8 Reasons Millennials Have It Rough (And 7 They Really Don't)

Otherwise known as Generation Y, Millennials are the demographic group that have followed the almighty and superior, Generation X. With no actual precise dates to mark what makes a Millennial, it has often been said that those who were born in the early 1980s, towards the mid-1990s and early 2000s, are the ones who make the cut, with the Millennials the spawn of the baby boomers of pre-1980s.

Marked by social and economic change, Millennials are without a doubt the most advanced of generations, with the media and the wonderful world of technology also playing a huge role in the life of an average Millennial. However, although it may sound easy to some, Millennials are often given a bad rep when it comes to how they live their life. Often ridiculed for being lazy, Millennials are not thought to be as hardworking as their previous counterparts, walking around with their head in the sand, seemingly not giving a damn about the politics of today. In fact, Millennials are often the main target for abuse, with lashings of name callings and slurs. From being called narcissists, to stupid— one study even suggested that millennials exhibited 16% more narcissism than the generation before, claiming that, "the narcissism of Millennials was characterized by an acute sense of self-entitlement and defensiveness." BURN. But, with the blame going to the previous generation with regards to how they contributed towards the economic crisis of recent times, it can be easy to understand why life may be rather difficult for the average young adult at the moment.

So, do they really have it tough? Or are they just a mollycoddled bunch of pansies as otherwise suggested? Here are 8 reasons why millennials have it rough, and 7 reasons why they actually don't.

15 They Have It Rough Because Of The Enormous Student Debt

Yes, it is only natural for fees to increase when the number of students rise, but it doesn't make it fair. Hell no! With it now only possible for the rich to go to university, and the poor to stay at home and wash dishes, the facts with regards to the widening gap of the class system can be extremely disturbing. Not only is it grossly unjust, a celebration of the dastardly deeds of the patriarchy, and a move towards the disappearing middle class, those that do get to go to university, are also knee deep in dangerous amounts of debt. That's right, displaying an "out of sight, out of mind" type approach, a number of students these days have no idea how much they owe, or when they need to start paying it back, never really knowing the full extent of their financial troubles during their studies. And now, with fees only increasing, it seems one day university will be out of reach altogether, with the right of education inaccessible to the majority.

14 They Have It Easy Because Customs And Personal Expectations Are Changing

Said to have a lot of pressure dumped on their shoulders, it could be said that they have zero pressure at all. That's right, with the easy breezy lifestyle of going from job to job, as well as the added bonus of advanced technology helping them along the way, Hillary Clinton claimed that Millennials were actually, "the most open, diverse and entrepreneurial generation in history." In fact, tending to be universally liberal, as well as socially diverse, the pressure on having children and getting married is seemingly a thing of the past, with most Millennials claiming that they don't feel the need to start a family and create a home as much as their parents did. It seems the pressure is off with the focus being on you rather than that of procreation, sweet!

13 They Have It Rough Because They Lack Social Skills

Did someone mention an iPhone? Yep, now thoroughly attached to your hand, it is rare to see someone without a smartphone, looking down at the screen, only glancing up once an hour to avoid walking onto a busy road. Using the internet can, on the one hand, give you a relaxed source for escape, yet at the same time offer you a warped sense of reality that doesn't really exist at all. From severely lacking social skills, to not grasping a sense of social boundaries, Millennials often live in a twisted dream world, with faceless friends, avatars, and constant green screens. Plus, with the constant use of social media shortening your attention span from twelve minutes to five minutes, easy everyday things such as reading and watching a movie has now become a strenuous affair.

12 They Have It Better Because They're Much More Accepting Of People

Socially liberal and more accepting, Millennials tend to be much more aware of the people around them, than past generations. That's right, proven when a huge number of people under thirty voted for democratic socialist Bernie Sanders in the race for the democrat representative, it seems Millennial and Liberal go hand in hand. Plus, with it no coincidence that a number of LGBT related issues were brought forward in the last few years such as gay marriage, trans rights and LGBT adoption, the Millennials' sense of acceptance is most certainly through the roof. But why? Much more than just the typical young revolt to go against their parents, issues such as gun crime, denying a human being their rights, and war, have been at the head of why Millennials have had enough of what Generation X seemingly represented.

11 They Have It Rough Because Of All The Financial Crashes

Where do we start? With a number of financial busts throughout history, it is important to classify what makes a financial crisis. From, banks, recessions, to war and stock market blow ups, the economy has obviously played an important role in the way in which we survive. Inheriting a humongous debt conjured by the baby boomers and mortgage hounds, the Millennials are now also dealing with the mess that the banks produced. Plus, forced to pay some of the highest fees ever with regards to education, it's no wonder they have lost all faith in those that are supposed to be looking out for them. That's right, as well as clearing up past mistakes, Generation Y will most likely be in debt until the day they die, all while working two jobs to make ends meet. And, if that's not enough, with recessions as common as a Millennial with a selfie stick, it seems the end is nigh, no matter what the economists do to prevent them from happening.

10 They Have It Better Because Mental Health Is Being Acknowledged

One of the best things to come out of recent times is the changing in attitude and opinion with regards to mental health. However, although not entirely 100% perfect, the stigma attached to the issues that arise within the mental health realms have most definitely been diminished slightly, with more and more people feeling able to communicate rather than hide away. With Millennials now having access to counselling, cognitive therapy, help with anxiety and a number of other mental health related support, the awareness towards these issues will only continue to grow. In fact, now with more and more schools across the world putting more effort and funds into helping children feel more comfortable with regards to such issues, we can only hope that one day the stigma attached will be non-existent with people feeling that they are able to discuss such matters easily. By growing up in a society in which mental health support is more accessible than any other previous generation, it seems Generation Y has somewhat made a difference among a misunderstood conception.

9 They Have It Rough Because Of All The Terrorism

War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Actually, something, according to the Bush administration and the "glory days" of Tony Blair and new labor. Beginning in 2003 on the back of September 11th and a fear of the unknown, The USA and The UK announced they would be invading Iraq together like the best friends they are (were? still are?). In search of weapons of mass destruction, that were most definitely there, Bush and co. persuaded the western world that this was indeed the correct away to go about things. Certain that they would find what they were looking for, they didn't, and embarked on a war that still continues to this day. Shrouded by conflict, terrorist attacks, hackings and beheadings, Millennials have basically been embroiled in this mess since birth. Plus, with ISIS now infiltrating all over the world, mass hysteria has erupted, with religion, faith, worship and belief all open to ridicule, frenzy, and mass hatred of anything different.

8 They Have It Easy Because They're The Most Educated Generation

So the university fees might be extortionate, and the debt might be exceedingly crippling, but at the end of the day, Millennials are by far the most educated bunch in a long time. That's right, with access to nearly anything through the internet, Millennials are basically learning non-stop, from as soon as they wake up, until they finally managed to go to sleep after putting their phone away. At their most brainy, the concept has been put down to mass education and surprisingly better nutrition, with technology giving Millennials easier and quicker access to what helps a bouncing brain. However, although the most educated, Millennials are also the worst paid, with salaries and wages at an all time low when compared to those that lived before them. These Millennials just can't catch a break.

7 They Have It Rough Because Of The Rising Housing Costs

Imagine, you pull yourself through university, get stuck working two jobs, have a stupid amount of crippling debt, can't afford modern day medicine, and find yourself still living at your parents' home. That's right, still sleeping in your single bed that you've had since you were thirteen years old, moving houses, let alone buying a house, is most definitely not an option. In fact, Millennials all over the western world are pessimistic with regards to buying their own home, with the majority unable to physically do so. And, it's not just buying, Millennials aren't even renting, with rent now at its highest, with places such as London and New York City offering tiny one-room bedsits in exchange for buckets and buckets of cash that you just can't justify, no matter how desperate you are to get away from Mom and Dad.

6 They Have It Easy Because They're Surrounded By The Most Advanced Technology

OK, so technology may be the root of all evil, but is it really that bad? Yes, it has contributed to the bulk of this generation's enormous lack of social skills, stress and poor sleeping habits, but it's also good for some things. Honest. Making life that little bit easier, technology has completely turned around the way in which we live. From the wheel, to the personal laptop, there is no doubting the benefits of technological advancement, even if it is does have some major downsides. Now, with technology even able to help dating and finding that special someone, it sure beats the days of just settling with anyone after years of waiting at bars and awkward dates. Plus, with technology basically a part of a Millennial's DNA, it essentially defines this generation, with Generation Y well on its way to becoming the most talked about generation in history.

5 They Have It Rough Because Of The Dissolving Healthcare System

With healthcare a hot topic as of late, it seems the USA has finally realized it has a problem. Or has it? With Obamacare mocked and ridiculed at every turn, Americans seem determined to disallow those who are unable to work, the rights to the care of their own health. Plus, with The UK's NHS, a milestone in the rights of free healthcare towards its citizens, being sold off at every point, it seems The UK has followed suit with regards to allowing and disallowing those who they deem deserved of such fortune. In fact, by selling the NHS, the wide gap between the rich and poor will continue to grow, just like the USA. Therefore, as well as paying off their ginormous student debt, dealing with the blows from the previous generation's recession, and now paying an extortionate fee to take care of their own health, it is no surprise that Millennials have seemingly had enough.

4 They Have It Better Because They're Free ... In The Bedroom

Now allowed to discus all things sexual, it seems the prude days are over for the present day Millennials. In fact, the more people talk about sex, the more aware we become about the whole thing, with it said that Millennials are actually having the best sex this world has ever seen. That's right, changing the culture of what goes on between the sheets, the art of "hooking up", and "one night stands" are now universally accepted, losing the stigma of how one is looked upon. Not looking for love, Millennials are open to trying new things, meeting new people, and spending the time looking for that special someone, with it not as rushed as in previous generations. Experimentation and sexual enlightening is now a positive rather than a negative, with the secrets of one's sex life now laid out on a plate, rather than locked up behind closed doors. Yep, Millennials certainly have it good in that department.

3 They Have It Rough Because They're Hooked On Technology

With most people regarding the advancement of technology a benefit, it can also have the opposite effect. I mean, have you not seen The Terminator? In fact, technology can have an enormous impact on our social, physical, environmental, and mental health, with Millennials right at the brunt of it. From reports that more and more Millennials have admitted to feeling isolated due to their lack of social skills, the idea of an iPad, iPhone, and humongous television can be an easy distraction when you are supposed to be actually living your life. And with all that sitting on your backside stopping you from getting up and moving, obesity has also risen among the Millennial elite, as well as depression, and poor sleeping habits. Plus, with the environment now at its almighty worst, no matter what some people say, the world is basically eating itself up from the inside, with the Millennials thrown back up and attempting to fix it.

2 They Have It Good Because Smoking Has Decreased Significantly

Yep, that's right, they don't smoke! And they don't have to either! In a world which was once ruled by the cigarette, it seems smoking and the art of inhaling smoke into your lungs has finally gone out of fashion. No one smokes anymore! And, it's absolutely marvellous! But why? Why has such a common everyday activity that made millions and millions of money all over the world suddenly stopped? Firstly, with Millennials flat out broke, it seems Generation Y can no longer afford those cancer sticks, preferring to spend their pennies on food and other things that kill you such as alcohol and drugs. Plus, with cigarette bans now a normal thing all over the world, it has become increasingly difficult to smoke anywhere at all, even on the street in some countries. Gone are the days of leather jackets and James Dean type cigarette smokers, with smoking now seen as ridiculously uncool rather than attractive. Good riddance!

1 They Have It Rough Because They're Under Pressure To Do Everything

Often dubbed as the generation of "start ups", "entrepreneurs", "money makers" and "sexual shakers", Millennials are actually under a lot of pressure with regards to their social, work, and home life. That's right, looked upon as the future of the world, Millennials are the ones who are supposed to get the world out of the mess the previous generation left it in. From curing cancer, curing AIDS, preventing recessions, and looking after the environment, Millennials are also expected to keep on having children, getting married and keeping the standard of a good home under their belts. Yet, without being able to afford a home to start with, it seems rather difficult for those who wish to replicate what the baby boomers did before them. In fact, sadly most Millennials believe that their standard of living will most likely be worse off than their own parents, with too few opportunities for advancement.

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