8 Old Twin Sister Duos And 7 Twin Brothers Alive Today

Twin brothers and sisters have a connection that the rest of us just can’t understand. Unlike many siblings that grow to be very different people in adulthood, often with twins, they gravitate toward the same interests. This is by no means a rule and there are no doubt many twin brothers and sisters that would say they are quite the opposite. But in so many instances, their bond is absolutely amazing. Through the years, there have been a great many sets of twins that have made it big in one field or another. Immediately coming to mind are Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Cole and Dylan Sprouse and even Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap (okay...that was just special effects, but you get the idea).

But there are lots of twin duos that have managed to find celebrity together as well as separately for a variety of reasons. There are also some twin duos that are famous just because of how long they have both managed to continue living! So while you may know some of these 15 sets of amazing twins, you may also be learning about some of them for the first time! But assuredly, you will find that they are absolutely amazing sets of people with some really great stories to tell!


15 Mirtha and Sylvia Legrand

Not exactly household names these days in the United States, but if you go to Argentina, you’ll find lots of people that still know these twin sisters! Mirtha and Sylvia Legrand are Argentine actresses that made it big in the 1940s and never looked back. Both ladies are still living at age 90. They often co-starred in films together and have been seen as national icons of their country. Mirtha is still seen as a presenter on television, making her somewhat relevant even these days. But these unique twins gravitated toward the big screen together in their youth and now, more than 70 years later, they are still known for their great talents collectively. Sylvia hasn’t been active in the industry in decades now, but she, as well as her sister, are still considered Argentinian gems.

14 Ellen and Alice Kessler


Known primarily in Europe for their singing and dancing as well as their acting abilities, the Kessler Twins as they have been known were highly popular in the 1950s and 60s. While a household name throughout Europe, they also had some buzz in the United States when they made the cover of Life magazine. They were featured in the Italian edition of Playboy when they were 40 and have managed to stay popular throughout their lives as being “famous for being famous.” The Kessler Twins are now living in Germany (their birth country) and at age 80, they likely will not be doing Playboy any time soon. But looking at these ladies, you will clearly see vibrant and happy looking sisters that have absolutely aged very gracefully through the years!

13 Deidre and Andrea Hall

You may recognize the name Deidre Hall from her 40 year career on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Andrea is her twin sister though, and also spent a number of years working as an actress, primarily on a soap opera, like her sister. The two are now 69 years old and while Andrea Hall has retired from acting, Deirdre is still going strong. Her movie roles have been less prominent than her television roles, but when you are Dr. Marlena Evans on Days of Our Lives, you stay pretty busy. These twins both went into acting and managed to find some success in that field. We haven’t heard much from Andrea, so it’s not clear if she is jealous of her sister’s bigger celebrity or if she is her biggest cheerleader.

12 Liz and Jean Sagal


Both Liz and Jean Sagal have managed to stay active and involved in the entertainment industry for their whole adult lives, even to today. You may recognize their sister Katey Sagal, who played the character of Peg Bundy on the sitcom Married With Children. Liz and Jean became notable as twins and were even Doublemint Twins for one of the Doublemint ad campaigns. They also starred in a short-lived television series Double Trouble in the mid-1980s. Both of these twins though are still active, with current writing or directing credits to their name. At the age of 55, we really hate to call them one of the “oldest” twin duos, but they have just been around in the industry for several decades and are known for their twin super powers.

11 Lisa and Louise Burns

No, you probably don’t know these names, but you sure know who they are if you’ve seen the horror classic The Shining. Remember the creepy twins at the end of the hall? That’s them! These ladies aren’t old either, but The Shining and this twin reference seems to be absolutely timeless! The film made the twins huge at the time of the film, but according to them, it was actually very difficult for them to launch a real acting career. They did want to pursue acting as a career long term, but were apparently not taken seriously by acting schools because of that particular role. Don’t feel too bad for them, because they’ve both gone on to be incredibly successful in their respective fields. One is an attorney while the other is a microbiologist.

10 Shane and Sia Barbi


The Barbi Twins are famous models that have cashed in on their overwhelmingly equal and identical beauty! These ladies, now in their mid 50s have been virtually inseparable throughout their entire career. Twin status is essentially their trademark, with Shane and Sia individually not nearly as notable as when they are together. Through the years, they have broken multiple records modeling for Playboy and other major brand names. They have become known over the years for their advocacy of animal rights. In fact, few celebrities have done more for the animal rights movement as the Barbi Twins! You have got to hand it to them though...these beauties have managed to keep their celebrity status going through the decades. They will undoubtedly be inseparable for the rest of their lives!

9 Doris and Freda Latham

Anyone that can manage to live to the age of 103 is truly amazing! But you have to be shocked when a set of twin sisters can both manage to make it over the century mark! In the case of Doris and Freda Latham from the United Kingdom, both ladies along with two of their younger sisters, have a combined age of 391, and have the distinction of being the oldest set of siblings in the world! The ladies claim simple, good eating habits to be a big part of their longevity. We aren’t all that sure what kind of connection you have to have with your twin to make it 103 years, but it is hard to imagine one lasting much longer without the other at this point. Both the twins and their “younger” sisters are absolute gems with lots of wisdom to share with the world!


8 Marian Warner and Nora Langton


Also from across the pond in the United Kingdom, Marian Warner and Nora Langton seem to be the oldest living identical twins in the world! At 104 years of age, these sisters have lived very full and wonderful lives. Marion was a school teacher for many years, while Nora was a social worker. The ladies have a beautiful and wonderful connection as they always have throughout their lives. Celebrating their 100th birthday in 2012, the ladies didn’t offer any secrets to living so long, but rather expressed how lucky they felt to have been able to live such a long and happy life. Living now in two different nursing facilities, the ladies surely have a lifetime of experiences and wonderful memories to share with those that care to listen and learn.

7 Keith and Kevin Schultz

Keith and Kevin Schultz are professional photographers these days, but they have been known as twin child actors. In the series The Monroes in the 1960s, the Schultz brothers played twin brothers. The series only lasted one season, but Kevin went on to play Tom Sawyer in The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. After acting, the brothers joined up again this time in the field of photography, where they have carved a niche for themselves doing celebrity headshots. They also have worked a bit in the music industry, even getting a record deal in the late 60s and early 70s. The Shultz brothers are not old either, at the age of only 63, but they have managed to gravitate toward the same interests, whether acting, music or photography through their entire lives, which is truly remarkable!

6 David and Frederick Barclay


82 year old twin brothers Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay are British billionaires that have developed something of a business empire, with companies in retail, shipping and even a number of newspapers. Both of these economically powerful men have been knighted and have led an exciting life of financial ups and downs. They have a castle in the Channel Islands on the island of Brecqhou, which is one of the smaller islands, governed by Sark. Aidan Barclay, son of Sir David runs their business interests now, as the brothers have aged and become much less visible. They reportedly live together at their castle on Brecqhou and are often criticized for their tax avoidance in the UK. But interestingly, they have always worked together as brothers in whatever they did. The brotherly bond has never been broken!

5 Alistair and Stewart Lord

While not household names, or famous the world over, Alistair and Stewart Lord are known by those that follow the history of Australian rules football (soccer) as twin footballers during the early 1960s. At 77 years of age, the twin brothers are remembered well by fans of their team, the Geelong Football Club. Alistair had the more successful and longer lasting career of the two of them, with him earning the coveted Brownlow Medal in the league. But after football, these two gentlemen returned to the family farm. They are proof though that many twins have a tendency to gravitate toward the same interests and have some of the same talents. In this case, both brothers were not only gifted at Australian rules football, but played to a professional level!

4 Paul and Pieter Pierre Langerock


Always photographed well dressed and usually toasting one another with a glass of red wine, these Belgian twin brothers have the distinction of being the oldest living male twins on the planet! Paul and Pierre Langerock are truly remarkable men, who have lived together the vast majority of their lives and they even share a room together in their nursing home. These two amazing men led a similar life, but claim one another as being truly best friends. Neither gentleman married or ever had children and even worked in the same field. They were each court magistrates throughout their careers and lived by themselves until they were just shy of 100. Today, the brothers are approaching their 104th birthday! It is certain though that the two are absolutely inseparable, as they have been their whole lives.

3 Roberto and Innocente Tozzi

The Tozzi brothers are Italian, without a whole lot of fame, besides being 101 years of age. They have led one heck of a life though, with lots of amazing experiences to share with anyone that has in interest in history! Roberto and Innocente Tozzi are still very close and claim that having good genes and eating natural foods is the key for their long lives! In fact, not only are they able to get out and about at their age, but Roberto is even still driving! He bragged about getting his license renewed for an additional two years when he turned 100. Innocente isn’t able to drive any longer, but it stands to reason that Roberto will keep carting him around for as long as he needs. To look at these happy-go-lucky brothers, you’d never guess that they were over 100, so there’s no telling how long they could go!

2 Stephen and Timothy Quay (The Brothers Quay)


Stephen and Timothy Quay (known in the film industry as The Brothers Quay) are American born filmmakers and animators from Norristown, Pennsylvania that just happen to be twin brothers. In fact, these fellows are not just twins, but they are identical twins, known and respected for their work in stop-motion animation. They have done several smaller, more artistic film projects, but have also done a lot of commercials for different companies including Kellogg’s, Roundup, Fox Sports, Coca-Cola and Frito-Lay among others. They have lived the majority of their lives in England working creatively together. Their work is also seen in the Peter Gabriel music video for Sledgehammer. The Brothers Quay are just another example of highly artistic twins dedicating their lives to the same goal and sharing the same talent.

1 Jon Heder and Efrain Antonio Ramirez

Okay, these guys aren’t twins together, but the connection is just too cool to not mention on this list. You may remember Jon Heder and Efrain Antonio Ramirez as the iconic duo of Napoleon and Pedro from the hit movie Napoleon Dynamite. Those that have seen the movie know exactly who we are talking about, but the most interesting part is that each of these guys has an identical twin! The odds of that happening are pretty astonishing..or perhaps they just wanted to make sure that if anything happened, they’d have a backup set of actors! At any rate, each of these guys isn’t really very old, but the coincidence that they would not only each be twins, but identical twins (which is even more rare) is definitely worth mentioning. “Eat the food Tina!”

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