20 Things Mariah Carey’s Massive Mansions Have…That Our Home Will Never Have

One of the most renowned singers of her generation, if not of all time, Mariah Carey has performed a seemingly endless list of songs that have stood the test of time. Listed among the bestselling musicians of the modern era, she has had a staggering two hundred million of her records purchased across the world, which is simply awe-inspiring. Very wealthy due to her career and a divorce from a music industry executive, this has allowed her to live a lavish lifestyle that few people would ever be able to envision. Realizing this and wondering about the details of her existence inspired us to put together this list of twenty things in Mariah Carey’s living spaces that we’ll never have in our homes.

In order for a detail of a home to be up for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost must be something linked to one of the living spaces owned or rented by Mariah Carey. We don’t have access to any of her business dealings so we can’t say with certainty that she has held on to all of these properties. But at the very least, she did possess them up until recently. Next, it has to be a feature of a home that you would never expect an average joe like us or our readers to have in their abode. Finally, it needs to be something that people are likely to be jealous of or amazed by for one reason or another. The only other thing that we want to note is that we have not been in her living spaces so we’re basing this list off of public records alone.

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20 Multi-Million Dollar Price Tags

Via YouTube.com

One of the most successful singers in the modern world of music, Mariah Carey has managed the impressive feat of selling more than two hundred million records worldwide. In fact, she is such a big deal that she is listed as the “third bestselling female artist” according to the Recording Industry Association of America. As a result of all that, it likely won’t come as a surprise to anyone that she is a very wealthy woman with a net worth of over five hundred million dollars to her name. This has led her to have the ability to purchase properties and homes that the rest of us could only dream about. That is why she has owned multiple homes that cost millions of dollars to buy, which is a value that none of our homes will ever be able to compete with.

19 Cloudy Bedroom Ceilings

via Curbed LA

One of the most attainable things that you’ll find on this list, all of us could have ceilings in our homes painted to look as though they are the skies on a sunny day. A beautiful vision as there is little in this world we find more peaceful than laying on the ground in a field and watch the clouds, it allows us to feel as though we are one with nature. Still, as enticing as the idea of getting something close to that feeling while in the privacy of our own homes is, we have to say that like most people, we have bigger things to worry about. After all, getting that kind of complicated paint job done would be quite costly, and if we did it ourselves, we highly doubt it would come out looking as good as it does in Mariah’s case. As a result, we’ll be putting that money towards our bills, entertainment, or other needs instead.

18 Bronze-Inlaid Limestone Flooring

Via architecturaldigest.com

Something that gets more attention in the home-purchasing process today than ever before it seems, many people realize that changing the type of flooring can add a great deal of value to a property. That is why you find laminate flooring to be a lot less common than it once was as things like hardwood or ceramic tiles replace it in a large percentage of homes. However, there aren’t many people that could afford to have the same floors that Mariah has in her New York City triplex. Opting to walk on bronze-inlaid limestone flooring while in the city that never sleeps, that is the type of decadence that makes us think of the glory days of the Roman Empire or something like that.

17 “Staggering 360-Degree Panoramic Views From City To Ocean”

via Curbed

With so many people living in the suburban jungle today, many of us are accustomed to looking out our windows to see things like other houses, overstuffed streets, buildings, or things like that. Another common lifestyle choice is to live and work in more secluded areas which will result in views of either wide open spaces, farmland, or nature which is all pretty nice. However, that could never compete with the view that Mariah enjoyed at the L.A. home she bought with Nick Cannon at one time. Providing them with the ability to look over the hustle and bustle of a busy city on the one side and the cascading water of the ocean on the other, they had two options that we are jealous of.

16 An Elevator

Via dailymail.co.uk

A world that is arguably overstuffed with human beings today, considering how many of us inhabit this planet, it was necessary for some ingenuity in housing choices to keep most of us covered at night. This has led to millions of people living in apartment buildings today, which also means that a good portion of us take elevators to and from the entrance to our living spaces. Something that can be quite awesome as walking up flight after flight of stairs on a daily basis can be a lot to ask of us, especially while carrying various items, elevators make our lives much easier. However, almost none of us have them inside of our homes or apartments like Mariah did in her Los Angeles abode.

15 Elaborate Gazebo

Via welcome.informantdaily.com

A kind of covering that you can find in the yards of some people with larger properties or in public parks around the world, there is no doubt that gazebos serve their purpose to perfection. A way of spending time outside while also being somewhat protected from the whims of mother nature, if it begins to rain, there is no problem as you won’t get soaked as you would otherwise. That said, they typically aren’t overly fancy as they are often either empty on the inside or filled with table sets that are designed to be kept outside so they aren’t overly comfortable. When you’re Mariah Carey, that just won’t do, which led one of her Los Angeles homes to feature a gazebo filled with “Moroccan-Style” finery.

14 Pool Emblazed With Initials

Via curbed.com

When purchasing a home, there are certain rites of passage that come up that are likely to give the new owner great satisfaction. First off, there is the feeling of achievement that comes along with being able to purchase a house of your own as that is only possible once you’ve created a life with some stability most of the time. On top of that, you get to make changes to your new property that make you feel as though you’ve made it your own. For most of us, that includes things like filling the space up with our appliances, furniture, and belongings or simple cosmetic changes like altering paint colors, flooring, or other minor upgrades. When you have a lot of money and a massive ego like Mariah Carey does, none of that will do as monogramming your large pool seems like a reasonable choice.

13 Mountain Views

via Informant Daily

This is the second time we are looking at the view that Mariah had at one of her massive properties, and we have to say that we are astonished that this one is ranked higher than before. After all, it seems hard to envision something being better than having a home with the ability to appreciate the lights of a city on one side and the natural beauty of the ocean on the other. However, another one of the Los Angeles houses she purchased with former husband, Nick Cannon, managed to win out against such massive competition. Providing the pair and their children with a view that included the city, palm trees, and mountains all at the same time, there are so many gorgeous things going on here it is hard to fathom.

12 Lounge Style Theater Room

Via sondakika.com

If you are anything like us and have always loved going to see movies at your local cinema, then you’ve probably wished to yourself that you could spend more time there. Then you see a movie or show where someone with a lot of money owns a house that gives them the ability to walk into a room and be instantly inside one at a moment’s whim. Something we’ve always associated with a life of great pleasure, we never thought we’d see something that was actually able to exceed the luxury of having a theater inside of your home. Then you find out that Mariah had a cinema in her home that outdid the competition by featuring the height of lounge style seating and welcoming décor as well.

11 “An Aspen Room That Accommodates Several Hundred”

Via strawberrymag.com

Here we go with another instance of Mariah owning a home that gives the ability to travel to a fancy location without leaving the security and convenience of her own property. A massive room in her “magnificent Hamptons-style estate,” this space seems to have been designed to bring to mind the luxury of spending a week at a high-end ski resort. The kind of vacation that most of us have enjoyed once or twice in their life or seen from afar on our TVs, the comfort and relaxation that seems to come along with these trips seem wonderful. Of course, that isn’t the only appeal of having a space like this in your home as it also allows Mariah to host massive groups of people all in one space with the greatest of ease.

10 Indoor Basketball Court With Gym

Via athomeinhollywood.com

We’re just going to come out and say it. We’re guessing that Mariah owned a home with a space like this because of being married to the athletic Nick Cannon at the time she bought the property. Don’t get us wrong, we’re sure there is an appeal to having an indoor basketball court for just about anyone with a lot of money since it isn’t something that is attainable for most people. That said, she has never struck us as the type of person that would be working up a sweat by shooting some hoops with friends or by herself. Perhaps that is also why there is a gym in the middle of the court, as that seems much more likely to be something that she might have gotten use out of.

9 Chandelier In The Kid’s Room

Via bossip.com

Another item that has become more common in the homes of everyday people, one of the main reasons why we enjoy chandeliers is that we see them as symbols of wealth as they once were. Seen in many ballrooms, high-end theaters, or similarly large spaces where people gather, they are often gorgeous and have something magical about them. As such, when you put one of them in your living room or kitchen, it adds a great deal of beauty and ambiance to the area. Still, we’ve never seen one in a child’s room before because it is very dangerous to have them within a kid’s reach. In the case of this room where Mariah’s kids sleep, the roofs are high enough to ensure that that isn’t much of a problem. On top of that, we are also amazed by their inclusion here as we’re guessing that in her case, the chandelier is made up of much more expensive things like jewels.

8 A Ballroom

Via thegrandreport.com

Speaking of chandeliers being common in large spaces, it seems likely that Mariah Carey might have had another one of them in a space from a Beverly Hills mansion she bought in 2009. A massive home that came with an asking price of one hundred twenty-five million dollars, it was fancy enough that the mansion was actually named Fleur de Lys. Exhibiting a number of crazy elaborate amenities, one of the most stunning was the fact that the property actually featured a large ballroom area. A kind of place must of us will only ever be in when a company we work for rents it out or we somehow get invited to a fundraiser or large gathering, Mariah’s life clearly is nothing like our own.

7 Empire State Building View

Via Imgur.com

One of the most expensive places in the world to live, the amount of money that you have to spend to own any living spaces in New York City is astronomical in comparison to other areas. So expensive because it is the center of so many tourists and major businesses, owning anything there is a pretty big deal. On top of that, if you are able to purchase even a small apartment that is situated in one of the even more expensive regions of that city, the price tag continues to multiply. As such, the triplex that Mariah purchased must have come with a massive price tag, especially considering that it came with one hell of a view. With a window that provides the homeowner and their guests the ability to look upon the Empire State Building, being able to see one of the most famous high rises in the world is incredible.

6 41,000-Square Feet

Via fortunelounge.club

Looking back at the Beverly Hills mansion that Mariah Carey bought with Nick Cannon, the fact that it is big enough to house a ballroom is a huge clue that it is a massive building. As such, if pressed, we probably would have come up with a pretty large number if we were asked to guess what the square footage it has within its walls. Even still, we never would have thought of a number as large as forty-one thousand square feet unless we were trying to come up with a figure that we envisioned being cartoonishly large. Yet here we are. She owned a mansion so large that it could contain the largest home we will ever purchase or even walk in several times over.

5 Fifteen Bedrooms

Via la.curbed.com

Even with that same mansion containing a ballroom that would take up a lot of its forty-one thousand square feet, there still would need to be a lot of other rooms in order to fill the rest of that space. As such, we aren’t astonished to read that it contained a staggering fifteen bedrooms, but we still marvel at any home being so grand in scale. In fact, it leaves us wondering what anyone could do with all of them. How many guest rooms could anyone need or desire? How many of those rooms are even walked into in any given year aside from the people she must pay to clean the property. In the case of this one, we’re not even envious of her home as that is just impractical and unwieldy in our view.

4 Reflective Hard Wood

Via realtor.com

Earlier in this list, we looked at some of the fancy flooring that Mariah’s triplex in New York City contains and appreciated her bronze-inlaid limestone since it is so gorgeous. You probably thought that we were through with looking at what she walked on there, but you couldn’t be more wrong as she actually has flooring in her Los Angeles home that we were more impressed with. Hardwood flooring has become more attainable for you and me in recent years, but we’re used to it adding colors like brown to our living spaces. The thing we could never have imagined is that someone could have hardwood floors that are so perfectly polished and taken care of that it would reflect everything placed on it. All the more impressive as it seems to defy all of our expectations, this wasn’t a one-time investment but an ongoing expense as well.

3 Bathroom Island

Via haberler.com

Continuing to look at the same home of hers, this time around, we’re going from the common living space to one of its bathrooms. An outrageous room since it is so large and contains things we would never expect a bathroom to possess, there is so much going on here to be blown away by. For instance, who among us could imagine walking into a bathroom with a massive rug like the one you see here or that lounge-style couch? Moving past those things, we have to say that we are astonished that she actually has an island like the ones we usually see in more expensive kitchens in her bathroom. We have absolutely no idea what purpose it could possibly serve as you don’t need to chop up carrots or something like that in the bathroom. Still as unnecessary as it seems, we have to admit that we’re impressed.

2 A “Clothes Room”

Via architecturaldigest.com

If you are anything like us, then closet space or a lack thereof has been an issue in your life off and on through the years. As such, when looking at where we wanted to live as adults, finding a home or apartment with a walk-in closet was a major selling point. When you are one of the world’s most famous singers and live a life of luxury that even many rich people can’t imagine, then that wouldn’t even be close to enough. That is why we can’t say we are surprised in the slightest that Mariah’s New York City triplex doesn’t go only a step further but a full-on walk. Featuring what they call a “clothes room,” the size of her closet is larger than any of the bedrooms in our house and most likely yours as well.

1 Staff Quarters

Via celebuzz.com

Someone that we all realize has earned a huge amount of money over her lengthy career, this has allowed Mariah Carey to purchase all of the things that we’ve already looked at over this list. With that level of wealth, we think it is probably pretty clear that she isn’t going to be getting down on her hands and knees in order to keep her homes as immaculate as the photos make them seem. As such, it seems obvious that she must employ a small army of people in order to keep things so clean and also to cook for her or otherwise serve her needs. With all of that in mind, we understand why specific staff quarters may serve a purpose for her but we really can’t think of anything that is a bigger sign of her affluence than owning a mansion that has them.

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