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7 Bogus Diet Tips And 7 That Actually Work

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7 Bogus Diet Tips And 7 That Actually Work


Many of us have been there. You know, that moment in your life where you do all the “right” things but you cannot seem to shed that stubborn body fat? I feel you girl (or man), trust me. As someone who has always struggled with keeping the extra weight off, I have done almost every supposed diet trick in the book. So yes, you can trust me. From three day diets to permanent lifestyle changes, I know which diet tips really work. However, you have to understand that results may vary from person to person – we are all wonderfully different. Our bodies do not process anything whatsoever the exact same way; some lose fast and some slow, but progress is progress.

Although the whole curvy, voluptuous, and thick women thing have been quite popular and desirable, there is a very thin line between curvy and fat. I hate the line, you hate the line, we all hate the damn line. The most important thing is that you are doing it for yourself. Trying to lose weight for your boyfriend? A trip? Prom? Stop. The only way you will truly change is if you do it for you – and only you – for the long run. Do not focus on how you will look like in two weeks, a month, or even three; keep in mind that as long as you permanently change your lifestyle, the beautiful changes will be permanent as well.

Now enough with the chit-chat. Let us get right to it! Let’s start with seven diet tips that are bogus as hell:

14. Bogus: Eating Less


Have you ever been on a diet that you HATED because you were starving all throughout the day? Yes? Me too. Eating less is not – and never will be – the answer to weight loss. I mean sure, cutting down calories will help, but the important question is, are you cutting down the right calories? If you had to choose to have a slice of pizza the whole day or eat five healthy meals instead, what would you choose? If you answered pizza, you are going down a dark delicious road my friend. Instead of letting your cravings get the best of you, listen to me – eat. Eat up to five meals a day. Just remember that balance and proper proportions are key.

13. Bogus: Always Going For The Salad


Our body is so freaking complicated. I am not gonna sit here and act like I know everything to help you lose weight – I am no professional. What I do know is that the human body is too complex for me to understand; and because it is such a puzzle, our diets need to me just as complex as well (what is life without challenges, right?). Unless you are a vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, raw foodist, etc, then it is time for you to add some adventure to your food journey. Salads aren’t the only healthy choice in the menu buddy. Diet does not mean elimination, it means proportion.

12. Bogus: You Eat Too Early


“Don’t eat after six o’clock, it will help you lose weight.” – my mother. If anyone in your life offered you the same exact advice, take it, put it in a bag, and throw it away. Not eating a couple of hours before bedtime is great, don’t get me wrong, but we are not all the same; not everyone is asleep by 10 pm. Eating too early is what causes you to grab a quick – and most likely unhealthy – midnight snack. So my advice is, schedule your meals based on your lifestyle. Have dinner two hours before bedtime and I am sure you’ll be able to keep your hands off the cookie jar.

11. Bogus: Fad diets


Mono meal plans – they are a complete waste of your time and efforts. Let me give you a list of fad diets I have tried: the cabbage soup diet, the military diet, the apple diet, the chocolate diet (I know you want to try this, don’t), the banana diet, and so many more. Don’t be like me; don’t be an idiot. Our bodies need a variety of foods because they each provide essential nutrients that we need to continue to be the awesome human being we all are. Depending on a mono diet to lose weight would definitely create a massive nutrient deficiency. We don’t want that!

10. Bogus: Detox Water


I am not even going to lie, I still drink infused water every now and then; but I do not do it because I think it will magically get rid of my unwanted extra weight, it’s just cute and it tastes good (sorry not sorry). There is no doubt that water is great for losing weight and for a whole bunch of other things like your skin and health in general – however, detox water is not a miraculous form of H2O, it will not help you more than regular water will. If you are not a water fan like I used to be, infusing different flavors of fruits is a great way to get your water game strong. Just don’t put too much faith into it helping you lose weight.

9. Bogus: No Cheating


Let loose, have fun, and you will like what you do! The same thing goes for your diet. Not cheating with pizza, burgers, fries, cake, and so many more yummy foods is IMPOSSIBLE. Depriving yourself of this small amazing thing that life has to offer is a crime. Like I have mentioned earlier on, the key is balance and proper proportions; have a doughnut for breakfast but do not let that ruin your whole day. I know so many people who back out from their diet because they cheated. So what? Don’t make cheating an excuse. In my experience, it is great to have a cheat day; this way, you’ll happily follow your diet plan throughout the week and still indulge in some yumminess as a reward.

8. Bogus: Dietary Supplements


I feel your need to take the easier way out, I really do; but relying on dietary supplements to shed the weight off is a huge no-no! To see results that last, you have to put in the work my friend. I know that the extravagant promises manufacturers of these “magical” pills make can sometimes lure you in and play with your head (there are so many times when I had my credit card in hand ready to purchase the lies); but the sad fact is that these so called calorie burners can do you more harm than good. Some harmful side effects include increased heart rate, high blood pressure, agitation, diarrhea, insomnia, kidney problems, liver damage, and rectal bleeding (eww I know). So now think, is it really worth it? Hell no!

Here are tips that actually work:

7. Works: Do Not Skip Breakfast


Breakfast – my favorite meal of the day! I know that getting up extra early and having to go through the trouble of making yourself a healthy breakfast can be so annoying at times – but I am going to give you three reasons that will change your mind and make you think the trouble is worth it! First, it fuels your body. While you sleep, you are basically fasting (hence BREAK-fast), so feeding your body with nutrients in the morning will allow you to avoid feeling hungry and sluggish before lunch. Second, it keeps you motivated; how? a nutritious meal will help you feel energetic giving you the strength you need to get your ass up and workout. Third, it provides a foundation. If you start your day with a healthy breakfast, it sets the tone for the following meals of the day. For example, if you have bacon and sausages in the morning, your body will most likely crave even more junk throughout the day. Convinced? Great! Let’s do this!

6. Works: Put Away The Scale


Stop obsessing over the number on that scale woman (I am specifically targeting women here because I know how much significance we put on that damn number)! Like I mentioned earlier, our bodies are different. We aren’t built the same way – some are petite, some are curvy, and some are big-boned, some short, and some tall. This means that we cannot all possibly weigh 55 kilos! Some people also forget to remember that there is good weight and bad weight. You may gain because of muscles or you may gain because of fats – in the end of the day though, you must keep your focus on what you see in the mirror. If you feel good and can see the changes, who cares about the opinion of that stupid scale (yes, opinion).

5. Works: Slow Down


Your food does not have legs, so believe me, it cannot and will not run away! I see so many people who devour their meals like there is no tomorrow. Please stop that! Eating fast is a habit you can easily change that will tremendously help you in your weight loss journey. If you eat slow, you give yourself a chance to properly chew your food, making digestion easier. Also, you give your brain a chance to realize that “Oh, I am eating,” and “Oh, I am full.” Do you notice that when you eat ridiculously fast, you automatically feel sleepy and lazy after? That’s because you probably over-ate and your brain just couldn’t catch up with you.

4. Works: Avoid Liquid Calories


Yes hunny, liquids have calories too! I know it’s not fair. I know it’s deceiving. How can something that doesn’t even get you full, get you fat? (silently sobs). So, if you are the type who skips  meals and drinks instead and you still cannot see a difference in your weight, well now you know why. I am not talking about healthy smoothies of course, I am talking about those caffeinated beverages with cute names from Starbucks that you love oh so much. Oh, and alcohol of course. That skinny margarita is not your guiltless way out girlfriend! You might start to look better in the eyes of the wasted, but think about the morning after (wink).

3. Works: Balance


I have said it before, and I will say it again: balance is key! Do not deprive yourself of anything – it will only trick your brain into thinking that you must have that last slice of pie sitting on the kitchen counter. Just keep in mind that more calories equals more movement – seriously any type of movement! Don’t be afraid to take the stairs, it won’t bite, put your car keys down and walk to the store, going back for round two for your groceries is no shame either! Another important thing to keep in mind in the subject of balance is a proper diet. Eat your carbs, eat your proteins, feed your body with all the yummy nutrients!

2. Works: Be Realistic


So many people think that after being on a diet, or going to the gym for a week, they would miraculously look like a Victoria’s Secret model. No boo, it is going to take a hell lot more than a week to kick your booty into shape! You did not wake up looking like a doughnut in a week, so do not expect to look like your WCW under the same duration. People say nothing worth it comes easy, and sadly (super duper sadly) that is true. Be realistic. Stop overthinking and wishing for the unobtainable. Do not expect magic to just ooze out of your body, but do not give up either. Love what you do, love what you eat, and you will eventually get there; just give your body some time!

1. Works: Honor Your Body


When your body says “enough is enough,” listen to it! Do not push yourself too hard. Overworking yourself usually leads to unhealthy eating habits or injuries at the gym. Sure, it is good to test your limit, just do not overdo it. Go that extra mile, burn that extra calorie, lift that extra pound, but when you start feeling like your whole world is spinning, it is time to stop. I am sure you are way more capable than what you think, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a challenging yourself, but remember, you are not in a competition darling. Take your time, learn proper techniques, and do things right! This will do you more good than pushing hard but doing things wrong. Trust me, all the pros says so.

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