$40,000 A Year: 15 Beauty Treatments Jennifer Aniston Needs To Avoid Looking Like An Old Hag

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and that’s saying a lot considering she’s 48 years old. She’s a big name in Hollywood these days and that means that she has always to be looking her best. It’s not easy looking flawless when you are reaching the 50 mark. But she does it and it actually looks like she does it pretty easily.

Aniston has always had an elegance and grace about her that just seems to transcend time and space. She has made a ton of money from her TV show Friends as well as the many movies that she has been in. When money is no object, then you can spend as much as you want on beauty treatments that help you to look young for as long as possible. We’re not sure what she is doing because it seems like she has found the fountain of youth.

It isn’t the fountain of youth, of course, we are still looking for that magical elixir. But she is doing something right and apparently spending a lot of money doing it. She allegedly spends about $140,000 when she’s preparing for award season, so it really has us wondering what she does to stay so young.

She relies on beauty products and experts just like we do to stay young; she just has the money to take it to the next level. If you are dying to know what beauty treatments she does to look so youthful, then read on to find out!

15 Jennifer Aniston Is A Huge Fan Of Microcurrent Facials

One of the many ways Aniston keeps her face looking amazing is monthly facials. This girl is not going for your average facial where they put creams on your face and massage them into your skin. A microcurrent facial is known as a “natural facelift” because it works to keep your skin toned and tight. So, what is it exactly? During the facial, they use low voltage electrical currents that actually mirror the electrical currents that are already going on in our bodies. This works to prevent any damage to the skin and it will stimulate elastin and collagen production, which of course is what stops aging. These facials are roughly around $1,000 a pop and she’s probably getting them every month. It’s not cheap being ageless.

14 She Gets Laser Treatments On The Reg

How do these celebrities get that youthful glow that they have, even into their 40s? It’s not a secret — they turn to lasers. Many celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, regularly get laser treatments done on their face and body. These treatments are in-office procedures and they are usually a few thousand dollars.

One of her favorites is the CACI laser facial; it’s considered to be a non-invasive facelift.

It’s amazing what technology can do these days to avoid going “under the knife." Jennifer Aniston is clearly a big fan of the laser treatments. “I love lasers and Thermage and Ultherapy [ultrasound facials]. I also like a good microcurrent facial.” These laser treatments leave her with a youthful glow.

13 Jennifer Aniston Always Puts Good Things In Her Body

Beauty treatments aren’t just about getting laser treatments and facials. Beauty methods are also about what you are putting in your body to give you that youthful glow. Aniston has always been on a diet, that’s what keeps her body looking toned after all these years. She's adopted a low-car, high-protein diet, though she says she treats herself all the time.

She spends roughly $20,000 a year on the items she needs for her diet.

So, what does her diet look like? “Breakfast is usually avocado on Ezekiel toast [bread which is high in protein and contains sprouted grains] or a smoothie. For me, not eating gluten is more of a vanity thing. A diet heavy in carbs is not that great in terms of weight.” Limiting carbs is a pretty common idea when it comes to keeping your body lean.

12 Aniston Is Always Up For The Red Carpet Facial

We've been hearing a lot about these red carpet facials now that we are in award-show season. Apparently, it’s a facial you get the day before an event that makes you look younger, giving you that healthy glow so you look amazing on the red carpet. It can be done in as quickly as a lunch hour break and it’s relatively painless.

These facials will reduce the appearance of pores, eliminate any dark spots, soften and brighten the skin, and even out your skin tone.

Aniston always has this treatment done before an event. These are very expensive and unless you are a nominee, don’t even try to book them the day of the event because those slots are always left open for those special celebrities. Aniston is a fan of the red carpet facial at the Tracie Martyn Spa where she slaps down $450 for the treatment.

11 Aniston Has That California Girl Tan

She looks incredible all the time and part of it is because she always glowing skin. It has nothing to do with makeup or skin care products. There is just something about how healthy skin can look when it’s tanned. Now, Aniston won’t get into the tanning bed, but she will get an airbrush tan every once and awhile. Aniston’s skin is always glowing and it helps that it looks tanned all year round. It goes well with her blonde hair.

She reportedly spends about $2,300 a year on getting airbrush tans; they are roughly $45 a pop.

She likes to keep the glow going year round and we can’t remember a time that she didn’t look tanned. She visits the Ibiza Tanning Salon in West Hollywood, California to get an airbrush tan on the weekly. That’s actually not a whole lot of money, but when you are doing it regularly, it sure adds up fast.

10 Jennifer Aniston Is Serious About Brow Shaping

Brow shaping can be like an art, if you take it seriously. For those who do it, you know what a difference it can make for your face. There is something about the way your brows look after you've gone to a salon. Even if you don’t think they look that bad beforehand, you are in awe in the difference they make to your face. Aniston goes to Beverly Hills eyebrow guru Anastasia Soare to shape her brows. You probably spend about $20 to get your eyebrows shaped while the first consult with Soare will cost you $120.

Aniston is a regular of course, so she likely pays around $80 per visit.

She could be spending around $900 on her eyebrows yearly. Either way, her eyebrows look amazing and they showcase her beautiful blue eyes nicely.

9 Aniston’s View On Plastic Surgery

For the most part, we think Jennifer Aniston is against plastic surgery, at least the major stuff. We don’t think she would ever go under the knife in regards to looking younger or as a means of anti-aging. She has stated that her husband would not be happy if she got plastic surgery. Many people do speculate that she has had two nose jobs over the years and if you look at old pictures, it is possible that she did. Her nose wasn’t as streamlined as it looks now. But that’s a relatively small procedure. Another speculation is that she has had a possible breast lift as well. It’s another normal procedure that a lot of women get done. Again, this is speculation, but those surgeries would likely cost her around $30,500.

8 Aniston’s Intense Workout Regime

Aniston can attribute her amazingly toned figure to her dedication tp exercising. She has always stayed in shape and it’s pretty important in order to stay youthful in your 40s. Her routine every year costs her about $45,000. She has a home gym that she uses for convenience as well as personal trainer Mandy Ingber. During an interview with PEOPLE, she said,

“I have a trainer, a wonderful woman who I do this spin-yoga class [with]. We spin for half an hour and then do yoga for 40 minutes.

That’s pretty intense. Then I go to a gym, where I do strength training or just my own thing on the treadmill, the bike, or the elliptical, just to change things up. [It’s] really good to get sprints in, to get in that interval training, because it’s monotonous to do one pace. It’s good to pump it up and then take it down.”

7 Blonde Locks Take Some Extra Special Care

Aniston has some pretty amazing hair, especially since she got rid of “the Rachel” hairstyle. These days, her hair is typically straight and looking as golden and amazing as always. She works with celeb stylist Chris McMillian who is also one of her BFFs. She’s been going to him for the past 20 years and it’s obvious that he creates magic with her hair.

A haircut with Chris McMillian costs roughly $600 a visit, and that's just for a cut. She goes to someone completely different for her color, though. Hairstylist Michael Canale charges roughly $320 for a color.

Though his prices have probably gone up since then. It costs her roughly $8,500 a year to get her hair looking so fantastic.

6 Jennifer Aniston Stays Lean With Yoga

Many celebrities swear by yoga because it leans you and improves your posture. It gets you in shape and it allows you to have flexibility and strength that you never knew you had. It’s a great way to meditate as well and to center yourself. You might be shocked to find out that she spends $900 a week on yoga with Mandy Ingber.

"When I started doing yoga with Mandy, I noticed many things. My legs getting leaner. My arms getting stronger, and most importantly, I noticed an inner strength. I feel like I am getting a meditation, a workout, and time with my friend, all rolled into one hour."

Some of these sessions can go up to $300 an hour if you are working with a celebrity trainer. The session only lasts an hour at a time, but imagine how amazing she feels.

5 Her Skin Glows With Skin-Care Products

Of course, it’s important for everyone to use skin-care products to keep their skin looking supple and young. She has many products that she uses to keep her skin looking wonderful. She is an Aveeno ambassador, so we know she gets a lot of those products for free. She also likes the Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar which would be affordable for anyone. Another product she is a big fan of is Dr. Hauschka's Rose Day Cream and it runs about $47. Another moisturizer that she likes is Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer for $24. Working through skin-care products can be pricey. It’s not hard to spend a few thousand dollars a year on skin care products. The idea is never to let your skin get dried out and always keep it moisturized.

4 Water Is The Key To Glowing Skin

You might not think that drinking water would be considered to be a beauty treatment, but it totally is. Drinking a lot of water every day alone can completely change the way that your skin looks. Aniston makes sure that she stays hydrated all the time, especially since she is working out a lot.

She doesn’t just drink any water either; it’s only Smart Water for her.

This special water is pricey though. For a case of 24 bottles, it costs about $29.99 so, you can imagine how much she spends on water alone throughout the year. During an advertisement that she did in 2011, she called the water bottle her "workout buddy." The company has worked with Aniston for numerous commercials.

3 Her Makeup Routine Is Serious Business

Of course, makeup is going to be part of her beauty treatment process. That’s how you show off the finished product. As women, we love makeup in all its forms because it allows us to shimmer and shine when we have events to go to.

She spends about $825 on makeup throughout the year

which is a lot considering how long makeup lasts. When it’s her day off Aniston doesn’t worry too much about wearing makeup and we can totally relate. When she is using makeup though, her favorite brands are Armani Face Fabric Foundation which is $42 a bottle. She actually wore shade #8 when she attended the Academy Awards last year. She also tends to wear brands such as Giorgio Armani and Chanel. We already know that Armani is a go-to brand for her and it makes her skin look flawless.

2 Sometimes She Likes To Give Her Neck A Lift

One of the areas that we tend to notice aging the most is the neck. We are told to always moisturize the neck and chest from a young age. Those areas will often get loose over the years and it’s important to find a product that will tighten that area up.

One product that Jennifer Aniston regularly uses to tighten the skin on her neck is Euoko Fractional Neck Lift Concentrate which is $475 a jar.

That’s quite the price tag for just a jar, but celebrities will only use the best products for their skin, so rest assured, it’s probably a really great product.

1 She Gets Serious Help For The Red Carpet

We think that this is pretty much the norm. When you are presenting or possibly getting an award, you want to look your best. When she gets ready for an event, she hires a celebrity artist like Angela Levin to get her looking incredible. When you think about all the beauty products that come into play when an artist is prepping a celebrity for an event, it can be a lot. A makeup artist can run up to $4,000 a day and that’s just for a photo shoot. If it’s for an event, they may be charging more than that.

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