20 Things Paris Hilton Wears That Are More Flashy Than Her $2M Engagement Ring

For an average couple, being engaged with the one they love is amazing enough. Uncomplicated rings are sufficient to represent the event and upcoming marriage. But this is entirely different for the rich and the famous. If you have a fat wallet and millions in your bank account, you will definitely propose to your partner with the most fabulous crystal ring, even if it costs millions. Like in the case of Chris Zylka, who gave his girl an engagement ring worth $2 million. Of course, it was much appreciated, with the popularity that it is gaining in the news and social media. Paris revealed that the ring was absolutely gorgeous.

Our hopes are high with these two beautiful people. They are just perfect for each other. Paris is like a real princess in the arms of her prince charming. She mentioned in People Style, that she never in her life met a man so loyal, dedicated, and loving. She knew right from the start that she wanted to be with him forever.

Paris lives a high life and this always keeps her in the spotlight. She totally morphed from a party-girl socialite to the classy and respectable businesswoman she is now. She has used her fame to rise up the corporate ladder. The things she buys and owns can literally feed thousands. Paris' net worth estimate is a staggering $100 million.

20 A Not-So-Common Engagement Ring

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It is easy to spot the controversial engagement ring with its size and sparkle. Paris seems to be really enjoying her new jewelry and shows it in all her pictures. It is as beautiful and elegant as the heiress; she got what she deserves. So pleased and proud of the engagement ring, Paris posts photos online and now it is all over the internet. She even posted different shots of the ring on her social media account.

It has an estimated value of $2 million, with a massive 20-carat-diamond. And, it has its very own private security. Zylka helped in the design of the ring and it only took two days to complete. Although there are words regarding similarities with Cardi B’s ring, Paris responded gracefully by saying, “Our future hubby's obviously both have an amazing and similar taste!” The design of the ring was actually inspired by another piece of jewelry in the Hilton family, worn by her mother.

19 First Engagement Ring From Jason Shaw

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Before Chris Zylka, there was Jason Shaw. He was Paris' very first engagement when she was only 21 years old. During that time, Paris was the talk of the town because of her party girl image and her questionable fashion statements. Shaw was a model and actor, really good looking, and athletic. They were a perfect match and even Paris' mom liked him. He was born from a well-known clan in Chicago.

In 2002, Hilton was engaged to Shaw but it only lasted one year. The engagement ring was a diamond ring which was said to cost 125 thousand dollars. They had an on and off relationship but finally decided to end it in 2003.

18 August Getty's "Million Dollar" Dress

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Paris Hilton is known for her style and glamour. Her taste may not be the same as every one of us, but she sticks with whatever makes her happy, no matter how flashy and expensive it is. She recently showed off her fashion at the Hollywood Beauty Awards, where she bagged the Fragrance of The Year award for her Gold Rush scent. The perfume entrepreneur wore the stunning August Getty "Million Dollar" dress.

The gown was made up of 500,000 Swarovski crystals and is worth about $270K. Anyone with no money would be scared to touch it. To complete the dress, five people have worked together and it took months to be officially wearable. Amazingly, this dress costs the same price as a house.

17 Her Extravagant Cars

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Born with money and popularity, Paris made use of her status to gain more success in business. Some of her favorite things to spend on are her fancy cars. She has a collection of luxury rides that are worth millions in total. It is no secret that Paris has a hidden love for high-priced items, apparently having lots of money means she can get virtually anything she wants.

Her Rolls-Royce Ghost alone costs about $260,000, while the Bentley Continental GT she owns is reported to cost about $400,000. Aside from these, she has other rides that she uses every now and then.

16 Twinning With Kate Middleton In A Self Portrait White Gown

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Paris Hilton was the first one to wear this dress. Then the Duchess of Cambridge was seen with the same exact dress at the Premiere of A Street Cat Named Bob. We really don’t know if the two are close or if they talk with each other. But the Self Portrait dress is really lucky to be worn by two of the most well-known women and fashion icon. Although they have different taste when it comes to clothing choice; Kate Middleton has a formal and sophisticated style, while Paris is trendy and feminine, but we can all agree that they both wore the dress with grace.

15 Paris' Luxury Watches

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Watches are an essential part of our daily lives. But would you buy one that costs more than what you make in 6 months? Paris Hilton has her very own collection of branded watches. As she has made a prominent name in the fashion industry, she has also made her very own line of designer watches. Her brand is taking the watch market by storm. Her watches are made of high-grade material to ensure quality and class. Hilton's 18K white gold and diamond limited edition watches started at $100k,

upon launching in 2005. We would hope that anyone who buys a watch from her collection could experience a glimpse of Paris Hilton's life.

14 Her Chandelier Earrings

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Jewelry, whatever type, is sure to make one look classy and elegant. And if you are rich and famous like Paris Hilton, you surely will also spend on lavish accessories, simply to make a fashion statement or just for the fulfillment of acquiring sparkling stuff. We see Paris all over the internet, in the news, and in magazines, with different types of earrings. Her outfits would be lacking without this important accessory. They are partnered with her luxurious gowns on special events, like this fabulous pair of chandelier earrings from Jacob & Co, which she wore to the Delete Blood Cancer Gala. Jacob & Co is also often worn by popular celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, The Kardashians, and Lady Gaga.

13 Sparkling Necklaces

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We have seen Paris Hilton wear different necklaces for various parties and events. We really do not know how much all these glamorous necklaces might be worth, but when we speak of Paris we always think of flashy and expensive stuff. In fact, they almost always go hand in hand. Paris Hilton made our eyes sparkle with this broad diamond choker which she wore to the launch of her new perfume. It matches her style and outfit, making her look like the queen she is known to be!

12 Classy Bracelets To Match Her Style

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Paris wears elegant bracelets that perfectly always match her style. We have seen her wear cuff bracelets, link bracelets, diamond bracelets, etc., on events and various award ceremonies. Our head turner wows the crowd by choosing jewelry that compliments her dresses and makes her stand out even more.

No matter what design of bracelet she chooses to wear, she sports it with confidence and grace. We have seen her with the best bracelets made of diamonds, like the sparkly one she wore for the Paper Magazine Runway Benefit.

11 Flaunting Her Bikini Body In Stylish Swimwear

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It is no wonder why her swimsuit pictures are all over the Internet. We regularly see pictures of her on the beach or in the pool, splashing around in her fitted swimming outfits. Paris is not only hot and sexy but she wears bikinis in the most fashionable ways. Her love of the beach and swimming shows a lot about who she is; free-spirited and adventurous. Plus she has a wide array of swimwear reserved for personal trips, business, and modeling. To flaunt her bikini body she always chooses swimwear that portrays style and glamour. We will see photos of her in bikinis with animal prints, patriotic bikinis, monokinis, stringed bikinis and of course, pink bikinis.

10 The Other Rings She Wore (Not Engagement Rings)

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Aside from her massive engagement rings (all three of them), Paris often wears the most beautiful and flashy rings, like this colossal Bulgari gemstone ring she chose to wear during a Q&A with fans in Melbourne, Australia. The ring is made up of a big gem in the middle in little ones (still impressive) circling around it. Yes, we know that this is definitely not her engagement ring, but by the looks of it, it does seem really heavy. We wonder which ring weighs more...

9 Collection Of Louis Vuitton Suitcases

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Paris Hilton is often seen traveling with thousands of dollars worth of Louis Vuitton suitcases. Apparently, the heiress has an obsession with this famous brand of bags. This photo was taken during her trip to South Africa for the FIFA world cup. It might look quite over the top (she is sitting on a mountain of suitcases, after all), but she is an heir, celebrity, and businesswomen earning millions of dollars every year. What would you decide to do if you had that large sum of money in your bank account? I would collect Louis Vuitton luggage for my trips too, I guess.

8 Designer Leather Totes

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Tote bags are everyday essentials for many female celebs because of their durability, functionality, and style. Paris Hilton absolutely loves these particular bags. During events, parties or even a casual trip, she keeps her stuff handy with her stylish companion. She is frequently seen using leather tote bags from designer labels such as Louis Vuitton (obviously), Chanel, Christian Dior, Mattel, to name a few. In addition, she also has her very own line of bags named after her that are available in different parts of the world.

7 Her Love For Dogs And Their Not So Simple Life

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In 2015, Paris purchased two tiny cutie Pomeranians, along with accessories for them, in Canada. She spent a reported $25K. It was a little too over-the-top and expensive for pets. Earlier than that, in 2014, she nabbed another Pomeranian at the same store, for $13K. Imagine the things you could buy with that sum of money. Paris was so inspired by her pets that she started her own pet line, another successful business under her name. It includes clothing, toys, beddings, bling and pet accessories.

To show affection and love for her pets, she built them a mansion, complete with air conditioning, heating, and furniture. Paris spoiled them with flashy items and accessories. Living in a two-story mansion with luxurious designer furniture and a chandelier is a dream come true for every pet in the world... While some of us are desperately looking for a place to call home, her pets are comfortable enjoying their massive two-story home.

6 Her Award-Winning Perfume Line

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Some of the flashiest, yet subtle stuff worn by Paris are her fragrances. From her former socialite image, she has transformed into a successful perfume mogul. To top it off she now has 23 types of fragrances marketed under her name. She wears her own creations and also promotes them herself. Her perfumes are available in different countries, and account for $1.3 billion in revenue (since 2005). In 2017, her Gold Rush fragrance was recognized as the Fragrance of the Year, at the 3rd Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards. Hilton totally exceeded expectations and lived beyond her figure as a rich heiress and notorious party figure. With her wit and charm, almost all of her business ventures gain success.

5 A Closet Of Couture Clothing (Including Many Roberto Cavalli And Versace Pieces)


Paris Hilton wears popular couture clothes from Ungaro, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana and many others. Whether it’s for a meeting, to travel or just for a casual day out with her fiance, Paris always has a perfect outfit to wear. Her love for fashion opened doors for her in the clothing industry and now she has her own brand. One of her favorites before, for its comfort, were her Juicy tracksuits. She popularized this style during her stay on the reality show The Simple Life with her so-called BFF Nicole Richie. Even now, she still wears Juicy Couture at home.

4 Makeup Collection

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Although Paris is already beautiful in her own way, she still applies makeup to get the look she wants. To look ultra-feminine, sexy and chic she wears various cosmetic brands, although, even without it, she already looks awesome. She wears lip glosses, concealers, lipsticks, blush, eyeshadow, and bronzer, from famous brands like Chanel, MAC, and Nars. She also loves to wear foundation from Armani. She likes to do her own makeup, but still prefers to have her own makeup artist do it for her on occasion. However, Paris does not wear makeup all the time; she applies it only when working out, attending meetings and for special events.

3 Lavish Beauty Secrets

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Her love for beauty reflects her success in the line of beauty products. Paris is a 36-year-old now and still looking like she is in her 20’s, thanks to her lavish beauty secrets. One of the most famous names associated to beauty is Paris Hilton, after all. She has high standards when choosing products for her own use. Every week she gets facials from Nice Skin, Beverly Hills. She uses beauty creams with 24-carat-gold flakes in them, and creams with crushed diamonds. She also uses serums with stem cells. For her luscious hair, she uses products such as Kérastase, and Tracey Cunningham or Michael Boychuck for color.

2 Collection Of Shoes And Footwear

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Paris Hilton has an insane closet of designer shoes and footwear. From glamorous snickers to sparkling high heels, you name it, she has it. Her million dollar collection consists of famous designer brands like Christian Louboutin, Charlotte Olympia, Chanel and even her own line: Paris Hilton shoes. Paris has said that one of her favorite heels are the Gianmarco Lorenzi “Disco Ball” platform pumps she has on her shelf.

1 Paris And Paris Engagement Ring

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After Jason Shaw, she was engaged to Greek shipping heir and socialite, Paris Latsis. The short-lived engagement happened in May 2005. They have lots of similarities; from their names to their social status. By the looks of their pictures, the two were quite happy together. The engagement ring Paris received from Paris was even bigger than her current ring with fiancé Chris, with its 24-carat, $4.7 million diamond jewel. The relationship, however, did not last long. The engagement was called off, and Paris and Paris were no more. Ever wonder what happened to the extravagant ring? Well, Paris actually auctioned it off and gave its proceeds to victims of Hurricane Katrina. It seems like Latsis is pretty fine with it.

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