20 What-Were-You-Thinking Outfits We Can't Believe Kate Middleton Wore Out In Public

When you're a princess, it's expected to dress on point every time since you're in the spotlight and you don't want to be in the news for your bad fashion choices. Even members of the Royal Family like Kate Middleton can have the occasion fashion fail. She's been snapped in questionable outfit selections, which makes you wonder, "What was she thinking?" Some of her choices are actually quite nice, but for some reason, it doesn't work for her. She has been seen in outfits that are questionably short for a princess, but luckily, was worn before marrying into the Royal Family. Her clothes are more confined now because if she were caught in apparel that doesn't cover up almost everything, she would be in major trouble. Sometimes, Kate does look good and very much like royalty, but in these outfits, she looks drab, dowdy, and yes, even like a grandmother, and not the stylish kind. Even the colors don't match and accessories don't work well. Kate's floral prints and polka-dot dresses are questionable and not in a good way.

It looks like Kate needs much-needed fashion advice from Meghan Markle or even her sister, Pippa Middleton, who have flawless fashion taste. Let's face it, you wouldn't want to be seen wearing these 20 fashion disasters anywhere!

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20 Is This A Prince George Original?

Via Instyle

Have you ever seen clothing that should be classified as a drawing? This Prada dress looks like it's been drawn on by Kate's son.  The design is like a landscape and looks like it was sketched onto the material. The bow around the neck makes her look frumpy. It's just so wrong! The pale shoes also don't do anything for this outfit. To be honest, the pattern is quite dizzying. I don't know what Kate was thinking when she put this on.

19 Christmas Gone Wrong

Via Pinterest

Kate looks like a grandmother in this Christmas-inspired frock; it should actually be a curtain! Everything about it is terrible. What was she thinking? The red and green design is all over the place and it looks quite baggy, even with the belt . Kate seems to like wearing dresses with long sleeves and buttons to the neck. The black velvet shoes and purse doesn't do her justice, either. With all the money in the world, why are you spending it on this disgrace that not even the Queen would wear?

18 Potato-Sack Dress

Via Popsugar

I'm sorry Kate, but this just doesn't look right! It's a drab one piece that hangs down her body. Even though she was seen here leaving the hospital after having a baby, that doesn't mean that she had to wear this awful number. She looked adorable after giving birth to George, but it seems like her sense of style went out the window during this pregnancy. Kate loves her floral prints, but you can clearly see the flower shape in this design and how it's scattered all over the top of the dress is just plain weird. Loose-fitting can be quite flattering and fashionable, but this dress is not doing Kate any favors.

17 Bathrobe On The Red Carpet

Via nydailynews.com

This baby blue, robe-inspired dress has potential, but Kate looks lost in it. It's way too long and it hides her gorgeous lean body and legs which she should be flaunting at a red-carpet event. She's trying to show some cleavage, but the neck plunge hardly does anything. This dress hangs down, which makes her look frumpy. Kate is beautiful, but sadly, this garb doesn't show off her beauty. The silver shoes and clutch purse aren't a right choice for the color theme, either. The only good thing about this look is her bun, which makes her look sassy!

16 Polka-Dots Galore 

Via Vogue

Polka dots are always lovely when kept to a minimum. Kate sure does stand out in this short dress, but for the wrong reasons. The polka dots are overbearing and we're sorry to say, Kate, you look like a Dalmatian. The circles are too big and it's quite overwhelming. It falls a bit loosely on her frame; a bit tighter would have been better. Its bold yes but it just wasn't made for her.

15 Florals Never Looked So Wrong

Via Pinterest

I'm sorry to say, but this flower-power ensemble is awful — the material looks like it came from a curtain and the color is too pale — it doesn't suit Kate's skin tone. The flower print looks like it comes from the '70s and Kate resembles a cute little girl instead of a stunning woman. It does fit her body just fine, but if it were a bit tighter in the waist, it would accentuate her shape a little better. Peach and black also make an odd pairing.

14 Tablecloth Dress

Via Vanity Fair

It looks like Kate grabbed a tablecloth or curtain, handed it over to her seamstress, and made a dress out of it. The cut and material of the dress are shaped like it should belong on a kitchen table. It's frilly and too conservative with the buttons, perfect for the Victorian era but not for modern times. The color is awful, and the pattern is all over the place. The dark red purse and shoes are a bit much, but they are the only good thing about this outfit.

13 Red And Frumpy 

Via Pinterest

Kate looks like she could be Spiderman's girlfriend in this getup! Her body shape is hidden because her dress is too long and broad, you can barely see her feet, and once again, she looks like she belongs in the old era where puffy sleeves were a trend. Those days are long over! The patterns are weird and scarlet red just doesn't suit her skin tone. The only good thing is the neckline, and even then, Kate is pretty much covered up head to toe.

12 Dizzying Polka Dots 

Via The Inquistr

Kate is seen out and about in this Saloni gown, valued at £500. It's considered a must-have, but on Kate, it makes her look old. That collar looks quite stifling. It accentuates her body shape, but she's hiding it from neck to toe, literally. Someone so young and beautiful should not hide away in something like this. Although her hair looks quite nice, between the high neckline and bold pattern, it just all seems a bit much.

11 Over-The-Top Floral Print

Via Fashionmagazine.com

Floral wear is fashionable, especially for summer, but Kate went overboard here in this long, satin Jenny Packham dress. Once again, she covers her legs and it does fit her body perfectly, but the print is overload and the colors are all over the place. The black purse and shoes don't go with the dress. Kate does stand out, but she would look more beautiful with lighter colors.

10 Royal Drab

Via Hollywood life

Now, this jacket is stylish, but sadly, Kate doesn't do it justice! She makes it look dull, which you wouldn't expect from someone as beautiful as Kate. Buttoning it to the top makes it look way too conservative. Kate's worn some pretty stylish hats, but this one is definitely not one of our favorites. It looks like it's about to fall off her head. It can't be all that comfortable.

9 Dreary Formal Wear 

Via Good Housekeeping

For one, we can't tell if this is a dress or a coat. The pale blue is way to light for Kate and doesn't suit her skin tone at all, and the white material from the design at the bottom seems like it's fraying, not good when you're a Royal! The shoes are so nude, you can't tell where the foot ends and the shoe begins. A pop of color would have looked better here.

8 Plain Jane 

Via Pinterest

Yes, even member of the Royal Family are allowed to have casual days, but seriously Kate, this outfit is a fashion nightmare! The jeans look like they were bought at a vintage second-hand store. Not only is this an awful shade of green, but it looks even worse paired with a red frumpy knit sweater and brown boots. The cowboy boots look old and dusty like she had them in the cupboard for years.

7 Safari Gone Wrong

Via Cosmopolitan

Kate doesn't even seem to be happy wearing this as you can clearly see in her facial expression. There are so many things wrong with this outfit; she's wearing layer on top of layer, a chequered shirt underneath a woollen jersey, and a beige safari coat that not even Dora the Explorer would wear. The colors don't go with the riding pants, and the brown boots are quite bland and dirty looking. Kate's make up is bland and doesn't do her any favors.

6 Confused About What Style She's Going For Here

Via Hollywood Life

It seems Kate struggles with cool street style and this getup proves it. Once again, she's wearing these awful green jeans, she's been spotted more than once in them. Surely, if you had money like she does, you can afford to wear a different pair of denim each day of the week.  Kate loves her riding boots, and these babies seem like they've seen better days. The turtleneck looks like something an everyday girl would wear, not a princess. We're also very confused as to why would wear this multi-colored scarf.

5 A Sporty Catastrophe

Via Popsugar

It's a must for celebrities and Royals to stay in shape. Therefore, exercise is highly important! Looking good is a must and Kate fails in this sporty gear. The shoes are too white and the grey sole is way too weird for a duchess.  If you were a royal duchess, you would want to be seen in the best sportswear there is. You're trying to be a role model here. How are you going to inspire your people to exercise when you're wearing something awful like this?

4 Is She Trying To Dress Like The Queen?

Via Popsugar

Kate loves her puffy sleeves, but it's really not something she should be wearing, especially at her age and for her slim figure. If you have toned arms, you would want to flaunt them. The skirt is a mess; it looks like a blanket and the material is way too thick. The top, once again, covers up her up way too much, making her looking older than she is. It's an outfit that would be a better fit for someone older.

3 Bleak And Grey

Via Daily Mail

Kate's outfit suits her dreary mood here. The coat/dress fits her well, but once again, it makes her look beyond her years. the cut, color, and pattern are all quite dull. It isn't exactly the most inspiring and uplifting outfit. It also looks a little big in the chest area. We know Kate prefers sticking to the classics, but it looks like she's stuck in the '40s.

2 Fancy A Game Of Checkers?

Via Vanity Fair

This Eponine two-piece, which has a pricy tag of £1,200, is actually a big hit in the fashion world because of its bright color and modern shape, but on Kate, it just does not look good. This cut does nothing for Kate's figure, and quite frankly, it give her a flat chest. The black purse and shoes are also quite heavy for this outfit.

1  Floral-Knit Blanket

Via Pinterest

This wool dress looks really thick. The material makes the dress look quite heavy on her, and the shoes are an absolute nightmare. They look like something the Queen would wear. She should have a picked a fun pair of yellow shoes to keep it young looking. A pop of color never hurt anyone, and quite frankly, it just looks a little too conservative for Kate.

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