8 Reasons She'll Definitely Go Out With You (And 8 Reasons She Won't)

The dating game is exciting, thrilling and unique to each individual person. It can also be frightening and terrible, depending on your experiences. Regardless of who you are or where you are from, and regardless if you admit it or not, everyone wants to find love. Love is a four letter word that holds so much power for so many. We watch countless movies, read countless books of these great love stories and yet most of us have trouble getting the first date.

However, our generation has let the ball slip when it comes to romance, courting a woman has turned into finding her on Tinder and telling her she is hot. There is such a blur on the dating scene that men are never sure if she is going to actually want to go out with you or not.

This is where we come in, although everyone has different likes and dislikes, we have come up with 8 reasons why she will go out with you and 8 reasons why she wouldn't.

This is not to tell men how to live, but maybe it can give them a little bit of insight as to why, or why not the girl you want to take out is going to say yes.


16 She Won't - You Took Her Friend Out First


Girls are all about girl code, and if they are not, they should be. A lot of women will not want to date a guy that has previously dated their friend. There is nothing wrong in reality with going out on a date with the same guy your friend did, but chances are it makes more women feel awkward.

Women do not like to be compared to other women, especially friends. Having gone out with one of her girls before may lead her to believe that she is your second option and I mean, which girl is willing to be number two in a man's life?

However ladies, sometimes if your heart is telling you he is something special, you should not care who he went out with before.

Talk to your friend, let her know how you feel and the chances are she will give you the green light and you can go on a date with him guilt free!

15 She Will - She Thinks You Are Hot 


Girls, like men, are attracted to physical appearance. A woman is more likely to want to go out with a guy that she finds good looking than to go out with a guy that she is not attracted to at all.

You'd be foolish to not realize that physical attraction is a real thing and if a woman can't picture herself kissing you (or doing anything else) then chances are she is not going to be willing to let you take her out.

Let's face it we live in a shallow world, filled with shallow people and both women and men are guilty of this. However, it is part of the dating game and like it or not, that is never going to change.

14 She Won't - You Are Rude


Men, for some reason, think that being rude and making a woman feel like she is a dime a dozen is not going to get you far. There is a saying “nice guys finish last” however when it comes to dating we know nice guys are what every girl needs.

A lot of men have this misconception that being an ass and speaking to women in a derogatory way will lead them to get more attention from women. All it does is attract the wrong kind of woman because there are not many ladies who will put up with men having little to no respect.

If she is not willing to go out with you, go back and look at the way you have been speaking to her. Chances are if you have been rude, she will not be rushing to spend time with you.

13 She Will - You Are A Gentleman


Women love being treated well and when a man is a gentleman there is more chance that she will want to get to know you better. Guys in today's generation do not think opening the door for a woman is necessary, they do not think about the little things anymore. Which is why, when a guy comes around that is a gentleman, she is more likely to be willing to give you a chance.

Women deal with so many men that have so little respect that when you find a guy that has those values, it is such a turn on that you almost have to give him a try.

Guys, listen up, being rude and obnoxious will not bring you any woman of quality, remember that.

12 She Won't - She Is Not Attracted To You


As previously stated, we live in a very shallow society.

A lot of people believe that it is only men that care about looks but that is a lie. Women have a certain physical type that they tend to lean towards. Some ladies are attracted to light eyes, while others are attracted to height.

This does not mean that it is smart for women to judge who they let take them out based on their looks, however it is the reality.

Women know within the first five minutes of meeting you if they would sleep with you or not. If she has no desire to have you touch her, the chances are she is not going to be begging for you to take her out, in fact, she will probably avoid the topic as much as possible.

11 She Will - You Are Educated


When a woman is looking for a man, chances are she has a list of criteria she wants that man to meet. Sometimes it is physical appearance, sometimes it is religion and a lot of times, it is the level of education they have.

Intelligence is a super sexy quality and when a man has followed through with what he started it shows women that he is a man of his word, which is super sexy.

Education shows that a man was able to finish what he started, that he has ambition and determination.The level of education each woman looks for is different, some look for a guy with a GED while others seek ivy league diplomas.

Regardless of whether you believe it or not, education is a sexy quality and it can lead you closer to landing your dream girl.

10 She Won't - You Post Too Much On Social Media


Any dude that posts more on social media than you do is something that women notice.

There are many double standards in life and when it comes to social media there are a ton of them. For example, a woman can take a mirror selfie without being questioned, however, if a man does it, it makes him look a little corny.

Men that post their entire life on Instagram or Facebook is a huge turn-off. It is almost as if they are seeking attention, something that is a no-no for women.

Before going out with a guy, most girls cyber stalk and if they do not like what they see, chances are they are going to be “busy” every time you ask her out.


9 She Will - She Is Bored 


Sorry ladies, but I have to be honest.

Sometimes, if a girl has not been out on a date in a while, or she is bored, the chances of her letting you take her out increases. It does not mean she is interested in you in any way, it may just mean that she did not want to spend yet another Friday night binge watching reality television while eating ice cream.

This is part of life and although it may not be the best thing, it is the truth. Women like attention and if they are not getting the attention for the man they want, sometimes, they will let someone they are not into give it to them, something that feeds their ego.

If a girl is going out with you out of boredom, chances are she is not the right one for you.

8 She Won't - You Just Want Sex


Some men are better actors than others, but if a woman feels that the only reason you are taking her out is to get in her pants chances are she will not be as willing to go out with you.

Women a lot of the time have their guards up when it comes to this because a lot of women have been fooled by guys who just wanted sex.

Men, in order to not be “that guy”, make sure you do not make comments about sex before asking her out. You need to make a woman feel that you are attracted to both her interior and exterior. Women nowadays do not want to be objectified and if they have any inclination of that going on, they won't ever give you a chance.

If you are focusing on sex, then you will have a hard time getting laid!

7 She Will - You Have A Job


Guys, no woman wants to date a man that has no job. You do not have to be a millionaire or even successful but at least have a job, I mean come on. Any man that can't hold down a job will in no way ever be able to hold down a woman.

Women are independent and they want a man who is also independent. A man who has no responsibilities will not be seen as a man, instead, they will be placed in the boy category and instead of finding a woman, you will find a girl.

A man with a job is sexy and whether you are a lawyer or work at a clothing store, a man that wakes up in the morning and has responsibilities is by far one of the sexiest qualities.

6 She Won't - You Are Cheap


A man that is cheap is one of the biggest turns offs to a woman and is absolutely something that will hold them back from dating you.

A woman can tell if a man is cheap almost instantly, there are always little signs like not offering to pick her up or pay for her Uber, talking about money or even asking her to pay for her part of the evening.

Listen up boys, you do not need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to take a girl out but do not ever make her pay on a first date, or insinuate about money as for women as previously mentioned it is a huge turn-off.

Women like to be treated well when they are taken out and it is not as though we expect to be wined and dined, but if we go for pizza and you ask me for 3 dollars for my slice, chances are you are getting written out of mind quickly in my eyes.

5 She Will - She Has Been Waiting For You To Ask Her Out 


Women always have a few guys on their radar so when one finally breaks and asks her out on a date, chances are she is going to jump on the opportunity. Women have a lot of secret crushes and if you happen to be one of them, you will know it instantly once you finally make that move.

Women tend to wait for men to make the moves, so a lot of women sit patiently, liking their Instagram photos and laughing at their jokes that are not funny all in hopes of him waking up and realizing that she is into him.Men, if you think a girl is

Men, if you think a girl might be into you, chances are she is. Girls do not usually talk for hours with men about nothing in particular. If a girl is giving you attention, she wants you to ask her out. So what are you waiting for?

4 She Won't - You Ditched Her Already


Dude, if you have already made plans with her and flaked chances are you are going to need to put a bit more effort than simply asking her out.

One of the most discouraging things for a woman is being ditched or stood up because it is kind of like a bruise to her ego.

Chances are if you have left her hanging once before that she will not be so willing to say yes again in fear that she will be ditched yet again.

It is not impossible to get her to consider you once you have ditched her, but it will require some effort. If she is saying no to you, for this reason, try sending her flowers or showing up and her work while she is on her break to give her a coffee. Remember that little gestures can go a long way.

3 She Will - She Thinks You Are Cool


Everyone's definition of cool is different, but for a girl to want to go out on a date with you, she has to think you are cool on some level. Women like to feel like they are the prize, but they also like to feel like the guy they are going out with is in some way wanted by other women. There needs to be something captivating about you in order for her to go out with you. There needs to be something that draws her to you.

Swag is something that a lot of girls look for, it is something that is hard to define but when you see it you know it. For some women, it is in the way a man walks and talks and for other women, it is in the way you dress, whatever it is, if she thinks you are cool you are more likely to score a date with her.

2 She Won't - She Is Just Not Into You


This is what it all comes down to. If a girl is into you, she will not care about anything but wanting to be around you. However, on the other end of the spectrum, if a woman is not into you, she will do everything in her power to stay far, far away from you.

Just like the movie He's Just Not That Into You, there should be one titled She's Just Not That Into You because it is just as common.

If a girl is not into you, it does not mean that there is anything wrong with you, it just means that she is not the right one and that is okay. At the end of the day, there is one person for each of us, so if she is not willing to give you a chance, move on to the next.

1 She Will - She Likes You


Of course, this will be number one. When a woman likes you, there is nothing and no one that can hold her back from going out with her. Women listen to their hearts and if their hearts are with you, she will say yes to you asking her out no matter what.

You can be a broke, loser, asshole with no job and if she sees something in you, she will stick through with it. She can be told by her friends or family not to give you a chance but if she decides you are the one for her there is nothing that can hold her back from going on a date with you.

All the above things do not compare to her having real feelings for you, if you find a woman, who is genuinely into you, you will know it, women are not good at “playing cool”.

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