Beyoncé And Jay-Z Gave Blue Ivy An $80,000 Barbie Doll And 14 Other Celeb Kids Who Got Wildly Expensive Birthday Gifts

Celebrities have no problem buying crazy expensive things for their children when it’s their birthday. They think nothing of spending thousands and thousands of dollars even if their kids are toddlers. The children, for the most part, have no idea what the gifts are worth and yet, the parents and their friends will shower these kids with gifts that would make some of us pass out. Whether it’s their own children or whether they are purchasing gifts for their friends' children, there is a lot of money being thrown around for the small humans of celebrities.

We often look at celebrities and the lives that they live and we can’t help but feel that they have it good. It can make us feel jealous at times while others will even covet the lives of these celebrities that have so much. But if anything, their children have it so much better. They didn’t do anything to be surrounded by wealth and privilege. They were just born into it. When you think of the children of celebrities, you think about just how easy their lives are. They didn’t have to scrounge or start from the bottom like some of their celebrity parents did, and yet, they can go on fancy trips, wear designer clothes, and drive fancy cars. It doesn’t seem fair, does it? You might be surprised what some of these celebrities will spend when it comes to the birthday of their special children.

15 Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy is one little girl that gets spoiled rotten and we’re not really surprised considering her parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z are insanely wealthy. On her first birthday, Beyoncé and Jay-Z spent roughly $200,000 on the party alone, $80,000 on a personalized Barbie doll with gems and white gold. As if that's not enough, Blue Ivy was spoiled by her parents' friends, too. She received a crystal bathtub that cost $5,200 from former Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland. The bathtub is the size of a baby, so it’s not even like they could use it for a long time. The designer of these diamond tubs states that the celebrity parents can also use the bathtubs as coolers once the baby grows out of them. We can’t imagine such an extravagant tub to be given to a child, but that’s just what celebrities do. It’s a pretty impractical gift if you ask us.

14 Brooklyn Beckham

When Brooklyn Beckham turned 16, he received a birthday gift from none other than Kanye West. He sent Brooklyn who happens to be the son of David and Victoria Beckham, a pair of his Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost range trainers. That’s a pretty amazing gift for a young man and he was more than just a little pleased to get the gift. If you are not familiar with Yeezy trainers, they will typically sell for more than $1,500. Brooklyn immediately logged on to his Instagram account to thank Kanye West for the gray trainers. It seemed as if Brooklyn got quite the celebration and his father posted a picture of him and his son wearing Manchester United kits. He also posted a picture of him kissing his son on the head with the caption, "Happy Birthday to my big boy xx."

13 Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise has some pretty wealthy parents, especially when you remember that one of them happens to be legendary actor Tom Cruise. Even Katie Holmes is pretty well off considering she did get a settlement from her divorce to care for their child full time. These two parents certainly don’t worry about money when it comes to buying things for their child. Suri Cruise has been wearing designer clothing since she was a newborn. In 2013, Tom Cruise went all out when it came time to buying a gift for his 7-year-old daughter. Seven million dollars was nothing when it came down to him purchasing a private jet for Suri so she can fly between her dad and mom whenever she pleases. He better hope he continues to make blockbuster movies if he wants to keep spending that amount on his kid.

12 Kingston Rossdale

When most of us think about throwing our 4-year-old a birthday party, we think about Chucky Cheese or maybe even laser tag. We get a bunch of kids together and order a cake and maybe at the end of the day, we spend $500. That is not good enough for Gwen Stefani’s son Kingston, however. For his fourth birthday, he got a party that cost $15,000. His birthday party had a face painter, actors dressed as superheroes, petting zoo animals, a balloon artist, a bouncy castle, and a ton of food. The worst part about it was that he was so young, he probably doesn’t even remember the party now. We wonder what kind of parties he's having now at 11 years old.

11 Justin Combs

When Justin Combs turned 16 years old, his father spared no expense. Getting your first car can be a great experience, especially when you turn 16 and can take your driver’s license. Normally though, when it comes to getting your first car, your parents will help you pay for your first beater, something that you can learn from and hopefully nothing too expensive if you happen to crash it. Puff Daddy, however, had something else in mind for his son. There would be no beater for Justin Combs. In fact, when Puff Daddy bought his son his first car, it was a $360,000 Maybach. Now that’s quite the birthday gift and we hope he doesn’t crash it because that would really suck. Though his father would probably just buy him a new one anyway.

10 Reginae Carter

Reginae Carter had quite the 16th birthday party and it was a star-studded one. Lil Wayne's daughter was treated like a princess for the night and they spared no expense. She literally showed up in Cinderella’s carriage and she was dressed like a princess. The party was the theme of a whole episode of MTV's My Super Sweet 16. If that wasn't enough, Nicki Minaj performed at the party and she got two cars for her birthday. What would a teenager need with two cars? Well, one was a “practical” vehicle while the other was a sports car. She was given a BMW SUV as well as a Ferrari, which is just such a crazy idea for such a young girl. These celebrities think nothing of spoiling their children in magnificent ways. What does it take to get adopted by these families?

9 Kendall Jenner

There is no doubt about it, the Jenners and the Kardashians have an obscene amount of money. So, it wasn’t surprising at all that Kendall Jenner would often get spoiled by her mother and sisters. It seems to be a pretty big theme for celebrity parents to buy their teenage kids cars when it’s their 16th birthday. Kendall was no different. When she turned 16, she got a $90,000 Range Rover. We suppose that’s a little more modest than a Ferrari or a Maybach. The whole family is spoiled, so this isn’t surprising at all.

8 Chanel Nicole

For this child, she gets insanely expensive designer clothing for her birthday. If you don’t believe us, just check out baby Chanel’s Instagram. Her parents are Ice-T and Coco. When it comes to their darling daughter, they spare no expense and that means the little girl gets Louboutin shoes for her birthday. Shocked? So are we. Especially since she probably grows out of them so quickly. Ice-T must make a ton of money on Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit in order to keep his favorite ladies in designer clothing. The little girl’s tiny fashions looks are all displayed on her own Instagram page that Coco set up for her. Talk about bizarre! Imagine your toddler having their own Instagram page.

7 Monroe And Moroccan Cannon

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey may not be married any longer, but the two have no problem with spoiling their children. When they were together, they enjoyed spoiling their children and they probably still do it as separated parents. They were doing it before they were even born. Their cribs for their nursery cost $20,000 each and if you think that’s a little extreme, that’s just the start of it. For the twins first birthday, they had a party in Paris and it was a black-tie event. We couldn’t imagine what a couple of one-year-olds would even think of such an event. It’s a little much for kids. The next six years of their lives have been no different and it seems as if the parties get even more lavish and the gifts just keep getting bigger.

6 Max And Emme Muñiz

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are of course divorced, but that doesn’t mean their children don’t live a lavish lifestyle. Jennifer Lopez is certainly a very wealthy woman. Imagine getting lavish gifts not only for your birthday, but just for existing. To say that these kids are spoiled is the understatement of the year. Not only do they get lavish gifts for their birthdays, but they have their own wing of the house all to themselves. Isn’t that nuts? Their beds have 600-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets and when they were babies, they had diamond encrusted rattles. Wow, we just couldn’t imagine what a life like that would be really like. If that isn’t enough, each one of them has a Shetland pony of their own. To say that this is extreme is right on point. These kids definitely don’t live normal lives.

5 Louis Bullock

Sandra Bullock may be quite modest considering she's one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood, but her agents go all out when it comes to keeping their A-list celeb happy. For her son's first birthday, they bought Louis an Andy Warhol print for $14,000. We think that it’s a pretty extravagant present for such a young child, especially since he knows nothing about art as a toddler. I guess it's never too early to start someone's art collection. Let's just hope Louis will learn to appreciate it when he gets older!

4 North West

The Kardashians spoil their children. Again, finding out that a child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is spoiled isn’t exactly surprising. North got $50,000 diamond earrings for her first birthday and getting her daughter's ears pierced at that age caused quite the media scandal. A family friend bought the little girl the diamond studs and even jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz was happy to know that North West liked her earrings. The designer told E! News, "I'm happy to be starting North off early—as a diamond girl. I'm obsessed with North." That’s not even the half of it, apparently, the little girl has her own personal chef and her own bodyguards. The Kardashian kids are beyond spoiled and we are sure that they spare no expense when it comes to their children.

3 Jaden Smith

We’re not sure that Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith expected to have such strange children in Jaden and Willow. Seriously, they are really weird. But the Smith’s don’t seem to be too worried about it. Just like most other celebrities, these kids get spoiled rotten. They've often got Cartier rings because obviously, that’s what you get kids for their birthdays. Jaden has some pretty interesting hair these days and there was a time when he was seen walking around with $5,000 worth of Cartier rings in his hair. It’s clearly not a normal thing to do, but when you are spoiled rotten, throwing expensive rings in your hair is just another thing to do. We honestly wonder why parents buy kids gifts like this. Though we suppose when you are super wealthy, a set of Legos just doesn’t seem like enough.

2 Valentina Paloma Pinault

Valentina Pinault is the daughter of Salma Hayek and the French billionaire businessman François-Henri Pinault. Valentina is ten years old now, but when she was turning eight, her parents were trying to think of what they could get her for her birthday. They could have purchased her jewels, clothing, or even take her to Disney. When she was only 4 years old, her father put in trust a $12 million mansion for her. That’s right; she has her own mansion even though she’s not allowed to live there yet on her own. The estate is located in Los Angeles and the taxes that are paid on the estate are $50,000 a year.

1 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber isn’t really a kid anymore, but when he was 18 years old, he got a pretty extravagant birthday present. Bieber doesn’t really need people to spoil him because he has a bank account that most people can only dream about. But when he turned 18, his manager gave him a Fisker Karma. If you are not sure of what that is, it’s a $100,000 sports car. He was given the car while on the Ellen DeGeneres Show as a surprise. We can’t say that he got anything quite like that from his own parents. His dad sent him a very awkward Tweet about his private parts on his birthday, so he was probably a little more grateful for the car. We can’t believe some of these birthday gifts celebrities give their children; it makes us wonder what it must really be like to live under their roof.

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