8 Reasons You Should NOT Knock Boots With Her (And 8 Reasons To Go Ahead)

To sleep with her or not to sleep with her, that is the question so many men ask themselves on a regular Friday night. Single men get a bad reputation when it comes to dating and although sometimes th

To sleep with her or not to sleep with her, that is the question so many men ask themselves on a regular Friday night. Single men get a bad reputation when it comes to dating and although sometimes they deserve it, a lot of other times it is just because they do not know any better. Men need a little guidance when it comes to who it is okay to sleep with and who they should stay away from, which is where we at TheRichest come in.

Being intimate with someone is something that is constantly crossing everyone's mind, men and women alike. For many men, this is a thought that lingers on their mind throughout the day. Men, regardless of what women believe, do not enjoy causing pain to someone, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

This is why we thought it would be helpful for all of our male readers, to give them insight on the reasons why you shouldn't sleep with her versus the reasons that are more acceptable as to why you knocked boots. From obvious ones to you are in a relationship, to less obvious ones like her being too clingy, we thought of it all.

So sit back, take notes and enjoy the read!

16 Don't: She Is An Ex 


Rebound sex with an ex is something that a lot of us have done, however, it is rarely a good idea. A lot of people believe that sleeping with an ex will magically give them the closure they have been seeking but in reality, all it does is make everything more complicated. Matters of the heart are unable to be resolved through intercourse and many have the misconception that it will.

When two people are done with each other, there is no reason why they should be sleeping together. Sleeping with an ex is not worth reliving the painful breakup all over again. It always winds up with someone  (if not both of you) getting hurt.

In the end, always remember that you ended things with this person for a reason and do not let yourself fall back in the trap by going to bed with your ex.

15 Go Ahead: She Is Really Hot


Good looks go a long way, especially when it comes to physical attraction. As shallow as it may seem sometimes the best reason to sleep with someone is just how beautiful they are. Physical attraction is a big part of sex and a lot of the time, this is the first thing men think of when they are looking for someone to sleep with.

Although it is not the best reason to take someone to bed, it is not the worst either. Let's face it guys, if a stunning woman is willing to sleep with you and you are single, there are very few of you reading this that would turn her down. Just remember, just because she is hot, does not necessarily mean she is going to be a good lay.

14 Don't: They Are A Friend's Ex 


Sleeping with a friend's ex-partner can only lead to one thing, and that is drama. We at TheRichest believe that the former flames of your friends (and the friends of ex-partners) should always be off limits. A lot of the time, sleeping with them is just a sick form of revenge.

While to some people, this may seem brilliant, the reality is that it is probably one of the stupidest things you can do. Hurting people in order to get revenge is both immature and cruel, not to mention ineffective.

The best way of getting revenge is not caring and of course, looking good. There are plenty of fish in the sea, why would you want to deliberately create drama in your life? Avoid the drama and do not sleep with her.

13 Go Ahead: She Knows What She Is Getting Herself Into 


If she knows that your intentions are just for the night, then there is no reason why you should not sleep with her. Men need to start being more upfront and honest in regards to what they want out of relationships. This is also why things like friends with benefits can work, provided you are both open about your intentions.

If a guy just wants to get laid, why not tell the girl. You may be surprised but a lot of the time, the woman will be more receptive to that than to your blatant lies. This generation of women is just as sexually evolved as men. There is no stigma against women having casual sex anymore which is why men should start being more upfront with what they are looking for.

12 Don't: She's A Co-Worker


Never sleep with someone you are going to be forced to see every day, that is rule 101 of sleeping around. There is always going to be that person you work with that you are attracted to, it is normal. However, sleeping with a co-worker can lead to many, many headaches. Your one-night stand turns into your worst nightmare because they are always around. It ends up turning into something it should never have been and in the end and it almost always ends badly.

In situations like this, even if it was supposed to just be physical one member of this equation usually develops feelings for another which then creates an entirely new set of drama. Drama is something that we at TheRichest can't stand, which is why we want to help our readers avoid it in any way possible!

11 Go Ahead: You Are On The Rebound 


Sometimes the best way of getting over a girl is getting under another. For men, the best way of mending a broken heart is by re-boosting your confidence and the quickest and most effective way of doing this is by sleeping with a woman.When a man is dumped, he if often left feeling emasculated, which is a horrible way to feel.

By having another woman want them, it gives them the confidence they need to open themselves up again. A lot of women assume that men do not have feelings because they express them differently than us, however, men feel just as much as women do. They also have an ego and when that gets bruised it hurts them just as much as when a woman is going through it. Just like ladies need rebound action, so do men.

10 Don't: She Is A Stage Five Clinger


Come on guys, you can tell if a girl is clingy from the start. She is the girl that is constantly messaging you, always wanting to see you and tells you how much she likes you. This is why if you do not like her, you should not sleep with her. Although she may be a sure thing, what will happen after the deed is done is not worth it.

Stage five clingers are harder to get rid of than actual STD's, in fact, they are the human form of STD's. These women are difficult to leave because they not only become obsessive but they also become insanely jealous. To avoid a series of headaches, when you notice a girl is a bit more clingy than usual and you aren't digging it, set her free, trust us it is for the best.

9 Go Ahead: You Are Lonely 


We hate to admit it but sometimes you just want to be with someone for the night. Loneliness is a real thing and although it may not be the healthiest way of feeling less alone, getting intimate with someone is one of the most effective ways to feel better. We as humans crave both touch and companionship and when we are lacking those feelings it starts to take a toll on you.

This is why a lot of people seek that physical intimacy through intercourse as a quick fix to the problem. Sex is complicated and sometimes you do it to satisfy the emotional loneliness that you are feeling. Although be warned, while it may resolve everything at first, chances are in the end you will wind up feeling the same way you had before you got intimate.

8 Don't: You Are Not Ready 


A lot of people assume that men are always ready to sleep with a girl. However, that is not the case. Quite often when a man really cares about a woman, he wants it to mean something and may end up waiting until the moment is right. For some men, they may also be debating if the girl they are seeing, is the same girl they want to start sleeping with.

Men rarely admit this because they do not want to seem “sensitive” or “weak”, however, they do not realize that it only makes them more desirable in the eyes of a woman. Women like honesty and when a guy is honest about his feelings, it should only make your relationship stronger.

7 Go Ahead: You're Drunk


Admit it or not, but most people go to clubs and buy expensive drinks, all while secretly hoping to find someone to spend the night with. Alcohol for a lot of men makes them more confident which often leads to them flirting with a girl, which can lead to other things. No, you do not need drinks to talk to beautiful women, but we at TheRichest know it makes it a hell of a lot easier.

6 Don't: She Is In a Relationship/You Are In a Relationship 


Sleeping with someone who has a boyfriend is just as bad as sleeping with someone when you have a girlfriend. Infidelity is one of those things that causes nothing but headaches and heartbreak. If you are in a relationship, you should not be looking to find someone else and if you are looking around, you should simply end it with her. Being the other man is never a good feeling and knowing you are hurting someone in the process always comes back to haunt you.

Our advice to any cheaters reading this, the grass is almost never greener on the other side. If you are with someone you do not want to be with, just break up with them. Being a cheater is a real turn off for future partners as well, so you definitely should not strive for that.

5 Go Ahead: You Are On Vacation 


On vacation, there are completely different rules when it comes to sleeping with someone then there is in the real world. Vacation romances and flings are amazing because most of the time both parties involved know that at the end of the stay you are probably never going to see each other again. Both men and women are completely different on vacation, there is something about being away from home as well as your responsibilities that can bring out a more relaxed and carefree side of you.

If you are single and going on a trip, it is almost guaranteed that you can find some action if you want. Just make sure that if you're with friends, that you don't leave them as the third wheel while you're knocking boots!

4 Don't: She Is A Virgin 


Do not sleep with a virgin unless you are willing to treat her with respect afterward. To a woman, losing your virginity is a big deal and a lot of men take advantage of their naivety. We are not telling you to never sleep with a virgin, however, if you are not willing to be a good “first” experience, do not put yourself in that situation.

Men and women see sex very differently, there is no secret there. The older a woman is when she loses her virginity, the more it means to her. On the other hand, a lot of men see sleeping with someone who is a virgin as a challenge as opposed to something they need to cherish. If you are a good man, that is ready to respect her and call her the next day then go ahead but if you are just going to get some action and move on, find someone else.

3 Go Ahead: It Has Been A Long Time 


Okay, if it has been more than a few months, just do it. Dry spells happen to the best of us and if you are in one and you get the opportunity to get some booty then we do not blame you for going with it. Sex is part of human nature and if you have not had it in a long time, chances are you are going to jump on the first opportunity that comes your way.

As we have said many times before sex is complicated and the emotions that come with it adds to the complications. However, on the other hand, sex is also very physical and sometimes you just need a release. This may sound silly but anyone who has ever had a dry spell knows that this is one of the most valid reasons to have sex.

2 Don't: Your Intentions Are Insincere


We at TheRichest believe in being kind and honest and pretending to care about someone to get them into bed is a horrible thing to do. At the end of the day, if you are leading a girl on simply to see if you can get in her pants, then you should not be sleeping with her. This is less about the girl and more about common decency. There is nothing wrong with casual intercourse, however, if one member of the equation believes it to be more than a fling it can result in some emotional damage.

There are plenty of women who are able to take on casual relationships, so men need to stop acting as if they are in love and start telling the truth. The lies told to get a girl into bed need to stop, plain and simple.

1 Go Ahead: You Like Her 


This is one of the best reasons to sleep with her. If you like her and want to try making a relationship work you almost need to sleep with her because it will not only bring the two of you closer together, it will bring you one step closer to being a couple.

Men are not all about intercourse, they also value intimacy and want love just like women. Sex should not be the ultimate goal, but by sleeping with her you will be a lot closer to reaching that boyfriend status. As we have said many times, honesty is always the best way to go so instead of playing games tell her how you feel. At least if you get rejected you can move on and find someone who loves you for you!

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