7 Signs She’ll Cheat (8 She Already Cheated)

Before we start digging in dirty here, we want to point out that there are tons of women out there that would never consider cheating on their men. Women are hardwired to be faithful basically from childhood; it’s really not in their nature to step out on their man. When we're into a guy, we are typically loyal almost to a fault. But they aren’t the ones that we are talking about in this article. If you have been getting those spidey senses lately that make you wonder if your girl might be cheating then we are here to help. Many men believe that their woman would never step out on them, but there might just be that urge one of these days and you want to be prepared for that.

No one wants to ever think that their girl could be cheating on them, but it does happen! Like when you come home and find your girl in bed with your best friend! Or surprise your brother at work one afternoon only to find your girl on his desk! Is there ever a way to find out she’s cheating before that dreaded walk-in moment? We're happy to say, there is. There are usually red flags that crop up before the actual cheating occurs. There are ways to tell if she’s about to cheat and whether she's already cheated on you. Do you think you can handle the truth? We have 7 signs she’ll cheat and 8 signs that she already cheated.


14 She Keeps Mentioning The Same Name

It doesn’t matter if it’s her high school friend, a guy at work, or even your best friend, if your girl keeps mentioning the same guy’s name, it’s usually because she can’t stop thinking about him. She can’t help but drop his name in every conversation you’re having. Do you want to see that new movie? Well, Josh said it was amazing. You want to try out the burger joint? Well guess what, Josh has been raving about it. Keep your ears peeled on what she’s talking about. Does she tell you how amazing her personal trainer is like sixteen times a day? Well, if so, then there is a chance that she wants to do more than train with him. Now, don’t get us wrong, we aren’t saying that she can never talk about another guy, we are talking about frequent name dropping that will eventually get a little annoying.

13 Is She About To Turn 25, 35, or 45?

There is just something about those half birthdays that get a girl to start thinking about where her life is going. When a lady turns 25, she starts to wonder what the heck she has been doing for the past five years. Don’t believe us? A psychologist by the name of Don-David Lusterman wrote a book called Infidelity: A Survival Guide and he speaks about just that. “She’ll think deeply about her love life and its direction, and if it’s not going the way she planned, she might jump at the chance to correct it with an affair.” So, the question is, do you think your girl is in a happy place in her life and that she has all her ducks in a row? If not, then maybe you might want to sit her down and see how you can make her life goals happen together. It’s never too late to stop cheating from happening.

12 She Starts Giving You Plenty Of Space

Maybe she was needy before and all of a sudden, she doesn’t mind when you tell her you’re going out for the night with your boys. You smile as you walk out the door thinking life is just wonderful. But you never stop to question why she has suddenly had a change of heart. Of course, not all girls need their man around them all the time, but we are talking about when you notice a change. If your girl is suddenly okay with you not being around or has stopped fighting for your time, it might be because she has someone else on her mind. If you suddenly never have enough time together, that could be a huge red flag and one that you should check out. Having free time is healthy for any relationship, but it’s different if she can’t get you out of the door fast enough.

11 She’s Been Promoted

Women, if you haven’t noticed, love goals. They are always striving to be better and to achieve more, especially in today’s society. She loves knocking down those milestones and if she reaches a milestone in her career, she may start looking around at her life and thinking, “Now what?” The next milestone may be her relationship and she may start realizing that things haven’t been going where she wants them to go. She will be high as a kite from her promotion and she will start to get the itch to have the rest of her life in order as well. Plus, if she’s making more money, than there’s a higher chance that she will cheat. Seriously, it’s true. Again, we aren’t saying all women. The University of Washington did a study where they found that people (not just women) who earned more than $75,000 a year were more likely to cheat than those that earned less than $30,000.

10 She Wants To Fight

woman thowing a bucket of water at her partner

Either she really enjoys make-up s*x or she’s itching to give herself a reason to move on. Is your girl all of a sudden picking fights with you, seemingly over nothing? You both used to get along so well, so why are you fighting all of a sudden. Maybe you forgot to buy milk or you didn’t text her back on time, either way, she completely snapped on you. It doesn’t seem to matter what you do; she just wants to fight with you. So, what could you have possibly done wrong? Maybe nothing, but these things usually happen for a reason. There is another problem that she’s not ready to talk with you about. It could be that she is unhappy with the state of your relationship at the present time. Instead of talking to you about it, she’s trying to emotionally push you away.

9 She’s Mysterious

We aren’t talking about the air of mystery that some women have. Let’s be honest, sometimes men just can’t figure them out to begin with. It’s one thing if she’s always had a bit of mystery to her, but what we are talking about is if she seems more mysterious than usual. Being mysterious for a woman is usually a good thing unless it crops up all of a sudden. Does she start to keep things to herself or only give you one-word answers when you ask her questions? Sometimes, she might even make you feel like you don’t talk to each other anymore. If she’s not interested in talking to you about her day, then something might be up. If she goes out and then doesn’t really want to talk about it, she may be on the verge of cheating.

8 You Move In Together

Sounds crazy, right? Why would moving in together trigger someone to cheat? Well, typically when you are living apart, you have more to talk about because you don’t see each other as often. Now that you two are living together, you won’t feel the need to talk all the time. This could make her feel like she’s boring you all of a sudden. Stuart Fischoff, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at California State University at Los Angeles states, “She could subconsciously interpret this as meaning that you think she’s boring. If there’s someone else around who finds her attractive and intriguing — and shows it — she might go for him instead.” When it comes to moving in, girls are bound to start thinking about getting engaged, so make sure she knows that she is always on your mind.


7 She's Not As Affectionate

If she is thinking about some other guy, then it’s normal for her to start distancing herself from you. It might seem like she’s not as affectionate with you as she usually is. It’s not just about not getting as many hugs and kisses as you used to get either, you might even find your bedroom life diminishing slowly. Getting less s*x doesn’t always mean that she’s going to cheat on you, you guys might just be going through the ebbs and flows of a relationship. Keep your wits about you here. Keep your eyes peeled for drastic changes, things that seem a little out of the ordinary. If the affection between the two of you has changed, then that could be a red flag. There is usually a reason for too much of a change and you guys might need to sit down and talk. Cheating could already be happening, so check out these signs that she may have already done the deed.

6 You’re Not the Guy That She Comes Running To

Remember those days when she used to come running to you, excited to tell you about her day? She used to tell you about that annoying co-worker that she had or how well she was doing at the gym? When was the last time she did that? If you’re not her go-to guy any longer, it may be because she has found someone else to talk to about her day. Lisa Brateman, L.C.S.W., psychotherapist and relationship specialist says, “It likely means she's talking about all that to someone else and sharing personal details of her life with this other person who truly listens and encourages her which only deepens their emotional connection.” If that’s the case, then you are truly in trouble. If you find that your girl is no longer coming to you with the important details in her life, then something might be up with her.

She'd Rather Sleep

We discussed this before and it will hold especially true now. If you and your girl used to have an active s*x life and suddenly it starts to decrease to the point where it’s nonexistent, then she could be cheating on you. For the most part, women will not continue to sleep with her old partner if she found a new one. Every couple has their own routine. Whether you were doing it twice a week or every single night, you will notice if that routine has changed at all. If she starts giving you excuses for why she doesn’t want to sleep with you, just ask yourself if her reasons are valid. Could she really be tired all the time or is it boring? We’re not talking about if she turns you down every once in a while, we mean when she always has an excuse not turn up the heat.

5 Her Appearance Changes

We are talking about drastic and noticeable changes in your girl. We’re not talking about whether or not she wore a new hair tie one day. The gym is a big one. Did she suddenly start going to the gym? Now if she’s been talking to you for a while about getting back in shape, than this one may not be an issue. But people who cheat start caring more about the way they look. She might be wearing her hair differently, losing weight, putting on makeup every day, or even buying a new perfume. If your girl is the ponytail and sweats type and all of a sudden, she’s dressing nicely all the time, you might want to take notice. It’s not so much what’s she’s doing, but look for what she is doing differently from her norm.

4 She’s Busy All The Time

Did you guys always have a special routine on the weekend and then it suddenly changed. Instead of going for lunch on a Saturday to your favorite restaurant, she's made plans with her friends. If you notice that you're seeing your girlfriend less, than something might be up. If your plans are taking less precedent in her life, it could be because she wants to spend her time with someone else. If she is spending less time with you, then it could be because her interest in the relationship is decreasing. She wants to spend her time elsewhere with possibly another man. Whether she’s really going out with her friends to meet someone new or whether she’s just telling you she is to meet up with her new man, you have now become the last person that she wants to spend time with.

3 She Starts To Get Defensive

If you find that every time you broach the subject about your relationship your girl starts to get aggressive and defensive, there could be a reason for that. Lisa Brateman, L.C.S.W., psychotherapist says, “It may be because she is deflecting or hiding something. In a loving relationship, your partner wants to know how you're feeling. This is part of the process of resolving what feels different or uncomfortable.” The situation can be made 100 per cent worse if there is no trust in the relationship already. If one or both of you have broken trust before it can make these conversations very difficult to have. If you broach the subject of your relationship being different and she behaves overly nice or mad, then that’s a red flag.

2 She Doesn’t Text You As Much

Remember when you first started dating and you guys used to text each other all the time? Well, that’s bound to drop off a little as you leave the honeymoon stage, but if you start to notice that she doesn’t really check in with you as much anymore unless it’s to ask you where you are, then it could be because she genuinely doesn’t care. If she’s cheating on you, then chances are she is spending her time texting another man and doesn’t think about you as often as she normally would have. Now lack of texting could be chalked up to stress at work or something else going on in her life, but you can figure that out by just asking her a few questions. If there is a lack of interest on her part to send you messages any longer, then you have to start asking yourself why it takes her so long to get back to you.

1 She’s Not Making Plans For The Future

You guys used to make plans all the time, whether it was for an upcoming wedding, that awesome vacation you guys wanted to take, or random road trips. All of a sudden, there doesn’t seem to be any dates on the calendar. You haven’t discussed time off for vacation and she has yet to send in the reply for her friend’s wedding. Could it be that she has no interest in making plans with you for the future because she’s unsure of whether you will still be in her future? Life gets busy, so it could be explained by simple preoccupation, but it’s also possible that her future plans are a way to escape the relationship and she just hasn’t told you yet. She may not even be aware that she’s doing it, but if she’s cheating, she may be making future plans with someone else.


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