24 Fashion Pieces Meghan Markle Wears That We Can Afford, Like Her $75 Sweater

It's time to rejoice as Meghan Markle has been spotted in fashion pieces that we can afford, thank goodness! Her stylish and most elegant coats are easily affordable at top-notch shops, but don't worry, we can buy them without worrying about spending thousands on one item of clothing. Let's face it, we don't have money to splurge like Megan, but luckily, we can wear similar items on the cheap.

Meghan was snapped at a Reprezent 107.3FM event in Brixton of South London wearing a sweater from Marks and Spencers Autograph line of sweaters and cardigans. It's a trendy piece which everyone wants and its only $75 at Marks and Spencers. It's sadly out of stock online, but if you're interested, you can still make an order for when it comes in stock again. It's black, soft, and fit for a princess with its bell sleeves and round neck.

This soon-to-be princess' style is flawless, which is a must for a royal, and each time she's been snapped out and about, she looks classy in wide-length pants, buttoned collared shirts, and blazers. Her winter style is polished with fantastic puffer jackets and long coats. The shoes are to die for, and even her casual wear is chic with her torn denim and plain white tees. Yes, even Meghan sports sneakers that are super fashionable and reasonably priced. Want to dress like a noble? Don't despair because you can buy these 24 fashion pieces worn by Meghan at a modest price.

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24 Classic Plaid, Off-The-Shoulder Jacket

Via The Australian

Meghan was snapped wearing this insanely gorgeous tan-colored plaid off-the-shoulder jacket. She looks sophisticated and this is perfect for an office job or work event. It was $495 on Theory.com, but lucky for us, there's a massive sale and now it's $198. It's still a bit pricey, but totally worth it! This item is selling out quickly at other fashion store chains and Theory is the only place I could find it that cheap.

23 Refined Gal Dressed To Impress In A Powder-Pink Coat

Via Instyle

Snapped out and about in the streets of Toronto in 2016 looking beautiful in a pale pink coat, and lucky for us, we can get a remarkably similar one for a staggeringly low price of $20 converted from Australian dollar since the store Romwe is located in Australia. That's a bargain! Pair it off with denim and pumps, and you'll resemble Meghan in this low-cost attire.

22 Its All About The Stripes And A Modern Blazer 

Via Popsugar.com

Markle looks very upscale in this striped ensemble and the blazer makes this look worthy of a royal. Blazers are essential for office jobs or an upscale event.  What makes it interesting rather than boring is its stripes and the denim-shade of grey. Therefore, it's not overbearing. It's stunning and sleek, and it will be all yours for $195 at TheRealReal.com. It may seem pricey, but blazers are quite expensive and it's cheap compared to thousands. It's sold out because everyone wants to dress like her, but at least it will come back in stock.

21 Smart Chambray Shorts Every Woman Needs

Via Pinterest

These blue chambray shorts are professional, which is essential for work and a shopping day out in the streets. Meghan looks cool in this getup, and you can wear anything with these shorts. I'm sure she didn't get hers at Target, but lucky us, you can find a similar pair for only $6 with just with an added button. Yes, it's Target, but it's such a steal, why wouldn't you add these shorts to your summer wardrobe?

20 Black Wide-Legged Pants For A Working Lady 

Via Harpers Bazaar

Meghan loves clothes that make her look sharp, and she pulls it off so well. These pants are fantastic as they're full and not too tight. You can get the same type of style at Asos for $50. Wear a collared shirt with it and blazer for work. Want something astute for a stroll in the city? A simple white t-shirt would work well with them too.

19 Green Buttoned Jacket Perfect For A Chilly Day

Via eonline.com

This jacket is a must-have for your winter wardrobe since it'll keep you warm without being baggy and the green will go with anything. Meghan knows how to dress casual flawlessly and with this look, you'll be able to as well. You can get the same jacket at Poshmark for $25, which is unbelievable considering how much it is at other stores. Meghan has chosen the ideal outfit pieces to pair with military-inspired jacket — do the same and wear blue denim with white sneakers and step outside in style.

18 Crisp-White, Buttoned Shirt Perfect For A Day Date 

Via Just Jared

Meghan can take an everyday-Jane look and make it quit sassy. This whole outfit is incredible, but the piece worth talking about is the polished white-collared menswear that women are deeming lately. It's dull, but Meghan mixes it up by having it tucked in on one side while keeping it hanging off on the other. She also folds the sleeves halfway, giving it a very cool and casual vibe. Want a shirt like this? You can own it by either buying the exact same one by Misha Monoo for $185 or a similar one from Zara for like $40

17 Edgy Ripped Jeans For A Breezy Day

Via Popsugar

Once again Meghan is wearing her white-collared staple shirt which works well with these ripped jeans, giving her a smart, edgy look. The denim pants are fitted, which is key when wearing a slouchy shirt. It seems like Meghan was travelling here and this look is perfect for a long flight since you'll be comfy while still looking good. You can order a similar pair  at Asos for $60.

16 A Cute Black Wrap Dress For Any Kind Of Event

Via Pinterest

Spotted looking gorgeous in this jaw-dropping black wrap dress in London at Wimbledon in 2016. It fits the outing, and this dress can be worn for any occasion, especially a night out in the city. It's short, which is perfect for revealing a little leg, and it'll accentuate your body shape. You can get something quite similar from Nextdirect.com for $58. Not bad for a dress that can be worn at pretty much at any occasion.

15 Burgundy Velvet Dress For A Fiery Night Out

Via Who What Wear UK

Meghan is dressed to kill in this burgundy little number t at the opening day of the Invictus games in 2017. The dress is lovely with the ripples protruding down, and it's impeccable for date night or even brunch with friends. You can get this fabulous dress at Aritzia.com for $185. Pair it with a leather jacket in the fall for an edgier look.

14 Comfy Sweater For A Long Flight

Via Pinterest

She even knows how to dress well while travelling. It's a known fact that during a long flight you want to be comfortable and many think that it requires baggy clothes. However, it's not the case, as Meghan proves here in this soft, wool sweater. This type of sweater is versatile, you can also wear it in a number of ways. You can pair it with a skirt or a pair of trousers. There's nothing spectacular about it, but when worn with nice denim and cool sneakers, it'll look good. Thankfully, you can get the same jersey at Everlane for $68.

13 Wool Coat For A Stroll Through The City

Via Vogue

This coat is every girl's dreams. Yes, it's conservative-looking because of the wool, but what makes it modern is the shape and design. Meghan looks radiant in it, and fortunately, you can get a coat that has more or less the same qualities at Asos for $120. I know it's not the same, but if you want the real one, it'll cost you thousands. The only thing that's different is the buttons, collar design, and texture of the wool. Accessorize it with a stunning scarf, and you'll posh it right up.

12 Jazzy Warm Boots For A Cold Winter Day

Via Allure

Looking this good in the middle of winter is not as easy as Markle makes it look. These boots are unique, and Meghan stands out in them. When it's freezing but you need to venture out, these boots are quite fitting, especially if you live somewhere like Toronto. They're snazzy and warm, and they look super comfortable. Plus, they seem like they'll last for ages. You're in luck as they're only $160 at Kamick.com. Meghan chose well with denim, a puffer jacket, a beanie, and sunglasses. Pair off your new boots with a nice pair of dark blue jean, a long coat, and a stylish tuque — you'll look chic without even trying.

11 Affordable Brand-Name Sneakers

Via Dailymail

Meghan looks terrific in these Adidas original sneakers, which was created in 1971 for a tennis star. Since then, it's been popular with many celebrities who brand these hip sneakers by wearing them proudly in public. Who wouldn't want to? The white makes them prominent, and the green at the back gives it appeal. And we commoners can deem a pair too! The price tag is surprisingly low for Adidas, but we're not complaining. You can grab them at Stuarts for only $99.

10 Nothing Like Leopard Print To Add A Touch Of Sass 

Via Glamour Mexico

Animal print is famous in the fashion world, especially when it's leopard. These pointy toe pumps work well with a dress and even with jeans. Even though we can't get the exact same pair as Meghan, we can settle for second best, and it does share some features. It's $40 at BoutiqueFeel.com, and with these shoes, you'll look and feel like royalty!

9 Getting Ready For Summer With Strappy Sandals

Via Instyle

Sandals are a must have for hot summer days, and thankfully, it's on the way, and we can return to our summer wardrobe. Meghan outdid it like she always does and no matter what she wears, she always kills it. She can turn drab into fab, and you can too in these Meghan-inspired sandals. As always, when items Meghan has worn are inexpensive, it sells out quickly, but eBay has come to our rescue. You can get a brand new pair for $40, which is actually cheaper than buying it from J.Crew. The only color you can get is in cedar brown, but it's still the same brand as Meghan's. If you want to dress entirely as Meghan has in this photo, pair the strappy sandals with ripped jeans and a collared shirt.

8 Thigh-High Boots In A Dignified Manner

Via Popsugar

Yes, over-the-knee boots can be seen as a little scandalous, but worn the right way, you'll look refined as Meghan has proved in these tan-leather thigh-high boots. You can get something similar to these shoes at Nordstrom Rack for $45, but hurry — they're 75 per cent off. The regular price is $150. They will go well with any outfit choice, preferably jeans, and don't forget to tuck them in.

7 Old-School Denim Jacket

Via Dailymail

Denim jackets were fashionable in the '90s, but they've definitely made a comeback.  Meghan knows she doesn't need to dress prim and posh all the time and can sometimes have days off in easygoing clothes while still looking sassy. You can snatch yourself a similar jacket from H&M from only $20 that you can wear with pretty much everything this Spring and Summer. Be bold and pair it with denim jeans for a full-on denim look like Markle. If it's okay for this princess-to-be, then it's okay for us commoners .

6 A Puffy Vest For Between Seasons

Via Popsugar

In this all-denim outfit, Meghan added a different element with the puffer vest because let's face it, if you're going wear a denim shirt with jeans, be sure to add some other kind of fabric to your ensemble. Meghan chose well with the vest since it's crucial to keep your chest warm on chilly days. When it' cold out and you don't want to overdo it with layers, J. Crew has a similar puffer vest for $90.

5 Everyday Black Coat For Every Kind Of Occasion

Via Vogue

Meghan is shining in this all-black ensemble. Black is always a favourable color since its sleek and it goes well with much everything. Sadly, the exact one is way to expensive, so we will have to settle for a matching one with differences. You can get one at Amazon ranging between $68 and $70. The only difference is the material and belt. You can pair with a fancy dress or casual jeans.

4 Straw Hat To Protect Your Skin

Via Daily Mail

Hats are beloved by celebrities, especially royals. Meghan was seen here with a wid- brim Panama hat by Madewell x Biltmore. Thanks to Meghan and the low price, it's another sold-out item, and it seems like it won't be in stock for awhile on the Madewell site, but once again, we have eBay. You can get the same hat for $39. You can wear this out and about and the next time you head to the beach, don't leave your new hat behind.

3 Royal Workout Wear 

Via Pinterest

Markle loves her yoga, and now, since she's in the spotlight, she always needs to look her best even in athletic wear. She does look impeccable each time she's been seen on her way to yoga class. If you're the sporty type, these leggings are your answer and even if you don't play sports at all, you can still wear them as part of your street-style wardrobe. The Under Armour mid-length leggings are only $55.

2 A Girl's Best Friend Is A Handbag For All Her Needs

Via Harpers Bazaar

Every fashionista needs a bag for all her needs. Meghan's oversized brown leather bag is the answer to our bag prayers as you can fit everything in it and it's so jazzy that you'll want to be seen deeming it with every outfit. It's $165 at Everlane, and because of its high-quality material, it'll last you a very long time. Consider it as an investment.

1 Caught In A Cashmere Beanie

Via Pinterest

Meghan loves her beanies, especially since she lives in England now with its cold weather and rainy days, so a beanie is a must for your winter wardrobe. Luckily, we can get one exactly like Meghan wore and it's cashmere, which is very posh and soft. The price is reasonable considering the luxe fabric. You can get it for $70 at Zappos.

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