8 Things She Wants You To Stop Doing In Bed And 8 You Should Start

A lot of women find it difficult to verbalize what they really like and dislike in the bedroom. Women have a hard time talking to men about this issue because they do not want to offend him or bruise

A lot of women find it difficult to verbalize what they really like and dislike in the bedroom. Women have a hard time talking to men about this issue because they do not want to offend him or bruise his ego. This is exactly why we have taken it upon ourselves to be the voice for women everywhere. There are so many things that we wish you men did more behind closed doors, not to mention all the things we are begging you to stop doing. Men for some reason do not believe women to be as sexual as them, however, that is really not the case.

However, we live in a generation that has finally begun encouraging women to have healthy and active sex lives. As a result, we at TheRichest have come up with 8 things she wants you to do more and 8 things she wants you to stop doing in bed.

From roughing her up to not returning the favor, we are covering all grounds. We are aware that everyone is different and maybe not everything on this list works and does not work for everyone but this generalization is pretty accurate to most women, you can take our word for it. So, ladies, you are welcome and gentlemen, get ready to learn a thing or two!

16 Start: Being Spontaneous


There is something hot and erotic about making love to your partner in an unconventional place or time. It is no secret that a lot of the time long term relationships tend to get repetitive and sometimes as the man, you need to take control and spice it up a little bit.

Come up behind her while she is folding clothes or cooking dinner and put the moves on her. In relationships, it is important to keep the fun alive. Couples often go into sexual “ruts” and this is a great way of getting out of breaking that. If you and your partner are really adventurous, try having sex in a public place! The excitement and rush in knowing that at any moment you may definitely tickle your fancy.

15 Stop: Assuming You Finished


Just because you finished, does not mean she did. Men for some reason, finish, turn over and end it before the woman even realizes what is going on. If you do not know this by now, it is time you learn it, it takes more time and effort for a girl to reach her ending, then for a man to finish. Not realizing this is one of the biggest turn-offs to a woman because it shows how selfish men can be, especially in the bedroom.

Sleeping with someone should be a way of both you and your partner feeling good, it is not fair to leave either of you hanging. Women do not do this to men, yet men almost always do this to women.

Trust us, you would benefit from being a little more intuitive to what your woman not only wants but needs.

14 Start: Roughing Her Up


We at TheRichest are aware that men are brought up with the notion that hitting a woman is bad, which it is in pretty much every circumstance. However, when you are having intercourse with someone, social rules kind of get tossed out the window.

Things that are not really acceptable in the outside world, become things that are desired in the bedroom. A lot of women, most of them in fact, get a thrill out of having their man rough them up a little.

So men, stop being afraid to do exactly that, the chances are that she has been dying for you to get a little adventurous. At the end of the day, women like being put in their place, when they are in the bedroom that is! Just make sure you guys communicate extensively before the act!

13 Stop: Pushing Her Head Down


This is something that bothers a lot of women and it is something that for some reason men love to do. When a girl is giving you some loving down below, try to avoid pushing her head as it is really not enjoyable for us.

At the end of the day, when a woman is doing this, she is doing something for you, so sit back and enjoy it! Let your woman do her thing and listen to her when she communicates. Being intimate with someone entails communication and if you are not listening to your partner chances are she is not enjoying it as much as she can be.

You may also not realize it but it is very easy for a girl to vomit while doing that, so unless you want that to happen all over your junk, let her keep control.

12 Start: Returning The Favor


Women spend more than half of their relationship in between their man's legs and most of you do not even think about returning the favor, which is kind of sad. Going "downtown" is something that is stimulating for both men and women.

Men have no problem asking for it but often times, women find it harder to. What is funny is that men rarely even need to ask for it, women automatically know that is what they want but for some reason, men do not think the same thing. Men need to stop being so selfish in the bedroom and start stepping their game up when it comes to returning the favor. After all, don't you want to be rewarded in the end?

11 Stop: Twisting Her Chest


Why? When? How? Why did twisting a woman's chest during sexy time become something men do. Men almost never know what to do with a woman's chest during intercourse and it starts getting awkward after a while. For some reason, men think it is somehow erotic for women to get some twisting action going on. We are certain there are some ladies out there who love it but trust us when we tell you the majority of them do not.

If it is something that you enjoy doing, then that is okay, but do not do it so much. Men need to realize that they do not always need to be doing something with our boobs, there are plenty of other things to do with their hands that will be much more effective!

10 Start: Talking Dirty


To many women this can be a gray area, however, if we are getting real, woman tend to be a lot more vocal than men when it comes to the bedroom. The reason why women love dirty talk is pretty simple; women are imaginative and vocal and men are not.

Contrary to what most men think, women do not want to hear cheesy, sweet nothings while doing the deed. In fact, they want the exact opposite. Women want you to get straight up dirty. For those of you thinking about trying this, start with saying something basic and work your way from there. You can ask her what she likes, what she wants you to do to her and even her secret fantasies. This will turn her on more than you can imagine.

9 Stop: Being Distracted


There is nothing more insulting to a woman then when a man is not paying attention to her while he is still inside her. It is safe to say that men are easily distracted beings and if there is a television on or his phone starts ringing chances are he is going to glance. What men need to know is that not only is it insulting to us, it also hurts our feelings. Women a lot of the time, especially in matters of the bedroom like to have attention on them. If you are focused on the game in the background more than you are focused on the naked woman on top of you, that is far from being cool.

Give her the attention she needs during intercourse, it is not only about what she wants, it is about the respect she deserves.

8 Start: Being Romantic


Yes, that is right, as much as a woman loves to be roughed up and taken control of, there is also something extremely erotic about being romantic. As a relationship progresses a lot of the time men forget about the romance aspect, which is something that most women need to keep that flame alive. There are so many ways of being romantic such as candles, cooking her a nice dinner and flowers.

This romance is usually followed by lovemaking. It is important for men to be romantic on random days, not just on Valentine's Day and her birthday. Romance is something that keeps relationships alive and it is almost necessary if you want to keep her. Sometimes being cheesy in the bedroom is good, not only will she enjoy it, but she will appreciate it.

7 Stop: Bragging About Your Skills 


Please stop saying you are the best when you knocking boots. That does nothing but turn us off, especially when it is usually not the case. Men, in almost all aspects of life, love talking themselves up. They do it in business, in sports and of course during intercourse.

The more a guy talks himself up, usually the worse he is in bed. Maybe it happens that way because women have these high expectations and they end up being far from what they have envisioned.

Next time, do not tell a woman how good you are in bed, prove it to her and let her tell you. Too many of you men are going around pretending you are great at the deed but in reality, you have no idea what you are doing.

6 Start: Foreplay


Women do not only love foreplay, a lot of the time, they need it! To women, foreplay is both fun and arousing. We love teasing our men and having them work a little before getting what they really want. A lot of men do not realize that it is easier to get a girl to "finish" during foreplay than during the actual act. Men tend to rush this part of the seduction, cutting dinner and going straight for dessert, but that is not really what your woman is looking for.

Don't get us wrong a quickie is always fun but foreplay should never be neglected, especially if you are in a long term relationship!  Foreplay is as important on a physical level, as it is on an emotional level.

5 Stop: Whining About "Protection"


If you are complaining about wearing a condom, you should not even be having sex in the first place. This is one of the biggest faux pas when it comes to sleeping with someone and yet almost all of you men do that. We are only going to say this one time, it is really not cool to do this.

When a man complains about having to wear a condom it is not only a sign of immaturity but it is also a big turn off to women. Men do not think of the precautions the same way women do and it is something that needs to end. Condoms are not only protecting the woman from STD's and pregnancy but also protecting the men. This is just common sense, everyone should be using condoms as a preventative.

4 Start: Using New Positions


As we stated before sex can be repetitive and for a woman, it is important that you keep her stimulated in all aspects of the relationship. Given the nature of our list, you may not be shocked that sex and new positions are a great way of doing that. Women want their partners to learn new tricks however, it is not something that many women vocalize.

Taking on a new position is something that can be a lot of fun for both you and your partner and is one of the most productive ways of improving your relationship. There are countless websites, books and even classes that can teach you new tricks to spice of your sex life. Communicate with your partner and let her know what you want to try, there is a better chance of her saying yes if you ask!

3 Stop: Comparing Her To Past Girls


There is nothing that makes a woman more uncomfortable than when you compare her to past girls, especially when you are talking about intercourse. It is safe to say that every lover you will have will be different, some will be good because of the physical attraction while other partners will be good because of the intense emotional connection. Then, of course, there are some lovers that you wish you could forget about!

The point is that everyone is different which is why you should never compare two lovers to one another. Here is a little tip, if you start comparing her, she might start comparing you, and do you really want to know if you are “bigger” than her ex? We did not think so.

2 Start: Telling Her What You Like


Let us get one thing straight. If a woman is sleeping with you, chances are she wants to please you as much as she can. Women wish men would vocalize what they liked during sex more. Although most times a woman knows what drives their man crazy, it is nice to get that reassurance from your partner that you are doing a good job.Women want their efforts to be acknowledged, both in sex and in life. Telling her what she wants is not something you should be avoiding, it is something all men should be doing. There is no reason for you to be shy about expressing your likes and dislikes in the bedroom. It's also a great way to make sure you are with a partner who you feel comfortable opening up to.

1 Stop: Expecting Her To Do All The Work


There is no reason why a girl should always be the ones doing all the work. Men have become so lazy when it comes to dating, relationships and even sex, it is almost like they do not even try. Women are just as sexual as men and if a woman is putting in an effort to please you, you should be doing the same thing.

C'mon Men, go on top once in a while! Let her sit back and relax, we'll sure it'll make you both happier in the end. There are so many ways that men can start putting more effort when it comes to sex, but at least you know how to put in that effort and what areas to focus on! Trust us when we say men, a little effort really does go a long way.

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