Brad Pitt Gives Angelina Jolie $100 Million In Divorce Settlement: 15 Things Their Lawyers Don't Want Us To Know

The world was shocked when it was announced that Hollywood's hottest couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were no more and are getting a divorce. "What happened" was on everyone's lips and others were happy as Angelina ruined Brad's and Jennifer Aniston's marriage. Brad and Angelina were together since 2005, where they met on set of their movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The pair only got married in 2014; maybe they should've just stayed dating since now they're sadly getting divorced after only three years. It could be that marriage was a curse for the couple.

Angelina filed for divorce on September 19, 2016. It comes as a shock since they were together for 12 years and looked happy and in love. Although it seems it was a farce as Angelina came clean to the public about Brad's ways in an ugly war, which Brad kept quiet and didn't retaliate. Unfortunately, now there are settlement talks before the divorce becomes final and court battles with custody rights of their six children. It was reported by Life & Style that Brad wants to give Angelina $100 million in a settlement due to wanting the divorce proceedings to move faster. Will Angelina accept Brad's bribes or will she fight it? Here are the 15 reasons why he wants to give her such a tremendous amount and what their lawyers don't want the public to know.

15 Why Brad Desperately Wants To Give Angelina $100 Million

The hidden meaning behind Brad's reasoning is quite outrageous; he's offering her the money as a bribe so that the divorce can be finalized quickly. Paperwork isn't being sorted  as fast as he'd like even though Angelina filed for divorce in 2016. The reason why it's stalling is because Angelina wants Brad back and is having second thoughts about the split. Sorry, Angelina, you should've thought long and hard before making rash decisions as Brad intends to move on with his life with someone else. Angelina has rejected previous offers as reported on Hollywood Life and it's becoming a nightmare for Brad as the divorce drags on, and nothing's been happening for it to be legally finalized.

14 Brad Is Dating

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News websites have been going crazy with reports of Brad dating Princess of Monaco Charlotte Casiraghi and Ella Purnell. All of these rumours were denied but let's face it, it's Hollywood and celebrities can deny rumours to keep it hush hush. Brad was in contact with all of them, he cast Ella in his upcoming Starz series Sweetbitter and

he was seen with Princess Charlotte at a museum event in Los Angeles. 

Brad could quite possibly be friends with both of them, but wanting the divorce to be quickly finalized raises questions. It could be he finally wants to be a free man so that he can begin a new relationship with someone out in public.

13 Custody Battles And Bitterness

Poor Brad! As reported on Life & StyleAngelina accused Brad of verbally and physically abusing all their children and that he got extra psychical with their oldest son, Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt while on a private jet. Angelina reportedly filed for divorce five days later.

It was so intense, the LA County Department of Children and Family Services did an investigation and luckily for Brad, it was closed due to lack of evidence.

According to sources, there was a long custody battle with Angelina fighting for sole custody and not wanting Brad to have any rights by making it difficult for him to see his kids. It took a toll on Brad, but luckily, Brad was given visitation rights. No wonder he wants to pay her since it seems he would like nothing to do with her anymore.

12 Angelina Is Worried About Brad And Marion Cotillard

According to a source close to Brad and Angelina, during the filming of Allied, Angelina was so worried Brad was cheating on her with his co-star Marion Cotillard that

she even hired a private investigator.

She was jealous and who can blame her? I mean Brad left Jennifer for her after acting in a movie together. Brad and Marion weren't having an affair, but this could've pushed Angelina over the edge. Even though it was confirmed to be untrue, the public would never know the real story since sometimes, celebrities don't want an account of their personal lives to be released. Warning signs are there, though, as Angelina ended the relationship shortly after filming. Could it be another reason for Brad wanting to give Angelina a lump sum to keep quiet?

11 Fighting Over Parenting Differences

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Brad has a different approach to parenting then Angelina. Brad grew up in a disciplined household. Therefore, he is strict with the kids compared to his wife, and Angelina doesn't like it because she has a more easy-going parenting style. Differences can lead to fighting, and this is one of the many reasons Angelina got fed up and wanted out.

Brad's aggressive approach toward their oldest son seemed to scare Angelina

as it was reported by Angelina's entertainment attorney Robert Offer that she filed for divorce for the health of her family. Did Brad's discipline style get out of hand? Does Brad want to pay her to keep quiet about what really happened on the private jet?

10 Angelina Wants To Work On Their Marriage

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As mentioned before, Brad seeks to pay her for the divorce to be finalized quickly, but Angelina is stalling. She possibly wants a second chance because Brad is working on staying sober and if he changes his parenting ways, Angelina believes it could work.

Brad isn't interested and wants to move forward since he feels the trust is broken and the damage is done.

Will Brad get his way and will the divorce finally be done this year? Its been dragging on and hopefully, they'll both agree soon for a clean ending to their messy split.

9 Brad Has A Problem

Brad has come clean that he's struggled with drinking in an interview with GQ. He admitted he was drinking heavily and has been to therapy to help feel better because of the custody battle. Brad confirmed his drinking was a cause of the split since it got too much for Angelina to handle. He is clean now, but like with every addict, there can always be a mishap. It could be an excellent reason for fighting for sole custody, and maybe Brad wants to give Angelina a lot of money to keep quiet or possibly to be finally free from her because only then can he move on.

8 Brad's Anger Management

As Angelina bares all about Brad's past and present struggles with alcohol, substance, and yes, even anger.  Angelina accused Brad's anger issues as one of the reasons for the separation. She claims Brad had a bad temper for months with

angry outbursts when under the influence, causing distress to her and the kids.

Does Brad want Angelina to stop talking to the public by giving her money because of how it's affecting his image and career? It has been awfully quiet lately, with hardly any more news about them. It sounds very suspicious!

7 Why Brad Was Having Fits Of Rage

It was reported that there's another reason for Brad's anger. Apparently, he is terrified of ageing, a source close to Brad told The Hollywood GossipIt's quite stupid, but he's anxious about his career and

how it could all end because of how ageing is affecting his looks.

He's feeling depressed because he hates his appearance now. Since Brad was feeling down in the dumps, his alcohol consumption increased which led to a build-up of anger and outbursts.

6 Brad Is Partying Too Hard Due To A Mid-Life Crisis

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As mentioned before, Angelina hired a private investigator to check up on Brad during the filming of Allied and

she was disgusted by what was reportedly uncovered. 

Angelina wanted the public to know what Brad was up to, which was partying hard with substances and women. These claims were quickly denied, but why? Once again, it seems Brad wants to bribe Angelina with settlement money to keep quiet.

5 Angelina Wanted To Break Up, Not Brad

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Brad didn't want the relationship to end and he was willing to go to counselling, but Angelina was adamant about wanting out. Brad knows he did wrong and was prepared to get help and seek therapy to save his marriage because he still loves Angelina. Sadly, Angelina was too hurt and didn't accept his offer. He wanted to change for his marriage and children. Brad has done everything he said he would do, but sadly, it was too late. As heartbreaking as this is for Brad, it could be a big reason for wanting to give Angelina money to settle it all. It seems he wants to mend his broken heart and move on from what they had. The only possible way to do so is having official and legal divorce papers saying they're no more.

4 Angelina Shared All Out Of Spite And Anger

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Apparently, Angelina acted like a child by sharing all to the press about why she wanted to end it because she was so angry about what Brad did to her and because the family became targets of the paparazzi. Sources said

Brad is furious over the way Angelina handled things and told her to grow up and act like an adult.

He's also angry at Angelina for accusing him of being a risk to their children because of physical and substance abuse. It's possible Brad wanted to give her settlement money to make her happy, especially after what he did and was the cause of her heartache.

3 Brad Wants It To Be Over Because Of Their Children

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Brad wants the fighting and the divorce battle to be over for the sake of his children. It upsets him since it's affecting his children the most since they're in the spotlight. They're also suffering because of custody. He wants everything to be sorted since only then will their children be able to move on and live a healthy life without the drama. Due to being in the news, Brad is concerned for the safety of his children, therefore, he will do anything to make the separation move quickly.

2 Difference In Lifestyle Is Also A Reason For Divorce

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A difference in lifestyle was also a significant concern in the decision of whether to break up. Brad loves the Hollywood way of life and wants to continue acting and Angelina wants to be seen more as a humanitarian. She has done a lot of charity work and prefers it to the celebrity lifestyle. Angelina wants to do more humanitarian work instead of working in film and wants to change her style of living.

Obviously, Brad not wanting the same life caused a strain in their relationship.

It's a good reason for wanting to make it official, so they can live their different lives in peace and have no more drama.

1 The Marriage Was Heading For Divorce As Early As 2015

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Remember their roles as a damaged couple heading for a break up in the movie By the Sea. Isn't it ironic? Angelina confirmed on Hollywood Life

she believed filming the movie would fix their relationship, but sadly, it didn't.

If she knew already that there were problems, why didn't she end it then? It seems she was willing to try and make it work, but Brad ruined it by messing up horribly. All these reasons is a clear indicator that Brad wants to forgive and forget by supporting Angelina with a staggering one-time payment. By the sounds of it, she deserves it!

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