15 Things Jay-Z And Beyoncé Do On Vacation Most Of Us Can't Afford

“The very rich are very different than you and I.” Those are the words of some old writer. Okay, since you really want to know (don’t you?) that famous line was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of The Great Gatsby and a guy who knew a thing or two about money. Fitzgerald was trying to get to the bottom of how the industrial, entertainment, social, and political elite operated in this country, something that still resonates to this day with so much talk about wealth distribution and our new age of entitlement. When Gatsby’s friend and peer, Ernest Hemingway, a guy who didn’t give a you-know-what about money, heard of Gatsby’s line he responded, “Of course they are — they have more money.” Which pretty much sums it up neatly, doesn’t it?

This probably seems like an overly convoluted way to bring me to this point — Jay-Z and Beyoncé are insanely wealthy. They are, in fact, fabulously wealthy, as they used to say. The Hollywood power couple is so full of “Generational Money” that they can afford to do things most of us can only dream of. They can do those things twice, thrice, or whenever they want. Hell, they can afford to do things most of us have never even heard were possible. If Jay-Z told us tomorrow he was going to build a rocket ship and go live on some alien island resort world that Jay-Z’s private team of astronomers found, we would believe him. You know why? Because he has the money to do it, that’s why.

Just in case you don’t believe me, I’ve got a little treat for you. Read on and you’ll find out some of the things Jay-Z and Beyoncé have done on their previous vacations that are probably just a little bit out of reach for the most of us. I know they are for me and I’m betting they are for you.

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15 Hawaii, Here We Come

I know, I know, a lot of people go to Hawaii on vacation. Heck, it’s probably still the most popular tropical resort destination for the average American, even if the Mexican Riviera, and nowadays the Dominican Republic, are often more accessible and less expensive. But that’s always been part of Hawaii’s charm. It is incredibly remote for most of us, even West Coasters, and it has an almost mythical stature because of the incredible weather, volcanos, and exotic flair. So yeah, a lot of us can say Hawaii is or will be in reach as a vacation spot sometime in our lifetime. But what we can’t say is that we can go there whenever we want. Guess what? Jay-Z and Beyoncé can. I don’t have hard numbers on this because even one of the most observed couples in entertainment history doesn’t reveal everything, but the power couple has powered their way to the big island (and its smaller, private neighbors) multiple times, including this little 2016 jaunt to a private resort where dad and little Ivy Blue cut a rug.

14 Let’s Go To The NBA Finals — Every Game

It’s not like we don’t know how much Jay-Z loves basketball. The man bought the New Jersey Nets after all and helped move them to Brooklyn, making them instantly more credible than they had ever been in the Jersey 'burbs. We also know celebs can get a little bit crazy about their teams. Just remember Jack Nicholson and all the time and money he spent being courtside during the “Showtime” Lakers and Shaq/Kobe Lakers title runs. But Jay-Z and his pop-star wife took it to a new level when they were seen courtside at the 2017 NBA finals. Every single game. I mean come on, neither team was even the team Jay-Z should be rooting for. But I guess when you have the money and the interest and you’re on a break from work (only stateside, though, for this “mini” vacation) nothing can hold you back. Most people would kill to get that close for even one game like that in their lives — I’ve been to exactly one NBA playoff game — and Jay-Z is all like “Honey, let’s just follow the finals across country from game to game." And Beyoncé is like, “Sure honey, that sounds simple.”

13 When In Italy...

You know you’re an international superstar when even the taxi drivers in Rome stop their arguing and crazy driving and “pose” with a stunning Gucci-clad Beyoncé! That’s exactly what happened at the start of the “Carter’s" (yes, they like to use Jay-Z’s real last name when traveling ‘cause I’m sure nobody recognizes them) last vacation to Italy. This was a vacation that saw the power couple and their daughter (who, by the way, really does seem as cute as the pictures the paparazzi capture show) cruise all over the Italian mainland and head out to the islands as well. But if you’re going to vacation in style, why not have a private shopping spree at Gucci and come out looking like a stunner? Come to think of it, I’m willing to bet Gucci was like ,“Just take whatever you want of our designs, Bey-Bey, as long as you wear something of ours out the door.” I’ll have to try that trick next time I vacation in the Ozarks and go to the local Walmart.

12 Capri Rising

During this infamous Italian vacation the king and queen decided to move it on down the road to Capri, the world-famous vacation destination island off the coast of Naples, the next big Italian city South of Rome. That’s fine, lots of people jet around Italy when they finally get the chance to go there. Most of them visit Pompeii, the world-famous ancient ruins of the town destroyed by a volcano. Most of them probably go out to eat. But not all of them are able to shell out the big bucks to eat at a world-famous Michelin restaurant like Aurora. This place boasts a centuries-old family secret pizza recipe that the rich and famous rave about, as they should — when I researched the menu here, the pizza apparently costs as much as my monthly car payment. I exaggerate, of course, but not by much. The place also boasts a renowned wine list which I’m sure is totally affordable. Anyway, the wait to get seats here is supposedly very long, but I don’t think our pop royalty had any trouble.

11 On To Sardinia

Once they've taken in all of the sites in and around Capri, Jay-Z and B were seen farting around in a gondola-style boat at one point because they apparently don’t spend enough time in the water on their yacht (much more on that later). Our celeb vacationers decided to head on over to Sardinia. This large island is West of Capri across the Tyrrhenian Sea.  Queen B did her part to get there by jet skiing across. Not really, but it just seems like she did. But it must be nice to literally jet away from one resort town on your yacht and then when you get into that town’s harbor, jet into the quay. I’m not saying that most of us haven’t jet skied before because most of us certainly have. But how many of us jet ski from resort to resort followed by our very own mega-yacht? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

10 Make That Yacht Supersize

Speaking of that mega-yacht (or superyacht or whatever the heck we’re supposed to call the thing) I think everyone knows at least something about it. This is one of the nicest yachts in the world and the power duo seemingly takes it everywhere they can when they go on vacation. Of course, it’s not theirs — the thing costs over $100 million — but they sure do rent it out a lot, to the tune of almost a million bucks a week. When I say Jay-Z and Beyoncé take it themselves, what I mean is, the two fly privately to wherever they are going to vacation and the yacht is there waiting for them. That’s what happens when you hire a captain, crew, wait staff, housecleaning, and more, to fully staff your private yacht for whenever you want to use it. I’m sure we’ve all had such an experience, right? Yeah, right. The last “boat” I owned was a kayak and I smashed the bottom in trying to avoid a rock in some rapids on some river I never want to visit again. By the way, the name of the yacht is Galactica Star and it is supposedly owned by some “fugitive” Nigerian playboy. Cool.

9 Yacht Diving In Anguilla

Sometimes, renting out and living on the world's most expensive yacht gets a little boring. That’s when, if you’re Jay-Z and Beyoncé on vacation, you get yourself another yacht, one more worthy of tootling around some of the lesser islands in the Caribbean. How about a yacht that can take you into Anguilla, a small British possession in the Lesser Antilles (that just means “even nicer Caribbean”)? Would that work for you? It sure worked for our couple. Given that a stay in a 5-star resort in Anguilla starts at around $900 per night and J and B stay in even nicer places than that and you can see why the rich and famous head there. Oh yeah, that and the white sand beaches, perfect weather, and privacy. And of course, the lost art of “yacht diving” as shown here by the ever-adventurous queen. I bet you yacht dive all the time, right? I know I do.

8 Choppering Through The Grand Canyon

Hey, finally, a vacation that everyone in America aspires to and can probably afford to do at least once. Hell, even my grandparents went to the Grand Canyon and hiked around and they were in their 60s! So, yeah, if Jay-Z and Bey want to go to the coolest natural wonder in the United States, then I say awesome — they’re vacationing just like “real” people. Except, well, not everyone posts pictures of themselves choppering through the canyon itself. You want to know why? Sure you do. Because even though there are plenty of helicopter tours of the canyon the cheapest ones start at about $250 for twenty-five minutes. That’s per person. Then there’s stuff like “Champagne Picnics” from your chopper, starting at $500 per person. And then there are the Champagne Picnic helicopter trips to the Grand Canyon that originate at places like The Bellagio and The Venetian in Vegas. Those cost just a tiny, tiny bit more. I’ll let you guess which type of trip the Carters took.

7 Cuban Exiles?

Here’s the thing — most of us are never, ever, ever going to go to Cuba, even if travel restrictions and relations with that weird little Communist holdover have eased up. That’s because “eased up” doesn’t mean the same thing as “easily accessible.” Unless of course you are entertainment royalty. If you’re part of that group, then sure, you can go to Cuba, for a price. Jay and Bey did exactly that a few years ago and looked like they were having one heck of a time. They stayed at the Hotel Saratoga, which is the nicest, oldest hotel in Cuba and has a price tag to match. People described Jay-Z as looking like a “golfer on holiday” which is maybe not what you first think of when you think of Cuba (I think of Castro and the Cuban Missile Crisis, for example). A bunch of folks even said their trip was illegal but it was not. It was just insanely complicated and expensive to do.

6 Only The Best For Jay-Z

Jay -Z loves smoking a big, fat stogie, especially Cubans because they are greatest, most expensive, and least accessible cigars in the world. Then again, Jay-Z probably has a humidor in every car, yacht, and home he owns full of the darn things. They surely are not impossible to get if you have the money and dedication to acquiring them, which I’m sure one of the biggest cigar aficionados in America does have. So anyway, cigars and Jay-Z go together like Cristal and Jay-Z. But this particular shot, on the obligatory boat of some kind (but not a superyacht for once), took place while the couple were renting a private mansion in Brazil to the tiny tune of $65,000 for 10 days. That’s actually kind of chump change for the two but I’m pretty sure that, even if we make it to Brazil, neither you nor I will be staying at Countess Georgina Brandolini’s mansion, which is where our faves ended up.

5 When The Best Isn't Good Enough

So you vacation at a friend's mansion in good old NZ during a break from your wife's world tour and like I said, you like your cigars and you like your champagne. “Yeah, but what kind of champagne does the hip-hop magnate like?” you ask. Well, what do you think he likes? We all want to say Cristal, of course, but that is so yesterday and we are all over that. Nowadays, Jay-Z rolls with his own brand of champagne, called “Ace of Spades.” It’s made by his favorite champagne producer in the world, Armand de Brignac, and a bottle only costs about $850. Just in case you were wondering, that’s about $500 more than a regular bottle of Cristal. Apparently Jay and Bey like to drink his own proprietary blend on vacation. And why not? They can probably afford his own brand of champagne (okay, they can definitely afford it) but more importantly, why would they drink anything else?

4 French Riviera On A Little Boat

Well, here we go again — another fantastic resort area set in the sun, on the ocean, and populated by the rich and famous. I’m talking of course about the long-standing, incredibly luxurious French Riviera. Located in the South of France, down by the eastern Mediterranean, it is in a special geographic region that basically means the weather is always fine. That’s pretty much why celebs go there. Oh that and the “six star” hotels. They were there, as almost always, on the Galactica Star (yeah, the two are so rich they rarely even stay on land anymore it seems) in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, taking in the sights (and sun). You can tell they are really just having an awful time soaking up the rays “far from the madding crowd” as they say, can’t you? Anyway, this was only a mini vacay for the two in between B's tours so they were only able to spend about a week or two on the French Riviera — must be hard.

3 Monte Carlo Bound

So if you’re going to spend time on the French Riviera then you’re also going to need to spend time in the crown jewel of the region, Monte Carlo. Yeah, yeah, I know Monte Carlo is properly part of the tiny independent state of Monaco, not France. But it’s still a part of that luxurious region. Monaco, of course, is known for the fame of Princess Grace — that Princess Grace who was originally Hollywood royalty before becoming real royalty). It’s also famously well-known for its gambling. If you don’t believe me just think about James Bond in Casino Royale. So I guess it would make sense that the ultimate high rollers in Jay-Z and Beyoncé would take a little time to hang out there.

2 Money Is No Issue

We finally find ourselves back in the Caribbean, in the Dominican Republic no less. The DR has been an up and coming star on the resort scene for a few years now. I’ll be honest, the last two times I’ve gone to an all-inclusive resort, I’ve chosen the Dominican and specifically Punta Cana, which is making a bid to become its own little “Riviera.” Of course my resorts cost like $1,000 for the entire week and we had multiple power outages. That’s not quite what Jay and B do when they are in town, though. No, they stay on vacation at a little private villa on the southeastern coast that was recently put on the market for $19.5 million. I suppose since the house is over 35,000 square feet, that’s a pretty good deal, right?

1 Lemon Necklace And Crown Combination

Now, what do you do if you’re Beyoncé and you just came out with a massive hit album like Lemonade? Well, first of all, as I mentioned above, you take a well-deserved tropical rest in Hawaii. And then second of all, you go the beach wearing a Dolce & Gabbana “Lemon Crown” and matching outfit. Yes, you read that right — Beyoncé had a specially designed beach outfit made up by Dolce & Gabbana to celebrate the diva’s own accomplishments. Not that I have a problem with someone having the brass to do such a thing — the album was a monster, after all — but who would get their swimsuit specially made? Even if my lady and I were cruising the beaches of Hawaii, you can bet just about anything that I would be wearing swim trunks from Target or maybe Tommy Bahama, and she would not be wearing a Dolce & Gabbana number. Can you imagine how much Beyoncé’s little number cost? And how that would break down price-wise in dollars per square inch of swimsuit?

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