8 Things Men Do That Drive Their Girlfriend Crazy (And 8 She Does)

Men and women have one of the most complex relationships in the world. Men and women see things differently and sometimes our differences drive one another up the wall. Men tend to be more patient and women tend to be more attentive, which is why as much as we drive each other crazy, we need each other to stay balanced.

There are certain things that women do that tend to drive men absolutely insane and same thing goes for men to women. A lot of the time we do not even realize what annoys our significant other because it is rarely vocalized. This is where we at TheRichest come in. We believe that vocalizing what rubs you the wrong way is super positive and this article is designed to open a line of communication between you and your loved one.

Both men and women can be extremely annoying it is part of life. However, instead of fighting one another because of differences, both genders need to learn how to communicate better and express the things that do annoy us in a healthy way.

We hope this article gives insight into the minds of both men and women.


16 Being Lazy/Lacking Ambition - Annoys Women


Listen up boys, there is nothing that is less attractive to a woman than being lazy. Laziness is a quality no one should aspire to have, it is the kind of thing that you should actually try your hardest to avoid being. Being lazy is not only not attractive, it actually annoys women, like a lot. Women want to know that the man they are dating not only have ambition but has enough self-determination to do something with his life.

A lot of people have the misconception that all women are gold diggers, however, that is not true. Yes, there are gold diggers in the world, however, a lot of women simply want a man that tries, a man that goes out there and does something with their life, not a man who waits for things to miraculously happen overnight.

15 Always On Their Phone - Annoys Men


Okay, ladies, it is time, to be honest, and admit that most of you are almost always on your phones. I mean there is so much to do on there, between texting, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, women are more or less obsessed with being on their phones. If you do not see the problem with this, we are about to explain exactly why this drives him crazy.

Men hate this because they feel like it is a form of disrespect. This not only annoys him but actually turns him off. If you are out on a date with your man but you are only focused on checking social media, chances are you are probably going to start a fight.

Women are naturally incredible at multi-tasking and when they are on their phones there is a chance they are listening. However, to men, looking at your phone and not looking at him is something that is okay with them.

14 Leave Toilet Seat Up - Annoys Women


Men, why oh why must you always leave the seat up on the toilet? We ladies understand that when you men go to the bathroom you put the toilet seat up, however, the thing we can't grasp our heads around is how you are unable to place it down after the deed is done.

Believe it or not, but many women have gone to sit on a toilet to find themselves literally sitting on the toilet bowl. So, it is kind of understandable how it could be something that irritates ladies. Seriously, this is something that can avoid so many fights, yet, men constantly decide to make the choice to not put their toilet seat down.

This to women is a sign that men do not listen to them and it also shows that you are a little selfish. It is one thing if you are at the man's apartment, however, if you are in a ladies home and you do not put the seat back down, you need to learn to do so, now.

13 Too Much Makeup - Annoys Men


We live in a world that sadly does not promote natural beauty, from fake hair to fake body parts, our beauty “norm” has left a lot of women feeling insecure. Women try to hide their insecurities by wearing a lot of makeup, however, for men, it is kind of a turn-off.

Men do not notice little imperfections as much as women do. Although society gives off the illusion that this is what men are looking for, the reality is, that this is far from the truth.

Men actually prefer seeing their girlfriend without makeup and that is usually the time they think girls are the sexiest. It really annoys men when they need to clean unnecessary makeup off their clothes and sheets when the reality is, the girl is more beautiful when she looks natural.

12 Being Forgetful - Annoys Women


Men are forgetful by nature, it is almost like it is in their DNA or something. Even the most attentive men have forgotten important days like anniversaries, birthdays and even valentines day.

Although men do not mean for this to happen, when it does it not only makes the woman feel insignificant in your life, it makes her question if you even care about her or the relationship. Women place a lot of importance on listening and being heard and one of the most common reasons why women feel unvalued is because they feel like their voice is not being heard.

Pay attention to what she says or at least make more of an effort to do so, trust us when we say it will go a long way.

11 Reject His Compliments - Annoys Men


Ladies, do you understand how disappointing it is when the world hears you reject compliments from your men? It is totally unacceptable and something that you must stop doing now. At the end of the day, all women want a man to think she is beautiful and to vocalize these thoughts which may be why it boggles our minds to hear women reject them on a regular basis.

If a man is complimenting you and you constantly reject those compliments, it not only annoys him but it hurts his feelings. Instead of rolling your eyes or telling your boyfriend to “shut up” just saying “thank you” will make all the difference.

The point is that if you want to be with someone you should be receptive to their feelings, even if those feelings are compliments to you.

10 Asking If She Is On Her Period When She Gets Mad - Annoys Women


Men, listen up and listen closely unless you want all hell to break loose, do not blame a woman's temper on her period.

Seriously, though, telling a girl she is PMS-ing when she is not due and even if she is due is more of less the same thing as calling her a b*tch. This both annoys and offends girls to another extreme. By saying this to a woman you are really are really telling them that their thoughts are not really valid.

Sometimes men seem to forget that women have emotions, thoughts, and opinions that have zero to do with hormones.

So our advice is that instead of blaming your girlfriend for being on her period why don't you try and hear her out or even suggest you both take a minute to cool down.


9 Time It Takes To Get Ready - Annoys Men


Women are known to take a longer time getting ready than men. If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense because women need to pick out an outfit, shave their legs, do their hair and put makeup on when all men need to do is pick a pair of jeans and shirt to put on. Although your boyfriend ends up loving the way you look, he does not fully understand how it can possibly take you so long to get ready. Put it this way, if you want your girlfriend to be ready for 8:30 tell her to be ready for 8.

Men often get frustrated with their girlfriends because they do not think you need to take this much time getting ready. They also get frustrated because they think you look beautiful without putting any effort.

8 Messy Apartment - Annoys Women


Believe it or not, the way you live says a lot about you. So, what does a messy room say about a person? It says the guy is messy and if a man is messy their future house together will be a mess. The pride you take in your surroundings and the way you keep your things organized shows a lot about who you are as a person. In an ideal world, your apartment is clean and this demonstrates that you are meticulous and that you take care of your things.

When you are always living in a mess, it makes you seem dirty which is something really bothersome to women.

Men also do not realize that since most women like living in clean spaces that if they are stuck living in your mess, that they will always end up cleaning it.

This is not a good thing! Your girlfriend is not your personal cleaning lady and she should never feel like she is.

7 Tell Their Friends EVERYTHING - Annoys Men


Women and men are different when it comes to what they tell their friends about relationships. Men are very simple they will say key words like “I totally knocked boots with her” or “we got into a fight” whereas women tend to go into detail.

This is something that a lot of women have no control over because it is how they are wired however, they need to learn how to zip it because it is something that drives men crazy.

When a man knows that your friends know everything about him, the good and the bad then it makes them a little insecure.

Ladies, it is okay to tell your friends a few details, but keep some information between you and your man. Relationships should only be between the two people involved. Try and keep it that way and keep your lips sealed, unless it is something really juicy, then tell your friends!

6 Talking About Past Girls - Annoys Women


No one likes hearing about ex's however, women especially hate it. When a man talks about his ex, even if it is just in passing then chances are he is in the process of pissing his girlfriend off. Men do not mean to do this but when they talk about other women it makes their current partner feel like they are not enough or that you would rather be with that other girl.

Women understand that you had past relationships however, we do not need to hear about it or feel like we are being compared to your previous relationship.

If your girlfriend wants to know something she will ask, but if she does not ask chances are it is better to just leave the past where it belongs, in the past.

5 Putting Themselves Down - Annoys Men


This has been said time and time again but to men, the sexiest thing a woman can have is confidence. Men love when their girlfriend is confident and what women do not realize is that when women put themselves down, it actually hurts men and the relationship.

When a man loves a woman, they become invested in their pain and when they do not feel beautiful it saddens their boyfriends. Not only does this make men feel sad it also makes them feel uncomfortable and as though their compliments are invalid.

Women need to understand that in life there will always be someone richer, skinnier and prettier than you, however, there will never, ever, be another you. We hope you can learn to embrace yourself just like your man has.

4 Telling Her To Smile - Annoys Women


Girls in today's society do not respond well to men telling them what to do, even if what they are telling them to do is to smile. Women get annoyed because they do not want to feel like they need to smile for their boyfriend to feel appreciated.

We at TheRichest understand both sides to the story, however, we need to side with the ladies on this one. Men, it is really annoying that women are constantly told to smile more, especially from their boyfriends. Smiling is something that should be done naturally and if you do not want to smile, then there is nothing wrong with that.

It is uncomfortable and inappropriate to be constantly asked to smile, if she wants to smile, she will smile if she does not to and you keep pestering, we assure you that you won't be getting a smile anytime soon!

3 Talking While He Is Gaming - Annoys Men


We know that most of you ladies hate when your man is always playing video games, but guess what, they love it so you need to suck it up.

When a man is gaming he is in the zone and does not want to be bothered. Women naturally have a hard time keeping quiet and they do not understand how their boyfriend can't focus on the game and them at the same time.

Men love gaming because to them it is a way of blocking out the world and although it is in some ways relaxing for him, he is really experiencing an adrenaline rush and instead of yapping their ear off, you need to just let him ride the wave.

There is zero reason to have a conversation with your boyfriend while he is gaming because he won't pay attention to you. So let him be a boy and play his video games and when he is done, you can talk all you want.

2 Asking Her To Put Stuff In Her Purse - Annoys Women


Men complain that women have huge purses yet, whenever the opportunity arises they put their belongings in your purse. Women keep everything in their bags and it is something that is very personal and men tend to invade their little private world. We keep everything in there from our makeup, our tampons, our wallet and our personal belongings.

Women know everything that is in their purse and how heavy it is and men do not realize that by adding their wallet, their pack of smokes and their phones it leaves you will little to no room to find anything in the purse.

If men want to bring all this crap around, then they should think of their own system, we ladies got it figured out and you men should too. Maybe you can be like Joey and get a man bag?

1 Passive Agressive Comments - Annoys Men

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Women are famous for their indirect comments. They tend to act as if everything is fine when in reality they are furious inside. Women expect their boyfriends to be mind readers when in reality, they are far from able to tell you are even upset.

Men are extremely direct people and they aren't known to be good at reading between the lines. Women are on the opposite end of the spectrum and if they say one thing chances are they mean something else, which is extremely annoying to our boyfriends.

This can create a lot of tension in your relationship which is something you should try and avoid. Women need to learn to say what is on their mind and it will make everyone happier.

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