9 Reasons Women Are Bad Drivers (And 6 That Men Are Worse)

Although it has repeatedly been asserted that men are from Mars and women are from Venus with regards to relationships, it’s hard to imagine that we’d be on 2 totally separate pages with regards to the driving realm. However, this is life. Despite the fact that we are clearly expected to be able to peacefully coexist on the roadways, this seems to be more wishful thinking than an attainable goal. You have likely heard time and time again that women can’t drive. On the flip side, you may have also suffered at the hands of an overly confident amateur speed-racing male while on the roads. In, short, it seems that some of everyone is a total failure behind the wheel.

However, while our individual tales may tell us one thing, mass media seems content with perpetuating the lie that women are innately wretched drivers. Moreover, this fabric is so ingrained in the very fabric of society that women are taught to believe this notion long before they ever get behind the wheel. And despite the various (yet scarce) strides being made to achieve gender equality, very little is being done to address the matter of driving. Despite the fact that we are on the verge of seeing the first self-driving cars be introduced onto the roadways, the average person will likely still be stuck driving himself around for many years to come. That said, in the name of presenting fair and balanced (alternative) facts, the following is a closer look at 9 reasons women are terrible drivers, but also 6 reasons why men are actually the worst drivers on the planet.

15 Women Are Bad Drivers Because They're More Easily Distracted


First of all, it has been said that women are more easily distracted while behind the wheel. Especially in the age of the Smartphone, in which there is always something to read, “Like”, or share on social media, the use of phones while behind the wheel is at an all-time high in general.

However, studies have shown that women, in particular, are more prone to checking their devices while driving. According to a recent survey conducted by the well-known marketing research firm, Nielsen, women use their phones approximately 22% more than men. Although there are very few people who would admit to perpetual distracted driving, these findings suggest that women are much more likely to be caught texting behind the wheel.

In addition to that, it has also been argued that some women are distracted by things such as checking mirrors to ensure they look presentable. However, that also stems from the unfair pressures placed on women to look gorgeous, no matter what they’re doing.

14 Women Are Bad Drivers Because Of PMS And Sleep Deprivation


Although men may believe this to be some sort of cop-out, there is actually something to be said for sleep deprivation and other PMS-related systems. Women who suffer from PMS (which is most women) tend to experience issues such as insomnia, fatigue, and much more. Moreover, there is also the matter of cramps, other random aches and pains, mood swings, and the like.

Although all women are different and the symptoms vary from person to person, at the very least, this means there are many women who are driving while in pain and/or without sleep. As we all have learned, driving without enough sleep can be the cause of some very serious accidents. Add to that, the propensity to also be in pain and in emotional distress, and this can make for a very serious set of issues for women to contend with while driving.

13 Men Are Worse Drivers Because Of Societal Pressure


First and foremost, one of the top reasons men are secretly the worst drivers ever is silently embedded in the very fabric of society. On the whole, given that many people believe that all men are excellent drivers and all women are terrible ones, there is always considerable pressure placed on men to be great drivers.

Moreover, when in a social setting, the man being the one to take the wheel is all but assumed. This means, even the most reckless male driver will likely be trusted and even coerced into driving while women are typically the last to be handed the keys. Assuming you already realize that there are plenty of terrible male drivers, it would only follow that quite a few of them also make mistakes while behind the wheel, no?

12 Women Are Bad Drivers Because They're Less Confident On The Road


In addition to that, women tend to be less confident behind the wheel in general. Among other reasons, while on the road, many women are not confident for a few reasons. On the one hand, society literally tells women that they are inferior driver at every turn. Moreover, given that the roadways can be super aggressive in general, many women become anxious when behind the wheel. Granted, these things tend to vary from woman to woman, but on the whole, the average woman is very aware of the fact they are not favored by these unfriendly roads. Over time, this manifests itself as an array of aggressive, super hostile drivers all but terrorizing a meek set of defensive drivers who simply want to get home safe.

11 Men Are Worse Drivers Because They're Basically Speed Demons


In addition to that, if they are on the road more, they must speed more also, right? Yes! In fact, studies have shown that up to 84% of men admit to regularly going faster than the limit specifies as opposed to just 64% of women. If you have taken any type of driving courses (assuming you are a licensed motorist, I certainly hope so), you should be well aware of the fact that people are much more likely to get into an accident while speeding. So, given the fact that men are much more likely to drive to begin with and that they also are more likely to speed, then it is also likely that they, too, cause quite a bit of accidents on the roads.

10 Women Are Bad Drivers Because They're More Prone To Anxiety


Women are more likely to experience negative feelings in relation to driving. In addition to being constantly told they’re naturally inferior drivers, studies have shown that women are just more prone to experiencing anxiety in general. In particular, females from puberty to about the age 50 are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety as their male counterparts. Given these facts, it only follows that more women are experiencing anxiety behind the wheel than men.

Although it is a very common disorder, the symptoms associated with anxiety can be all but debilitating when behind the wheel. For instance, panic attacks can cause heart palpitations, shaking, sweating, chest pain, dizziness, hyperventilation, and much more. Moreover, almost anything can trigger a person’s anxiety. Therefore, women who suffer from anxiety should take extra special care with regards to driving techniques.

9 Men Are Worse Drivers Because They Cause More Fatalities On The Road


The top reason men are the worst drivers ever is because although women cause the most accidents, men cause the worst ones. In fact, a disturbing study was recently released that asserts that, over a five-year period, of all the fatal accidents involving pedestrians, 80% were caused by men! You heard that correctly!

How is it that men are considered such safe and careful drivers, yet turn out to be almost the sole reason behind the untimely deaths of 80% of auto-related accidents involving pedestrians? Clearly, this isn’t the case. What is more likely is that given that men dominate many areas of society and are thought to be the authoritarians, they have helped in shaping a society in which women are ridiculed and devalued at every turn.

8 Women Are Bad Drivers Because They're More Easily Intimidated On The Road


In addition to that, due to the aforementioned facts, many women are easily intimidated on the road. This is partially due to internal factors such as anxiety, fear, etc. On the flip side, the external factors also play a major role is why this is the case. For instance, have you ever been driving and had a mini heart attack when someone rides your bumper or cuts you off? These overly aggressive drivers exist all over the roadways and although not all men are aggressive and not all women are timid, on the whole, there does to seem to be a mass correlation on both sides. And given that many people expect it to be this way, it is typically very easy to run a female off the road or get a male to recklessly race you.

7 Men Are Worse Drivers Because They're More Reckless


But wait, men aren’t just reckless on roads, they’re also just reckless in general. At least, that is what some studies assert. According to an article posted in the NY Times, men are not just more likely to have accidents while driving, but while walking as well! You heard that right. Men aren’t out there just crashing their way around the roads, they’re also murder on sidewalks as well!

Clearly, they are also having more accidents on skates, bikes, and any other method of travel. So, despite the fact that women are said to be nervous and inferior drivers, men are still out there causing quite a bit of damage, in a wide variety of ways. If that isn’t telling, I don’t know what is…

6 Women Are Bad Drivers Because They Cause More Accidents


Yes, it is true that women do cause the most accidents. Studies have shown that statistically speaking, men are involved in 5.1 crashes for every million miles they drive as opposed to 5.7 for every million caused by women. Moreover, given the fact that women are said to drive up to 74% less miles than men. Yes, these are terrible numbers, there’s no denying that.

What's more is that female car-related fatalities are on the rise as well. While the percentage by which these deaths have increased is debatable, female fatalities have risen in the past 25 years while male car-related fatalities have actually decreased. Although the circumstances vary for each instance, which makes this a difficult generalization to make, on the whole, women seem to be dying more behind the wheel while men are managing to die less. You win this round, fellas!

5 Men Are Worse Drivers Because They're Always Up For A Challenge


Moreover, men are always up for a challenge. Many men begin to develop a love for cars and driving from a very early age. There is a culture being promoted in which men get to play with their “toys” from beginning of life to the very end. Moreover, men are often very competitive, and many secretly dream of joining the majorly male brand, NASCAR. This means, all you need to do to see a race is have someone pull up next to a sports car at a stoplight and rev their engine. This seems to be an irresistible call to battle for most men. On the whole, this means there’s lot of men out here who would be willing to literally risk lives for the chance to stick it to a busy soccer mom.

4 Women Are Bad Drivers Because They Think It Too


Both sexes are typically taught from a very early age that men are the better drivers. Much like anything else, when a child grows up hearing something over and over, they start to believe it. In other words, much like many men discover their love and talent for driving in childhood, it is also in childhood that many women realize they have no interest in driving and are not at all eager to get behind the wheel.

This means that while young men are often eager and excited to get their licenses, though ladies enjoy the freedom associated with being able to chauffeur one’s self, they are typically nervous or even reluctant to begin the process. This clearly gives males an advantage as attitude is a major factor when it comes to trying anything new.

3 Women Are Bad Drivers Because They Experience Troubles With Technique


Another reason many women are bad drivers is because they are less experienced and may not have been properly instructed and thus, may not have the capacity to properly execute certain driving maneuvers. In addition to that, it has also been asserted that women process information in a much different manner than their male counterparts.

On the one hand, women are masterful at doing many things and are championed for being both tough and nurturing. On the flip side, men are typically the ones who are more technical and straight-forward with regards to their thinking. On the roadways, this means that men may have an advantage as it pertains to judging things such as space and speed, which could obviously contribute to the cause of some accidents.

2 Men Are Worse Drivers Because They're Over-Confident


Furthermore, one of the top reasons men are the worst drivers is due to over-confidence. If women are too insecure, then men are overly secure with regards to being behind the wheel. While a little confidence on the road is essential, having too much can be as detrimental as having too little. In the case of the former, men have a tendency to pull more risky moves while believing they are making good judgment calls.

Moreover, they are also more likely to do things such as overestimating spatially-related issues and much more. In other words, perhaps men are excellent drivers in some respects. However, they certainly seem to be a bit out of touch as it pertains to making rational decisions while behind the wheel.

1 Women Are Bad Drivers Because They More Often Bring Their Dogs Along For The Ride


Studies have shown that women are more likely to drive in cars with dogs. No, this isn’t some super male-bashy entry (those are up next). On the contrary, women are more likely to drive around with pets in their vehicle. Perhaps, this is partially due to the fact that many women are easily intimidated on the road, so they opt to bring a companion along.

On the flip side, this could just be due to the fact that women are made to feel that being alone in our society is never acceptable for a woman. Either way, there’s clearly a lot of women riding around with doggies in the passenger side. And although I am not one of them, I can imagine that a dog of any size could cause quite a bit of distractions while on the road.

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