20 Viral Photoshop Fails That We Couldn't Look Away From

Photoshop is an awesome photo-editing software that allows people, from senior editors to freelance photo editors, to edit pictures that have already been taken. A basic knowledge of photo editing is required in order to make the necessary changes. But even the most experienced editors have had their fair share of mistakes in their professional lives. We all make mistakes, but we can also learn from them. There have been a lot of horrific Photoshop disasters that have somehow made their way to the Internet. The main point of using Photoshop is to hone your artistic skills and perfect your craft, not to behave recklessly and achieve short-lived fame from your piece of so-called art. That being said, sites such as Photoshop Disasters have been grabbing the worst mistakes over the past couple of years.

I just had to compile a list of 20 viral Photoshop fails that people just couldn't look away from. From a terrifying baby with demon-like eyes in a Pampers commercial for a weekly ad to GQ Mexico featuring a photo of a nipple-less Chrissy Teigen on its front cover, you're sure to recognize at least a couple of these Photoshop mistakes and hopefully learn valuable lessons from them. Photoshop is a handy software, but it can trigger sudden severe headaches if not used correctly. So, put down the Clone Stamp tool and forget about using Photoshop for a short while to check out 20 of the worst, yet most addicting Photoshop fails that went viral.

20 Mismatched Top And Bottom Of Ann Taylor Model

via E! Online

This Ann Taylor model is rocking a cobalt blue two-piece bikini just in time for summer. Yet, there's something about her that you can't take your eyes off of; and surprisingly, it's not her good looks. However, she's definitely an example of an attractive female. As you can see, there's a body, but it's not a conventional one. The top half of her body is very slim and slender, but the bottom half of her body is thick and curvy. That's an abnormal body that obviously isn't real. The editor overused Photoshop during the editing process, which is definitely a bad thing. Not only did the model appear to be Photoshopped after the release of the retouched photo, but the women's retail chain probably received tons of backlash from its customers, and there's a chance that someone in a higher position immediately gave a warning to the editor who made the mistake.

19 Extreme Airbrush Of John Mayer And His Friend

via The Sun

John Mayer was hanging out with one of his friends at an unspecified location when he snapped this handsome selfie using his smartphone. Then, he took to Instagram to post the selfie of him and his friend to share to the general public. The one thing that stood out from this quick snap that drew unnecessary attention to them was the extreme airbrushing that was used by Mayer. It's obvious that Mayer isn't working in the photography industry so his Instagram followers should lay off of him and cut him some slack. He didn't intentionally commit an error. He just wanted to touch up a photo of him and his friend. The airbrushing was simply a little too much, but I'm sure he quickly learned from his unintentional mistake. An automatic photo retouch is free and just a couple of clicks away, but avoiding mistakes is crucial for a more realistic look.

18 Kate Walsh's Alleged Legs

via Washington Post

Actress Kate Walsh has starred in a wide range of television series like Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Bad Judge, Full Circle, and 13 Reasons Why. Bad Judge only lasted on NBC for one season, but the Photoshop nightmare in Walsh's promotional photo continues to linger on the Internet. Walsh played the role of one of Los Angeles' toughest and most respected court judges.

In the photo, Walsh sits on top of a judge's desk in a Southern California courtroom. The top half of her body looks just fine, but it seemed like NBC tried to airbrush her legs into an emaciated state. The legs looked like those of a Barbie doll. Perhaps they had to insert her legs into the picture because the desk was Photoshopped or it could be the other way around. Whatever the reason behind the mistake was, her legs just didn't look right in this example of this major Photoshop fail of a photo.

17 Lorde Put Together A Photo Collage

via Glamour

Just like any other barely legal girl, Lorde deals with acne and other skin imperfections. The New Zealand-based singer-songwriter just turned 20 last November. Unlike other girls, Lorde didn't appreciate the retouched photo posted by some unknown photo editors. She decided to make a back-to-back photo collage using the retouched and unretouched photos and uploaded it onto her Twitter account. She also expressed how she felt about the before-and-after transformation, tweeting about how she was curious as to why the two photos were different and reminded her followers that flaws are acceptable. The unretouched photo wasn't a glamour shot, but I have to give credit to Lorde for taking a stand in what's reality and what isn't because the majority of her fans are young women who are likely in the stage of finding themselves. Puberty tends to cause changes to the adolescent brain, so there will be some bumps along the journey to womanhood. It's a totally normal process.

16 Gordon Ramsay Posted An Unedited Photo With Kris Jenner

via Mendoza Post

Reality television star Kris Jenner was spotted with Gordon Ramsay during a book promotion for her new book The Kitchen With Kris. As expected, she took a picture with a celebrity friend. Kris and Gordon weren't in sync when it came to which picture they should upload onto their Instagram accounts. Gordon uploaded the unretouched photo while Kris edited the photo first. Kris smoothed out her fine lines and erased Gordon's ruggedness. She also brightened the picture and removed the blemishes on both faces. Gordon wasn't aware of this particular edit and most of his Instagram followers didn't see this coming. They were laughing, telling him that Kris uploaded the excessively retouched photo instead. I doubt that Gordon cares about what people think, but Kris might've gotten concerned because she's focused on looking good just like her five daughters—Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie. In the long run, the 61-year-old matriarch will be fine because she ages well for her age.

15 Man's Muscles Are All Over The Place

There's nothing wrong with working out to achieve maximum muscle gains, but this man went overboard with the Photoshop on his picture and edited his muscles to a great extent. His muscles made it seem like he was an octopus with eight tentacles trying to grasp onto things from all directions. But, he's not an octopus. He's a human being with arm muscles.

Of course, there are plenty of online tutorials on how to make your muscles bigger using Photoshop. You can achieve nice big muscles in just a matter of minutes. All you have to do is open Photoshop and select the picture where you'd wish to make your muscles look bigger. From there, you'd scale some parts, duplicate the layer, darken the parts that are more inward towards the muscles, use the Dodge tool to add some highlights, lower the Dodge tool's opacity, and burn the layers as much as you want.

14 Victoria's Secret Model With Excess Cleavage

via Mendoza Post

This Victoria's Secret model, Candice Swanepoel, is an absolute smoke show. She has burned up this Victoria's Secret catalog for a while now. She flashed her flesh in just her red laced bra when she stripped down for the photo shoot. That laced bra is perfect as it complimented her skin tone and long blond locks. It looks like she's not too shy when it comes to showing off her goods.

Meanwhile, the Photoshop skills used by the editor weren't too hot. Many young women want an app or a program that will allow them to show off their cleavage or boobs. However, not every boy or man is a boobs guy and it's important to remember that there are other lovely features of a woman. Intelligence is one of those features. Don't become a victim of a Photoshop fail like this model. This picture completely boasted the topless beauty's cleavage. Sometimes, it's better to have some cleavage than an excessive amount of it.

13 One Boob Girl

This cute girl is doing what most girls around her age would do. She's locked up in a restroom and taking a mirror selfie to show off her boobs. Her platinum blond hair is in an emo hairstyle with chunky layers and side-swept bangs. Also, her eyeliner is black and heavy. No one can look at her and say I'm going to ignore her and walk on by. She's just as cute as the other emo girls with pitch black hair.

If you look more closely at her boobs, it's clear that they were Photoshopped because she only has one of them. Oops! She had a major Photoshop fail, and it seems like the Internet gods gave it to the trolls to comment on. The selfie turned heads, went viral, and many people shouted fake when they saw the cute girl. This is why girls should always make sure that both of their boobs remain in a picture even during the editing process.

12 Different Backgrounds In Couple Picture

It looks like this adorable couple is taking some time to say their goodbyes before the boyfriend heads off to watch a sporting event for one of his favorite teams. I'm thinking it's the New York Yankees because of the baseball cap, but who knows? Anyways, the girlfriend appears to be gazing into his eyes because she doesn't want to leave him to run errands, but she technically has to cross off the items on her to-do list. This is just my theory of the potential situation between the couple.

Let's shift our attention to the main point now. This picture was so cute that you may not have noticed it was actually fake. This couple picture consisted of two separate images with really different backgrounds. It's important to make sure that the backgrounds fit in seamlessly before making a photo collage. It's a common Photoshop issue that can easily be avoided by being detail-oriented.

11 Urban Outfitters Model With One Leg Missing

In this Urban Outfitters advertisement with the phrase "All Covered Up," the dark-haired model is well-groomed and properly dressed in a hooded sweater in one picture and was draped in a cozy cardigan in the other one. She looks like a shy, reserved girl who's getting ready for fall.

Just look at the picture on the left. The clothing company apparently went too far with the editing in that picture. She was supposed to have two legs like everyone else, but a Photoshop fail left her looking like she only had one leg. She's a fashion model, but the missing leg isn't alluring.

There have been many Photoshop fails in the past, but this one was especially disturbing for its target audience of young women who are looking for the latest trends in clothes and accessories. It made a mockery of the model's legs. It can also cause nightmares.

10 Old Navy Models Stuck Together

via Pinterest

These Old Navy models aren't twins. They're not even related. The clothing retailer put together two different women–one Caucasian and one African-American–in the same picture for a print advertisement. Photoshop caused the two women to be conjoined at the shoulders and hips. This advertisement likely scared a lot of existing customers and turned off potential customers.

The casual dresses worn by the two women were quite lovely, but the Photoshop fail ruined the overall look of the picture. We all know that these two women really aren't related, but who could ever stop looking at this picture? The editor who committed this Photoshop error clearly messed up in the process. If Old Navy's sales dwindled after this advertisement was posted, I wouldn't be surprised. There's one in 500 chances that an interracial couple will have biracial twins. Differences can be adorable, but not this time, Old Navy. Nice try, though.

9 Patricia Velez' Claw Arm And Pale Pizza

via Pinterest

Patricia Velez, the founder of Colombian company Cocina Divertida, has a bizarre claw arm as she carries a pale multi-topping pizza in a picture for an advertisement. The pizza didn't make itself look pale on its own. It's impossible to mess up a pizza recipe, especially when you're a housewife and businesswoman. She's a grown woman, not a wolverine in the X-Men series.

There are a plethora of Photoshop tutorials on how to create a wolverine photo manipulation if you're interested in turning skin into metal. In this instance, however, Velez is cooking in the kitchen in this picture, so there's no need to apply the Halloween actions and styles. Looks like the editor was way too excited for Halloween. However, it's not only the editor's fault that there were more than two flaws in this picture. Velez looks just fine, but it's so hard to ignore the claw arm and pale pizza.

8 Woman Who Colored In Butt Using Microsoft Paint

Here's another selfie that was taken by a young girl in a restroom. She's attractive and is holding her cellphone with a trendy zebra phone case while wearing a white long-sleeved sweatshirt, denim vest, and hot pink shorts. She just wasn't curvy. The only thing left to do was to change her body shape using Photoshop.

She decided to take the easy route and use Microsoft Paint instead of the rather complicated Photoshop. She opted for the brush tool and clicked on the biggest possible size to color in a butt. Perhaps she didn't have Photoshop downloaded to her computer or laptop. But, that shouldn't be an excuse for her poor photo-editing skills. She could've put the picture on hold to ask someone for help in the photo-editing department.

Using a brush tool to give yourself a big butt is the equivalent of a kindergartner's messy drawing to say the least. This fake butt went viral, but not for any positive reasons.

7 Kim Kardashian And North West Revealed Themselves As Vampires

via Pinterest

Kanye West snapped a sweet picture of his wife, Kim Kardashian, and their daughter, North, using his tablet. The Vogue cover was adorable, but something looked different. Kanye's reflection isn't in the mirror, which unintentionally made Kim and North look like vampires. The high-fashion magazine has some serious explaining to do as the rookie error caused many readers to wonder what was going on behind the scenes. So many questions came up, but none of them were answered.

Maybe Vogue intentionally cut Kanye's reflection out of the mirror to draw speculation towards a low-key mention of an image vs. reality idea. Maybe they thought the cover would look better if Kanye didn't stare back at himself. LOL. Whatever the reason behind the mistake is, it's a little too normal for the Kardashian-West family. The picture is just one of the many pictures that make up Vogue's in-depth photo shoot of the couple, so it's always going to be there.

6 Kate Upton's Missing Armpit

via News People

Yikes! It's time to call the Photoshop police to handle this digital dilemma involving Kate Upton! Upton is arguably one of the hottest models in the world, but that doesn't mean she's immune to Photoshop mistakes. She's known for her curves and busty chest. In the picture on the left, she's striking a pose while wearing a revealing one-piece swimsuit, but something doesn't look right. She seems to have some sort of a struggle by the pool on a hot sunny day. Although she has the ideal body, one of her armpits wasn't completely in the picture. The editor's to blame for the digital alteration.

The armpits aren't the most glamorous part of the body, but they're important nonetheless. Armpit hair is crucial in maintaining skin health. It also helps spread pheromones, a natural body chemical that attracts potential mates. A misaligned armpit is a bad look and prevents people from applying deodorant to smell good. Just saying.

5 Veronica Kay Doesn't Have All The Stuff

via WittyFeed

Veronica Kay is another alleged one-legged model just like the Urban Outfitters model that was mentioned in the 11th entry. The only difference is that she's sporting a purple bikini while holding on a green rope in a tropical paradise as opposed to being dolled up in a simple yet chic outfit for a housewarming party.

We all love Kay, but the one-legged look is a complete turn-off. She's a hot model from San Diego, California whose second occupation is a professional surfer. In 1997, she became the champion of the National Scholastic Surfing Association. She doesn't have disabilities that we're aware of. The editor who was in charge of editing this picture for Stuff Magazine needs to understand that a significant error can change the overall appearance of a photo. How many errors of one-legged women will it take for editors to be more attentive during the photo-editing process? Change MUST happen.

4 Demon Baby Frightens In Pampers Commercial

via Upsocl

It appears that terrifying demon babies, like the one shown in this commercial, love Pampers too. The popular diaper brand was humiliated big time when this commercial paved its way into local weekly coupon advertisements. Maybe in another life, a demon baby prefers Pampers over other diaper brands, but let's look at reality. A demon baby isn't going to help the brand sell more of its products. Such actions are just going to scare away existing and potential customers, and even worse, frighten small children. Hopefully, no babies and toddlers had severe nightmares that led to crying spells because that's not good at all.

This Photoshop fail seems like a no-win decision as the brand likely lost some customers after an editor severely edited the baby's eyes to make them look demon-like. I wonder how many new parents had to comfort their children after seeing this gruesome commercial. It must be rough. Next time, just save the scary spooks for Halloween.

3 Unusual Sighting Of Horse Dog

via www.freakingnews.com

What happens when a horse crosses path with a dog? It becomes a horse dog! Just kidding. Horse dogs aren't real.

In the real world, there's no such thing as a horse dog unless someone misuses Photoshop to create such an animal. Horses and dogs are two different animals. Horses are large, hoofed, and herbivorous animals that are used for riding and racing. Dogs, on the other hand, are known to protect civilians, soldiers, veterans, police officers, and disabled individuals.

This alleged animal breeding to create a hybrid animal isn't something that should be imitated by others. It seems like whoever Photoshopped this picture and posted it on their Facebook profile was desperate for attention. The person got the 15 minutes of fame that he/she probably desired, but this fake horse dog went viral and probably won't ever leave the Internet. Simply put, the horse dog is just as mythical as the alleged unicorn that even has a drink named after it—the Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks.

2 Chanel Model With A Giraffe Neck

via Buzz Feed

This Chanel model is wearing several haute couture bracelets, but she had a strange look. She had a long neck like a giraffe. Although some women attempt to stretch their necks with metal rings, it's an illogical thing to achieve. An elongated neck can be acceptable to a certain extent, but the editor went too far with the stretching of the model's neck.

In this situation, it's not necessary to go to great lengths to try and achieve something. The black-and-white filter provided the perfect effect for the sophisticated photo, adding a simplistic and elegant touch to it to accommodate the model's bracelets in this advertisement. If this is real life, a person would be bullied for having a giraffe-like neck. Chanel is only going to witness a ton of trolls on the Internet. So, make sure to use your Photoshop tools correctly. Paying attention to the small details will help you in the long run, especially when it comes to professional shots of models promoting designer brands, stores, and products.

1 Nipple-less Cover Of Chrissy Teigen

via CUADRA ~ Exotic Leather Products

There's no doubt that Chrissy Teigen is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She's already gorgeous, so GQ Mexico didn't have to over-edit her front cover, but they did and eventually screwed up. One editing difference can ruin an entire photo. It's a scary observation to notice that her nipples were completely erased. It's already flattering enough, so why put your career in jeopardy with a dishonest edit?

Teigen became a victim of Photoshop fails. As a result, a lot of readers–mostly males–fixated on the mistake that caused her to be nipple-less. Mistakes like this shouldn't happen...ever!

Teigen didn't appear to suffer serious injuries from the Photoshop fail, though. She took to Twitter to confront the quarterly men's magazine, joking about how she had no nipples, and she draws them on with Sharpies each morning and sometimes, she forgot. At least she made a well-timed joke to ease a tense situation.

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