8 Ways You Can Get More Matches On Tinder (And 7 Things Not To Do)

Launched in 2012, the dating app Tinder exploded onto the singles scene like no other, and it's been king of the hill ever since. Tinder's believed to be the fastest way to get a date, period. With over 1.6 billion "swipes" every 24 hours, the 10 million people who log in a day hope to find that their dating options are endless.

So, how does a person stand-out amongst the crowd (it's a big crowd)? Not only stand-out but in the right ways? Obviously, you don't want to come across as a loser, right? Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. The entire idea of cruising Tinder is to get matches, and if you've ever gotten one, then you've wondered, "how can I get more"? Good question?

There's a plethora of information on the dos and don'ts of using dating applications. This fact holds especially true when discussing Tinder. Do you want to put your best foot forward? Good! People located near you are spending 35 minutes per day surfing for matches. That's a lot of time.

Surprising enough, there are writers who charge good money to create amazing Tinder profiles. Why? Because 0% of people "casually like most profiles." Success stories about professionally written bios point towards customers getting what they paid for. In most cases. Services are one way to go about getting more matches on the famed dating app. The other way is to keep reading this article.

15 More Matches: Don't Forget Your Pictures

Beyond the 24 languages you can speak to potential matches on Tinder, there is how you look in your profile photos. Naturally, your photos should reflect you and your style, but you shouldn't post anything where you look like a scrub. In fact going the extra mile and posting nice pictures of you looking dapper are an excellent idea. Studies reveal that Tinder profiles with 3 or more solid photos are the most popular. That goes for guys and girls. Those are the profiles that receive the most "likes" by a long shot. If your profile gets more "likes", then it gets forwarded to other "better" Tinder profiles. Interesting statistic and an easy way to get more matches on Tinder.

14 Less Matches: "Super Likes"?

Tinder on average encounters between 15-20,000 swipes a second. Wow! Are people even looking at profiles or are they swiping left, or swiping right, after seeing a photo? At some point, though, users come across a picture of a person that they think is attractive. After clicking on the attractive pic and reading the users profile, they decide they need to get the users attention pronto. Well, how does a person do that? Enter Tinder "Super Likes." Research shows that the majority of people think the "Super Like" option makes a person look desperate. If girls feel that way, then they surely aren't using it are they? Women make up 35% of Tinder's overall user base. That's nearly 2 guys for every girl.

13 More Matches: Funny And Witty Works

Being "funny" almost always works. Anyone in the dating game is going to tell you that personality is one of the top 3 qualities they value in a date. Why? Because funny people typically aren't boring. So, if you have a personality show it. Here's a Reddit user's answer to the question of what she looks for in her Tinder date profiles: "I look for a good sense of humor or something about you that is unique. Things like 'I'm funny and easy to talk to' or 'I love sports, and good food' are both unoriginal and forgettable. However, I would avoid jokes similar to, 'I'll tell your mom we met at the supermarket', as I see it at least 3 times a day."

12 Less Matches: Tasteless Photos With The Opposite Gender

Here's a good Tinder story that reveals the differences between guys' and girls' views on photos. One Tinder user said she has a friend who recently played with her photos saying, "she (her friend) is a burlesque performer so she has plenty of pictures of all kinds. She started with just her casual pictures, the normal pictures. To get more responses she started adding in some of her more entertaining ones. The response rate went up, the creep rate skyrocketed. What was to her a picture of artistic statement or a laugh for everyone involved was interpreted by some as, shall we say, advertising. The pictures are extremely important, but make sure you curate not for what you see, but for what others will see."

11 More Matches: Create A Little Mystery

There's a solid article over at goodguyswag called, "10 Proverbs Of The Mysterious Man Every Girl Wants." The article – that's written by Kris Wolfe – is full of all kinds of cool viewpoints about adding a little mystery to your life. He writes, "when it comes down to it, you can be an incredibly good looking guy, with a luxury car, and an incredible house, and still fall flat on your face when it comes to dating. You can put on an act, and see some short-term progress, but eventually, every man has to face the truth about himself, and she’ll be there to see it. Will she stay"? Infusing your Tinder profile with a little mystery helps potential matches stick around and swipe right.

10 Less Matches: Use Your Words

Communication is key without a doubt. Without words to describe in some way who you are your profile remains void of any real "get to know you" knowledge. That's not interesting to either sex. A study found on medium.com reveals to us that "63% of messages sent by men occur within 5 minutes of the match taking place. This is only 18% for women, suggesting that female users often wait to receive a message first. The median delay for sending messages is just 2 minutes for men, compared to 38 minutes for women." That basically means "use your words but don't go overboard."

9 More Matches: Who Are You?

Potential matches want to get a feel for who you are. That goes for both male and females. A Tinder user revealed to us what she likes to see in a person's profile, saying, "In the bio, I like info about who you are and where you're going. Stuff about your interests/how you usually spend your free time helps and humor is also great. Personally, I don't like it when a guy has no description. (Actually) funny little quips are nice, but I prefer something that's lighthearted and funny but also informative, not just your height, what city you're from and where you work. It's much easier to have a conversation when you have information to work off of. Any sexist, remarks gets you an automatic swipe left from me."

8 Less Matches: Trying Too Hard

Are you a scholar? It might not be such a good idea to flaunt that needlessly. Unless you don't mind drawing the wrong kind of attention? Various stories combined with Tinders reputation show that many of the users don't take the dating application too seriously. So, you shouldn't either. Don't overdo things. A male Tinder user tells us, "It's Tinder, and I'm not expecting to find my soulmate there. So if I like the way she looks, I'll swipe right. If she has a lame faux-inspiring quote from some poet or philosopher in her bio, I'll swipe left. That's so impersonal and boring." I imagine both genders feel much the same way.

7 More Matches: Photos Of You, Not You And Your Friends

Most women tend to agree that clean, interesting photos of men are what they want to see on Tinder. A female Reddit user describes what she looks for in photos by saying, "as for pictures, if you post all group pictures, and I can't figure out who you are by the second pic, I'll probably lose interest. Try and include at least one flattering and clear picture of your face and one to give an idea of how you're built. If you need to take a new selfie, do it. If you are embarrassed to post selfies of yourself on Facebook, like I am, you can post it to a private album that only you see and still be able to use it on tinder."

6 Less Matches: Wear A Shirt 

Shirt or no shirt? That is the question... opinion on the topic seems to lean towards which way you use your half-naked body, though. Less is more in many ways according to women. If you post pictures of sailing or going to the beach, then shirtless photos appear to be acceptable. If you want to look like a douche bag, then post selfies of you at the gym, flexing in the mirror or spotting some hot chick. Apparently, that kind of photo only impresses one person, and that person is you, dude. A female Tinder user admits, "I don't think they (females) mind the shirtless on the beach pictures. It's more those shirtless mirror pics that come across as douchey."

5 More Matches: You're An Animal Lover

So, what's good to include in your pictures? A Tinder user lays down the dos and don'ts for men, saying, "here are some pointer's as to the type of pictures I'd reject: topless pictures (beach, sport it doesn't matter), pictures in the gym, pictures which were taking in bed or the bathroom, pictures where the guy forgot to put the pic into the right orientation, lot's of pictures in group settings (no one has time to play guess who),  if the guy doesn't seem to smile in any pictures, if there are lots of pictures in his profile not having anything to do with him, if he has a lot of pictures where he looks like a tool (mounting a statue, drinking excessively, heavily intoxicated). Good pictures are: where you look like the nice boy next door (clean shirt, nice smile, looking into the camera, maybe a nice picture of you traveling in clean clothes, a picture of you and an animal is almost always a pleaser, a really nice smile in pictures goes a very long way!"

4 Less Matches: Leave Out Your Dealbreakers

Nobody wants to know your deal breakers, so don't list them in your bio. That's the opinion of both men and women. Listing your dealbreakers comes off as bitter, and you don't want to appear that way. A Tinder user explains why she swipes left on deal breakers saying, "I could overlook a bad bio if your photos are cool enough to make up for it, BUT there's one thing that's a total no-no for me: guys who state their deal breakers. "If you're a sl*t, swipe left"; "If you're a cheater, go on to the next guy"; "If you have little conversation, don't bother saying hi"; etc. This is far more common than you would think and even if I don't relate, it feels like I'm being judged and insulted by a complete stranger."

3 More Matches: Messaging 

Tinder's unique when it comes to messaging, isn't it? Studies reveal that “overall, we find that 21% of female matches send a message, whereas only 7% of male matches send a message. Thus, women who match with us are 3 times more engaged than men. This is likely driven by the sheer number of male matches. Overall, we received 8248 male matches, most of whom do not pursue interaction. In contrast, we garnered only 532 female matches, suggesting that they are more careful with whom they like and therefore consider it more worthwhile to send a message. This is rather different to other online dating services, where messages are usually the initial means of establishing interaction (without the prior need to 'match')”.

2 Less Matches: Emojis

Guys like to use Emojis too, right? That may be the case, but men shouldn't use too many Emojis, if any, when talking with females. That goes beyond the application Tinder, F.Y.I. Women all over the internet confess that many of them don't like it when a man uses Emojis. In fact, some females think it makes a man appear less masculine. One Reddit user commented, "I'm not a fan of text lingo. It makes me think you're acting like a girly teenager. Texting emojis are OK when used thoughtfully (like when Tim Gunn on Project Runway says, 'Use the Aldo accessory wall thoughtfully! Too many and you're an annoying pubescent teenybopper')."

1 More Matches: Include Your Hobbies

Men and women both agree that including hobbies in your Tinder profile will get you more matches. Not surprisingly, people want to see how much fun a potential date could be. Posting photos of what you like to do in your free time is a good idea. Actually, it's a great idea. One Tinder user tells us what she wants to see when reading a mans bio saying, "If it's short, originality/wit. If it's long, common interests. So it's a crapshoot, but I'd go with listing some of your hobbies. I'll swipe right on someone with no bio if we have common likes and the guy is good looking, but this is really rare."

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