm.

20 “The World Is Not Ready For It’

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Cardi B has made the statement that her wedding to Offset will be so amazing that the “world is not ready for it!” Some have tried to get her to compare her big day to that of rapper Gucci Mane, but she does not want to put it on the same spectrum.

Cardi has said that it will be much different, and she has had no trouble telling people that the day will be extremely huge and planned out to the smallest detail.

Cardi is extremely excited about the event and seems to be committed to the notion of making this something everyone talks about. After all, a big and public wedding can bring about a lot of attention and attract new fans for both Cardi and her beau, Offset.

19 8-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

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Try taking your eyes off of the size of that ring long enough to read this! Offset gave Cardi B a whopping eight-carat teardrop-shaped diamond engagement ring that is so massive, she likely gets cramps in her finger just from wearing it all day!

The price tag for this monumental rock is an astonishing $550 thousand!

The ring was custom-made through Pristine Jewelers in New York City, so he didn’t exactly “go to Jared.” The rumor is that it took over a month to craft the ring. Amazingly, the wedding will cost about double the amount of the ring. When you consider that what Cardi B is wearing on one finger is more than the value of most people’s homes, it is pretty astonishing. Not everyone wants that much bling, but Cardi sure seems pleased!

18 Social Media Diva

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Cardi B is a huge presence on social media. These days, everyone who is trying to come up in the world pretty much has to have a following on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, etc. in order to become and stay relevant.

Cardi B has over 16 million Instagram followers, making her more than a passing one-hit wonder.

As is typical with Insta-famous celebs, Cardi B does just about everything through social media. Even the story of her courtship with Offset began with him sending a private message to one of Cardi’s friends saying “I want Cardi.” She then smugly told her friend to tell him “I don’t date rappers.” Well, we all know how that turned out. They officially met in person at an event somewhere, and I guess she made an exception.

17 Will Be Wearing Louboutins

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Christian Louboutin is known as a hot shoe designer currently. His heels have become a fashion must-have and largely in part due to the prominence they have received, thanks to Cardi B. She has become known for Louboutin heels as her signature shoe. Since she has been known to rock these heels all over the place, the shoes have gained a huge spike in popularity.

Cardi will most likely be wearing a red pair of Louboutins on her wedding day.

With the attention she brings to these shoes, Christian Louboutin should cut a check for her whole wedding! She has made the statement that inexpensive clothing can look amazing on a woman and the cost does not really matter, as long as there are some top end shoes with the outfit.

16 Doesn’t Think Of Herself As A Feminist

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Many of her fans have come to think of her music as something of a feminist anthem, but that is not really the way Cardi sees it. She does not see herself as a feminist and seems to look down a bit on those that embrace that label (in its current form.)

Really, what she thinks is that women should put themselves out there and do whatever men already do.

Whatever she thinks that really means is still something of a question, but Cardi is extremely open about her sexuality and loves looking like a fantasy woman. A lot of feminists out there would argue with her, but Cardi doesn’t come close to caring. Well, expect the Cardi B and Offset wedding to have some amazing-looking women looking very nontraditional!

15 Planning For A $1-Million Price Tag


When people refer to a “million dollar” event, whether a wedding, party or anything else, it is usually just a figure of speech. In the case of the Cardi and Offset wedding, she has literally claimed to expect a price point of around a million dollars! This is about twice as much as her already insane engagement ring! There is no doubt that she will spare no expense when it comes to anything. Money is practically no object when it comes to this magical event, which she expects to be something like no one has seen before. This makes us all wonder just how big and public the event will be. Indeed, the whole affair will be beautiful and elaborate. Hopefully, Cardi won’t be too much of a bridezilla and the planning and preparation will be drama-free.

14 Plans For This To Be Her Only Wedding

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Sure, everyone says this, but in Cardi B’s case, she said she doesn’t mind spending this much money on something that will only happen once in her life. This is the logic everyone uses because after all, you never see people saying, “I want to get married three or more times in my life!” It happens, but people truly want their first wedding to be the only wedding they ever have to marry their one true love and life partner.

Cardi believes that Offset is her one and only and is ready to drop as much money as is necessary to make this the event of the year!

2017 has seen Cardi B on cloud nine, and it looks like 2018 is shaping up to be just as amazing for her and her beau.

13 Waiting At Least Two Years For Kids

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Cardi B has stated with no uncertainty that she is focused intensely on her career this last year and that is not going to change now that she is getting married. The 25-year-old hip-hop diva is still very young and knows that she wants to have kids one day but is currently laser focused on her musical career at the moment.

She has something of a timeline in mind though, and has stated that she believes that at least two years is appropriate

before she tries to get some little rugrats of her own. It is not clear if Offset shares the same ideas in terms of a timeline for kids with Cardi, though. When it comes to getting pregnant (as is usually the case), I’m sure what Cardi wants, Cardi will get.

12 Shared Wedding Expenses

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Both Offset and Cardi B are doing quite well financially. Sure, they love spending money (I doubt he bought that ring on an installment plan), but they are undoubtedly bringing it in after having a stellar year. But even though Offset has a larger bank balance than Cardi, she isn’t exactly hurting either.

Cardi B has made it clear that she has big and expensive taste when it comes to her wedding and doesn’t expect Offset to write the check for all of it himself.

She is going to cover a lot of the expense of the million-dollar wedding, doing her fair share. Her dress is most definitely going to be a big ticket item all on its own. She has stated that the one she intends to wear will cost about $50,000!

11 Traditional Proposal By Offset

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As non-traditional as Cardi and Offset may be, Offset insisted on one very traditional aspect of his relationship. At one of his concerts, Offset dropped to one knee, brought out that massive diamond engagement ring, and gave an amazingly heartfelt and genuine proposal that made every heart melt that was at the concert. Cardi was of course over the moon and so excited to say yes. This particular aspect of their relationship was both traditional and absolutely brilliant. Offset deserves a lot of credit for doing something so wonderful. With so many eyes on them and all the attention they get as the power couple of hip-hop, it has definitely been interesting watching and listening to them throughout their engagement. Undoubtedly, they will keep everyone entertained for years to come.

10 All Guests Must Be Wearing Crimson

Via: The New York Times

Newbie hip-hop diva Cardi B is known for loving the color red! Not only is red the theme color for her wedding to Offset, but Cardi is going all-out and making the whole experience interactive.

She has made it plainly known that everyone that shows up had better be wearing Crimson.

Does this mean that Cardi will have security (you know there’s going to be plenty of security) throw out anyone that is not wearing the appropriate color? Well, possibly. After all, this is going to be a wedding like no one has ever seen according to Miss B. I doubt anyone throws up much of a fuss, considering they will be honored just to get the invitation. It will also be interesting to see what Offset himself is wearing on the big day.

9 No Bridesmaid Dresses

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The wedding of the century will not be a completely traditional experience. Most brides expect their bridesmaids to be wearing beautiful gowns and looking just as good as the bride. Well, almost as good (no bride wants to be outshone by her bridesmaids). Sure, Cardi will be wearing a gorgeous and highly-expensive wedding gown, but she has indicated that her bridesmaids will look much different.

They will be dressed in red suits.

That is most definitely a departure from tradition, but it will undoubtedly be stylish and unique. There is not any word about groomsmen yet either, but it is probably safe to assume that they will not be wearing dresses! They most definitely won’t be able to outshine the groom himself who will be looking like a million dollars all by himself.

8 Secret Wedding Song

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A whole lot of people are asking Cardi B about the particulars of her upcoming wedding. They are asking for all the information about the big day that they can get. Cardi is very quick to answer most of those questions and speak candidly about her plans. One element of the wedding is still unknown to us...and Cardi is not telling; at least not right now. Their official wedding song is still something of a mystery,

although it appears that it won’t be anything that she or Offset have recorded or collaborated on with others.

So the mystery of what the song is will remain until Cardi decides to spill the beans, or we may have to wait until the big day. A little mystery is a good thing, leaving us intrigued.

7 Offset As An Active Participant In Planning

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With most wedding celebrations, there are plenty of preparations that go into the big day. Most of the time, though, it is the bride that makes the big decisions about the wedding. Sure, the groom is always consulted, but the bride calls all the shots. Cardi B has stated, though, that with her wedding to Offset,

she is making him an active participant in all the planning.

We do not really know how excited Offset is about planning a wedding, but all signs point to him being very willing to actively help Cardi B with the plans. We also do not know if a professional wedding planner will be involved as well. After all, both Cardi and Offset have extremely busy work schedules. Getting professional help may be a necessity!

6 Offset Has Three Kids From Three Different Women

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While we know that Cardi B would like to wait a few years before having kids, she will automatically be a stepmother to Offset’s existing three children. Offset has three kids already. His son Kody, and daughter Kalea, were born at very close to the same time and have two different mothers (do the math on that one, folks).

Actually, both children were born in the month of March in 2015.

Offset also has a newly-discovered (or acknowledged) third child, a son named Jordan who is seven years old. Cardi B is ready to be a stepmom and accept his three kids as her own family. After all, Cardi B has stated often that family is everything to her. After a few years, she will definitely be ready to have some kids of her own.

5 Once Upon A Time, Wanted A Very Strange Theme

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Miss Cardi B is from The Bronx and did not exactly grow up as a suburban kind of kid. Growing up, gang life was pretty normal in Cardi’s neighborhood. She is not ashamed of her past and embraces virtually everything from that period of her life. She eagerly talks about how she used to want gang-related symbols and items at her wedding,

such as red bandanas.

That whole concept seems crazy to most people, but Cardi feels no shame. At 25 years of age, she’s still very young but has apparently grown to a point where her wedding theme has evolved somewhat. Thank goodness, because the world probably isn’t ready for a million-dollar gang wedding. Plus, Cardi B is (for better or for worse) something of a role model.

4 Originally Had A Few Dress Designers Not Take Her Calls

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Cardi B is not everyone’s cup of tea. Listen to a few of her tracks and you will quickly get the sense that she definitely does not have a filter. She says whatever she wants and is extremely open about what she likes and does not like. Cardi is highly s*xual to a point that many consider her vulgar and offensive.

With that in mind, there were at least a few high-end dress designers that would not take Cardi B’s phone call.

Sure, not everyone wants to be associated with such a hardcore hip-hop diva, but honestly, there is no shortage of dress designers that would love to design her dress. It was no sweat off her nose though, and now she’s got plans for the dress of her dreams!

3 Worked As A Dancer To Get Away From Ex Boyfriend


Before catching Mr. Right, Cardi B was an unknown girl from The Bronx with a tale like so many others. Cardi was in a relationship with an abusive boyfriend. She worked as a pole dancer to become self-sufficient and get out of that relationship. Cardi is proud of her background as a dancer and references that part of her past often in her music. Just looking at Cardi B, you can clearly see that she would have no trouble snagging a guy. Her look is planned out, with Cardi saying that she wants to look like a fantasy. With an enhanced chest and a generally rocking body, Cardi B and Offset will ride off into the sunset to hopefully live happily ever after. If things don’t last though, we’ll all know. Their lives are certainly lived under a microscope.

2 Her Sister’s Name Is Hennessy

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Cardi B values family intensely. She has stated this when talking about her eagerness to embrace Offset’s kids as their stepmom. But Cardi’s own family is pretty wild. She has several half-siblings but only one actual full sister. Her sister, "Hennessy," (yup, you read that right) is named after a brand of cognac. Cardi B’s stage name comes from “Bacardi,” another alcoholic beverage. The two are extremely close and post about one another often on social media. Hennessy has appeared on television sometimes and has her own social media following that appears to be growing. Hennessy seems to want to make a name for herself promoting parties and designing clothing. There’s money to be made there, and the sister of Cardi B shouldn’t have too much trouble carving out a place for herself.

1 Cardi B Says She Is Religious


To see some of what she puts out into the world and to hear her talk and rap, you wouldn’t necessarily think that Cardi B has a particularly close relationship with God. But when asked about her religion, she very adamantly claims to believe in and claim Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior. She’s made some very interesting statements about how she prays, which has some Christians rolling their eyes. Regardless, who are we to judge her relationship with God, right? You never know. Cardi may be making a big splash now for attention, intending to change directions in the future. Either way, she says she has a good relationship with God, and that is more than good enough for her. We don’t know if there will be a minister conducting the wedding ceremony, though. Time will tell.

Sources: Brides, Hollywood Life, Elite Daily, Sandra Rose

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