8 Things All Women Notice On Men (And 8 They Don't Care About)

Imagine yourself at a club, a mall or even on a date. Although everyone is different, there is a general consensus when it comes to what each gender is initially drawn to. Sometimes the thing that makes us most self-conscious is, in fact, something that no one really cares about.

Okay, let us get one thing straight: women do notice everything. However, there is a difference between noticing and looking for. A lot of men are under the impression that in order to get a woman's attention, they have to be buying copious amounts of alcohol at a nightclub or driving the fastest car. Yes, this may be true for girls, but when it comes to women, real women, what they notice is so much deeper.

Women are evidently complex beings, and everything they notice has a reason behind it. That is why we thought it would be fun to discover what women really notice, versus what they could not care less about when it comes to men.

It is 2017 and women are more independent than ever, and for one to agree to settle down, it is going to take a guy that is really up to her standards.

So men, if you are reading this, pay close attention. You might just learn something.


16 Their Smile: We Notice

A smile is one of the first things you notice on a member of the opposite gender. This probably goes for both men and women. A smile can tell you a lot about a person. Some people have sincere smiles while others look like a serial killer when they try to show you some teeth. Regardless of what kind of smile you have, you best believe that it is one of the first things someone is going to notice about you.

Noticing someone's smile does not make you shallow. A smile is usually the most honest thing about someone, so it makes sense that you would notice it early on. This is why it comes as no surprise that a woman is going to notice a man's smile. The more inviting and genuine, the more likely you are of getting an invitation over!

15 Their Money: We Don't Care


Men have this idea in their heads that the most important thing to a woman is money. Money holds a lot of power in our society, but when it comes to matters of the heart, money should always be the last thing on a person's mind. Money flows very easily, from person to person, hand to hand. Money comes and goes, and as cheesy as that might sound, it is the truth.

If a woman notices money above all else, let us be the first to tell you, she is not a dependable woman. Dependable women understand the notion of financially growing as a couple. At the end of the day, real attraction does not come from the number shown in your bank account, it comes from real connections based on real things.

14 Their Shoes: We Notice

Within the first 30 seconds of meeting a woman, she is going to be checking out what is going on south of your legs. By this, we mean your shoes.

Shoes can tell you so much about a man. The brand, the color, the style, and, of course, the condition in which these shoes are being displayed in public. For example, you meet a man in dirty, ripped Prada loafers. A woman will not care if they are Prada, what she will notice is that they are stained and falling apart, which is not sexy.

Shoes are probably the most integral part of any outfit, and men need to realize how much of an impact your shoe game has on your pick-up game.

13 Their Exes: We Don't Care


This is another misconception men have when it comes to women. Men really and truly believe that women notice their exes.

Yes, a woman will stalk their new man's ex once, maybe twice, during the beginning of a relationship, but the reality is that after that, the ex's face kind of gets eliminated from our minds. Women do not want to put a face to an ex, we solely want to check them out one time to make sure we are upgrades, which let's face it, we always are!

What women notice is if you bring up your ex a lot. Not only do we notice that, but it raises red flags that most of us just do not feel like dealing with.

12 Their Confidence: We Notice

One of the sexiest and most noticeable qualities a man can possess is confidence. A confident man is one of the sexiest things on the planet. Lets us be the ones to tell you, it is without a doubt one of the first things a woman will notice.

There can be the best-looking, best-dressed dude in the room, but if they do not have any confidence, there is no way they are going to get the girl. A confident man commands attention from the moment they walk into the room. They do not do this by being the loudest, or flashiest, man in the place. They do this with a silence only felt by women.

What not all men realize is that confidence makes a man attractive. Confidence allows you to go from decent to heartthrob.

11 What Others Think: We Don't Care


This actually gets women in trouble a lot of the time. Women tend to listen to themselves and themselves only, which is something men do not realize.

Men are under the impression that if a girl's friends do not like them, or if their woman hears something negative about him, that she will automatically believe what she hears. This goes back to whether or not she's  being a woman or being a girl.

Women learn how to trust their guts and ignore the noise around them, whether or not men believe it or not.

The reason why we say it gets women into trouble is that sometimes, the rumors they hear are in fact the truth. As strong-willed women, we tend to ignore everyone but ourselves. As a wise man once said, “your gut is never undefeated” and we believe that is true!

10 Their Wandering Eye: We Notice

Men think they are so slick with this one, but the reality is that we women know exactly what is going on.

99 percent of men have a problem with their wandering eyes. It happens all the time, and women catch onto it all the time. We are not sure if it is just ingrained in their DNA, but men love checking women out as they walk by. It does not matter where they are, or who they are sitting across from. If someone interesting walks by, they are without a doubt going to check out the lady's features.

Men can be compared to children when it comes to this. They see something shiny and they can't help but stare. Although some women get annoyed by wandering eyes, others do not mind. But let us be the ones to make it clear: all women notice.


9 Where They Take You: We Don't Care


Men have the idea that women only like to be taken to nice restaurants, which is so far from the truth. All a woman wants is to spend time with a man, they do not notice how much the bill is going to cost.

Our society puts this pressure on men to be spending a certain amount of money on a woman, but the reality is that women just want a man who is going to care enough to take them out. Do not get it twisted, women love to get dressed up and shown off at trendy places, but we do not love it enough to send our man in debt for it. A real woman would rather be with a faithful man at McDonald's than an unfaithful man who takes them out for a five-star dinner.

Women notice a lot of things, but the price of the dinner bill is not one of them!

8 Their Manners: We Notice

Manners matter, no two ways about it.

Manners, to women, are some of the most noticeable things about a man. Women notice everything that has to do with manners, like the way you eat, if you hold doors open, if you say please and thank you. We notice all of this because it says a lot about a person in general. Both men and women both understand the importance of someone's manners, and men are crazy if they do not think women take note of this.

Manners are without a doubt one of the first things a lady will see in a man, and it can move a woman from being on the fence to being totally smitten with you. A lot of people state that chivalry is dead. If that is the case, why not be the man that brings it back to life? You will be rewarded for it, we guarantee.

7 Their Designer Gear: We Don't Care


For some odd reason, this generation of man thinks women take notice if they are sporting designer gear, which is so far from the truth.

Most women love a man who is wearing jeans and a plain t-shirt, which is why it is surprising when men actually believe that women want a dude that is decked out from head to toe in the latest runway clothing. Do not get it twisted; women appreciate designers, but it is not something they notice about a man. Trust us when we say no woman has ever stated the following, “he's wearing a Givenchy shirt, so I must have him.”

Women care more about looking put together than how much your outfit costs. We simply do not want to be with a man who is wearing stained clothes or a man that does not know which two colors match. But that is about as far as the garment game goes.

6 Their Accessories: We Notice

Accessories are so different from clothes, and we will gladly explain this to you patient readers. Accessories can tell a lot about a person, in ways that clothing can't.

If a man is wearing jeans, a plain t-shirt, and he has a pooka shell necklace, you know he is probably not for you. If a man is wearing the exact same outfit with a trendy beaded bracelet, things begin to start looking different.

Accessories for men are pretty important, from watches to necklaces, you can tell a lot about both his style and his personality through his choice of accessorizing. Some ladies notice if the guy is wearing a religious symbol, while others pay attention to the style of watch they are wearing.

However, the most important and noticeable accessory on a man is the wedding band. If you are rocking one of those, trust us: we see it and we are not interested.

5 Their Height: We Don't Care


A lot of men under 6 feet believe that women notice and care about their height. Okay, if we are being honest, initially we do notice height because, well, it is something noticeable. However, if a short man with confidence is up against a tall guy with zero confidence, there is no competition. The short guy will leave with the girl.

Height for women is not as big of a factor as men believe. Yes, a woman wants a strong man, but that has zero to do with physical aspects. A woman wants a man with a strong will, strong beliefs, and strong values. If they just so happen to be physically strong as well, that is a bonus.

All this to say, we believe men notice the height of other men more than women do. For ladies, there are a lot more important and noticeable qualities to a man than how tall he is.

4 How They Treat Staff: We Notice

This is one of the most noticeable and telling things about a man. Let us tell you: women care about this.

No good woman wants to be seen with a man who treats staff at restaurants in a derogatory way. There is something very telling about a man who does not show respect to staff, and it is not a good quality. When a man is condescending and arrogant to people serving him, it opens a woman's eyes to how they truly are on the inside.

Any man who puts staff down is arrogant, obnoxious, and no one a real lady would want to be seen with.

With that being said, our advice to any man reading this is to always treat those serving you as your equal. Just because you are eating at the restaurant and someone else is working does not mean you are in any way better than them.

3 Their (Lack Of) Hair: We Don't Care


This is a problem that many men face and one that women do not understand. When a man reaches a certain point in his life, a lot of the time they begin to lose their hair. Although this is a totally normal occurrence, men believe that women care and notice the amount of hair that is on their head.

Let us clear something else up while we are on the topic of hair: women do not care how much hair is on your heads or on your bodies. It is just not something that we notice. Men, however, become self-conscious when they do not have a full head of hair, which in our opinion makes no difference. Some of the sexiest men we have encountered are bald. And they rock it.

Our advice: if your hair starts falling out, just shave your head. It will be a lot more attractive then walking around with a bunch of bald spots.

2 Their Intelligence: We Notice

The most noticeable and the most attractive quality a man can possess is intelligence.

When a man is smart, there is nothing monetary or physical that can outshine his brain. For a woman, knowing that she is with a man that possesses intelligence is like hitting the lottery. Men and women are both attracted to intelligence, however, it is truly something women notice right off the bat. Women pay attention to what you say, how you say it, and the way you respond to certain questions. There are a lot of good-looking guys in the world but there are not as many smart ones. Which is why it is something that we women notice right away.

Intelligence is the most noticeable thing on a man, and there is nothing else that even comes close!

1 Their Perfect Body: We Don't Care


In a society that has pressured women for so long to look a certain way, it comes as no surprise that men fall into the trap as well. Men, take it from us, women do not care if you have washboard abs, in fact, we prefer it if you do not.

Some men believe that the first thing a woman will notice is his body, but that is far from the truth. Women actually love a guy with a bit of a belly — it shows us that you eat well and might even cook for us! It also shows that you are not a guy obsessed with vanity, which is very important to a woman.

Men need to start realizing that there are only a few physical qualities that women notice and care about, the rest are all qualities that stem from the person inside.


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