24 Confessions From Massage Therapists

Getting a massage is one of the most luxurious things that we can experience as humans. It’s relaxing and it helps with sore muscles. There are just so many awesome benefits to getting a professional massage never mind the fact that it just feels so amazing. Your muscles just feel like jelly after, there is no better feeling. Not everyone can get a massage and that’s why getting a chance to go feels like such a luxury. Have you ever wondered what is going through the mind of your massage therapists as they are working your muscles? You might be surprised by what is going on in their heads. They are after all massaging a person that is naked or at least half naked. It’s natural for certain thoughts to go through their heads. But what if thoughts turned into actions?

Not only that but some massage therapists have done some scandalous things while massaging their clients. Now, we have your attention. You’re probably wondering what these massage therapists could be doing. Well, that is the question of the day and if you read on, then you will find out. These stories are strange, shocking and at the very least mildly amusing. But don’t say we didn’t warn you, some of them are just a little much. You won’t believe what some of these massage therapists were thinking. If you are dying to know, then check out these 25 confessions from massage therapists.

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24 She Touches Patients' Scars

Now we’re not too sure about this one; it seems a little too personal. We’re not sure how personal you should get with a patient, but remaining a professional should be the top priority. In the case of this massage therapist, she is touching scars on the person’s body that indicate they tried to commit suicide. “As a massage therapist, I always check for scars on people’s wrist and touch them in a way that says I care for you.” We’re sure that she means well, but it’s probably not a good idea. Scars like that are personally very sensitive to people and they may not want you touching them at all. She’s taking a big risk of upsetting her patient and having them get up and leave. The last thing you want to do is cross the line with a patient.

23 She Knew The Guy

It’s probably pretty common that at some point during your career you are going to end up massaging someone that you met before. The world is smaller than we realize sometimes. In this case, the woman recognized a one night stand that she had before. Yikes, talk about uncomfortable, especially since he was having a couple’s massage with his girlfriend. “I’m a massage therapist and I once massaged a guy I had a one-night stand with, in a couple’s session with his current girlfriend.” Yes, that is definitely a little awkward. We could just imagine the look on the guy’s face when he walked into the room and saw who his masseuse was, talk about awkward. Hopefully, he wasn’t cheating on his girlfriend at the time, or that would make the situation a hundred times worse.

22 She Looked At His Junk

It’s probably not the first time that someone did something like this but it makes it super creepy when we find out the guy was 17 years old. Although there are some 17-year-old guys that don’t really look their age, she knew his age beforehand. “I’m a massage therapist and I gave a massage to a 17-year-old Asian boy. I looked at his junk through the sheets. I feel so creepy.” She feels that way because she totally is creepy. Looking at anyone’s junk through the sheets is perverted and so unprofessional. She could definitely get herself into a lot of trouble because of his age, this girl is playing with fire. But we doubt that it’s the first time that something like this has happened.

21 Happy Endings

Well, there are the professional establishments and then there are the other kind of establishments. You might be surprised though how many girls break the rules in fancy establishments. This girl has a fiancé and yet she is giving her clients happy endings. We’re sure he would be pretty alarmed to find that out. “I am a massage therapist. My fiancé doesn’t know that I actually do nude sensual massage with happy endings.” It’s definitely shocking and a whole lot of sleazy. Doesn’t she realize that this is still cheating never mind morally wrong? We’re not even going to get into the fact that she’s basically prostituting herself as well by providing happy endings. It’s shocking what people will do for money and we feel bad for her fiancé who clearly has no idea what his bride-to-be is doing at work.

20 He Sleeps With Clients

It’s not just the ladies that are out there doing naughty things. This guy is taking advantage of the women that come in who are feeling unappreciated and unloved. They are clearly propositioning him to take care of needs that their husbands are not taking care of and he’s saying yes, all the way. “I’m a massage therapist. I get to sleep with very hot married women because their husbands are never home.” Those women are really giving this guy more than he bargained for. Maybe the husbands are out getting their needs as well. That is the unfortunate part of marrying rich and successful men, sometimes you rarely get to see them. These women don’t seem too worried about it since they are having their massage therapist take care of all their needs.

19 Kissing Clients

These two seemed to have sparks flying every time that they were in the room together. We’re surprised that they even waited a year before they kissed. “After about a year of massage therapy sessions, the tension was too much. We kissed.” Sounds pretty steamy but what the guy may have to wonder is whether or not this woman is kissing either clients too. That would totally go through our head if our massage therapist kissed us. You would hope that the chemistry was just between you but what if that person was kissing everyone. By the sounds of these confessions, doing the deed with clients is becoming the norm. Maybe it’s totally innocent and the two can start up a relationship, but it’s really hard to say. Some of these massage therapists just can’t be trusted.

18 The Randy Massage Therapist

Maybe this woman got into the wrong career because if she gets turned on by touching her clients maybe she should have looked into another career path. Not everyone that goes to a masseuse expects happy endings, at least we hope not. She needs to clear her head because she’s getting a little inappropriate. Touching clients rather than massaging them is a no-no in our books. “I’m a female massage therapist and sometimes when there is a hot guy, I’m turned on the entire time and sometimes catch myself kind of rubbing their body instead of massaging when I don’t even mean to.” The client would definitely start to notice the change in her massage patterns so hopefully, she doesn’t get herself into any trouble. It’s really not that hard to control your lust lady, so get a hold of yourself.

17 Lots Of Body Hair

We’re not sure what to think of this confession. We’re not sure if we should laugh or shudder when we think about some of the things that massage therapists see every day. We imagine that a lot of massage therapists have to worry about their clients getting aroused during a session. But in this case, the masseuse claims that men are more worried about their body hair than the fact that they get turned on. “The funny thing about being a massage therapist is that more people are worried about their body hair than their manhood.” Like we said it’s a weird day for the massage therapists, they probably don’t care unless it’s over the top hair. Hair is the list of her worries she wants the turned-on men to get a handle on their emotions during the session.

16 The Cheating Therapist

We don’t know what is going on with this massage therapist but she sounds like a horrible person. She’s cheating on her husband with one of his friends. “I am a massage therapist, and I went over to my husband’s friend’s house to give him a massage. He started to feel me up and we ended up messing around twice. It was the best I ever had.” We’re kind of surprised that her husband would even want her to massage his friends because it can be a experience for some people. Though we are sure that he would never have thought that his wife and friend would betray him in such a way. He probably assumed it was completely innocent and wanted his friend to see how amazing his wife’s massages were. Some people are just so trashy.

15 When A Massage Gets Steamy

It’s easy to see why these sessions get steamy. After all, the environment puts you in a very vulnerable situation where you don’t have any clothes on. “The best part about being a masseuse? Hearing a woman quietly moan as my fingers softly graze her.” We’re pretty sure this guy is deliberately trying to get a reaction out of his patients in the hopes that something else might transpire between them. He has a dirty mind and it’s probably really unnecessary for him to graze her breasts in the first place. Its things like that which turn a normal session into something else entirely but maybe the patients are egging them on as well.

14 The Gift That Keeps On Giving

If you were to buy your massage therapist a gift for the holidays, what do you think it would be? A bottle of wine perhaps, a gift card to a nice restaurant or maybe even a really large tip? In the case of this massage therapist, she got a very odd gift from her client. “A client just bought me a vibrator as a gift. I’m a masseuse.” We have a feeling that this client was trying to send a message to his massage therapist in the hopes that something might happen between them. We’re not sure what he was thinking but that would have to be the oddest idea for a holiday gift that we could ever imagine receiving from a client and so very inappropriate. She must have been so embarrassed when she opened it.

13 She Needs Help With Tuition

It can be hard paying for college without a good job or a trust fund. There are many people out there that don’t like the idea of being in debt once college is over and they work to pay for college tuition to avoid borrowing money. We’ve heard it before that many women have become strippers throughout college. Well, sometimes women also give happy endings to pay their way through school. “I’m a massage therapist and I give happy endings. It pays so much more than the terrible minimum wage that they give college kids and the help with tuition is much needed.”

12 She Loves Helping Out

When it comes to being a massage therapist, you should always be professional but judging by some of these confessions, we are starting to wonder if any of them are professional any more. This girl may have a few screws loose, we’re not sure. She is giving happy endings left and right and she acts like it’s something that “just happens.” We’re pretty sure she could stop if she really wanted to but she seems to really enjoy that part of her job. “I’m a massage therapist and for some reason, I always love giving happy endings to guys. It happens every time.” Well, it happens every time because you choose to do it every time. Are we right? It’s so weird that she’s so nonchalant about a very steamy experience as if it’s as simple as accepting a tip.

11 The Tinder Curse

It sucks when you start to feel as if your services are being taken advantage of. Who wouldn’t love to have a spouse that actually gave professional massages, but you don’t use people for them. In this case, the massage therapist is doing nothing wrong, it’s her clients that are being jerks. When she posted on Tinder that she was a massage therapist, she was getting lots of messages from guys who wanted free massages. “Took out my Tinder bio about being a sports massage therapist and personal trainer because so many guys were swiping for a free massage and then unmatching me when I said no.” These guys sound like total losers. It’s bad enough that we have to deal with weirdos on Tinder, now we have to worry about including our profession!

10 She Has Some Problems

This girl may have more than just problems with her s*x drive, she may have some psychological problems too. This massage therapist insists that her job is killing her need for intimacy. We’re really not sure why that would be. “Being a massage therapist has killed my drive. I get freaked out when anyone touches me back.” It sucks to be whoever is dating this girl and seriously, it’s a little bit strange so we’re wondering if there are deeper issues going on here. Why would being a massage therapist cause her to lose her drive? It’s not like the clients are touching her, she’s the one doing all the touching. You be the judge of this weird confession because we don’t know where to go with it.

9 He Goes On Vacation

Would you go on vacation with one of your massage clients? We’re not sure if that would be a good idea or not. It seems sort of fishy to us. This massage therapist gets invited on vacation with his female clients all the time. Maybe it’s time we change professions because that sounds pretty awesome. “I’m a massage therapist and one of my clients asked me to Hawaii for ten days. I told him my girlfriend would never approve.” We’re not sure what this client had in mind but the massage therapist was not going with it or maybe it was just his girlfriend that wasn’t going for it. But a free vacation would be nice though, and maybe it wouldn’t technically be free if there were certain expectations. It’s probably best to just avoid situations like that.

8 He’s Thinking About Her 

If you have ever wondered what your massage therapist is thinking about when the massage is going on than we have the answer for you. It turns out they are thinking about doing the deed with you. This massage therapist swears that he has never done anything with a client but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t think about it all the time. Just remember that the next time that you get a massage done. “As a male massage therapist, I never did anything inappropriate with a female but I always fantasized about it.” It sort of makes us just a little uncomfortable to think that this masseuse is having fantasies about his clients. It’s borderline creepy and we are really going to have to reconsider going to the masseuse again.

7 Teacher's Pet

It sucks when you get house calls and then realize you have to massage someone you know. Usually, it’s not a big deal, after all, it’s bound to happen at some point. But what if it’s literally the last person in the world that you want to massage? Now that can be awkward. “I’m a massage therapist and I got a house call but I had no idea I would be massaging my professor.” We could not imagine how uncomfortable that would be. Having your professor undress to get a massage would be super weird especially in his own home. We have to wonder if that crosses any teacher-student boundaries. Hopefully, she at least got an A+ out of the deal. Why do people choose to get home visits from masseuses? Is it in case something happens?

6 She’s Sick Of The Rumors

When it comes to confessions from massage therapists we have heard a lot of shocking things. It honestly makes us wonder if all massage therapists are doing these naughty deeds. This massage therapist is ticked off by the rumors though and she’s here to set the record straight. “I’m so sick of the phrase ‘happy ending’ having an association with my job as a massage therapist. Not all massage therapists like this phrase. I’m a licensed healthcare professional and I help people out of pain with therapeutic bodywork.” Well, at least we can feel a little more at ease that these massage therapists aren’t out there doing the nasty.

5 Not Wearing Any Undies

If a client doesn’t want to wear any underwear it’s not really the end of the world because they have to take them off anyway. But how would you feel if your massage therapist decided to go commando one day? Would that make you feel icky inside? It sure makes us feel that way. “I went commando today and I’m a massage therapist.” Talk about a weirdo. It might not be such a big deal but most massage therapists wear the scrubs and they happen to be quite thin. We feel like it would be easy to see a man’s other head, so to speak. Not to mention if there was any type of arousal he would be in a lot of trouble. Here’s a suggestion to all massage therapists, male and female, wear your undies no matter what.

4 He Likes To Tease

The methods of some of these massage therapists are really boggling our minds. This guy likes to tease his clients and get them excited. Is it just us or are we the only ones that don’t get this? Either these guys are super close to their clients or something weird is going on. How exactly do you get away with “teasing” clients without crossing boundaries? “I’m a male masseuse and I love teasing my clients during the massage and driving them crazy.” It really sounds like this guy is in the wrong profession. We would be really uncomfortable if a massage therapist “teased” us during a massage. Seriously, is this what these women are going to a massage therapist for? It’s so bizarre. These men have to stick to their day jobs and not try to arouse their clients.

3 He Crosses The Line With His Clients

Again, we are boggled by the fact that women are flocking to their male massage therapists to get “special” attention. What’s worse is that most of them have boyfriends or husbands and they are basically using their massage appointments to cheat on them. “I’m a male masseuse and I constantly help my female clients get off. It’s amazing giving them that release but I always feel bad that their men can’t or won’t.” What exactly is he doing with these women? It’s weird that these women have these expectations, but we suppose he is taking the “customer is always right” to heart. It’s totally unethical what this massage therapist is doing but he doesn’t seem concerned about it one bit. It’s always best to give great customer service but we think this guy went a little too far.

2 There’s A Stench In The Room

This confession is sort of cold as ice. There is nothing worse when you are getting a massage then to realize that the massage therapist farted. Talk about gross. Your head is facing the floor after all and you’re right down there where the fart would linger. “I’m a massage therapist and sometimes during a massage, I let out a silent but deadly fart while they are face down.” If that happened to us during a massage the person would not be getting tipped, that’s for sure. It sounds more like the person is doing it on purpose rather than an accident and it’s really disrespectful. If it’s an accident, then we can understand the mistake, but it seems this post was written with humor and that’s just wrong.

1 She Sleeps With Her Clients

There are clearly rules in the massage therapy industry but for the most part these massage therapists don’t seem to be following any of them. It’s a really bad idea to start sleeping with your clients. Not only is it unethical but it’s really sleazy as well. This massage therapist feels no guilt about what she’s doing. “I’m a professional massage therapist. But I just slept with one of my clients. It’s a serious ethical issue, but it was so much fun I don’t even feel guilty about it.” This girl clearly doesn’t care about being a professional massage therapist and it goes to show what kind of person she is. The workplace is never the place to take out your desires and it can only bring you trouble. Not only is it trashy, but you could end up losing your job over something like that.

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