8 Best (And 8 Worst) Countries To Live In If You're A White Male

No matter where you are in the world, the grass is always greener somewhere else. Depending on where you are in the world, you, as a man, might find yourself coveting the lives of men in other countries. That could be for a lot of reasons, but if you're really being honest, you're probably at least a little jealous because you're thinking that you're going to find hotter women who are more compatible with you in a country other than where you are. You might actually find yourself planning trips to places that you might think have great dating scenes or even the possibility to marry a better class of women. While that's one way to go about things, you really shouldn't book your flight until you find out where you should really go.

We've done the research and found that there are eight countries that you should definitely book a trip to if you're looking to meet women and eight countries you should really think before planning a trip to for that purpose. While all sixteen of these places are known for producing some of the most beautiful women in the world, eight should be approached with a certain degree of caution for a few reasons. This goes double if you're a white guy. While some countries are great for dating for all kinds of men, only a few countries stand out as being great for picking up women if you're a white man. Without any further introduction, here are the eight countries white guys should book flights for immediately if they want to meet women, and eight countries they should think twice before going to or steer clear from altogether.


16 Best - Taiwan

In Taiwan, you won't go twenty feet without seeing a Taiwanese woman with a white guy. Taiwan has the best of both worlds: women looking for Western men and a society leaning heavily towards women's rights. It's really expensive living in Taiwan, though, which is something to consider since many adults there live at home. Also, Taiwanese culture dictates that the woman moves into the same house with her husband's family when she marries, and the prospect of marrying into a controlling family is enough to make Taiwanese women wary of dating at all. If you're a man looking to marry a Taiwanese girl, this might be the country to stay in for a little while, marry someone, then go back to your country of origin. Taiwanese women are also conditioned to play up their most innocent, even child-like traits in order to attract men, so if that's something you're into, Taiwan is the country for you.

15 Worst - The United States


It might be weird to see the U.S. on this list. However, it's important to include them because American women are some of the hottest in the world, and more importantly, it's an incredibly diverse country that has some women from every other country on this list. You will definitely never get bored of American women. That being said, if you're a white guy from another country looking to move here to meet women, don't. I say this as an American woman: Americans can be the worst sometimes. We have gold-diggers and dating scams that are just as bad or worse than the ones in other countries, plus an incredibly competitive dating scene that doesn't bode well for people coming here to date. Keep in mind, the white guys looking to date in other countries are pretty likely to be starting out from the United States. You might think that that means less competition for you if you come here, but it means the opposite. America is also not the friendliest place for ex-pats right now, so there's that, too.

14 Best - Iceland

Icelandic women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. However, if you're planning on moving to Iceland to meet women, it's important to know what actually happens. First off, no, you will not be getting $5,000 to marry an Icelandic woman if you're a foreigner. That's a myth that has been debunked, but it's important that you know that before you go shipping off to a country that's really cold and has a totally different language from your own. That being said, Iceland is one of the countries that have a lot more women there than men, so you'd have no shortage of women to talk to there. There are also a lot of dating sites that cater specifically to Iceland because of how small the dating market is for women. Iceland is also incredibly forward thinking and liberal, so the women are as well if that's what you're into.

13 Worst - Vietnam


Vietnam is home to some of the hottest women in the world, and they're also really traditional on average. A general rule of thumb in this country is to look for the woman's English proficiency and whether she has a curfew. Yes, adult women in this country will most likely have a curfew if they still live at home. If you're looking for a woman to marry in Vietnam, you actually want a woman who has a curfew. If the woman speaks English really well, it's probably a sign that they've dated a lot of English speaking guys, so they're the women you want for a more short-lived relationship. The country is a lot like Thailand used to be, which sounds awesome until you remember how bad the marriage scams are in Thailand. Essentially, Vietnam has the same potential to get scammed as Thailand, so tread carefully.

12 Best - Indonesia

Indonesian women have a reputation for being simultaneously modest and wild. If you're trying to marry a white guy, that's a pretty good reputation to have. On top of that, English is a big language in Indonesia so you won't have a ton of trouble communicating. They're also looking, most of the time, for strong, powerful men who can be heads of their households. They also have a predisposition towards liking white guys, so this is helpful. On the downside, Indonesian women are really traditional, so you'll have to charm their family as well if you want a long term relationship with an Indonesian woman. They're also predominately Muslim, so if you're not okay with that, Indonesian women might not be the ones for you. The same goes for those who prefer going Dutch, because Indonesian dating culture dictates that the man pays for everything.

11 Worst - Russia


Russian women are practically deified for their hotness, but don't let that deceive you: dating scams in Russia are so prevalent that the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Russia has a page about their internet dating scams. Chances are you already know a story about someone who scammed or was almost scammed by someone pretending to be a Russian woman. If this isn't enough to scare you out of going to Russia to find a woman or answering that email, there are some things you need to know about avoiding these scams. For one thing, if the pictures of the woman are too good to be true, they probably are. If they avoid perfectly reasonable questions or attempts to verify their identity, it's definitely a scam. If they ask for money, run away quickly. While it's definitely possible to meet and marry a hot Russian woman, the possibility of getting scammed might be too great a risk for the potential reward.

10 Best - Aruba

I've actually been to Aruba, so I can tell you that it is a gorgeous island with even more gorgeous people. If you're a white guy looking to date someone outside of your country, look no further than Aruba. Not only are the women gorgeous, people are so focused on going to other places to date that they all forget about Aruba. Speaking Spanish will help you here because not all the women there are native to Aruba. Some are Colombian, Venezuelan, or Dominican. Tourism is a booming business there (I was a tourist myself), so most everyone there speaks English. Many people think that Aruba isn't all that great, but it totally is. You don't even really have to worry too much about the weather there. Aruba is the only island in the Caribbean that sits outside of the hurricane zone, so it almost never gets humid there. Just make sure you talk to women in places that aren't tourist traps.


9 Worst - Egypt


Egyptian women are some of the hottest in the world, but the dating scam culture in Egypt is almost terrifying. Even women get scammed in Egypt. More importantly, a lot of the women in Egypt are circumcised. The act of circumcising a woman became illegal a few years ago, but that still means many of the women there are circumcised. It's actually more likely for Egyptian guys to leave Egypt to sleep with Western women rather than the other way around. One Egyptian man who did just that spoke to the Huffington Post about his experience. "I tell myself I should never have left Egypt. Then I wouldn’t know the difference. The men here, they are satisfied. They have sex for two minutes, just to relieve themselves, and the women lie like boards. My brothers, for them it’s like that. What do they know? They’re farmers. They have never slept with tourists.”

8 Best - Ukraine

Ukrainian women are known for being just as intelligent as they are beautiful. These are women that know their value, and you might find yourself very happy with one if you come correct. Ukrainian women bear huge similarities to Russian women, and the comparisons are definitely there for those who want to make them. That being said, Ukrainian women have a reputation for being less emotional and more rational than Russian women, which is why they're often seen as a better option. Ukraine is still a country at war, though, so expect people to ask you directly what an ex-pat like you is there for. A story that shows that you plan on settling there permanently will go a long way towards showing yourself as a viable option for dating. Also, Ukrainian women aren't just intelligent, they value intelligence in others, so if you're not at least a little cultured, this country might not work out for you.

7 Worst - China


If you're not looking to marry a Chinese woman, don't go to China to date. Chinese people from China aren't as comfortable dating casually, so most relationships start out serious. A lot of white guys end up going to China to find a wife in middle age because westerners are more into the idea of marriage when they're older. However, Chinese women are kind of working against the clock on this one. If you're a Chinese woman and you're not married after you turn 27, you're seen as an old maid. Women who are unmarried in their late twenties are actually called "leftover women." It's part of their culture and considered a major part of a stable life. If you're a white guy going to China to date, you might find yourself unable to find very many young women who are single for this reason.

6 Best - The Philippines

Full disclosure: I have a family member who just went to the Philippines to marry a lovely woman there, so I can attest to how desirable the women are to men all over the world. They are known for being beautiful, hospitable, and family oriented. They're raised to have a strong character and understand that beauty is beyond skin deep, so they're not shallow at all. On top of that, they're practical and able to deal with financial matters. They also have a reputation for being kind and happy, so you'll never be bored or unhappy for long around one of these ladies. There's also the small detail that this country is made up of such beautiful people that they're often the favorites to win any beauty pageant. The Philippines has one Miss World crown, three Miss Universe crowns, six Miss International crowns and three Miss Earth crowns, which is nothing to sneeze at. Just make sure to respect her space, family, and religion, and you're golden.

5 Worst - Thailand


You might think that Thailand is one of the best places to meet women and possibly marry one, but you'd be wrong. Not only might you get your heart broken, you might end up with an empty wallet, too. While Thai women are some of the most beautiful in the world, marrying a white guy from a western country is an awesome way to get out of debt and to be supported for the rest of your life. Marriage to foreigners out there is essentially a country-wide industry. Many guys have ended up going to Thailand to find a wife, only to leave the country broke and heartbroken because they poured all their money into taking care of a woman and her family, only for them to totally spurn him when he runs out of money. If this isn't enough to deter you, here's some simple advice: if she sounds too good to be true, run.

4 Best - Brazil

Brazilian women are considered the hottest in the world for a very good reason. Brazilian girls can look like a lot of other nationalities, but they have the reputation of having, on average, great skin and amazing bodies. On top of that, Brazilian women put a lot of stock in their appearance, so you'll find no shortage of any type of woman you're looking for. They're not just beautiful on the outside, they're beautiful on the inside, too. Many men who've gone to Brazil to pick up women have found themselves going back year after year because they're so fascinated with the women there. In addition, the dating culture there is pretty simple and to the point. There's no need for mind games with a Brazilian woman, and if anything mind games will actually hurt your chances. Just make sure you know at least a little Portuguese before you go.

3 Worst - Qatar


Regardless of how hot the women are in Qatar, it's among the worst places to date in the world. For one, the political climate there is not great, and believe it or not, that will play a factor in your dating life. There's also a huge influx of male expats entering Qatar because of the construction and energy industries. That has made it so there are 1.5 million males in Qatar and 450,000 females. That's over three men per woman in the place! A general rule of thumb for dating in foreign countries: stay away from places that already have expats coming in. In Qatar, for example, there are 1.95 million and some odd people living there. Out of all of those people, less than 300,000 of them are native to Qatar. It's just not worth it to go there for a date since you'll be fighting with a ton of other foreign guys. It is a good place to forget about women and focus on work though, so there's that.

2 Best - Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country that's literally made of hot people, regardless of gender. Full disclosure: one of my first real crushes was on a guy named Vlad who worked at my first job. He was a blond guy from Bulgaria who had a really thick Eastern European accent, and I was the most awkward 17-year-old girl in the world talking to him because I was so smitten. As for Bulgarian women, they are known for their extremely dark hair and being from a country that no one knows anything about. It's because of that reputation that they're known for being a little mysterious. A lot of Bulgarian women have a less Western mentality, and they're not really impressed by people who are Western. On top of that, the real quality girls are often taken. That being said, those men willing to deal with those minor drawbacks are often rewarded with the prospect of dating incredibly gorgeous women.

1 Worst - Saudi Arabia


Dating in Saudi Arabia can be kind of a nightmare. No matter how pretty the women there are, it's just not worth dealing with the laws that make dating impossible there. Saudi Arabia is one of the most conservative countries in the entire world. Sure, many people do go to Saudi Arabia and find love there, but if you plan on dating there, you need to be thinking about marriage. A lot of dating there has to be kept under the radar, and don't even think about getting caught sleeping with someone outside of marriage or else you'll get in trouble with the law. Also, adultery is so frowned upon that it's a capital offense, so stay away from any married women. If none of that scares you about dating in Saudi Arabia, make sure you register with your embassy when you get there and go to those events, since more open-minded people will go there.


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