8 Countries Where Women Love American Men (And 8 Who Hate Them)

Girls from the neighborhood find you plain? Your female co-workers would never mix work with romance? And hot chicks in the bars think you’re boring, dress awkwardly, and won’t let you even pay for their drinks? OK, then it’s probably high time you changed the scenery!

You’ve certainly noticed that American girls go crazy every time some British bloke opens his mouth and says something even staggeringly stupid in his absolutely “irresistible” British accent. Well, no need to be bummed, though. Somewhere in this vast world, there are women who will die in your arms just because you are an American! Surveys show that female citizens of some countries are smitten with guys from the USA. Yet, you need to make thorough research to discover where to pack your bags for because otherwise you may find yourself stuck in a country where the opposite phenomenon is observed. That is, local girls may find your American accent tasteless, your manners flamboyant, and your sense of humor embarrassing. And this is where we step in by giving you probably the most useful tips of your life.

It’s time to check how much vacation time you have saved, but first, check out our list of 8 countries where girls absolutely love U.S. dudes, and 7 others where they absolutely hate them.

15 United Arab Emirates - Love Them

Dubai is like Las Vegas... only on steroids. Yes, the heat is unbearable, but the UAE is one of the best destinations in the world for partying. And meeting women! You have to keep in mind, though, that the women who’ll be willing to get intimate with you most probably won’t be locals. Emiratis girls are very strictly raised in terms of premarital relations. The good news is that they make only ten percent of the population. The other 90 percent are beautiful women from Europe, the Philippines, Africa, and Australia. Although all of them may be willing to have fun with you, you still have to remember the basic rule: Never, on no occasion, make out in public!

14 Turkey - Hate Them

Although recent statistics show that marriages between Turks and foreigners are on the rise, America is not among the nations who are especially lucky in finding love in the country. 71 percent of Turkish-American marriages end in divorce! Turkish women are more into German and Russian men. One of the reasons why Turkish girls won’t date an American is that American guys, especially those who are on vacation in Turkey, would approach them with the intention to become intimate right away. This is something most Turkish women would never approve of – they view sex as something that should happen between a husband and wife, and what is more, it must be practiced according to the teachings of Islam. If you think that’s too much of an effort then you should look for a hookup elsewhere.

13 Thailand - Love Them

Women are genuinely happy if they only get the chance to exchange a couple of words with an American male tourist. The best part is that they won’t care if you are 20, 35, 55, or 75 – the simple fact that you hold a U.S. passport seems fascinating enough to them. Besides, you don’t need to come up with all sorts of original and witty pick-up lines in order to approach a Thai girl. All you really have to say to win her heart is, “Would you please take my picture? I’m a tourist here.” But don’t get us wrong. If you are looking for an easy lay, get ready to pay. But if you want a real relationship with a Thai girl, don’t expect any form of American/Western courting to result in any intimate results!

12 Tunisia - Hate Them

If you have stumbled upon the Tunisian dating site lovehabibi, then you certainly have been fascinated by the exquisite beauty of most of the girls looking for friendship or… something else. But we recommend that you hold your horses before you start any kind of relationship with a Tunisian woman – whether a virtual, or a real one. Or at least, don’t tell her from the very beginning that you are American. Maybe at a later stage, when things have already become pretty intense and you are sure she is into you, you can mention your nationality. Otherwise, it’s a no-no topic. First of all, Tunisian women see American men as superfluous and not trustworthy. They watch a lot of Hollywood movies, and not only the Hallmark Channel type, so they seriously believe Americans are aggressive and carry around guns and portable anti-tank weapons all the time.

And there is another fact we need to warn you about in advance: Tunisian girls are expected to marry virgins! So, there's that.

11 Brazil - Love Them

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know that you know who Adriana Lima is! Not only are most Brazilian girls like her – tanned and perfect – but they also radiate the impression of being totally available. The latter is partly due to the fact that the country has a worldwide celebrated party culture. And where there is a party, there are always women who are ready to party 24/7. You may find the Brazilian girls a bit aggressive, but if you are fine with the girl taking the upper hand in the whole courting process, then Brazil will be your heaven on earth. Besides, it’s cheap, it’s gorgeous, and you can wear flip-flops all year round.

10 Greece - Hate Them

Just because most of the actors who played in Mamma Mia were Americans, doesn’t mean that Greeks in general are favorably inclined towards U.S. On the contrary! For starters, it’s easier for a foreigner to make a great catch with a Greek man than with a woman. The reason is simple – Greek women are (still) quite judgemental towards everybody who doesn’t speak their language and whose intentions are OBVIOUSLY to get them in bed. With the guys, however, things might go quite smooth, but that is, of course, if you are looking for a non-stereotypical kind of romance. What is more, the country’s physical beauty may be breath-taking and will haunt you everywhere you go, but, truth be told, Greek women are kinda unsophisticated, although they bear some kind of down-to-earth beauty. Yet, we won’t recommend that you go on a bride-hunt in Greece if you're American.

9 Sweden - Love Them

If you are into exceptionally beautiful blondes, and we mean, as beautiful as if they’ve been Photoshopped, then Sweden is your dream destination! This Scandinavian country is the mecca of true hotness. Despite the bad reputation they’ve earned as distant and cold, these flawless looking girls are very friendly, and, what is more important, very open to getting down and dirty on every possible occasion. You are probably thinking, "Ain’t I out of their league?” No, man, you are not. Ironically enough, for a nation that has embraced neutrality and a low-profile attitude, what those dream blondes consider to be extremely sexy about American guys is their patriotic sentiment and genuine confidence. If you believe in the saying that opposites attract, then you should definitely pack a pair of Wellies and buy a one-way ticket to Stockholm.

8 Germany - Hate Them

In order to meet jovial and easy-going German girls, you have to hang out at outdoor festivals, McDonald's restaurants (we know, it’s lame, but still give it a go!), ice cream shops, wine stubs, University taverns, but our strongest advice is to stick to beer gardens. Yeah, it may be a cliché, but German girls DO love their pint of beer. But if we have to be honest, if you want to get laid in Germany, then you have to call for “Deutsche Freuleins”. To anyone who’s native, this will be a sign you are looking for a prostitute because, despite its innocent dictionary meaning, the word “Fraulein” (Miss) is perceived as sexist and you'll most probably be kicked in the groin for using it. All in all, the easiest way to attract a German chick’s attention is if you are, a) a colored American soldier in Germany, or b) she is a prostitute. The truth is that regular girls are very much drawn to people of color or African origin. They would also gladly be intimate with a Cuban guy.

So, if you are up for a beer, do buy a ticket for Germany. Otherwise, we do not recommend this destination for single, white American males.

7 Australia - Love Them

Australian girls would fall for any guy who doesn’t treat them as “one of the guys.” Which Aussie men tend to do all the time! Although they’ve grown in a very masculine orientated country with quite harsh climate conditions where you can't be afraid of anything, these girls still feel they need to be treated like ladies. What we are trying to say here is that Aussie girls lack romance in their life, and what they’ve seen in romantic comedies, American men can absolutely provide it to them. So in their eyes, American guys are respectful and real gentlemen. And if you happen to wear a uniform, no matter if you’re in the Navy, or just a guard at the airport, you’ll be even more irresistible.

6 Russia - Hate Them

Contrary to what you may think, it has nothing to do with politics. Russian girls may pretend they like American guys, but nobody really knows what is happening in that deep, enigmatic Slavic soul of theirs. To start with, Russian women think that Americans can’t understand their sense of humor, and, believe us, those girls can be hilarious. Russian humor is indeed quite specific because it is exclusively based on irony, so you have to be alert all the time. Moreover, the disparity between the American and Russian education systems is another source of the girls’ discontent with U.S. dudes. At school, Russian students get extensive knowledge of many scientific and humanitarian subjects. You now understand why they find American guys, who come out of school with more practice-orientated skills, undereducated and simple-minded. So, if you still plan to start dating a Russian girl, make sure you learn some general facts about her country… at least.

5 Меxico - Love Them

The reason why the gorgeous, passionate ladies living south of the U.S. border adore America and everything that has to do with it, including its men, is as clear as daylight. They simply dig all the American stereotypes. Of course, you have bigger chance to fix yourself up with a Mexican hottie if you are fair-skinned, because to them, fairer skin is more attractive and desirable. Plus, if you decide to cross that southern border, you’ll get handfuls not only of ample women, but also of cheap, delicious food. And let’s not forget – fountains of tequila. A lot of it! So, make sure you’ve packed additional package of "protection" and … a spare liver. And here is a very useful dating tip: Mexican women may be flirtatious and playful, but they are also very traditional in terms of courtship. Never assume they will approach you first! Instead, start the game by sending your chosen girl flowers and a box of chocolates. This gesture will work miracles for you.

4 Egypt - Hate Them

You may be into Ancient Egyptian mysteries and stuff, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that if you travel to this exotic, Northern-African country some Nefertiti lookalikes would instantly fall at your feet just because you are a distant lookalike of Brendan Fraser from The Mummy. If you fancy an Egyptian girlfriend, then you should probably know that beside the possibility that they will find you unattractive (to their standards!), you’ll have to face other obstacles.

There will be red flags everywhere. Different religions, communication barriers (very few Egyptians speak decent English), and a possible age difference will be only some of the problems you'll face. And if you two sweethearts have met online, there is a huge possibility that you’d be refused a visa entry to Egypt! Your Egyptian girlfriend will insist that you meet her family (consisting of approximately 25 to 35 people, and these are only the close relatives). So if you are not exactly a homey type of guy, that will be another nail in your coffin. Refusing to meet the in-laws in Egypt is seen as a big offence. To recapitulate: You’d better not take chances dating an Egyptian beauty!

3 Ukraine - Love Them

They are stigmatized as gold-diggers. Some of them may be such, but who cares when these Eastern-European beauties demonstrate their love for U.S. guys in such a genuine way! In a country where most of the young girls have the ambition to marry well and have a prosperous life abroad, your chances of finding a nice woman for yourself are pretty high. What adds to Ukraine’s attractiveness is the currency exchange rate and the fact that the country has more women than men. This means, of course, that even the most picky guys are likely to find a girl to their liking. The Ukrainian men are aware that the girls prefer foreigners (and especially Americans), so they do not bother to start relationships. What are the odds for them to win a girl’s heart when a Jim or Jason comes into the picture? That’s right – zero.

2 France - Hate Them

Do we even have to start here? First of all, it’s not a far-fetched assumption that French women, especially the ones living in the big cities, are sophisticated, snobbish, and condescending. And yes, they are inclined to be exceptionally condescending towards American guys. When they shake your hand, you may hear “Pleased to meet you” but what they think is “Oh, you are from the United States? I’m so sorry.” If you ask a French girl if she’ll EVER consider dating an American guy, this is the response you have to expect, “Mais non! Au nom de toutes les femmes Francaises, vous etes tous des garcons.” Meaning, “Absolutely not! Speaking for all French women, you are all boys.” No matter what you do, they’ll always treat you with disrespect. As if you were a 10-year-old.

1 Lebanon - Love Them

In case you are a booze-slash-women aficionado, the good news is that in bars in Lebanon there are five women for every man. This is a statistical fact! Even better news is that Lebanon is erroneously perceived as a strictly Muslim country where it is forbidden to consume alcohol. However, the country IS NOT a Muslim state and its citizens can freely practice their beliefs… and their drinking habits. Now, about the women. Lebanese girls are educated and very smart. Plus, they are trilingual in Arabic, English, and French. Double plus, people who’ve travelled there claim that they are, mildly put, gifted with generous bosoms. Do we need to further advertise this destination? Doubt it.

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