8 Ways To Tell If She'll Reject You (And 8 To Tell She Won't)

Finding someone to date or even show serious interest in can be a pretty difficult thing to do for both men and women. What can I say, dating really sucks. Men, although they may not act like it, want to find love, just like women do.

The thing that makes matters of the heart so confusing is that you never truly know how the other person is feeling and you may often let your ego and fear of rejection stand in the way of something magical happening.

Let's face it, rejection sucks and although it happens to the best of us, if I can save one person the embarrassment of getting rejected, then I will. That is why I came up with this list of 8 ways to tell if she is going to reject you and 8 ways to tell she is not. From how she texts to how much she lets you into her world, I covered all grounds when it comes to women and how they show interest in a man.

Although these are pretty well-tested theories, everyone is different when it comes to how they show interest. I am not saying that every woman feels this exact way, but I can promise you that most women do.

16 Will Reject You - Closed Off Answered Texts

Texting in this generation is very telling of someone's feelings, especially when it comes to women. Most women, if interested in a man, will try to keep a conversation going for as long as possible. If the girl you are into is replying your text messages with closed off answers, chances are she is secretly hoping you will just stop messaging her.

The thing about girls is that a lot of the time, they find themselves wanting the guy that is texting them the least. There is something about leaving a woman curious that drives them crazy. My advice is to back off a little and see if she comes back, if you never hear from her again, you will see she was going to reject you.

15 Won't Reject You - She's Been Giving You Signs

Although a lot of men are oblivious to the “signs”, women continue to show their interest by giving them off.

Women are actually pretty obvious when they are into you. The will play with their hair, sit up straight and laugh at your jokes that are probably not funny. Men need to start paying more attention to the little things women do in order to figure out if she is going to reject you or not.

By paying attention to the vibe she is giving off, you can save yourself the embarrassment of being rejected, which let's face it is never fun. The more a woman wants you to kiss her, the more obvious she will be. Do not confuse these signs with friendship. No, she is not just “being nice”, she wants you to go in for the kill!

14 Will Reject You - She Talks To You About Other Dudes

If a girl is talking to you about other guys, there is a very small chance she is interested in you. The only women that show interest by talking about dudes that are not you are women who are trying to make you jealous, which is not a good thing.

Women talk about other guys because it is their way of letting you know nicely that you and she are never going to happen. It is also a big sign that you have been friend-zoned, especially if she starts asking you advice about what to do with another guy.

If the above statement relates to your situation, I hate to break it to you but she is going to reject you, hard. So save yourself the pain and distance yourself from her before you get your heart-broken.

13 Won't Reject You - She Looks Good When She Sees You

If she is always looking on point when she knows you are going to see her chances are she is trying to not only get your attention but keep it.

When a girl is super into a guy, she is almost obsessed with looking her best. She will most likely look effortlessly fabulous and give off a sense of confidence that she is sure will catch your eye.

Yes, I know, it isn't about the physical attraction but the emotional connection that really matters, but having a pretty outside never hurts the situation. Mutual attraction is a big thing when dealing with matters of the heart and if both parties are attracted to one another, there is a better chance that things will turn romantic.

Next time you see the girl you can't stop thinking about, check out the following, are her nails done, is her outfit on point and does she have makeup on, if the answer is yes, you have a better inclination towards how she feels about you.

12 Will Reject You - She Is Always Busy

If a girl is into you, she will make time for you plain and simple. Yes, people do have lives, but no woman is too busy to see the guy who has been on her mind.

Women are known to be romantics and when they feel something for a man, there is not a lot that can hold her back from seeing them.

If you make plans with her and she is eager to meet, chances are she is feeling the same way as you. However, on the other end of the spectrum. If you have continuously tried to make plans with her and she is somehow always busy, I hate to break it to you but you should just move on.

Girls may like to play hard to get, but when it comes down to it, when they are into a guy, all they secretly want to do is see them.

11 Won't Reject You - She Introduces You To Her World

Girls are funny when it comes to letting a man into their world. For many women, letting someone into their life can be difficult. Similar to men, women have a fear of rejection, however, the rejection they fear is different from the fear a man feels.

Men mostly fear being rejected physically whereas women fear being rejected once someone gets to see the real them.

If a woman is bringing you into her life, such as hanging around her friends and opening up to you, chances are she is totally into you.

I mean is it not obvious? If she is keeping you at arms lengths, stop wasting your time and do not try and start something with her, she is totally going to reject you and never wants you to enter her life in a romantic way.

10 Will Reject You - Takes Your Number Instead Of Giving You Hers

So here is the thing, if she took your number instead of giving you hers, you have already been rejected.

This is something that many women do subconsciously. Women will give their numbers to guys they are interested as a way of seeing if they are interested. Women do this because they want the man to be in control of the situation and for them to take initiative.

Women will in return take a number from a guy if she is not into it. This is the polite way of saying, I am never going to contact you.

Women are subtle with their rejections and they do it in a way so graceful, the man does not even know he has just been rejected. Women are pretty badass that way, I must say.

9 Won't Reject You - Initiates Conversation With You

If she finds any stupid way of initiating a conversation with her, chances are she is to some extent interested in you.

Only attention seeking girls start conversations with guys they have no interest in, and that also isn't the kind of girl you want to be dating anyway. Women that are secure within themselves do not need the attention of numerous men texting her all day, all they really yearn for is to talk to the guy they are crushing on.

If she is messaging you about sports, your day or a conversation you guys had one time, she is finding a way to get you to ask her out. This is the opening you are looking for and this is an almost surefire way to tell that you will not be rejected.

8 Will Reject You - She Does Not Seem Into It

If a man is not interested in a woman, chances are he does not give off the impression that he is. Well, same goes for women. If she does not seem interested in you, it is because she is not interested in you, no two ways around it.

Men need to understand that she is not playing hard to get, she is playing leave me alone. Women tend to get hit on a lot and most of the time, they are not interested in anyone so do not feel bad. However, when they are interested, even if they play hard to get, they will give off some insight as to how they really feel.

The truth is that if she is not into you, you are never going to get what you are looking for. Women, similar to men tend to know what they want when they see it and if you try and force it, the situation will most likely turn out worse.

7 Won't Reject You - Brings Up Future Plans

When I say make plans for the future I do not mean she is planning your wedding. What I mean by this is she will make plans with you for something that is happening in a few weeks, or maybe even a few months.

When a girl likes you, she will bring up little things like a movie that is coming out or a party that is coming up. This is her way of telling you subtly that she wants to keep you around. This is one of the best ways to tell that you are not going to be rejected if you make a move.

Girls, as previously mentioned, do things in a very slick manner. Although you may not even realize it, this is her way of putting the notion of a relationship in your head.

6 Will Reject You - Flakes On Plans 

Okay, if she flakes once, chances are something happened and you can probably let that slide if she seems like she has a good reason. However, if she is always canceling plans last minute and making excuses, she is probably not into you. By doing this, she is already pretty much rejecting you so just save yourself the time and move on.

When a girl wants to see you, she will make sure she sees you, there is no question there. Just like when a guy wants to see a girl he will find a way of seeing her.

Men and women are very different, but they do have some commonality when it comes to showing signs of interest. Just let her go, man, it is never going to happen.

5 Won't Reject You - Stalks Your Social Media

If you really want to know who a girl is crushing on, ask to check something on her Instagram and see who is in her suggestions. If you see yourself in there she is not going to reject you, in fact, she has most likely been dying for you to make a move.

No matter how cool a girl is, with social media, it makes it hard for her to not check out your page. My theory is that the cooler the girl seems, the less she texts you, the more she stalks. For her, it is a way of seeing you, without putting herself out there.

Women can be insecure when it comes to men and often may not want you to know how much they really like you. That is why the Instagram test is a great way to get inside her head.

4 Will Reject You - Reinforces The Word 'Friend'

The minute a girl tells you “I think I have a girl for you” just know that she will never be sleeping with you. The reason for this is because girls don't pass around guys they are feeling, they just do not.

This is something girls do when they like a guy, just not “in that way.” Women often find themselves in a predicament, between not being interested in a guy and wanting to keep him in her life as a friend. That is why by stating that she wants to set you up with her friend, she is telling you I am not interested in dating you BUT I think you are awesome so here is my awesome friend (who is not as awesome as me).

This may be annoying at the moment, but when you think of it, this is her way of letting you know you are a good guy.

3 Won't Reject You - Asks Questions About You

If a girl is going to reject you, trust me when I say she does not care about anything that revolves around your life. She will not ask you questions, she will not try to get to know you, she will actually do the opposite of that.

When a girl wants to let you know that she is into you, she will ask you questions about anything she can think of; your life, your day, what you had to eat for dinner, literally anything.

This is a woman's way of getting a guy make a move. No one cares that much about someone's day if they have no interest in the person, that is just a fact.

The more curious she is about you, the better of a sign it is for you.

2 Will Reject You - Avoids Physical Contact

If she avoids touching you, then I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but she is not into you. Girls do not squirm away from someone they want touching them. They actually do the opposite, they find any opportunity to touch you. If a girl touches your arm when she tells you how funny you are, that is her way of saying “kiss me you fool”.

However, if every time you get close to touching her she backs away, that is her way of saying “it is never going to happen please stop”, so just don't try. If you ignore this very obvious body language it is almost guaranteed that you will get rejected.

My advice, find a girl that actually wants you to touch her, do not force your touch on a girl who wants to get away from you.

1 Won't Reject You - She Likes You

If a girl tells you she is into you, there is really no way she will reject you, unless she is a liar (which happens). When a girl has enough balls to tell you that she is into you, she is putting it all out there, which gives you the perfect opportunity to come in and tell her how you feel.

Although this does not always happen, being vocal about your feelings takes courage, which is an admirable quality to have. Not only does it take courage but for a guy that is unsure about where he stands with a woman, it gives him the green light to go for it.

I hate to break it to you boys, but not many girls will be straight up about their feelings, so do not wait for her to tell you how she feels. Pay attention to everything mentioned above and it will give you a good idea of how she feels about you.

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