8 Things All Women Do That Drive Men Crazy (And 8 Things All Men Do In Return)

Everyone gets annoyed by different things for some people, it is the way someone chews, or stands or even how they dress and for others it is all in the what they say and how they say it. However, there are certain things that are universally annoying to men and women.

It is like they say, men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but that does not mean that we can't compromise a little.

Women always like to blame men and men always like to blame women when it comes to who is more annoying. Well, we at TheRichest are here to tell you, both sexes are annoying in different ways. Men have certain qualities that drive women crazy and the same goes for women, it is just the way life works.

That is why we decided to come up with a list of the eight things that annoy men the most and the eight things that annoy women the most.

Maybe reading this list will help both men and women stop pissing each other off. It is not about the big picture, this list is compiled of everyday things that you can do to help you not be seen as so irritating to the opposite sex.

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16 Too Much Makeup - Bothers Men

Men and makeup are very simple. We at TheRichest can say with confidence that most men like a girl that has a more natural approach as oppose to a woman that paints her face every day, taking away from her natural beauty.

Women have a natural beauty about them and men hate the idea that their woman is ALWAYS wearing makeup. Most dudes find women the hottest when they are coming home from the gym or getting out of the shower. It is that pure beauty that keeps a man falling in love with his woman, day after day.

Listen, we know that putting on makeup is a lot of fun and sometimes putting more on for special occasions is necessary, but we are certain that all you ladies are beautiful enough to not wear a face full of makeup on a daily basis.

15 Travelling Eyes - Bothers Women

Men think they are super subtle whenever a hot girl walks by, however, we are here to tell you that we always notice your traveling eye. It is not like this is the worst thing a guy can do, but it does annoy a woman when she is having a conversation with you and his eyes travel to the next best thing.

There are a lot of women who can be cool with this happening once in a while, however, when it is happening every time a pretty girl walks by, it becomes extremely annoying.

Women like to feel like they are the only ones you have eyes for, even if we know it is not true, we still like to believe it is.

14 Being Nosy - Bothers Men

Young adult couple has privacy problems with modern technology

Ladies, please do not pretend like you have never been with a man and glanced over at his phone while he is texting. We may think that we are super slick when we do it, but the reality is they are totally on to us.

Women are noisy by nature and while this may be a good thing on some levels, the reality is it is a huge red flag to men.

Men fear a noisy woman because they feel as if it is a huge invasion of privacy, which it totally is. Stop stalking who he likes on Instagram, stop checking his recent updates on Facebook, stop being so noisy because all it is doing is making him run for the hills and that is the truth.

13 Being Forgetful - Bothers Women

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Women almost always have better memories than men, especially when it comes to remembering things like birthdays and anniversaries. Women put a lot of effort on special days.

Women think that if a man forgets about the day they shared their first kiss it means that their man does not truly love them, which is kind of crazy.

Men and women put emphasis on different things in relationships and men need to start understanding that their forgetful mindset is behind a lot of the mishaps that occurs within their relationship.

Men need to make a more solid effort to start listening to the little things that are important to women because that it how we feel valued. Trust us when we tell you, a little listening goes a long way.

12 Being Dramatic - Bothers Men

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Women definitely have a knack for the dramatics. There is almost always something wrong and almost all situations are blown out of proportion.

Men, on the other hand, hate drama. They actually hate everything about drama, from the way it causes them stress to the way it makes their girlfriends freak out. Men also hate when girls are constantly fighting with their girlfriends, they perceive it as immaturity.

Women, instead of blowing up on him, try to ask him and then listen to what he has to say. The more drama you cause in his life, the least likely he is to stick around.

Men need a woman that will take away their stress, not add more stress into their lives and that's a fact!

11 Being Cheap - Bothers Women

Man with an empty wallet

When a man is cheap, it is one of the biggest ways to turn off a woman and it is something that will irritate them to another level. Cheapness is a quality that sadly many men have and do not even realize they do, it is almost like all cheap men are in denial.

When you are cheap it is not only a turn off for women, but it actually is something that makes us feel uncomfortable. Women like to be treated well, that is not saying you need to be taking her out on lavish dates every night but it does mean that you should pay for her, even if it is a slice of pizza.

Another thing that bothers women is if when you are out, you buy her a drink and not the friend she is with. This is seen as being tacky and no woman with class goes for a man without it.

10 Taking Long To Get Ready - Bothers Men

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Men have it lucky when it comes to getting ready. All it really takes is for them to put on a pair of jeans, a clean shirt and maybe run a comb through their hair.

When it comes to women getting ready, it always takes a bit more effort. From doing their hair and makeup to picking out an outfit and accessories, women just take longer to get ready.

Although this is something that is known, it does not mean that it does not bother guys. Women need to understand that to men, we are always beautiful, so they do not understand why it even takes us so long to get ready.

While men may never understand it or not be annoyed by it, women will always take longer to get ready, it is just the way the world works.

9 Leaving The Toilet Seat Up - Bothers Women

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This is one of the most puzzling things to women. A man comes to their house, sees the toilet seat is down, lifts it up and just forgets to put it back down? Men have no idea how many time women have fallen into the toilet assuming the seat was down.

Men never pay attention to this because they always think it is women simply being dramatic but the truth is that it is really annoying.

Why can't men just put the seat back where they found it? We completely understand if we are in your apartment, but at our place have the decency to put the stupid toilet seat down!

This is not about women being demanding this is actually a matter of respect and all you men out there need to start paying attention to where they leave the toilet seat.

8 Talking During Video Games - Bothers Men

Man is playing playstation computer game woman girlfriend is angry for him. Indoor.

When a guy is gaming, let us get one thing straight, he is in the zone and the last thing he wants to do is talk to his girlfriend.

There are a lot of women out there that have a hard time keeping quiet and they do not understand how their boyfriend is unable to multi-task. Men do not multi-task, understand that!

Men game to block out the world and to everyone else, it may seem like he is enjoying a relaxing game but he is really experiencing an adrenaline rush. Also, if he wins, he sees it as an ego boost, but none of this can happen if their woman does not stop talking.

If it is an emergency, go ahead and tell him but if it is not it is in your best interest to just let him play. The same goes for watching sporting events, if you can't shut up, or talk about the game (not ask 100 questions but actually talk) then you should let him watch it without you.

7 Turning Our Shows Off - Bothers Women

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We get it, you think the shows we watch our stupid but guess what, they are our shows and we love indulging in them so please stop turning them off when you walk into the room.

Men expect women to be cool with everything they watch but the minute we put something slightly feminine on they either complain or change the channel, which is really annoying.

Everyone has their guilty pleasures when it comes to television and if your girlfriend is watching something you think is stupid, then keep that information to yourself.

All that your complaining does it make us annoyed with you and want to watch our show even more. Let us watch what we want and keep your mouth shut, there is nothing that you can say that will make us not watch our favorite trash television show.

6 Fault Finding - Bothers Men

Man gets an earful from an annoyed lady

Women have this mentality that everything is “too good to be true” so with that mentality they find problems. We like to call this fault finding because that is exactly what it is. Women will over-analyze every situation until, in their minds, it becomes a problem.

Instead of looking for what it wrong all the time, women want men to start looking for what is right.

Good guys do exist and women are so convinced that they do not that they start making the good guys, into the bad guys which is completely and utterly ridiculous when you really think of it.

Ladies, listen up, sometimes a good thing is in fact, a good thing, so you really need to stop trying to find ways to ruin it.

5 Man Spread - Bothers Women

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For those of you who are not familiar with the term man spread, it is when a man takes up an immense amount of room on the couch. Others may use the term when men openly "spread their legs" when sitting on public transit.

Men think that because they are bigger than women, that means they can spread out on any surface, letting their long limbs hang all over us but the reality is that it annoys women to the core. Not to mention can be sexually suggestive and incredibly offensive.

When a man does it, it can make women feel like they do not want them to be sitting near them, or even around them for that matter, which is not a good feeling to have.

Women tend to be a lot more considerate of people sitting around them and their general amount of space than men which are why men need to start paying a bit more attention to the little things and start being a bit more considerate.

4 Blame Game - Bothers Men

Couple fighting in the morning. woman screaming to her man. relationship problems

Stop passing the blame on everyone else ladies, because it is driving your men crazy.

Women sometimes overreact and have a hard time not pushing the blame onto a guy. There is nothing that screams maturity more than someone who is able to admit when they are at fault.

Blaming your man for situations that he should not be blamed for is going to be the reason that he no longer wants to be with you. No matter how much he loved you, it eventually becomes exhausting.

Instead of blaming someone else, listen to what he has to say and admit that you may have been wrong. Although it may be hard to do at the moment it is actually going to be both rewarding and beneficial in the long run.

3 Being Messy- Bothers Women

If you get something from one place, why do you put it back somewhere else?

Women tend to be very neat and organized and sadly not all men share the same passion for neatness. For a woman, seeing a man that is tidy is definitely a huge turn on.

It is super disrespectful when you come into someone's home, even if she is your girlfriend, and make a mess. We do not want to see your dirty boxers on the floor, we do not want to see your plate with leftover food sitting on the counter we think it is just gross.

Make an effort to be a little neater, trust me, boys, if you are single this is going to help you get some action, women think tidiness is sexy.

2 Too Desperate - Bothers Men

Men are physically repulsed by desperation. If you are a woman and you are always on top of your man, literally, it is a big turn off.

Guys love attention, especially when it is from a woman they love but they also like knowing that you can live without them, it actually makes them want you more.

Being too desperate as a woman is often times overwhelming for men, and women need to understand that to them, it is just not sexy.

Men like finding a woman that is independent, a woman that asks for help when she needs it not because she is needy. Ladies, give your man space and it will make your relationship that much better.

1 Jekyll and Hyde - Bothers Women

This is the absolute worst and men are notorious for doing this. When we say Jekyll and Hyde we mean when a guy is one way in front of you and someone completely different in front of his friends. This is totally not cool and totally a turn-off.

When a woman sees that, she is immediately repulsed because she believes everything that she knew about you before was a lie. The sad thing is that usually the guys true self is the one he is when he was with her, but his ego gets in the way of standing up to his friends.

Playing Jekyll and Hyde is in no way a good method to try and win over a lady. There is nothing worse than starting to like someone and then see them turn into a completely different person in front of your very eyes.

Always be yourself and if you are concerned about what your friends will think, you need new friends.

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