20 Types Of Women Every Man Fantasizes About

Ah, women. Us women come in all shapes and size and… types. Yes, there are certain types of women, and men totally fantasize about certain types of women the same way women fantasize about certain types of men. Women fantasize (and also fetishize) Wall Street bankers, doctors, firefighter. OH, FIREFIGHTERS. Boy, do women fantasize about firefighters. There’s also the sensitive guys with dogs, the single dads, and the guys in bands. But, this is article is about types of women that men fantasize about, so I’ll stop listing my favorite types of dudes now.

Women can fall into a certain type because of where they were born, like the southern girl, the California girl, or the city girl. All three of those types of women were born and raised in different areas and because of that, they have very different personalities. There’s also a woman's hobbies. She could be the artistic type, the nerdy type, the cheerleader, the athlete... There are so many categories to fall into.

Of course, these “types” are not definitive of everything that a single woman is. Someone who is a chill California girl could also be the COO of a tech company. Someone who is a cute girl next door type could also have a temper. Us women are like onions, baby. You have to peel back the layers. We're more than just a type. But, upon first impression, we still come off as a certain type and men totally fantasize certain types. So, below are 20 types of women that men cannot help but fantasize about. And yes, you - if you're a woman - probably fall into one or more of these types.

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19 The Yogi

Who She Is: The yogi is a woman who is really, really into yoga. If you tell her about anything negative going on in your life – difficulty sleeping, a runny nose, a breakup – she’ll suggest you do yoga because it apparently cures everything. That’s annoying, but she looks so good in her yoga pants that you probably won’t care.

She’s also probably a vegan, who may or may not (but definitely will) lecture you on why you shouldn’t eat meat either. Her high-horse attitude is annoying AF, but again she looks really, really good in her yoga pants. Also, her Instagram is full of her fit body in crazy positions so she has that appeal too.

Where To Find Her: Whole Foods. A hot yoga class. A training class to become a yoga teacher.

18 The Modern Cowgirl

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Who She Is: The modern cowgirl is a breed of cowgirl living in today’s society. She’s like an ancient artifact, because how many cowgirls are really left?

She’s basically the opposite of the yogi, since she loves eating meat and thinks yoga is bullsh*t. The modern cowgirl loves drinking a cold beer and listening to country music. That's right, you’ll have to endure country music if you date a cowgirl, but the denim cutoffs and cowboy boots will totally make up for the country music part of it. She's definitely shot a gun and most likely owns a gun. Girlfriend is v. fond of her Second Amendment rights.

The most appealing quality of the modern cowgirl is that she has a southern accent, which is known to make people appear 1000% hotter.

Where To Find Her: Any and every Donald Trump rally and/or Luke Bryan concert.

17 The Hot Mess

Who She Is: She’s Harley Quinn, Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted, and Lindsay Lohan circa her first DUI. She’s the one with the story about doing cocaine with Bon Jovi or some other rockstar. She's the one you're kind of scared of... but she also gives you a fear boner.

The appeal of the hot mess is, quite frankly, that she’s bat sh*t insane. She will keep you on your toes. You’ll think you’re just meeting her for happy hour and suddenly, it’ll be 3:34 AM and you’ll be in a hot tub on a roof... doing cocaine with Bon Jovi. (Disclaimer: I don't actually know if Bon Jovi does cocaine.) You literally never know where the night will take you when you’re with a hot mess. Oh, and she’s also equally insane in the bedroom. She’s a freak on the streets and a freak in the sheets.

However, you may want to avoid getting too serious with a hot mess type, as she’ll likely break your windshield or your nose.

Where To Find Her: Double fisting drinks during last call, because her night is only just beginning.

16 The Girl Next Door

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Who She Is: The girl-next-door is the natural, easy-going beauty, think Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) on Dawson’s Creek. She’s a chill girl, who doesn’t do the drama thing. She’s sane, stable, and friendly. She’s like walking sunshine. She’s the type of girl who would be your BFF for seven years, all while you harbored this huge crush on her.

The girl-next-door also either doesn’t know how hot she is or acts like she doesn’t know how hot she is. It’s this easy humility that makes her so damn hot. She’s also likely to be easy to talk to and have a great laugh, because that’s all part of the package of the girl-next-door. She’s basically the girl you should marry.

Where To Find Her: Next door.

The Nerd Girl

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Who She Is: The nerd girl is one of those rare birds, who is as equally hot as she is well-versed in nerd culture. She’s seen every single DC and Marvel film and while she prefers Marvel films, she thinks everyone is a little too hard on DC. She’s also mad that Harley Quinn went mainstream. Oh, and she’s mad that Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are so mainstream too, because she loved all this stuff before everyone else.

She may or may not do cosplay, and if she does she’s even hotter. I mean, the only thing hotter than a girl who can discuss Jean Grey’s “The Dark Phoenix Saga” is a girl who can dress up as Jean Grey, because meow. What may be the hottest part about this girl is how passionate she is about the stuff she likes. Even if you're not into a certain part of her nerd world, you'll still enjoy her passion for it.

Where To Find Her: Comic-Con, or at home commenting on Doctor Who Reddit threads.

15 The Princess

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Who She Is: She’s not an actual princess, even though she acts like one. Yes, she’s prissy, stuck-up, and entitled. She doesn’t like waiting in line or not getting what she wants. She’s prone to hissy fits. She’s not used to ever paying for a drink, because either a stranger at the bar buys it for her or the bartender gives it to her for free. She’s actually not all that likable and she may drive you crazy. But, she’s really hot. Like, super hot. She has to be REALLY HOT to have obtained this level of sass.

The appeal of the princess is that she’s a challenge. She expects the best in life. She dates doctors, investment bankers, and athletes. So, hooking up with the princess proves that you’re on this level of excellence. Hooking up with the princess actually has more to do with ego than it does to do with her.

Where To Find Her: The trendiest club sitting at a bottle service table. But she, like, didn’t pay for the bottle service, because duh.

14 The California Girl

Who She Is: The California girl is Blake LivelyKate Hudson, and Cameron Diaz. The California girl is as tan as she is easy going. While she may not be from California, she most likely grew up near the beach in order to have obtained her laid back attitude. She’s somehow never in a rush and never worried about anything. Everything will work itself out. She’s almost always in a swimsuit, and may or may not know how to surf.

The appeal of her is that she’s so go-with-the-flow. She doesn’t get mad when you don’t text her for a week, which is so incredibly hot. Also, her impeccable tan is really hot too. She probably thinks she belongs in the ‘60s, which is kind of annoying. Don’t waste your time explaining how she's fetishizing the '60s era because it won’t make a difference.

Where To Find Her: The beach in California or maybe New Jersey.

13 The Girl Boss

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Who She Is: The girlboss is the type of woman who is more interested in her career than she is in you. She’s ambitious and hardworking. She’s probably too busy answering her emails to text you back.

Today, girlbosses can come in all shapes and forms. She could be a freelancer graphic designer, an Instagram influencer, a CEO, or an actress with a side hustle. Whatever the case, if a women is determined, ambitious, and driven, she’s a girlboss, and she’s hot.

The girlboss is a challenge, because she’ll never care more about you than she does her work. Also, bonus points if she wears business attire because there is nothing hotter than a woman rocking business attire.

Where To Find Her: Having a power lunch, but she’ll ignore you. Also networking during happy hour, but she'll probably ignore you again.

12 The Cool Wife

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Who She Is: Ah, the truly, truly unattainable. The cool wife is someone all men fantasize about but no other men can have, except her husband. She’s Chrissy Teigen and Blake Lively. She's cool... but also a wife. She's not a homemaker. I mean, she has a fabulous home and loves taking care of her husband, but that’s not all she is. She's got other stuff going on, and because of that she’s not needy or clingy. She’ll let her husband have guys’ nights and even vacations with the guys. In fact, she tells him to go out and have fun.

She’s probably your friend’s wife and you’re probably a little bit in love with her, but you know you can never have her. If your friend has also told you what a freak she is in bed, she’s even hotter. She’s the ultimate unattainable crush.

Where To Find Her: At home, having hot sex with her husband who is not you.

11 The Hot Mom

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Who She Is: Don’t confuse the cool wife with the hot mom. They are different. The cool wife is funny, independent, and chill. The hot mom may or may not be those things. In fact, she may be clingy, controlling, and annoying. But, she popped out her husband’s babies so she has a right to be controlling and annoying if she wants.

The hot factor about the hot mom isn’t about chillness but rather about the fact that’s she’s a mother. She loves babies and that makes her totally hot. Also, she’s actually hot. She’s one of those moms who doesn’t look like mom. It looks like a stork may have actually brought her baby to her because of how her body is still so very fit.

You’re attracted to the hot mom because of nature. She’s a good mom and your body is attracted to that. It's Darwinism or something like that.

Where To Find Her: Picking up her kids from school or at a mid-day Pilates class since they’re in school.

10 The Bookworm

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Who She Is: The bookworm is Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) from Gilmore Girls. She loves to read. No, like really loves to read. She probably has two spare books in her purse just in case she gets stuck somewhere. She’s unabashed when it comes to reading too. She’ll do it anywhere – in line at the bank, at the park, even at a bar. She may be shy, but once you get to know her she opens up. And, she’s interesting as hell because she’s read everything under the sun. She’s one of those quick-witted brainy girls.

Of course, you definitely want to be careful if she’s also a writer because if you screw over a writer, they write about you.

Where To Find Her: A café that isn’t Starbucks.

9 The Cheerleader

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Who She Is: It’s cliché to say that every guy wants a cheerleader, but every guy wants a cheerleader. And, there are many factors that play into this one. First, there’s the body. Not only are cheerleaders fit but also they are also very bendy. Then, there are the outfits, like the above outfit. On top of all of that, there’s the performance factor. These are women who go out wearing those tiny outfits and perform complex dances and stunts. If they aren’t shy about performing in front of a crowd like that, they won’t be shy about performing in the bedroom, right?

From high school to real life, cheerleaders are always super hot.

Where To Find Her: On the sidelines of any professional sports game. Or getting her books from her locker, but probably don't hook up with that cheerleader because it's illegal.

8 The City Girl

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Who She Is: The city girl is just about any character from Sex and the City or Gossip Girl or Girls. She’s busy, like all the time. She embraces the city she lives in by going to museums, concerts, gallery openings, new restaurants, and bars. She’s very cultured, but almost annoyingly so. There is almost no new place you can take her, so you really have to work hard to think up a date idea. The problem with her is that she will make you feel so very uncool, but you'll be in love with how cool she is.

Another bonus is that city girls are notoriously a little bit looser than your average woman. I mean, if you live in a major city, you’re able to meet (and hook up with) a lot of people.

Where To Find Her: Any major city, but especially New York.

7 The Artist

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Who She Is: The artist doesn’t just have to be an artist. This one actually refers to anyone who is creative. Yes, she could be an actual artist with paint all over her fingers and clothes. She could also be a writer who drinks coffee and works on her novel all day. She could be a sculptor, a welder, a graphic designer. Whatever the case, a creative personality is a type of woman that men are innately drawn to. This is because the artist is known to be a little… creative in the bedroom too. Yes, she may be scatterbrained, flighty, and drone on about artist theories you know nothing about, but she’s also passionate about her creative endeavors. And, again, the bedroom thing.

Also, there’s the factor of her art. If you see her painting or reading her book and it’s actually good, you’ll be REALLY into her.

Where To Find Her: Her studio or maybe a dive bar after a day of creating.

6 The Ice Queen

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Who She Is: The ice queen is icy. She may have grown up as a WASP so she’s polite, but cold. She always looks impeccable and can work a room, but no one knows her too, too well. She’s standoffish. Or, she may have gotten icy because she’s been hurt. She may be cynical because of her past. Whatever the case, this is the girl who keeps you at arm’s length, the girl who blows you off, the girl who isn’t interested in love. She’s attractive in the same way that Julia Stiles was in 10 Things I Hate About You.

A cold, controlled woman can be unbelievably attractive to men because they want to find the heat at the center of her cold exterior. Plus, there’s the whole challenge factor. There's almost nothing more challenging than the ice queen.

Where To Find Her: In most indie films. But, in real life, at a bar drinking whiskey or a martini. She likes to really taste her alcohol.

5 The Free Spirit

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Who She Is: Yes, the artist, the yogi, or the California girl may also be the free spirit, but she may also simply be a free spirit without any of that other stuff.

The free spirit is, well, spiritual. She’s one of those people who is really connected with herself. Maybe she’s into crystals and meditation, or maybe she’s into travel and politics. Whatever the case, she has the intellectual but also unattached vibe to her. Like the California girl, she probably thinks she was meant to live in the ‘60s too. (What is with people’s weird obsession with the ‘60s? Has nobody heard of a thing called racism?)

The free spirit is a natural beauty. Her hair looks like it’s never been brushed but it also still looks amazing.

Where To Find Her: Lounging in the park, but also making sure she gets a picture of it so everyone knows she lounged in the park because she’s such a free spirit.

4 The Bartender

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Who She Is: The bartender is, well, a bartender. Think Coyote Ugly. Though, most bartenders aren’t as theatrical (or stripper-ish) as Coyote Ugly. Even without the Coyote Ugly stripper factor, the bartender is a hot breed. First, there’s the fact that she can make small talk like no body’s business, which is a major part of bartending. There’s also the fact that she can shake up an A+ cocktail. Above everything, though, is the way she handles herself. The bartender is assertive and firm. She can handle a drunk guy being rude. She can brush off an awkward pick-up line. She is cool, calm and collected, while around people who are not cool, calm, or collected. Fantasizing about going home with the hot bartender is something that all men do.

Where To Find Her: Behind the bar or drinking at the only bar open late enough for her to have a drink after work.

3 The School Teacher

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Who She Is: Ah, the super hot teacher is always almost too young to even be a teacher. She's young and cool and hot. Every single school has one. At my school, it was Ms. Gilchrist and every single dude was in love with her.

Of course, it’s not chill to hook up with your teacher, y’know while you’re an underage student. That being said, this obsession with teachers can transfer over into adulthood. So, if you had a hot teacher and then you grow up and you meet a hot girl, who just so happens to be a teacher, you may live out your teacher fantasies with her. Plus, teachers have that wholesome vibe. Oh, and they get summers off. Really, what’s not to love about a hot teacher?

Where To Find Her: At home on a Thursday - guzzling wine, grading papers, and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

2 The Manipulative Bitch

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Who She Is: The manipulative bitch is Mean Girls' Regina George, Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf, Cruel Intentions' Kathryn Merteuil, and Gone Girl’s Amy Dunne.

She’s not necessarily dramatic, but she is a game player. She’ll take down another woman. She’ll hook up with someone else to make you mad. She not only plays games, but she also thinks she’s smarter than everyone else in the room. She’ll use her sexuality to manipulate you.

Yes, she may be a little bit scary and she may eat you alive, but there’s something incredibly hot about someone so aggressively manipulative. Beware of actually marrying a manipulative bitch because you’ll lose everything in the divorce.

Where To Find Her: Inside her own head.

1 The One

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Who She Is: The One could be any of these girls. You may fall for a bartender, a California girl, a yogi – who knows? We don't know who the girl of your dreams will be but, we do know that every guy fantasizes about her. Yes, it sounds corny AF, but it’s also totally true. No matter how much of a man whore you are, no matter how many chicks you get on any given weekend, you still fantasize about The One. We all fantasize about The One. It’s the one person in the world who gets you more than anyone else. It’s the one person in the world who makes you stop fantasizing about everyone else on this list. Hell, when you find The One, no one else on this list even matters.

Where To Find Her: Not Tinder.

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