Bella Thorne's Mom Drives Her Around And 14 Other Celebrities Who Own Cars They Don’t Know How To Drive

For many celebrities, they can reach a certain point in their careers when they no longer have to worry about money. Usually, that means that the celebrities can spend a lot on the kinds of cars that others only dream of ever owning. But, curiously enough, just because some of the world's most famous celebrities can often be seen riding in expensive cars, that doesn't always mean they actually know how to drive them.

Indeed, much to the surprise of all of us, some of the world's most well-known names never actually learned how to drive, or at the very least, never bothered to try and get a license. Whether that be some of the most successful modern-day musicians or actors, there are some celebrities that prefer to let their friends, loved ones, and even drivers sit behind the wheel of their cars. Although, to be fair, it's entirely possible that some of those people may have been too traumatized by a failed driver's test to ever attempt it again. They wouldn't be the only ones either.

But with seemingly all of the world's resources and luxuries at their fingertips, their continued disinterest in driving does come across as particularly unusual. Especially considering the high quality of the cars that they own and ride around in most days. So while all 15 of these celebrities will need no introduction, you will probably be very surprised to learn about their apparent inability to navigate their own way around a crowded intersection.

15 Bella Thorne's Mom Is Her Chauffeur

Bella Thorne may be one of the most popular young actresses of her generation, but she still doesn't know how to drive. Indeed, it's well known among her fans that it's The Babysitter actress' mom who is usually responsible for driving Thorne to wherever she needs to be. But even when her mom might not be available, Thorne's more than successful enough to have some kind of backup driver ready to drive her around town, whenever necessary.

Unlike some other stars on this list, however, Thorne has admitted that she hasn't learned how to drive because she is seriously afraid of it. Fortunately for her, though, she's growing up in a generation that makes it significantly easier for people to be driven around town at the press of a button, thanks to popular car service apps like Uber and Lyft. But if she ever does manage to overcome her fear of driving, she shouldn't have any problem picking out a stylish ride to pilot around Hollywood.

14 Emma Roberts Keeps Failing Her Test

She may be a constant and familiar figure to many avid TV viewers, especially for those obsessed with the American Horror Story series, but just because Emma Roberts has played a variety of roles throughout her career up until this point, that doesn't mean she's capable of doing necessarily everything she puts her mind to. Because in all actuality, Emma Roberts has yet to get her own driver's license and the reason behind it sounds like something to come straight out of a screwball comedy.

The story goes that Roberts did, at one point, have a driver's permit, but when she went to try and get her license, she failed the test. Then it turned out that by the time Roberts went back to try and get her license again, her permit had already expired. In case that wasn't enough, Roberts went on to fail the test she needed to get her permit back, which means she doesn't even have that anymore. But who knows? Maybe all she needs to do is give it a few more college tries. It certainly couldn't hurt.

13 A$AP Rocky Has Too Many Luxe Cars For Someone Who Doesn't Drive 

One of the biggest reasons it's usually so surprising to learn that a certain well-known celebrity can't drive, is because they're often seen riding around in some seriously expensive car that they themselves had paid for. Leave it to A$AP Rocky, though, to take that unexpected cliché to some completely new, strangely mind-bending levels.

Not only does A$AP Rocky own a car that he himself can't drive, he actually owns several. All of them are just as high-end and expensive as you might expect someone with his caliber of fame and talent to have. But without the ability to legally drive any of them, it's hard not to see A$AP Rocky buying all these cars. I's pretty much about him showing off how much money he has. Then again, it is his money, so more power to him. Just as long as it's not horsepower.

12 Barbra Streisand Forgot How To Drive Because Of Fame

Barbra Streisand has one of the most famous voices in the history of the entertainment industry, to a point where many have grown up unaware of how she garnered that kind of acclaim and stardom in the first place. That's one of the many side effects of being in the public eye for as many decades as Streisand has. Even if she may not be as active as she once was, the respect that her fellow singers and actors have for her hasn't lessened by any means. In fact, if anything, their respect for her has only grown in this latter half of her career. Another side effect of being a living legend.

But it looks like Streisand's fame has also had some unexpected ramifications on her life in a way that's almost exclusively unique to her. Because, while Streisand was, at one point, an experienced and completely able driver, her time away from the wheel has led to her completely forgetting how to drive. That's not a horrible problem to have, of course, especially if you're as successful as she is. But it's still a strange, almost inexplicable, side effect to living a life of luxury.

11 Kate Beckinsale Gave Up On Learning

When it comes to life skills, there aren't many that Kate Beckinsale is lacking. Not only is she one of the most recognizable actresses on the planet right now, but she has also made a name for herself playing a wide variety of roles on the big screen, from playing a leather-clad, extremely dangerous vampire to a corset-wearing woman of power in old-school period pieces. But just because Beckinsale has proved herself quite adept at pulling off the kinds of things that most other people can't, that doesn't mean she still doesn't have a few glaring blind spots in her life's resume.

Most notable of all those blind spots is the fact that she still doesn't know how to drive. The story goes that after failing her driver's test as a teenager, Beckinsale essentially just gave up on ever getting a license for herself. But fortunately for her, Beckinsale eventually went on to achieve the kind of success that made the responsibility of driving something she could easily relegate to others in her life.

10 Lena Dunham Has A Deadly Fear Of Driving

Lena Dunham may be one of the most divisive creative forces working in the entertainment industry right now. Despite garnering some major critical acclaim and awards for her work on the small screen too, Dunham has only become an increasingly polarizing public figure in recent years. But with that being said, there are likely more than a few people out there reading this right now who will be able to sympathize with Dunham, after hearing her describe one of the biggest fears she has in life.

Dunham has publicly acknowledged several times that she still doesn't know how to drive and while on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Dunham admitted it was because she's still "really, really scared" of driving. She's not the only person to have that fear, either. But while most people manage to push past it and get their driver's license anyway, it looks like Dunham may just forever go down as someone who isn't able to drive.

Although, in the grand scheme of things, that could very well go down as the least controversial thing Dunham will be known for.

9 Mariah Carey Failed 3 Times And Is Way Too Much Of A Diva To Drive Herself

One of the least surprising entries on this list is none other than Mariah Carey. She has a rep of living her life of fame and luxury to its absolute fullest and Carey takes that kind of mentality with her everywhere she goes — literally. Not only is she one of the most successful singers of her generation, she also doesn't know how to drive. Instead, like many of her other fellow inexperienced drivers, Carey relies on her personal chauffeurs and friends to help escort her to her various destinations.

In fact, not only does Carey not have a driver's license in her name, but she actually failed the written driver's test a total of three times. After that, it looks like Carey more or less gave up on ever driving by herself. Not that she ever had to worry much about it, though, after releasing as many hit singles as she has throughout her career.

8 Vincent Kartheiser Cares About The Environment 

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To most people, Vincent Kartheiser will always be known for playing the role of the egotistical and ambitious Pete Campbell in AMC's Mad Men, or for being the husband to Gilmore Girls and The Handmaid's Tale star, Alexis Bledel. What they might not know, though, is that Kartheiser is also one of those rare celebrities who still doesn't know how to drive, despite being almost 40 years old.

However, unlike many of the other celebrities on this list, Kartheiser's disinterest in driving doesn't just stem from the fact that he never learned how to. It's not even that he's afraid of it, either. Instead, Kartheiser has said before that he prefers to take public transportation wherever he goes as a way to decrease the ever-growing amount of pollution in the air. That's a surprisingly noble reason for Kartheiser to avoid driving, even if it may make his morning commute to set that much more difficult in the end.

7 Barbara Walters Never Bothered To Learn

Easily the oldest living celebrity on this list, Barbara Walters is one of the most well-respected interviewers and TV personalities to have risen to fame in the last 50 years. Even as she grows closer and closer to being 90 years old, too, Walters' recognizability and onscreen charisma still haven't shown any signs of decreasing as of late. All of this is to say that, finding out Walters still doesn't know how to drive a car, comes across as even more surprising and strange than any of the other famous names on this list.

But not only does Walters not currently drive, she never even once learned how to drive in her entire life. Of course, the case could be made that Walters was busy interviewing some of the 20th and 21st centuries' most famous men and women, but not even that possibility makes this fact any less confounding to think about. Then again, if she's made it this far without knowing, why bother taking the time to learn?

6 Albert Einstein Rode His Bike Instead 

There have been few people in the history of the world as smart as Albert Einstein, and even less who ended up being as revered for their intelligence as he was. Indeed, his name has become so well known, it's hard to think of science or intellect without Einstein coming to mind fairly quickly. But just because Einstein was one of the smartest men of his time, doesn't mean that he necessarily possessed the same set of basic skills that many of his fellow civilians did.

In fact, one of Einstein's most notable quirks was his inability to drive a vehicle during the time that he was alive. Instead, Einstein often opted to ride around on a bicycle whenever he needed to get somewhere, likely to the shock and dismay of all those around him. Then again, Einstein is known for many things, but being like everyone else certainly isn't one of them.

5 Christina Aguilera Is Scared Because Of The Paparazzi 

Christina Aguilera is one of the few famous names on this list who actually does have a driver's license, which she acquired when she turned 21. However, the critically-acclaimed singer has publicly stated that she doesn't ever use it or drive herself anywhere anymore. Instead, Aguilera usually relies on a professional driver or friend to drive her around whenever she needs, and she's certainly successful enough to be able to afford that kind of help at all times.

Aguilera actually has a fairly unique excuse for not wanting to drive anymore, too. While speaking with Jimmy Kimmel several years ago, Aguilera says she's terrified of her popularity possibly leading to an unfortunate accident one day down the line, "I don't drive. Well, I have a driver's license and I got it when I was 21. I am 30 now. I am terrified of driving in L.A., with paparazzi, running them over, you hear stories." Fair enough, Ms. Aguilera. Fair enough.

4 Noel Gallagher Has Many Cars, But Just Isn't Down To Drive Them

Noel Gallagher is one of those musicians who seems like he can do anything he sets his mind to — aside from getting along with his brother and original Oasis frontman, Liam, anyways. After writing the lyrics and music for many of the band's best songs, Noel eventually separated from his brother, but still plays and sings those very same Oasis songs in concert to this day.

However, if there's one thing that it looks like Noel never had much an interest in doing, it was learning how to drive a car. But that also hasn't stopped the rock icon from owning several cars of his own throughout the years, even if he never had the intention of actually ever driving them.

For what it's worth too, at least it's fair to say that Noel probably just decided to focus on writing some of the most beloved British rock songs of all time, instead of stressing over getting his driver's license as a teenager like most other people. So it's not like it was a waste of time or anything.

3 Robbie Williams Takes Cabs Everywhere He Goes

Similar to the previous name on this list, Robbie Williams is about as close as you can get to a modern day rock star, who has managed to successfully shape himself into the same mold as the rock icons of the 1970s and 1960s. With the kind of charm and style custom made for his fans to obsess over and fall in love with, Robbie Williams is, to many people around the world, the very definition of cool. But find out that the rock star still doesn't know how to drive a car of his own just makes it even better.

In case that wasn't already quirky enough in its own right, Williams also apparently just finds his way from place-to-place by hopping in whatever cabs he can. So all of those taxi drivers out there who have spent hours listening to Williams' music can now rest easy knowing that their odds of him possibly jumping into their cab one day have just significantly increased.

2 Tina Fey Won't Bother Renewing Her License 

When you're the kind of celebrity whose work almost always takes place in New York City, and who has become a bit of a hero amongst the locals there, it probably shouldn't come as much of surprise to find out you don't drive. There is no other city in the US, after all, where a person can get away with not driving as well as they can in NYC, which is probably why Tina Fey lives there and yet, still doesn't ever drive her own car.

But to her credit, and unlike many of the other names on this list, Fey did actually have a driver's license at one point in her life. That was, at least, until the license expired and Fey just decided not to bother ever getting it renewed, and apparently, still doesn't have any plans of renewing it in the near future either. To make that kind of a decision, though, Fey must really not have a need to drive herself around, and if that's the case, it's totally fair for her to just opt out on the whole driving thing. As strange as that may seem to most.

1 Ricky Gervais Took Up Running Instead

Few people could have the same kind of dry, sarcastic outlook on driving that Ricky Gervais does. Then again, the same could be said for basically any viewpoints that the famous British comedian — most well known for having created and starred in The Office before it was rebooted in the US — has when it comes to the world and life in general. But that's part of his charm, and if anyone was going to have such a nonchalant view about driving, it makes sense that it'd be Gervais.

Like some of his other fellow celebs and Brits on this list, Gervais reportedly never bothered to learn how to drive or get a license. Instead, Gervais apparently prefers to just be driven around by his own personal driver and has even taken up running as an activity, following his recent commitment to losing weight in recent years. One time, he was even quoted as saying, "I don't drive, so I haven't bought a flash car."

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