20 Things DJ Khaled is Doing Right Now To Pay For His Insane Car Collection

Everyone knows DJ Khaled — the record producer, radio personality, DJ, record label executive, and author has been on the scene for many years now, and along the way has amassed a ton of money and an incredible car collection. Of this, he says, "You can want a Hyundai if that's what you want. Me, I want a Rolls-Royce. I want the drop-top Dawn. I want a Wraith with stars on the roof. I want Phantoms with footrests to massage my toes. That's what I want, and that's because we the best." So how does DJ Khaled keep making the money it takes to afford his Rolls-Royce Phantom and all of the other cars on his property? Well, it isn't easy.

There is no doubt that DJ Khaled is a hustler, and that he works hard for his money, but as everyone knows it is really hard to get on top of the game, but it is even harder to stay there. So what is he doing to stay on top and try and live an even more opulent lifestyle than he is now? Read on to find out, because if there is one thing that is for sure, DJ Khaled isn't done and he plans to blow up even more.

Here are 20 Things Right Now That DJ Khaled is Doing to Pay For His Insane Car Collection.

20 He Is Headlining The Wireless Festival

The Wireless Festival is a huge music event that is being held in London this year from July 6 to July 8. It is already sold out. DJ Khaled is one of the headliners along with Stormzy, J. Cole, Migos, Cardi B, French Montana, Rae Sremmurd, Lil Uzi Vert, and many others. This is the type of show that does two things for a performer of his stature — it shows people that he is one of the biggest stars around currently and it also introduces him to a whole bunch of new fans, thus ensuring he stays on top of the music game for quite a while. This should be a huge show for him.

19 He Is Going To Perform At The Grammys

He also is going to be performing at the Grammys. This is kind of a funny thing because The Grammys are not known for performances by people like Khaled, as he has a lot more street cred than most of the people on the show. This is a calculated risk for someone like him, as some of his more hardcore fans might feel like he is selling out. When it comes right down to it, he is obviously going to make a ton more fans when people see him that don't really know who he is. Appearing at The Grammy is just one more thing that is going to make him more popular and make him more money.

18 He Is Getting His Own Belaire Bottle

Belaire champagne is something that a lot of partiers order up when they are doing bottle service when out on the town. If ever you decide to order yourself a bottle, you might see DJ Khaled's face looking back at you because now he is going to be on a Belaire bottle. According to Hot New Hip Hop, "The Belaire name is a staple for those who want to feel like high rollers while they're partying and these new designs should help cement that reputation in a big way. Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and superstar DJ Steve Aoki are all getting cartoon images of them put on different Belaire products." Talk about being a baller. Wonder how much he got paid for that?

17 He Remembers His Roots

This guy is the real deal and he knows it. He was born Khaled Mohamed Khaled on November 26, 1975 in New Orleans, Louisiana and both of his parents were Palestinian immigrants. He was very close to his family and his community growing up and the Arabic music that he heard was very influential on him as a musician. While a lot of people try and leave their family and background behind when they become rich and famous, this is not the case with Khaled, he is old school in many ways despite all of his wealth and never forgets his family or where he came from, and all of that humility helps him organize his finances.

16 He Owns Social Media

He is absolutely huge on social media and is known far and wide as being a living meme. In today's day and age, the ability to thrive on social media is going to make you rich and keep the money coming as well. In the old days, someone would listen to your music and then find you on social media if they liked it. These days, people find you on social media and then go buy your music if they like what they see there. People like Khaled not only understand that is the case, but they also know how to take advantage of it, which is one of the many reasons that he can stay on top financially.

15 And Especially Snapchat

One of the newer social media platforms is Snapchat, and Khaled is all about it. While some people don't like to embrace new things, he stays on top of all the new social media trends. His Snapchat account is not only extremely popular, but it is very active as well. He is always posting, which shows that he really gets how important social media is in one's career. There used to be a day where someone could get rich and famous without paying much attention to social media, but not anymore. Now, if you want to really make it, then you have to get your name out there and that includes being active on Snapchat.

14 He Makes Great Videos

One of the things that a lot of people don't worry about anymore is making great music videos. Back in the day, videos were where it was at, and people in the music industry spent all sorts of time and money making them perfect. That isn't the case so much anymore. These days, artists either don't do videos or they don't pay all that much attention to how good they are. DJ Khaled is a throwback when it comes to music videos, you can tell that he really cares about the product and how it fits in with his music. This is just one more reason he stays on top of the heap and keeps making money.

13 He Stays Focused On His Goals

Khaled is extremely goal oriented and he stays focused on them all the time. This is one guy that you are not going to find in any sort of legal trouble or getting too involved with alcohol or substance. He has his eyes on the prize and nothing is going to hold him back. There are many people who say they want a career in music and that they will do anything to reach their goals, but how many people really mean it? Hardly any in reality — most will stop and give up as soon as any hard obstacle is put in their way. Not so with DJ Khaled — he is goal oriented, he can't stop, and he won't stop.

12 He Is Always Positive

Another thing that keeps him going is his optimism. He has said before that wallowing in negative emotions is a waste of time and it keeps people from going as far as they want to in life. While a lot of things on this list might seem to have more to do with making money than being positive, I would say that this might be the most important reason of all as to why he is so successful. How many negative people do you know are successful in their career and their personal life?

11 He Owns A Restaurant

He obviously makes a ton of money, but not all of it is from music. He also owns a restaurant called Finga Licking. The menu includes red velvet cake, fried chicken wings, grilled steak, shrimp croissants, and fried lobster. The focus is on Southern comfort food and by all accounts, the place is good and doing really well. This is another way for people with money to stay on top. At some point, he won't be able to perform anymore and then he might need other ways to make money. Opening up a restaurant is one more way that Khaled is going to stay on top financially.

10 He Has Settled Down

As we said before, Khaled never was a huge partier, not at all,  but now he is even more mellow than before. He is now partnered up with Nicole Tuck and they have a child together. This might seem like it would be more expensive than being single. Being responsible for a family, even a small one, can be expensive, but the reality is much different, especially considering the typical lifestyle of someone in the music business. His kid and his partner are going to keep him focused, keep him out of trouble, and keep him on track when it comes to saving as much money as possible instead of spending it on stupidity.

9 He's Owned Investment Property In Miami

Although he was born in Louisiana he has spent a lot of time in Miami and he has a lot of love for the city. In the past, he has invested a bit in real estate, which if you have the money and the savvy you can do pretty well with, especially in a market like Miami, and there is no doubt that Khaled has the money and the savvy. This is yet another thing like his restaurant that keeps him making money. A lot of people, even those that are wealthy, think that they have enough money doing what they are doing and they don't need to diversify, but Khaled is not one of those people. He is always thinking.

8 He Stays Old School

While Khaled is totally popular now, he isn't a really young guy, in actuality, he grew up in the '80s and one of his favorite songs ever is S*xual Healing by Marvin Gaye, so that shows you how old school he is. This is the type of thing that helps him stay on top of the financial game as people that are old school tend to have their shit together and they try to live within their means, as opposed to someone that is always trying to impress. Yes, Khaled does have a lot of fancy bling and cars, but it is pretty obvious that he is down to Earth and pretty much as old school as it gets, and that he is going to stay that way.

7 He Did A Fake Proposal

Getting press is another way to stay on top of the game. Keeping your name in the headlines is something that people in the music business who plan on making money for a long time need to do. Khaled scored a major public relations coup when he pretended to propose to Nicki Minaj, but the whole thing was a joke. The two are really good friends, so he knew that she was not going to be mad, but it really was all just to promote his new single at the time. There is no doubt that Khaled knows how to use the press to his advantage, and this was a really good example of how good he is at it.

6 He Keeps His DJ Skills Fresh

While he might not be the best DJ in the world, he does have skills and he competes in DJ competitions from time to time just to show that he still has it going on when it comes to being behind the turntables. This is yet another smart thing that he does to keep him at the forefront of peoples minds. It's one thing to be a superstar, and yet another to be a superstar who doesn't mind going to clubs and showing their skills as a DJ from time to time. It is obvious that he does this for two reasons — because it shows he still has it and because he is obviously having so much fun while doing it.

5 He Hangs With The Right People

These days, Khaled hangs with all sorts of superstars, but even back in the day, he used to hang with Luther Campbell, also known as Uncle Luke, and one of the legendary members of 2 Live Crew. Campbell is truly known as one of the pioneers of rap and Khaled having a relationship with him did nothing but advance him along the way. Now Khaled is the person that is really famous, and he is probably helping someone along the way too, just like Luther Campbell did with him. Khaled is smart enough to know that what goes around comes around.

4 He Still Produces

One of the things that made Khaled as much money as he has is his ability to be a top-notch producer. While he doesn't do it as much as he used to, he is still in the game when it comes to being a good producer and probably always will be. The thing is, and Khaled knows this, at some point, much of his career on stage will be dwindling away, time catches up to all of us, but with that said, he can still make a lot of money and have a very successful career as a producer, even when he gets older. If there is one thing you can say about Khaled, it is that he is not lazy, and probably will keep working for a long time.

3 He Gets Royalties

One thing that a lot of people forget about being involved in music, or being an author for that matter, is that you get royalties for pretty much every single thing that you do. So in other words, even when he stops recording, or his music doesn't sell as well as it used to, Khaled is going to keep getting royalties for just about everything that he has done over the years. So later on in life, when he needs to get an oil change for one of his many cars, he can just go down to the mailbox and see if he has any checks in there from when he recorded something way back in the day. That must be nice.

2 He Knows His History

Khaled is not the kind of guy who doesn't know his history, in fact, he is a huge fan of Bob Marley, who has now passed away, and of reggae culture. In fact, he has become friends with the Marley family, has visited their homes, and has even been a  DJ at their events. What a cool thing when you think about it. Bob Marley was one of his heroes growing up, and then he worked so hard and became so successful that he actually became close with Marley's family. This is just one more thing that shows you how real Khaled is, and being real and true to yourself is one way to stay on top financially.

1 His Cars Might Appreciate In Value

One of the ways that Khaled might afford to be able to take care of his cars is the cars themselves. When you buy a lot of really expensive vehicles and take care of them really well, all while not driving them a whole lot, sometimes they end up appreciating in value, meaning that they might cost more than they did even when they were purchased in the first place. So Khaled might be able to sell off a car here and there when he gets tired of it, and then buy more cars down the road. It sure sounds like a tough life, but hey, Khaled has worked hard and he still is.

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