8 Celebrities Endorsing Donald Trump And 8 Endorsing Hillary Clinton

The current Presidential election is already one of the most bizarre in American history. November 8th will be the date we witness history as the two polarizing candidates battle to become the leader of the free world. Voters are split with both sides having passionate supporters but many having apathy towards both candidates. Businessman and reality television star Donald Trump has somehow become the Republican candidate through his loud talking points and appeal to a specific sect of Americans. Many believe his views are racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-LGBT. Some of those controversial stances are why he is popular to many of his audience.

Hillary Clinton is representing the Democratic side after many years of trying to get to the Presidency. As the former First Lady and a lifelong politician, Clinton has the experience advantage. The issue is many believe she’s made past mistakes in office that prove she won’t be a competent President. There’s a growing popular belief that this is the worst election in recent memory. While both have a fair share of detractors, their supporters speak up loudly on their behalf. Much like the average American, celebrities have to vote and they have used their platforms to endorse their candidate. We’ll view some of the bigger names to show support for each Trump and Clinton.

16 Trump Supporter: Hulk Hogan


As the biggest star in wrestling history, Hulk Hogan still finds his name in the news. Hogan has gone on the record that he is supporting Donald Trump in his bid to become United States President. The former WWE legend actually tried to get on the ticket as a Vice President candidate. It sounds ridiculous that a former wrestler that has recently been in the news for making racist comments could be Vice President, but just look at Trump’s resume before running for office.

15 Hillary Supporter: Olivia Wilde


Olivia Wilde is one of the more outspoken celebrities when it comes to social issues and laws that come with it. The talented actress definitely doesn’t shy away from stepping outside of the Hollywood bubble to discuss her personal viewpoints. Wilde has endorsed Hillary Clinton in belief of her being the right woman to make history as the first female to become United States President. The dream of Wilde was to see Elizabeth Warren run as Vice President under Clinton, but Wilde stated she knew it would never happen in a million years due to the political oppositions.

14 Trump Supporter: Scott Baio


The acting career of Scott Baio is primarily known for his work on various hit 80s sitcoms such as Happy Days, Joanie Loves Chachi and Charles in Charge. Baio has resurfaced as one of the most public vocal supporters of Donald Trump. The viewpoints of Baio are more old-school which endeared Trump’s campaign to him. Trump has been criticized for a video being released of him making offensive comments about having the power to grope random women if he is attracted enough to them.

13 Hillary Supporter: Steven Spielberg


The career of work by Steven Spielberg has earned him the legacy of being one of the greatest movie minds of all time. Between his directing, producing and screenwriting, Spielberg delivered countless classic films and earned a great deal of money. The large savings account of Spielberg allowed him to make a huge donation towards Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Spielberg donated one million bucks to help get Clinton get elected as the Democratic candidate.

12 Trump Supporter: Ted Nugent


Musician Ted Nugent has been very vocal of his political beliefs for many years. The avid Republican has shown support for Donald Trump’s campaign as the new face of the party. Nugent is a huge advocate of hunting and owning guns. This earned Trump his vote and endorsement. Nugent loves that Trump doesn’t hold back his words. The fact that he isn’t politically correct plays into Nugent’s own personal beliefs of what America should be.

11 Hillary Supporter: Katy Perry


Katy Perry has been one of the most active singers showing support for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The couple of Perry and Orlando Bloom attended Clinton’s fundraiser in New York and Perry performed a song. Perry chose to perform her hit song “Unconditionally” because she felt Clinton is the kind of person that shows unconditional love to the country. The support of Clinton has been shown by Perry on multiple occasions at her shows and on social media

10 Trump Supporter: Mike Tyson


Boxing legend Mike Tyson is an avid supporter of Donald Trump. Unlike the celebrities on this list to support Trump for his social viewpoints or political beliefs, Tyson endorses the Republican candidate due to their friendship. Tyson feels Trump is more personal compared to the average politician due to Trump lovingly shaking Tyson’s hand and asking about his family. Iron Mike claims he is written off by others due to his past convictions and various strikes to his reputation but Trump ignores that.

9 Hillary Supporter: LeBron James


As the biggest NBA star and arguably the biggest star in all of sports, LeBron James made headlines with his endorsement of Hillary Clinton. James is often compared to Michael Jordan when discussing the greatest NBA players of all time. Jordan had a reputation for refusing to discuss politics with the famous quote of “Republicans buy sneakers too.” Unlike Jordan, James has spoken up about his beliefs on policies and social issues.

8 Trump Supporter: Kid Rock


Detroit rock star Kid Rock is a Republican and has made it known during the Presidential election. Kid Rock didn’t always support Donald Trump. His original endorsement went to Dr. Ben Carson during the Republican primaries. That switched when it was all but assured that Trump would be the Republican representative in the race. Kid Rock endorsed Trump saying he was digging the campaign of him attempting to “make America great again.”

7 Hillary Supporter: Scarlett Johansson


All celebrities have some sort of influence and cool things about them, but Hillary Clinton is the only one that can say Black Widow is endorsing her. Well, at least the actress that plays Black Widow in the Avengers movies is. Scarlett Johansson has gone on the record that she believes Clinton is the best choice the next President of the United States. One of the factors that Johansson believes contributes to Clinton aside from the experience in politics is her experience as a mother.

6 Trump Supporter: Gary Busey


One of Donald Trump’s biggest celebrity supporters is someone that worked on his reality show. Gary Busey appeared on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice as a contestant on the hit program. The acting career of Busey earned him fame but he started to develop a reputation of being an unpredictable personality. That made him perfect for the reality show and adds another similarity that connects him to his friend and former “boss.”

5 Hillary Supporter: Ellen DeGeneres


Based on Ellen DeGeneres’ lifestyle in a gay marriage, it was obvious she wouldn’t support the Republican Party, but she has gone on the record to be a huge Hillary Clinton supporter. On her hit daytime talk show Ellen, she endorsed Clinton when interviewing the candidate. DeGeneres spoke glowingly about Clinton claiming she was clearly the most intelligent and qualified person running for the job. The controversy of talk shows choosing which candidates to interview isn’t one Ellen has against her.

4 Trump Supporter: Tom Brady


New England Patriots superstar quarterback Tom Brady is viewed as a “golden boy” in the NFL world. Between the good luck and good looks, Brady has basically lived a dream life and earned it by producing on the field throughout his entire career. The first controversial public statements from Brady came when he endorsed Donald Trump to be the next United States President. Brady and Trump have become friends through the years due to their fame tying them together in various social situations.

3 Hillary Supporter: Kerry Washington


Actress Kerry Washington is by far one of the biggest Hillary Clinton supporters in Hollywood. Washington frequently makes appearances on various shows discussing all of the reasons she supports Clinton. The support for Hillary has become associated with her career at this point. Washington and the rest of the set of hit show Scandal greeted Clinton when the Presidential candidate visited them and thanked Washington personally for her support.

2 Trump Supporter: Clint Eastwood


Legendary actor Clint Eastwood has endorsed Donald Trump in the most bizarre of ways. Eastwood does not love Trump as a politician but he appreciates what he stands for. The dislike for the Democratic Party is one of the leading factors in Eastwood’s viewpoints as he thinks Hillary Clinton will follow in the steps of Barack Obama in disappointing him. Eastwood also took to the defense calling out those who view Trump’s offensive comments.

1 Hillary Supporter: Robert De Niro

Hillary Clinton also has a legendary actor on her side as Robert De Niro has become synonymous with her campaign support. De Niro believes Clinton has paid her dues learning everything needed to be an effective President compared to the lack of experience on Donald Trump. Aside from having faith in Hillary, De Niro downright loathes everything that Trump stands for. The recent video surfacing of Trump making comments about potentially sexually assaulting women caused the actor to react strongly.

De Niro made a video of his own expressing his dislike for the evilness and bullying ways of Trump. The main message of the video was De Niro expressing fears for the future and pleading with Americans to vote Hillary. The most entertaining part was him stating he’d love to punch Trump in the face. De Niro will be remembered in the historical memories of his election as being one of the biggest Clinton supporters and Trump detractors.

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8 Celebrities Endorsing Donald Trump And 8 Endorsing Hillary Clinton