Blair Waldorf's 20 Rules Of Fashion That Every Gossip Girl Fan Should Know

Even after eleven years have passed since Gossip Girl ended, Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe continues to inspire girls, women, fashion editorials, and designers who want to copy her inimitable style. B, who is played by Leighton Meester, has a look that's part prep, part girly-girl, and also very feminine.

Her attire isn’t an outfit, it’s an ensemble. Everything matches or coordinates, and is meticulous to a fault, as if she has OCD. But her signature look is not just the now famous headband, it’s the use of a contrasting pop of color on an accessory or piece of clothing. For example, she’ll wear a Zara sweater over a Valentino white blouse, a plaid skirt for contrast, and then bring the subdued ensemble to another level by adding bright red tights and a Ralph Lauren go-to-hell yellow jacket.

Blair's look is also very expensive, so if you want to be Blair you need to have money. We did the math for you on how much just one ensemble costs. In one episode, Blair wore a Stella McCartney blouse, Stuart Weitzman pumps, a Marc Jacobs dress, a DVF floral jacket and a chic cape by Trina Turk. The most expensive item on the list is the blouse, which costs $1375. The total wardrobe will set you back $3,465.

So what are you going to do if you want to be Blair Waldorf but don’t have the money? Hundreds of bloggers “get the look” by looking for similar pieces at places like Forever 21 or H&M. We know, yuck. Blair doesn’t wear synthetic fibers, which is what those mall-friendly chains sell, so if you really want to be Blair, we say forget about it now and you have one choice: drop dead. Even so, here are Blair Waldorf's 20 Rules Of Fashion that every Gossip Girl fan should know.

20 The Signature Headband


You can’t talk about Blair’s rules of fashion without mentioning her now iconic accessory, her headband. Before B donned it, it was usually reserved for six-year-olds or under. Blair however, brought it back to being one of the most important parts of an outfit. Gucci and Chanel rocked the headband in 2017, but if you want to emulate Blair, get the headbands from Nordstrom, Susan Daniels and Jennifer Ouellette. All of these places are affordable. A silk Susan Daniel rosette will set you back $76 and an Ouellette headband ranges from $25-$76.

"Whoever said money doesn't buy happiness didn't know where to shop."

For a more expensive look, Blair turns to Jennifer Behr. Satin headbands, which Blair usually wears, will cost you around $128, which is affordable considering that other headbands by Behr cost in the three hundreds. But if you shop around, you can snag headbands from cheaper places for as little as five bucks. Not that we know that. We’re trying to emulate B, not copy her look for less by going to Dress Barn. To properly wear it, place it at least an inch back from the hairline. You need to invest in a ruler to copy the look. The headband cannot be an inch and a half or two inches back. B is meticulous and so should you be.

19 Tricking Out The Uniform, Or The Three Ps

College Fashion

B attends Constance Billard, a fictional upscale private school on the Upper East Side modeled after the prestigious Nightingale-Bamford School, also on the UES. B and her friend Serena had to wear a boring uniform, a white blouse, a pleated plaid skirt, knee socks and a cross tie. While the look is very preppy and appropriate for B to wear, she did not let a bland dress code stop her from showing off her signature look by glamming up the prep and trading in the standard button down with collared shirts or ruffled blouses, gold or rosette headbands, navy blazers with preppy striped piping, as well as tights in red, orange and yellow, B’s favorite colors.

By adding color and coordinating layers and accessories that match, B rocked the school-girl look using one of her main rules of fashion, the Three Ps, which is looking Prim, Prissy and Preppy all at the same time. Remember the Three Ps. What are they again? It is not Personalization, Pervasiveness, and Permanence. You are not freaking Sheryl Sandberg. It’s also not Practice, Patience, and Persistence because you are not a twelve-year old pimple-faced bipolar twerp with a wandering eye who is taking piano lessons from some perpetually-bloated, sixty-five year old widow, who thinks living on the edge is not knowing which DVD she’ll get next by refusing to look at her Netflix queue.

18 Using Pops Of Color


Blair never leaves her penthouse without coordinating her outfit with pops of color that brighten up her ensemble. The trick to look fashionable is to incorporate contrasting patterns, such as plaid or floral dresses or skirts with red tights, an orange blouse and a green handbag.

"Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It's movement, design and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we'd like to be."

In the winter, B gets even more colorful. She’ll rock it by matching her uniform with red tights and a yellow coat. This look wouldn't look good on anyone but B. Her style is inimitable and, in the depth of winter, this is, to borrow from Camus, an invincible summer. To get the look, start with a red-and-white striped stocking cap with a poof at the top and add a matching red-and-white striped shirt with blue jeans and round black glasses. Wait, that’s wrong. We just dressed Waldo from, duh, Where’s Waldo. Here’s a thing: Where’s Waldorf?

17 Become Pure Class With Ruffles And Puff Sleeves

Pinky Pink

Ruffles & puff sleeves are B’s favorite details, and she wears them all season. That’s because they are very feminine and frilly. To get the right look, just wear one ruffled item with your look.

You can add accessories to coordinate with the ruffles, such as pairing it with a Hermes scarf and Dior sunglasses. As for puff sleeves, the look you are going for is a pirate, like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. This means you should accessorize with heavy black eyeliner, a headband, braids and, of course, the ultimate appurtenance to look very feminine, a sword, all of which screams, “I can’t wait to come out at my debutante ball."

16 Tights Are An Accessory NOT Bottoms

Fashion Frenesia

We can’t remember when we’ve seen tights being worn by fashionistas. If they were, they were simple things, and usually black, and worn as pants. Which, we've heard our queen say time and time again:

"Tights are not pants."

Like the headband, B singlehandedly made tights an essential accessory, not something just to keep you warm in cold days. So if you are the Queen B and are wearing a skirt or dress, you absolutely take those dressings to another level by wearing both matching or clashing tights in pops of colors.

15  Always Have Luxury Lace


Lace stockings are B’s go-to look to show off her perfectly shaped thin legs that coordinates with her Oscar de La Renta floral lace topper.

The Queen B loves lace in every form and color because, just like details such as ruffles and puffs, it is very girly and feminine. This is also B’s signature look, and she added a lot of lace to her uniform back in the day and turned it into an ensemble. Lace is also her go-to look for formal events and parties. For a similar look yourself, try Indeed.com. Oh, wait, we’re not looking for a job. We’re supposed to be rich like B.

14 Have At Least One Princess Gown


Each episode of GG always ends with a formal party, whether it’s a black-tie charity event, a speakeasy gala for Chuck’s hotel grand opening or a debutante ball.

"Well have you seen my closet? Fashion is art, and culture, and history, and everything I love combined."

If you want the B look, choose a gown that’s sparkly. Where a black dress would do, B wears colorful gowns like this pink number shown above. She always uses textures like embroideries and patterns. Nothing she wears is flat, or if it is, it’s accessorized to make it three-dimensional, such as fun details like ruffles and belts. Notice the mounds of ruffles on the pink gown, making it even more detailed and, thus, more Blair.

13 Timeless Silk And Chiffon Blouses 

Fashion Chalet

Blouses such as these are a large part of B’s signature wardrobe. They are, like lace and puff sleeves; feminine, but even more than that they follow the Three Ps, which is just another way to say that silk and chiffon blouses are very preppy. B wears a lot of shorts or skirts and blazers that she pairs with colorful tights, so she is almost always wearing a blouse. But while her blouse may be just one color or patterned like above , she always adds her personal touch to them by raising the bar, making them full of inspired detail.

Puff sleeves are a major way to dress up a silk blouse, and so too are bows and ruffles, as well as different colored or contrasting buttons and different styles of collars. Wearing belts, such as grosgrain, also makes B’s blouses interesting and helps tie in the look. So too do lace stockings, which B wears during the winter.

12 Sweats And T-Shirts Are An Absolute No-No


It is entirely unacceptable if you opt to wear sweatpants, even to bed or even just to get coffee on a Saturday morning. Sweatpants--or sweats in general--are NOT part of B’s wardrobe. She also does not wear flannel pyjamas to bed. She does not sleep in underwear from Hanes bought at JCPenney’s. She does not wear thermal intimates from American Apparel, not that there’s anything wrong with this store! Okay, there is something wrong with this store. Their socks produce holes after a few washings. Not that we know because we would never be caught at this mall-friendly store.

She doesn’t put on an X-large T-shirt from Fruit of the Looms. Actually, if it was made of silk, maybe she would. She knows that style has no bounds, that if she is to retain her look, then it has to be all day or nothing at all. The funny thing about this picture above is that B is wearing two no-no’s: sweats and a T-shirt. But if you put it in context—she was running away from her wedding day and had to get out of her gown for airport clothing to use a disguise—then you’ll understand this faux pas.

11 Invest In Lingerie, Not Flannel

B’s lingerie is telling because she’s in high school. It suggests she’s very stylish and wears natural materials and doesn’t sleep in flannel. She would never be caught dead in nylon or other synthetics. She wears lingerie like negligees from the best outfitters and, just like her day wardrobes, everything is meticulous and in place, well-thought out and coordinating, even if the attire is for sleeping.

"Fashion knows not of comfort. All that matters is the face you show the world."

To get her look, invest in an Oscar de La Renta robe. You should make yourself familiar with La Perla. A lace slip in black with soutache embroidery will set you back $1295, but if you are stripping off behind closed doors for Chuck, you want to look your best. While she may not be entirely sexy because she doesn’t ever show cleavage, she can be described as glamorous. And that is why her go-to nightwear collection is all purchased from Agent Provocateur, which has the most luxurious nightwear collections. B gets her silk stretch satin slips here for after-hours glamour and they come in feminine colors that B loves, such as powder pink. It is accessorized by black lace trim which can be found at the neckline and hem and that’s classic and romantic.

10 Summer Means Breaking Out The Floral Dresses

Vogue Mexico

Blair always wears dresses, skirts or shorts, often paired, as we noted, with bright tights. The pencil skirt is her favorite, as is the shift dress. B never repeats a wardrobe, so stocking up on dresses and skirts is a must, as they also go with anything, mostly frilly tops or button-down blouses that are part of Blair’s ever-revolving wardrobe.

The great thing about the versatility of these apparels is they can be dressed up or down with the right accessories. In one episode, Blair sports a floral dress with hues of pink and Kelly green while riding a bike. This would look like a faux pas, as who wears a dress while doing any sort of exercising? But B pairs the dress with a large, statement-piece pink belt, making the outfit more appropriate for bike riding. But if you really want to emulate Blair, buy dresses or skirts with feminine patterns. She absolutely looks stunning in floral or fruit prints which are both girlish and timeless. Both prints are also very UES.

9 The Vera Wang Wedding Dress


Blair would never be caught dead in an-all white wedding gown. It’s still very classic and classy, but remember that B is all about textures and patterns. There was a time when B thought she was going to finally have a royal wedding of her dreams and marry her prince, Prince Louis, over Chuck, whom she still loved.

"I have to present myself as a crown jewel. Surrounded by other, smaller, slightly flawed gems."

Vera Wang made a guest appearance on GG and B was seen at the designer’s boutique wearing a beautiful Wang dress. It’s traditional, a long, A-line strapless white number complete with a tiara fit for a queen. But this Chantilly lace ballgown is all B, meaning it features crystal bouquet embroidery. Remember: texture is key to be B.

8 The Real Wedding Gown

Pop Sugar

On the series finale, Chuck and Blair finally got married. They did so in beautiful Central Park, but all eyes were on B’s wedding gown. An Elie Saub gown, the dress was from the designer’s spring 2012 couture collection.

B did it again in this now iconic gown. Rather than an all-white wedding dress, the gown was a light blue hue lace gown. Only B could pull that off. As Eric Daman, the acclaimed costume designer for GG, told InStyle.com, “When I saw the Elie Saab dress finally chosen for Blair's wedding to Chuck, it was absolutely perfect for her. . . It needed to feel like old world glamour meets contemporary high fashion. Well put. B is all about tradition, but this color met Daman’s requirements. A Saab gown can set you back $14,000 and Prom Girl features many similar designer dresses, including Sherri Hill dresses which B wore.

7 Wear Powerful Pants For Jobs

Halloween Costumes

As Blair is a girly-girl, she doesn’t wear pants, not even in the cold season. She favors dresses and skirts. If you catch an episode, try to spot B wearing pants.

"What I want is to be a powerful woman."

There are maybe a couple of scenes where she’s dressed in trousers, but those are refined. In one episode, she wears a simple Donegal pantsuit, but she still looks classy and preppy because there’s just enough detail on the trims to create a strong look when paired with what she always wears, a vibrant top. And while we’re at it, have you ever seen B wear jeans? B never wears jeans. Never. So if you want to be like B, DO NOT EVER WEAR JEANS!!!

6 Your Handbag Should Always Match

Fashion Chalet

Blair has a bag for every episode, and you should too if you have the money. She prefers large shoulder bags or cross-body gags and clutches for events or parties. She favors many designers. She wore Ralph Lauren bags in school, and she looks pretty wearing a Mulberry bag, which will set you back between $300-$1,000.

She’s also been seen wearing a Louis Vuitton Monogram bag, as well as a My Dior handbag, which costs a mere $4,000. The Dior adds a touch of class to almost any outfit. The good thing about all these bags is that they’ll last a lifetime.

5 Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Fashion Chalet

We don’t remember the last time we saw a girl in high school wearing diamonds, but that’s only because we live in a mobile home with wheels so we can engage in an impromptu getaway because our mom’s side job is selling blow on the side. And we’re home schooled, so basically we’re losers. But B wears diamonds in school.

"You know how torturous it is for me to find shiny things that aren't intended for me."

While at Constance, she rocked it in a bold diamond necklace with matching earrings. And she’ll wear a diamond brooch for a soiree. But she loves pearls even more, as pearls are very UES and preppy. They're also a great way to glam up a wardrobe, taking it to a higher level. Besides her headband, her other favorite accessory is a belt, the bigger the better, the more colorful, the better. Remember to match everything, including your bag. Other than classic jewelry and the belts, B keeps her accessories to a minimum, as being low-key (yet still bold) is part of being classy.

4 Always Wear A Classic Coat


In fall and winter, Blair’s go-to jackets are pea coats or trench coats. The designers she loves are Milly, Ralph Lauren, Marc by Marc Jacobs and DVF. A Milly coat will set you back around $800. The jacket colors she favors are red, yellow, baby blue, a neutral tan and navy. But the most iconic jacket she wore was when she was dreaming that she was Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

With the rain pouring down on her, B still looked glammed up because she was wearing a Burberry trench coat. This iconic English-made tan weatherproof cotton gabardine trench coat with its classic plaid lining is a classic for all seasons and occasions, and should be part of every woman’s wardrobe to channel a classic, timeless look.

3 Make Sure To Look Classy In A Cape


Blair also favors capes when the weather is crisp but not cold. An alternative to her signature pea-coat, the cape is also like the cardigan, a layering device to complete an outfit. She is often caught wearing a cape from Tina Turke over blouses or baby doll dresses.

The cape only became en vogue until B wore it. It’s an unexpected fashion accessory because it looks more appropriate on someone who is pregnant and wants to hide their baby belly or, failing that, someone who is fat and wants to hide their belly fat. Or she could be referencing Batman, but somehow we don't think that Blair's fashion icon is Bruce Wayne.

2 Get Yourself A Muse


It’s no surprise that Blair looks to Audrey Hepburn as her role model when it comes to style and fashion. We’re talking about the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Hepburn and her iconic moment in the movie when she takes a cab to Tiffany’s early in the morning before the store opens and is shown wearing a glamorous black dress, a string of pearls, black sunglasses while drinking coffee and eating a pastry in front of the store’s windows. This is so Blair—classic and feminine. The scene was even recreated on GG with her wearing a similar outfit.

"Ladies, you can give your tiny brains a rest. Once again the world has proved, that anything you can do, I can do better."

She also channels Hepburn when she accessorizes her glamorous outfits with pearls, tiaras and hats that would make Kate Middleton jealous. One hat in particular screams Hepburn, which of course Blair wears. It’s the classic red and white stripes top hat that The Cat in the Hat sports. Bring your costume together with this hat, and make sure it is an officially licensed Cat in the Hat product to ensure your accessory is genuine, as B does not ever wear imitations.

1 Add Color With Cardigans 


Blair wears cardigans because she’s all about layering. A blouse will not be enough for B. It’s not just the layering that adds contrasts of colors. It’s also the texture and the use of sequins, both of which are part of Blair Waldorf's rules of fashion.

Cardigans also make a statement, and in many episodes she can be seen wearing one, like a Milly cardigan in yellow that costs $340, a black cardigan with sequins by DVF and a beaded argyle v-neck sweater. There was also the almost-overboard tan cardigan with black bauble piping, and the entirely-overboard red cardigan seen in many episodes, one of which was paired with a black and white graphic blouse, or a simple black cardigan paired with a red printed top that had a red and white design and an all-red rounded collar, which only B can pull off. Don’t be afraid to show your colors with cardigans, and if you don’t know where to get them, check out Burberry and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

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