8 Everyday Things That Give You Cancer (And 8 Ways to Avoid Them)

Every day we're living in a world where everything seems to have the ability to kill us. New animals and plants are found all the time and with many of them come poisons and other things that could kill the average human. This is in addition to new strains of viruses that come up, like the bird and swine flu epidemics of recent years. However, one of the most terrible things humans share is a disdain for cancer.

Cancer has been linked to several things over the years, such as massively obvious ones like cigarettes. Over the years, something called a carcinogen was found. It is the substance found to be able to cause cancer in human cells. If by chance it connects to human tissue, cancer possibility is high.

Now, of course, our bodies are able to fight off cancer causing things due to how we've evolved over the years. However, if we're overexposed to things that cause it, we could end up giving ourselves cancer without even knowing it. Sometimes cancer just happens, and it is terrible to see. The thing is if I told you that you could avoid giving yourself cancer by protecting yourself from eight cancer causing things you see every day...would you listen? Most would.

On this list, we break down some of the things you come across on a daily basis that have been linked to cancer. We then tell you the ways to avoid them or the best way to avoid getting cancer from them, so that you could make sure you don't get a deadly disease that has taken out millions. Enjoy the list, and be sure to tell others so they can be protected as well.

16 Marijuana


It should come as no surprise that anything inhaled by the human body can be bad for you, and marijuana is by no means an exception. Normally, long-term weed usage tends to affect the heart or affect people by hurting their lungs. It can also produce high forms of infection as the cilia that protects the lungs can be killed off. This protects our lungs from inhaling bad things and basically keeps things like dirt and mucus out of the airways. Weed kills this over time and thus, we end up seeing people get sick with bad infections or viruses. The heart and blood can be affected as well as the brain.

People may say it is no worse than having a cigarette, and that is true. A cigarette produces a lot of carcinogens. However, did you know weed can do the same thing? The American Lung Association mentioned as much, and also mentioned that it affects people secondhand just as much if not more. Children are often around the smoke due to their parents which end up causing them to get sick at an early age due to the factors we mentioned above. Obviously, weed contains carcinogens, the question is, how do you avoid getting cancer from weed?

15 How to Avoid it


The easy answer is to not use marijuana, but this is like telling a teenager to not have sex until they are married. People are going to at least want to try it, either to rebel or just to fulfill their curiosity. A lot of younger people tend to use it and then move on from it after their college years. While we are seeing a rise of it in people of middle age and older, younger people tend to be more active with it. That said, avoidance is difficult. The best way to avoid the cancer properties from it is to not use it very often, but rather every once in a while.

This is only if the drug is legal in your state or country. If it is not then clearly you should not be using weed according to your area's current laws. You should not go to parties where smoke is heavily active, as the secondhand will be much worse for you. It is also better to smoke it outdoors so that it does not get into your home as much. Just like smoking outside, this can help carcinogens stay outside. However, not all will stay there as the smoke will get in your clothes and skin but a lot can stay outside with you, therefore doing it there would be better for your home and those around you who do not want to be around weed.

14 Asbestos


Asbestos is something that we come across in everyday life without even realizing it. In fact, you could literally have some near you right now and not even know about it. You tend to find them in building materials in your house such as in your floor, roof, and even the tile in your bathroom. It is said that any building made in the United States before 1980 has some form of Asbestos in it. Of course, it may not be at a high level, or you may not come across it enough for it to do you harm.

However, it can do harm for sure. There are six different versions of it and they can cause something called mesothelioma, which is a type of lung cancer. This is not even including the other lung related diseases it can cause on top of this. The major problem for people is that they simply do not want to be around it or inhale any fumes from it, but do not realize anything is there. It is tasteless and odorless, making it almost impossible to know about. The question is, how do we avoid this terrible thing?

13 How To Avoid It


Due to the fact that it is tough to know about, people often times do not realize how to spot asbestos in order to get rid of it. Often times when a home is being built, the random dust and materials from it may be lying around and thus a nice clean up avoids asbestos normally. Of course, even construction experts have been known to use masks. The real killer is trying to spot it in your home, so how do we do it?

You can check your basement, attic, or home to various dust particles. If things seem to be all over the place, you can call in the experts. There are two methods of analysis approved by the EPA to detect asbestos in the home, and those are  Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). Labs must collect and then analyze the materials to determine if it is active asbestos that has to be gotten rid of.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has a list of laboratories that can be called in. You can, of course, get rid of the stuff yourself if you find asbestos is a fan of the area you thought it was lying around at. The EPA also gives a comprehensible and effective guide in how to collect samples and dispose of asbestos. However, the American Lung Association highly recommends you hire an asbestos professional to be sure you get all of it out of your home.

12 X-Ray Machines


You remember when you hurt your leg, arm, or back that one time playing with friends and your mom/dad took you to the doctor and the doc ordered x-rays to see if there was an issue? They hit you with a small form of radiation to check your body. Normally considered to be harmless if used in rarity, an x-ray machine has been a massive help to science and revolutionized how we diagnose patients with problems from injury. However, an MRI, CatScan, or normal X-Ray all involve a form of radiation that can be harmful to you.

X-Rays use ionizing radiation, which is a low dose form of radiation and normally not very harmful to the human body when done every once in a while. They can cause cancer because they damage our cells and DNA. There is an increased risk of cancer due to all of this. It is recommended people get physicals checkups once a year, and for women, it is recommended that mammograms are done yearly, especially if breast cancer runs in the family. That said, it is impossible to avoid radiation from these machines so how do we avoid getting cancer from them?

11 How To Avoid It


Due to the fact that people need these machines to save their life at times or help doctors diagnose them better, you cannot avoid them altogether. This is an impossibility and something that would be completely illogical to try and do. The way to avoid cancer from them is to simply avoid getting as many and to ideally space them out. If you need to get new x-rays yearly, that is fine and not considered a bad thing. Giving large gaps in between them avoids radiation from damaging you too much.

It is also a good plan that you do not see multiple doctors who all need their own charts on you and to collect their own material on you from scratch. If you are able to take x-rays with you wherever you go or you're able to keep every doctor you see linked together, they can share data and help you more together than alone. This will avoid multiple blasts of radiation and allow you to avoid cancer a bit better by proxy.

10 The Air Outside


If you're reading this now and freaking out, try to stay perfectly calm. In places like the United States, the air is an issue but not as much as it could be. Less developed nations and even developing ones like China have been known for their terrible air quality. China alone has such horrible air that people have been known for getting lung diseases and sicknesses there quite often. It is a wonderful country with a thriving economy, but due to factories and other businesses, the air has become polluted.

This polluted air is full of chemicals and toxins, many of which contain carcinogens. The USA has an EPA office that usually handles a situation like this before it gets out of control for a certain area and do their best to make sure factories do not release bad chemicals in the air. However, other nations are not so lucky and thus, cancer comes as a result of it more often than it should. That leaves us with the big question of, how do we possibly avoid this?

9 How To Avoid It


The Chinese people tend to avoid the toxic air by wearing masks, like what you might see in a hospital, whenever they go out. Of course, not all do this and it does look kind of weird. However, you'll see this quite often in the nation. They now are actually forming what is called a vertical forest that will be in the middle of some cities in China. Expected to be finished next year, this huge tree area is supposedly set to give out 60kg of oxygen a day. They'll then absorb 25 tons of CO2 per year. The project was tried in Italy previously to some success.

China among other nations may see a rise in better air quality, funny enough, due to trees and other plants. While masks can be useful for short-term help, the long-term help for these nations can be a simple fix of adding some green and also trying to make sure these factories and places of business expel their gasses in safer ways. Eventually, the air won't be as bad in these nations, but until then we'll need to handle masks.

8 Alcohol


It should go without saying that drinking alcohol is not good for the human body. Your body is not meant for it on a regular basis, but the liver does have a force to fight it. However, over time the liver can be compromised from too much of it and can develop cancer. Alcohol is not alone in this, as sweet tea and sodas could also be added to the list of liquids that carry carcinogens.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer does rank alcohol as a Group 1 carcinogen, which puts it alongside asbestos as well as Hepatitis B and C. It even puts it alongside gamma radiation and tobacco products. This clearly puts it in an area of fear for people who do not want to develop cancer. Group 1's have been known to cause female breast, colorectum, larynx, liver, esophagus, oral cavity, and pharynx cancer. There is even a risk of pancreatic cancer. All of it can be caused by alcohol and nearly 4% of all cancer cases per year are due to it. On top of that, nearly 4% of deaths from cancer are a direct result of cancer caused by alcohol.

7 How To Avoid It


Like weed above, expecting people not to drink because you tell them it's bad for them is not going to work. The best way to avoid cancer caused by alcohol is to not only drink responsibly but also to not drink as much. Having a beer or any alcoholic product every night you get home from work may not seem like a lot, but it actually is. Combining alcohol with things like smoking only increases a risk of cancer too.

The best thing to do is have a drink on the weekends, giving you a number of days in-between. It allows your body to heal which is crucial as partying too much. Having too much to drink on a regular basis will cause problems with your body even if it is not cancer. Your best bet is to leave the party lifestyle back at college and be responsible. Even college kids should not do it as often, as this will lead to early onset problems that can be a direct result of alcohol consumption. There are a lot of people who damage their livers while they're younger rather than older.

That said, always be sure to avoid over-drinking. There is still a risk of carcinogens of course, but the lower the risk the better if you must have a drink of alcohol.

6 The Sun


That's right, that glorious thing that helps to give us life on Earth also takes life away. What bitterness, right? The Sun is a wonderful thing for the planet and it does keep us alive. Our wonderful star heats the Earth and even helps to give plants life too. It is vastly important, but overexposure is a very bad thing. Often times we see women tan in the summer outdoors and many try to get as dark as possible as if there is some sort of contest. Men do this too at times, and it can also have negative ramifications. Being outside too much under the hot sun can be bad for your brain as well as your body as you can overheat and develop a fever for a while, which is definitely not ideal.

On top of this, skin cancer can develop as a result of overexposure. Being outside swimming in the summer for a number of hours is okay, but you need to wear sunscreen too. You'll avoid getting sunburnt but also avoid skin cancer, namely melanoma. Some may assume, well, I can get tanned using a tanning bed with no problem right? Unfortunately not, as tanning beds are also linked to cancer.

5 How To Avoid It


Avoiding skin cancer caused by the sun or tanning beds is actually incredibly simple. For people in the sun, wear sunhats. It blocks sun getting onto your face which in turn avoids skin cancer from overexposure. When you go to the beach, get one of the beach umbrellas. Some beaches actually have areas that supply them to people. You can use this to get out of the sun for a bit during your time there. Also, wear sunscreen whenever possible. With it, the sun cannot get to you as much.

When it comes to tanning beds, do not stay in for too long. Avoid being in them for more than twenty minutes each visit. If you plan to go multiple times a week, stay in ten minutes max each time and be sure to shield your eyes. All of these safety measures have been known about for years and people are often told to apply them by experts, however, people still do not listen and skin cancer still crops up. According to, 87,110 new cases of invasive melanoma will be diagnosed in the U.S. in 2017. We can stop this by simply protecting ourselves outdoors a lot better.

4 Red Meat


First weed, then the sun, now our red meat is gonna kill us too? Well not exactly. Red meat is beloved and some of the US' favorite things are red meat oriented such as the wonderful steak and hamburger. There was a link found by Harvard Health and Lancet Oncology that red meat and cancer were actually linked. There had been data accumulating for decades on the study and it was found that people diagnosed with colon cancer as well as bowel cancer also ate high amounts of red meat.

Often times, people will eat a variety of food that isn't just red meat. People split it up between chicken, turkey, seafood, and even vegan options a lot these days. So, it is often odd to see when people have high diets of red meat these days. However, the study done believes the average case of colon cancer comes from those who simply eat too much red meat and do not realize the harm they are causing. Getting fast food or coming across other processed food can also give cancer when consumed too often.

3 How To Avoid It


It seems pretty easy to avoid red meat consumption, but this is not fair to the human pallet. Instead, one can avoid things like colon cancer from simply not overeating on red meat. Too much of anything can be bad it seems, but some food is so good that we often forget eating the wrong things too often can be a bad thing. Red meat already affects our colon and bowels in a negative way, so putting yourself through that on a daily occasion can be a bad thing.

The idea to help yourself would be to enjoy a lovely steak on the weekend and during the week, have some chicken or seafood. Go and get a nice Subway sandwich over some Taco Bell if you do not want to cook as well. This would not only help you avoid things like colon cancer but it may also help you lose weight and feel better overall. Red meat does a lot to our bodies on top of leading to cancer, so you'd be surprised what a shift in diet could do for you.

2 The Human Vagina


I know what you're is it possible that the human vagina can give people cancer? Do women just carry around cancer inside them all the time and give it to unsuspecting men like candy? Not quite. HPV is a type of virus that can develop in people. We now try to treat in women before it pops up by giving them vaccines. Men can also get vaccinated for it as well. Mostly known as an STD, HPV is the leading cause of cervical cancers, as well as some cancers of the vagina and vulva. However, men can also develop cancer from HPV given to them by women.

How? Well guys, having some pie may not always be the best idea...if ya know what I mean. Women often times do not know they have HPV and can carry it for years, giving it to sexual partners. If you have more than one sexual partner, you hear the age-old story of "when you sleep with someone, you sleep with everyone they slept with before you too." This is very true in the case of HPV. It has spread so much due to the high rise in sexual partners among younger people, which means a guy can have some pie from a girl with HPV and then a week later give HPV to another girl at another bakery.

It is more common through oral sex for men to develop it, and it can cause throat cancer in men due to it. The Journal of Clinical Oncology reported a rising rate of oropharyngeal cancer which is caused by HPV in men. The rising rate has led to pediatricians advising parents to also give their teenage boys the vaccine to help them avoid contracting this disease. Obviously, this is surprising to see and shocking that the human vagina literally gives life to mankind and can take it away. However, there are very easy ways to avoid cancer from the most lovable of kittens.

1 How To Avoid It


The best way to avoid contracting HPV is to get the vaccines available for it. Women are advised to do so and it really is just a case of asking for it, but men can also get them too. The price is not extremely high and it will help you from contracting a disease that leads to cancer. On top of this, it is best to try and avoid multiple sexual partners. Having sex is a wonderful thing, but having too much of it with many people can be terrible and be a cause for multiple STDs on top of HPV.

We, of course, advise condoms be used in all sexual adventures, and of course, be sure to get checks from the doctor every so often. This is especially good to do if you do find yourself being sexually active with more than one person.

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