20 Times Sibling Rivalry Went Too Far

Anyone who has a brother or sister is no stranger to the overcoming nature of sibling rivalry. While most antics are harmless, and even quite funny, sometimes they can push the limits. From an early a

Anyone who has a brother or sister is no stranger to the overcoming nature of sibling rivalry. While most antics are harmless, and even quite funny, sometimes they can push the limits. From an early age all the way into adulthood, brothers, and sisters have duked it out sometimes for no other reason than to get on each other’s nerves. Here are 20 times sibling rivalry went too far.

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20 Flipping Off Family


This photo is sheer proof that sibling rivalry starts from the very first day. Whenever a kid goes from having everything in life revolve around him or her to having to share his or her parents with another kid, it is never good. Add to that the fact that the new baby will require extra attention from everyone around, and you have instant animosity for life.

This little girl did not hold back one bit on sharing her true feelings about no longer being the baby in the family. Nothing says, “I had a really good thing going with mommy and daddy, until you came along and ruined it,” like greeting a new baby sibling with your middle finger. Actions definitely speak louder than words.

19 So what, you can walk?


Anyone who has had a baby knows that one of the most anticipated moments in a parent’s life is when a child takes his or her first steps. It is definitely worth writing down in the baby book, even if you are on child number three or four and have neglected to write down everything else. Some older siblings do not always feel like celebrating with mom and dad, but you have got to be some kind of devious to make fun of your younger sibling’s milestone moments. This kid was especially devious to mock her sister by writing what she thought about it beneath the record in her baby book. She obviously thought walking was no big deal since she could walk, too.

18 Let go of my leg hole


Brothers and sisters will fight over anything from toys and food to getting in each other’s space. If you grew up with a brother or sister, you can probably remember drawing a distinct line in the back seat of the car or on a bedroom floor, which served as an invisible barrier to mark your space and theirs. So you can imagine this boy’s frustration when his parents forced him to share his leg hole in the shopping cart with his little sister. Not only were they in the same cart, but they had their legs in the same hole. God forbid, he would have to touch her! Little sister, on the other hand, did not seem to mind as long as she had a pacifier.

17 Stealing senior moments


This yearbook snapshot serves as solid evidence that the stinginess between siblings does not diminish with age. From toddlers all the way up to age 18 (and beyond) kids will fight over anything and everything they can. Even high school seniors steal things from their siblings, including their yearbook quotes. The fighting is possibly even worse between twins. These brothers seemed to have their hearts set on using the same quote, but it looks like one got his in a little early. Perhaps it was retaliation for always coming behind his brother in alphabetical order. Instead of starting a physical fight, his brother fought back with a witty quote of his own. It was not only genius, but also truly original: “My brother stole my quote.”

16 I’m the smart one


This brother and sister are far from fighting over who gets to use a certain yearbook quote. He could have chosen any quote he wanted to use, but instead sacrificed his precious print space to show himself as the smarter sibling. This pretty young girl may be one of the ones who peaked in high school, because she values the show Sex and the City so much that she chose a line from it as her life quote. Her brother won this little battle of the sexes by pointing out that you must lead a pretty sad life when you quote Sex and the City as words to live by. Maybe she will take his advice and go to college instead of to the mall.

15 The chase is on


It is the classic tale of “you always want what you don’t have.” Only children want to have siblings, and the more siblings a kid has, the more he or she just wants to be an only child. It is never a fair fight when your siblings are on riding toys and you are stuck on foot, but it seems to happen a lot when you are the youngest. It gets even worse when you have not one, or two, but three older siblings. Worst-case scenario, they all decide to start chasing you at the same time. Talk about fighting a downhill battle. Whoever took this terrifying picture should feel a little guilty as well. This kid probably grew up to have some serious trust issues.

14 Caught and caged


The only thing potentially worse than being chased by your siblings on riding toys is when they finally catch you. Then you must endure whatever terrible wrath they have planned for you. Like putting you in “jail” by locking you in a pet cage. The smug look on the older girl’s face shows that she has had this scheme planned for some time. You have to wonder just how she tricked her sister into getting in the cage in the first place. This is also another example of a parent who decided this moment was worth catching on camera before coming to the rescue of the younger sibling. Such decisions are sure to result in yet another child who will grow up to have trust issues.

13 Public display of disgust


There is an old saying that advises against going into business with family, and this sign is a great example of why it is such a bad idea. Business owners need to agree on things in order for a company to run smoothly. That can be hard to do though when the owners are brothers and sisters. The sign may read “family-owned,” but beneath that is a fight spelled out that shows this company’s owners were too busy trying to own one another instead of advertising their specials. Good luck attracting customers with this public rant. Maybe their mom or dad came to the rescue and changed the sign before it was too late to save the family name . . . and the family business.

12 The gift that keeps on giving


What do you buy the person who has everything? How about a pack of batteries? That will go with almost anything, especially the gift you “forgot” to include. Wait, it looks like this sister intended to just buy batteries, given the tag “gift not included.” Maybe her sibling is a practical person and will see all the benefits to having a pack of triple-A batteries. If not, he or she can always return the favor on the sister’s next birthday. One way to up the game would be to save the battery package and return it to her with a gift tag that reads, “batteries not included.” Oh the irony. Not to mention all the money it would save since batteries are not exactly cheap.

11 Infamous insults


It is always cool when your brother has a job or hobby that allows him to meet famous people. It is even cooler when he gets them to autograph a copy of their book in your honor. It sucks, however, when he gets the author to insult you with his inscription. Now you are torn between keeping a really cool memento that could possibly be considered a collector’s item, or tossing it out since it reeks with the words your brother manipulated a famous author into writing. Maybe a good compromise would be to sell the book online and make a good profit. That should show your sarcastic brother. Who said you were bad with numbers (besides your brother and Bret Easton Ellis, of course)?

10 Putting up Putin


Here is one example of a unique social experiment one kid carried out at home to test just how observant his family really was and perhaps just how long his mom would go before dusting the picture frames again. He replaced one of his sister’s family photos with a photo of Vladimir Putin to see how long it would take everyone to notice. Then his entire family came over for Christmas and still nobody noticed, not even the sister who had her childhood photo replaced by a political head shot of a foreign leader. In a house full of people that unobservant, this kid could get away with murder! He did after all get away with Putin, and nobody in the house even smelled anything suspicious.

9 Chokehold child’s play


Maybe this kid meant to hug his sister, but regardless of the big brother’s intentions, this little girl is clearly suffering. Her eyes are bulging out from her head, and her face is almost as red as her hair. Good thing they caught this act on camera so that she can use the picture as motivation for future revenge. Judging by the background, it looks like the photo was taken in a studio. This is never something you want to pay money to see. Maybe they got some good shots of the kids, too. If the parents have a sense of humor though, it would make one heck of a funny Christmas card photo. Then everyone would know who has been the naughty one in this family.

8 Hands of a hellion


We all can attest to the fact that it is hard being a sibling. Some say that it is even harder when you are a middle child. Everyone can imagine then that it is especially hard when you are the middle child of five kids. This little guy just could not take playing nice for a family picture. Either that or he is exercising his demons in this pose taken from The Exorcist. Even his older siblings look a bit scared at his frightening face. The baby girl seems somewhat worried, too, but the poor baby boy seems under his evil spell. Maybe it is possible to capture a child’s personality on camera. Hopefully it will also be possible to capture this kid once he goes rogue again.

7 Plans change


Twins typically do everything together, but there is some advantage to being born a few minutes sooner. For starters, you can rest assured that you were the planned part of your mom’s pregnancy. But knowing that is never fun. This ever so slightly older brother had to rub it in to his twin by buying them these somewhat matching shirts. The funny (or sad) part is that his little brother actually wore it. Hopefully he took it off before actually leaving the house. If not, it might just make him look more attractive to girls who feel sorry for the younger brother. Any younger sisters out there want to hang out with a sad twin wearing a really sad shirt?

6 Mom’s favorite


It is one thing to suspect that your brother or sister is your mom or dad’s favorite child, but it is extremely awkward and disappointing when your parents admit it . . . in front of everyone. This mom should have thought twice before posting on Facebook just how thankful she was for her son Casey. Sure, it was a nice thing to say on Thanksgiving. But she went a little overboard with the adjectives by saying things like “most” thankful and “best” son. She seemed to forget all about poor little Timmy. That is, until he made a sarcastic comment about seeing her status. Guess your secret is out mom. You best be thinking of ways to make it up to Tim on Christmas.

5 Birthday burglar


When you are someone’s brother or sister, you know what it is like to have to share all holidays equally. Everyone gets gifts on Christmas, and everyone shares candy on Easter and Halloween. But you can at least look forward to your birthday being all about you. On that one special day every year, everything is just for you. The party, the friends, the presents, the cake, the candles . . . hey, wait! That is until your little sister sneaks in and blows out your cake candles. Talk about stealing your thunder (or at least your fire). All eyes are finally on you and they are singing your song, when she steps in and takes over the show. Typical sibling rivalry that went way too far.

4 Creative computer comeback


This brother decided to use his wits to get back at his sister for stealing $20 from him. He thought the punishment should fit the crime, so he schemed up a plan to make her waste her time since she wasted his money. Since he knew she had a school project due, he got a little creative with the computer to help mess with her homework. He created a series of folders with multiple subfolders inside of those, and randomly hid her project in one of those folders. The most genius part of this entire plan is that the names for all of the folders spelled out a warning message to her. Oh, if only we could get a glimpse at what he titled those subfolders!

3 Batting at brother


Talk about a public display of dislike. This little guy wanted the baseball team to hit a home run toward his brother’s head. He was even willing to give up his entire piggy bank if it happened. That has got to be some kind contempt he has for his brother, since kids do not take well to someone taking their piggy banks. Even more disturbing is the fact that his parents did not seem to mind his sign. In fact, they were smiling when he got on TV. It makes you wonder if this is the same mom from Facebook who posted about her two sons, and poor little Tim was the guy sitting off to the side, hoping and praying that he would not get hit.

2 Poop for poop

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If you fight fire with fire, then it only makes sense to fight poop with poop. Brothers have a long record of destroying their sisters’ dolls. One of the most common ways they do so is by cutting the doll’s hair, but this little boy took it to the extreme by putting poop in the hair of his sister’s doll. She wrote her mom about it, and in the letter, let mom know that if justice was not served, she would take matters into her own hands. Maybe mom punished Charlie, not only because he deserves it but also because his hamster does not deserve it. If not, it looks like Charlie’s hamster got the raw end of this deal (in more ways than one).

1 Taking notes for retaliation


Since your sibling can attack you at any time, it never hurts to keep a running list of retaliation tactics. Take for instance this little girl’s list. She definitely knows her strengths, like having smelly feet and being fast enough to chase someone until they would faint. You cannot forget good old-fashioned physical abuse, which she added to the list for good measure. Finally, it could never hurt to put a scary movie on their computer, tablet, or phone to scare when they turn it on. She has also learned that she can leave it out and not worry about mom or dad suspiciously reading it if she disguises it as an innocent note by using Hello Kitty stationary with hearts for an extra passive-aggressive appeal.

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