8 Signs That Prove She's Cheating (And 7 She Only Wants You)

Are you wondering if your GF is cheating on you? Studies in 2017 indicate 14% of women admit to cheating on their significant other. That's an unsettling amount of females. Understandably, bad news like that doesn't keep people together. Those poor results are a bummer for Cupid and his arrows, aren't they?

It gets worse. On paper, at least, men finish ahead of the women, admitting that 22% of them have cheated on their significant other. Some pigs, huh? People everywhere have been in serious relationships and suspected their partner of cheating. Who can blame them? Infidelity is one of the top 10 reasons couples break-up.

There are also signs like fireworks that she's super into you. This article casually covers both angles; being loved and being loathed. It would be nice to know when things are "all good" or "all bad" between you and your boo, right? What guy reading this article doesn't want to know if his lover is the type of girl that could be cheating on him? Not a flipping one of you!

After late nights spent reading, researching, and thumbing through stats, your stories brought this article to life. 8 signs that prove your GF is cheating (and 7 she only wants you) is an eye-opener. Why? Every man reading this article right now has seen a GF of theirs do one of these things (good or bad) on this list. Guaranteed!

15 She's Cheating: She's Super Weird About Her Phone

Phones are the chiming, ringing, flashing, vibrating versions of our personal diaries. Inside them is our life with a paper trail. That includes your girlfriend. Phone etiquette extends past answering your calls in the middle of a date to blab about fantasy football. In reality, how she acts with her phone tells you a ton about her, too. Does she always keep her phone on vibrate? Does she usually let incoming calls go to voicemail when you're near? Or, does she quickly get off her phone or stop texting when you show up? Those are all bad signs! Worse yet is when she keeps her phone away from you but makes a point to check it quite often.

14 She's Into You: She Doesn't Randomly Disappear

Showing up when you promise you're going to is a big deal when you're in a relationship. Nobody wants to be known as a flake, that's for sure. If you've managed to show up but find that your girlfriend seems to always be randomly disappearing, then you have a problem. Despite what she says, and yes there will be excuses, you can be certain there is something she's lying about. Guys know that ghosting their woman to have a beer with their buddies has come back to bite them a time or two. The same goes for your girlfriend. If you're out with friends and she vanishes out of thin air again, you can be sure she's hiding something from you. If she doesn't do this, chances are she's really into you!

13 She's Cheating: Her Phone Lights Up At All Hours  

There's nothing like a good night's sleep. You start to remember things after a sleepless night. A night where you tossed and turned while lying awake watching your girlfriend's phone light up like a 747 on an airport runway. 2, 3, 4, 5 am, it didn't matter. All night long her phone illuminates like a freaking UFO looking for a place to land. Stories from men online point to this kind of activity as purely scandalous and say that this kind of behavior is something they experienced with their cheating girlfriends. Dr. Racheal Needle says, "Booty calls are different than one night stands, because there is often some kind of history or pre-established relationship (friendship, friends of friends, met last month…), with the person you are contacting." Her phone going off all night proves she might be somebody's bootie call at some point.

12 She's Into You: She Loves Hanging With Your Family And Friends 

Are you looking for one of the best signs you can see from your girlfriend that she's only into you? Well, here you go then. If your girlfriend loves to hang out with your friends, and especially your family, then she really likes you. Females that keep in contact with your friends and family members, often without needing to be convinced to, are in it for the long haul. If she doesn't like you, or who you are, then she's not going to take the time to get to know your friends and family. Simple as that. Some people say that when you marry a person, you marry their family. A woman that shows that she wants to be around yours is a keeper.

11 She's Cheating: It's Girls' Night Out, Every Night

How many things can happen on a girls night out? Well, you wouldn't think any more than at a guys night, right? What if your GF is always going out with the girls, though, and leaving you at home to play video games. That's pretty lame, huh? According to bolde.com, there are 14 things that happen on every girls night out. What are they? Here's one: "a member of the group ends up hooking up with some random guy," that's what. The girl in question claimed, "can she (one of the girls) help it if she has the opportunity to hang out with a Channing Tatum lookalike? None of you can really blame her, so you let it slide this time." Maybe her besties let is slide but if you have any balls, you shouldn't.

10 She's Into You: Time Together Is Time Well Spent 

Couples who remain together like spending spare time together. That's even if they're not doing anything special. Sure, guys have their thing, girls, too. If your girlfriend is a busybody, then that's cool. She's probably motivated, but if she seems fine with missing you every day, then that's an issue. People crave companionship, and if she's not getting it from you, then she's likely getting it somewhere else. If she avoids your attempts at doing the average, everyday things together, then she probably has someone else on her mind. Studies show that "People who have cheated before are 350% more likely to cheat again." If she doesn't want to spend time with you, then she's probably cheating.

9 She's Cheating: She Still Logs Into Her Old Online Dating Profiles

Studies reveal that "10% of affairs begin online". Interesting statistic, don't you think? Additionally, "40% of the time online affairs turn into real life affairs". Wow, that's good to know. Makes you think, doesn't it? If your girlfriend is still spending a lot of her time online, especially if you met her on a dating site, then you have a reason to be worried. She's not totally into you if she's talking to other guys behind your back. There's no reason for your girlfriend to still be active via her online dating profiles. If that happens to be the case and you, or someone you know, has caught her in the act then you can be sure that she's probably cheating on you.

8 She's Into You: She Includes You In What She Loves To Do 

This one is a significant clue because it works multiple ways. When she includes you in the things that you know she loves to do then you're golden. Two people sharing their life can be a cool deal. On the opposite side of that statement is if she doesn't include you in her plans, then there's a reason to be worried. Making plans for the future is a big deal. If you have a girlfriend that goes the extra mile and wants you to be around when she's doing her thing that's a great sign of things to come. Be worried if your girlfriend has a problem making dinner plans with you. She's probably stalling because she'd rather be hanging out with someone else.

7 She's Cheating: She Wants To Keep Your Relationship "Under Wraps."

Keeping a new relationship secret with your significant other shouldn't be an issue... for a while. After a reasonable amount of time, though, taking things to the next level is realistic, right? Sure, but if your girlfriend comes off like she doesn't want other people knowing about the two of you, then you know somethings up. The longer she's kept you a secret, the worse off you are, sorry. If your absentee girlfriend continues to drag out commitment, then there's a good chance there's somebody else in the picture. Relationship expert Helen Chen revealed that "85% of relationships end in a breakup." If she doesn't claim you, then you're already part of that 85%.

6 She's Into You: She Wants To Introduce You To Her Family

Meeting each other's family for the first time is awkward. How many times do you remember that process being painless? The topic of meeting a significant other's family makes most people fidget. If your girlfriend is asking you to meet her parents, then that's a sign that she's only into you. Revealing that part of her life to another person is a big step in a relationship. She wouldn't bother taking that step with you if she thought you were a waste of her time. With that being said if the new girl your dating wants you to meet her family after a week then you could have a stage five clinger on your hands.

5 She's Cheating: She Spends Her Life Working

In a 2017 study, Trustify tells us that "36% of men and women admit to having an affair with a coworker." That's a crazy statistic! If that many people are sleeping with somebody at work, then that's a lot of people who are willing to have sex with someone else other then you. That may seem like a lot of cheaters, and you wouldn't be out of line if you were disturbed to hear that fact. Cheating with a coworker does make sense for cheaters when you think about it. We spend more time with coworkers then we do our families sometimes. Is your girlfriend getting home and not giving it up? Maybe that's because she already did.

4 She's Into You: You've Met And Often See Her Friends Chilling Around The House

Numerous publications agree that, on average, most men seek beauty in relationships while women seek security. That could be comfort, emotional, or financial security. Maybe it's all three? I suppose that depends on what kind of girl you're dating. When a woman feels comfortable around you, it's because she feels safe around you. Usually, that leads to her introducing the people she values most in her life to you. This news couldn't be any better. Human beings want to keep the people they care about the most around them. When you consider the following information, it's basically common sense. An overlooked clue like this one proves that she's only into you.

3 She's Cheating: All The Guys Love Her But All The Girls Hate Her

It's a common belief, and for a good reason, that girls with nothing but guy friends are nuclear. Most men agree that if you want to inherit a problem then go after the girl that only hangs out with dudes. Finding out that bit of information after you've already met a woman is usually a good time to start asking yourself some serious questions. Questions like "where do you see things going with a girl like that"? Even worse yet is you've just realized this information and you're already dating the girl. Sorry, bad news my friend; the verdicts in. The consensus vote is going to show that if your GF has a stable of only guy friends, then she's cheating on you, or will at some point.

2 She's Into You: She Loves To Surprise You With Things She Knows You Like

If you have a girlfriend that bakes your favorite cookies, rents your favorite crappy movies, or cooks your favorite dinner to make you happy, then you have a dove. Don't go screwing things up because she's into you! Hopefully, you knew that already but in the off chance you didn't, now you do. Does your girlfriend like to surprise you with the things that she knows you love? Chances are she's only into you. Making you happy is on her mind, and it makes her smile inside to do nice things for you. Don't be a stooge and be sure to return the favor if you want to keep her around. Girls like that are hard to find, ask anyone, most people are takers, not givers.

1 She's Cheating: You've Never Met One Of Her Guy Friends

We all have friends of the opposite sex, or at least we should. Hiding those friends doesn't seem like something your girlfriend should do, right? So, if your woman hides her male friends, even one of them, you should find out why. Start out with guys you only know by name... ones she says are just friends. You know as well as anyone that if they're cool people, you'll be cool with them, right? You should be. There's nothing wrong with guys and girls being friends. That is if they're only friends. Sometimes it's hard to tell. The old movie When Harry Met Sally argues if each sex can be close without being intimate. We all know how that film ended.

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