8 Clues To Prove She’s Into Your Best Friend (And 7 She’s Crushing On You)

Birds of a feather flock together, don't they? It shouldn't come as a surprise that you and your friends have some of the same tastes. Maybe you and your buddies like the same food, or drink at the same bar? Do you argue about your favorite sports team and crack 'mom' jokes at the drop of a dime? You bet you do; that's part of the fun!

There is a time when having things in common with your pals is a bad thing. Despite all the positive aspects of hanging out with your buddies, there is one glaring issue, isn't there? Women... It's tough discovering that you and your best friend are crushing on the same girl. Situations like that have caused big problems between guys since the beginning of time.

How can you tell if a girl you know even likes you? That's a question that's boggled the minds of men forever. Probably always will. There are clues though, and yes, they're almost invisible. Better yet, how can you tell if she'd rather date one of your friends? That's a situation any guy would like to avoid, right? Here are 8 clues that prove she's into your best friend (and 7 that she's crushing on you).

15 She Likes Your Friend: Are They Always Talking?

Experts agree that communication is key to a successful relationship. Seems obvious, right? Forms of communicating are happening all around us all the time. Texting, cell phones, and social media have made the ability to say whatever you want to whoever you want instant. Men, much like women, usually discuss with their close friends who they're crushing on at the moment. That's usually... and if you've been left without this clue then here's another one. If your best friend tells you he's been chatting it up with the girl you like then that's not good news for you. Think about it? They wouldn't be talking to each other if they didn't want to.

14 She Likes You: She Seeks Out Your Attention

In some way or another, women like attention. Men do too. When two people start to have feelings for each other it shows in small ways. If the girl that you like seems to be seeking out your opinions, conversation, and approval more often then she was before than she in many ways wants your attention. That's a clue you're climbing up her ranks and she likes being around you. You're on her mind, in a good way. She's probably cool with your friends because she's a cool person. Let's hope so, right? If the girl that you're lusting after is making a conscious effort to get more of your time in a passive kind of way, then chances are she likes you too.

13 She Likes Your Friend: Do They Ask About Each Other?

Small talk is small talk amongst friends. When those conversations often lead to the same subject, though, you can be sure there's a reason why. That's especially true if the girl you like keeps asking you about your best friend. If your buddy asks you about her too, then it's apparent they've formed some kind of connection. This usually happens early after meeting somebody new and it's a good time to get out of the way and save yourself the problem. The girl you like and your best friend are curious about each other. That's never more obvious than when they ask where the other one's at when one of them is not around.

12 She Likes You: She Wants To Hear Your Story

There's a cool little article over at askmen.com on a similar topic as the one we're discussing today. The article reports that "If she’s showing a great deal of interest in all your stories, it could mean one of two things: either you’re an amazing storyteller who she finds interesting in a platonic way… or she’s trying to pick you up. Hint: unless everyone always finds you this dazzling, it’s probably the latter." I'm not sure I could have said it any better myself. If the girl you like is interested in hearing what you have to say, then you better start talking! If you decide to keep quiet, don't be surprised when she changes her mind.

11 She Likes Your Friend: Where Did They Go?

Creating distance between potential problems is a pretty standard way to try and move through life. When another person puts some distance between you and them, you know that something has changed their view of you. That isn't always a bad thing. In this particular instance it is bad though, and if the girl that you like is creating distance between you and her, that's no bueno. If you're finding that she's chilling with your friend and not you, then the writing is on the wall. It's crystal clear that she's into your best friend and it's time for you to put the puzzle pieces together and deal with it.

10 She Likes You: She Puts You Before The Other Guys

Are you noticing that the girl you're crushing on seems to be putting you before the other men in her life? As in none of them seem to be around...then that's a clue that proves she's into you. Jiya from Quora tells us your going to have to decide who's more important to you, though. She says "It's simple... Decide whom you love more! Your best friend or that girl. The answer lies within. Don't try to be sacrificial because that will lead to grudges between you and your best friend later. You'll always have one thing in mind and that's because of him you weren't able to express your love!" I'm not sure it's as simple as Jiya says but she does point out the elephant in the room doesn't she? If she's putting you before all the other men in her life than you may have to have a talk with your best bud soon.

9 She Likes Your Friend:  Do They Have Secrets?

Two guys pursuing one girl isn't anything new and reading stories online can reveal some useful information. Trust me, you don't want to find yourself in the same boat as this internet user. He fesses up saying, "I said once in front of them (his crush and his best friend) and a few other people that I really like her. But I sometimes say stuff that makes them closer to each other. I know he likes her. She knows I like her. He knows I like her. She likes him more. Anything I can do? He's my best friend and a very kind person too." It sounds like everyone in this uncomfortable situation knew what was going down, but nobody wanted to say it out loud. If the girl you like keeps things between her and your friend, then it's probably because she's into him and not you.

8 She Likes You: She's Asked You What Your "Type" Is

If the woman you're after keeps asking you questions like, "what is your type" then she probably likes you and not your best friend. An article by Tania Dworjan tells men "As a general rule, if a girl asks you about what type of girls you like, she likes you. When a girl likes a guy, she wants to know what her chances are and how she stacks up against other girls. If you mention a date with a girl and she immediately tells you something negative about that girl, you can assume there's some interest. Another clear sign is if a girl begins to ask you what your 'type' is? This is especially obvious if she begins to slowly change into that type (for example, if you say you like brunettes and she dyes her hair that color)."

7 She Likes Your Friend: Are They Not Including You?

Are the girl and guy you like more than anyone else not including you in what they like to do for fun? Well, that's likely because they dig each other and they don't want you messing that up buddy. So, if you've noticed that the pretty woman you like and your best bud have begun spending time together and have recently started to exclude you, then that's a sign that she's into your friend and not you. As we've previously discussed this is a dicey situation, and they probably aren't trying to hurt your feelings on purpose. Little clues like this one say they'd rather spend time together without you. Sorry, Charley.

6 She Likes You: She Wants To Hang Out With You...Alone!

Yes, this photo is home to a real question from a Reddit user in 2015. Now, to give this dude some credit (not pictured here) he fully admitted that he was "borderline underweight, average at best looks, no social charisma/confidence that girls love, no car, etc...I'm practically a loser, and that's fine. I have virtually ZERO experience with girls, and if it's possible to have a negative experience, then I have that too. I'm talking about no kiss, never held hands, never been on a date, etc. My idea of a good time is staying home on Friday and playing Battlefield 4 with a bunch of other online friends." In other words, he had no experience with females. He wanted to know if a girl that had been asking him to hang out alone, liked him. If a female wants to be around you and pays little attention to your friends, then she likes you. God, I LOL every time I read his description of himself. Talk about honesty!

5 She Likes Your Friend: What Does Her Body Language Tell You?

According to luvze.com, there are over 40 body language signs that a female can use to show that she likes a man. My goodness...Why not 100, or 1000? How much more do they need? Luvze.com also says that some common body language signals she'll show if she's interested are, "she plays with her hair or touches her neck, she giggles and laughs at (his) jokes, she invades (his) personal space on purpose, and she reaches out to touch (him)." These are all clues that you're either the man, or you're not the man, that a woman wants the attention of! So, if the pretty lady that you and the rest of the guys are swooning over is giving off body language clues like these, you can be sure it's not you that she wants to get to know better.

4 She Likes You: She Gets Back To You

Here's a clear sign that a girl likes you and not your friend; she gets back to you in a reasonable amount of time when you contact her. You'd do the same for her too, right? Sure you would. When two people start to have feelings for each other, they show it by being attentive. She not only has your undivided attention but you have hers. Hopefully when the lines of communication are flowing like this, then your best friends aren't getting in the way of progress. Are you're wondering whether or not a certain someone is into you or your good friend; then you should know a clue like this one hints at her liking you.

3 She Likes Your Friend: She Wants To Hang Out When She Knows He'll Be There!

A cool article over at complex.com tells us some signs a woman communicates when she's after your friend and not you. Their article is different as far as the topic goes but the same theory does apply here. If a girl you like is asking about your best friend then the conversation usually goes something like this according to Complex Pop Culture, You: "I'm going to hoop with the guys." Her: "Will Paul be going, too"? You: "Well, we're going to his house." Her: "Aww! I haven't seen him in forever. I'm coming with you!" When you see it spelled out for you like that it sure looks like she's crushing on your friend and not you, huh? It doesn't matter if it's before or after you start dating a girl, if she's asking where your friend is, then there's a reason to worry.

2 She Likes You: Even When She's Far Away She's Not Too Far From You

People are busy! When we meet somebody new, we don't have time to spend every waking second with that person, do we? It's a reality of life that getting to know someone takes a long time. You can tell if a girl likes you and not a friend of yours with this simple clue; if she's not usually around and she keeps in contact with you, then she probably digs you. If you and your buddies were out on a weekend night and got to hang out with a group of fun females then good for you? If one of them keeps in contact with you after she's gone that's better yet. That's a solid sign that you're the man she's interested in and not your pals.

1 She Likes Your Friend: Have They Spent Late Nights Together?

Does the girl that you have a crush on seem to be spending more and more time with your best bud? Have any of their adventures together turned into a late night out on the town without you? I'm sorry my friend, but if that's the case, it's because they're having more fun with you at home. If this has happened and has been pestering you there's a valid reason why? It's a clue that she's into your best friend and not you. When this situation presents itself a person doesn't have much of a leg left to stand on. The girl that you like has decided that she likes one of your buddies. Time to move on.

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