20 Savage Cashmeousside Girl Memes

Not over the strange phenomenon that is Cashmeousside Girl yet? Oh, good! Then you are in for a treat. We've hunted and gathered twenty of the most hilarious and freshest cashmeousside memes - pure sugary sweet candy for your mind. But you know how candy works. As yummy as it is, it's not exactly good for your health. So in order to preserve your IQ and maintain your brain, make you sure take a nature walk or at least watch a nature show on the Discovery channel after devouring this mentally pleasing but potentially damaging list.

While many people thought hoped prayed that Danielle Bregoli's fifteen minutes of undeserved fame would be far over by now, she shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. She recently released her much-anticipated single entitled, "These Heaux." A classy French aria, you might be thinking? You would be very wrong. Some think that Danielle's song, performed a la auto-tune, naturally, is a diss at Kylie Jenner. Danielle, who's known to be a loudmouth, has nothing to say in that regard. What we do know is that somehow "These Heaux" made it to the number two spot on Spotify's viral top fifty list last week. Number one is Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do." She also has her own Cashmeousside game now available as an app. We think that the solution to this problem is clear: take the attention away and Cashmeousside will go away. If America puts itself on a Danielle-free diet, we should be cleansed of this teenage terror in no time. Just make sure you start that diet after you read this article, of course.

20 Cashed By A Cop

If Danielle keeps going at her current rate of speed, she could be facing a lot more trouble than a simple speeding violation. Earlier this year, Danielle, her mother/instigator, Barbara Ann and two bodyguards appeared in a Florida courthouse where she faced felony charges from 2016 that included filing a false police report, grand theft auto, grand theft and possession of marijuana. Danielle's father, Ira was there too with his own lawyer in tow asking the judge for a request to ban Danielle from using the internet which was promptly declined. Maybe the judge is a secret cashmeousside fan? In any case, we know that Danielle had no problem getting into heaps of legal trouble when she was just an ordinary thirteen-year-old that no one knew. So what's to stop her from getting into more trouble now that she has an "official bad girl reputation" to uphold, unlimited funds and her own lawyer?

19 Fame Level: Forever In Flesh

Yikes. Did you know this was coming? To be honest, we didn't. Sure, the internet is full of photos of people's crazy tattoos. People with tattoos of their favorite drive-thru restaurant, favorite cartoon from their childhood, favorite scratch-n-sniff sticker and the list goes on. But favorite sensational fifteen minutes of fame claimer? Well, to each their own. Megan Fox has a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe and Miley Cyrus has a pretty good-sized ink portrait of Dolly Parton on her skin so maybe this person is a huge fan of Danielle Bregoli (though, why?) and wanted their idol forever etched into their skin as well. We might not understand but it is a free country. And the tattoo artist now has a very funny story to tell his other clients during long inking sessions so, good times!

18 Roll Ousside To Be Safe

If you've ever seen #Hood Documentary on YouTube, you definitely know the face behind this meme. It's Reece Simpson, otherwise known as Roll Safe (his hood name) who hilariously takes us through the fictional world of his gangsta life. In this meme, Roll Safe (portrayed by British actor, Kayode Ewumi) tells us that Danielle won't be able to cash us ousside if we simply stay inside. It's certainly good advice, that is, if anyone actually felt threatened by this young cranky former Dr. Phil guest. At this point, it's hard to tell if she truly feels she is intimidating or she just feels committed to playing this character until the sweet, sweet end of this madness. What do you think?

17 Times Have Changed

My, have they changed! It's hard to believe that just a mere handful of years ago, Danielle Bregoli was a sweet, happy child who appeared in a local news story on Mother's Day for a touching tribute telling of how little Danielle took care of and supported her mother, Barbara Ann who was suffering from cancer at the time. At just thirteen, Danielle appeared on the Dr. Phil show, looking surly, defensive and much older than her thirteen years. With extra large gold hoop earrings, a gold chain, tight fitting clothes, dyed hair, a sassy and disrespectful attitude, there is nothing left of the cute little girl with the adorable smile. And it's a shame because it wasn't all that long ago.

16 How Bow Cat

Now you know that you've made it if there's a meme about you but if there's a cat involved somehow, you've hit the big time. This is because the internet loves memes as much as they love cats. To be perfectly honest, they might love cats just a bit more. Don't ask us how we know but the fact remains that the typical amount of followers Instagram accounts for cats get is around forty thousand. That's just for starters. So involving an adorable little kitten strolling across the floor on two legs with enough swagger for a human to a Cashmeousside Girl meme just makes sense at this point seeing as how the world can't get enough of this tiny redhead teen for some reason.

15 Just Like That

There are a couple of videos out there that feature edits of Danielle on Ludacris' 2003 song "Stand Up" featuring Shawnna. "When I move, you move," Ludacris sings. "How bow dah," Danielle is seen chiming in from her seat across from Dr. Phil. This mash flows together pretty well and has a ton of hits on YouTube. So it's only fitting that it would get a meme out of the deal. Danielle was born in 2003 when this song came out so if she's heard the mashed up version starring herself, she is probably not familiar with the tune. Seeing as how she's eager to break out into the music/rap scene and her song, "These Heaux" was the number two song on Spotify, maybe Ludacris would be willing to team up with Danielle. Maybe. Or maybe not.

14 Self-Sabotage

Danielle's new song, "These Heaux" includes the following lyrics, which we can only imagine were penned after a period of soul-searching and deep reflection, maybe after a soothing and relaxing sunrise hike. "Running they mouth, they so petty... these heaux, they feed off attention." Music to thy ears and food for thy soul! Or as Danielle might say, music to they ears and food for they soul. In any case, we find the lyrics to be mighty ironic since we're pretty sure that Danielle herself has been known to run her mouth and feed off attention. This meme that has Danielle telling herself to catch feelings only to have her "reflection" refuse the offer is telling in a way. If Danielle took a moment to reflect on her song, maybe she would catch some feelings that she's writing about herself.

13 Pastor Tim Gets In On The Joke

A pastor that can relate to what the kids are up to these days... we admire the gutsy chutzpah of this sign maker. They've got a good sense of humor over at the Britt David Baptist Church in Columbus, Georgia and we like it. Upon further investigation, we found that it was Pastor Tim's son, Alex Jones, a college student and a ministry assistant for the church who is in charge of making the signs. Alex said that he wanted to create a sign with a strong cultural reference to get the attention of millennials and young people in the area but he never expected for his sign to become the sensation that it is. Alex's father said that church signs are designed with three goals in mind, to inform, to inspire and to entertain. Check, check and triple check on the last one!

12 Just Decide Already

So it seems that the internet is pretty much over their love of this confused girl with her hand cupped but someone just had to sneak one in for the sake of Cashmeousside Girl. And we're glad they did because even though this is an oldie as far as memes go, it's still a goodie. You've seen this slightly irritated, slightly confused girl as Spiderman ("You need help or naw?"), you've seen her as Elsa from Frozen ("You wanna build a snowman or naw?") and now here she is representing for Danielle Bregoli. Maybe now that she has been so artfully captured in all of these different spoofs, it's time to finally retire this meme and give the girl behind this photo some peace. You agree or naw?

11 Fame Level: New Eminem Lyrics

Ever since Danielle uttered her now famous catchphrase (that has her set to be a millionaire by the end of this year, by the way) meme-lovers everywhere have been looking for new and interesting ways to apply Danielle's words of wisdom to songs and slogans that already exist. Enter Eminem's 2002 hit "Without Me" and more specifically, it's opening lines of, "Two trailer park girls go round the outside, round the outside, round the outside." Swap out the "round the outside" for "cash me ousside" and a meme is born. This meme-creator made it seem as if the trailer park girls are saying "cash me ousside" which makes this meme a little bit more unique. If Marshall Mathers had not been inspired by Malcolm McLaren's 1982 song "Buffalo Gals" which was a mix of extensive scratching and square dancing calls, this mashed meme would not exist. Eminem may or may not be happy about that.

10 Sweet Nothings

Danielle Bregoli seems to be many things but sweet is no longer one of them. Still, she appeared on this homemade funny Valentine that some creative meme-ster decided to whip up. If Cashmeousside Girl is still relative and TMZ is still knocking down her door and stalking her every chance they get at the airport by next Valentine's Day, that must mean that her reality show got started and is doing well. We can't say that we would be necessarily surprised with the Honey Boo-Boos of the world but still... all the girl did was say one phrase. Dr. Phil has said of Danielle's newfound fame, that you never know what the internet is going to take hold of and it's very true. We don't know if she can stand the test of time. Surely, no one really expected her to last this long. Anyone up for some friendly betting?

9 All Fun And Games

Many kids Danielle's age were all about Pokémon Go when it was released (probably still are) and it's a bit tragic that she has to miss out on that fun part of her childhood. She spends her time worrying about adult issues like making money and booking endorsement offers instead of being a carefree teenager. There's currently a GoFundMe account started by Stephanie Peskowitz, Danielle's stepmother. The goal is to raise fifty thousand dollars to apply towards legal fees so that Danielle's father, Ira can get custody of her. The page features a childhood photo of Danielle, has raised $3,535 so far and states, "I fear now her mother is doing all she can to cash in, at Danielle’s expense, on this viral fame-driven fiasco. I am no longer able to sit on the sidelines and watch my daughter spiral out of control. Please help me gain custody of my daughter. I am a well-respected law enforcement officer with a wife and two beautiful young children. I want Danielle to get the help she so desperately needs and to know what it is like to be part of a normal, supportive family." Think that's likely to happen?

8 All Bark, No Bite

It's true. The Bregoli beatdown incident occurred after her Dr. Phil appearance which was in October of 2016 but definitely before her fame explosion and the hiring of her near round the clock bodyguard, Frank. A fight between Danielle and another girl was posted to YouTube on February 7, 2017. It shows Danielle in a pink tank top and black pants getting knocked to the ground and dragged by her hair while a small crowd films the fight, which isn't so much of a fight than just a beating, and call out her name while they snicker and laugh at her misery. It's actually quite a sad video. Even though she's a total brat and parades around as if she's an adult, she's a child. At one point in the video, she can be heard crying and saying that she can't do this anymore. Then the girl grabs her hair again and pulls her down while Danielle cries out, "Oh my God!" Still, many people find it interesting that she talks so tough but then got beat up by the person she was supposedly threatening to beat up herself.

7 The Proper Version

No doubt, this is the Danielle that Dr. Phil would have preferred if one of his guests had to threaten his entire studio audience. If Bizarro World really existed, this is what Danielle would have said. If you've seen Danielle's second appearance on the show, you would know that poor Dr. Phil had high hopes that the teen's time at Turnabout Ranch had stuck with her and turned her into a little lady. Instead, he got met with, “I guess what’s good for you is – I made you just like Oprah made you. You were nothin’ before I came on" to which Dr. Phil replied, "Thank you for that." Ever the class act, Danielle said, "No problem" while her mother, Barbara Ann cringed on in horror.

6 Trashy Talk

With all of the endorsements offers that Danielle has pouring into her Instagram account and the fact that experts are saying she is set to be a millionaire by the end of the year, the chances of Cashmeousside Girl actually having to don that McHat are slim to none. Most recently, Danielle can be seen on her Instagram promoting Postmates and FitTea as she sits on her kitchen countertop with a bag of the 14-day detox tea in her hand and an unimpressed expression on her face. Honestly, she doesn't have to do too much to sell the product. As popular as she is these days, just being seen with the product is likely doing wonders for sales of the products, and wonders for Danielle's bank account. But this meme is Mcfunny, nonetheless.

5 Any Questions?

One of the most well known and most recognized anti-drug campaigns featured a cracked chicken's egg frying in a pan with a male voice stating, "Okay, last time. This is drugs." Then the camera zooms out to show more of the pan. "This is your brain on drugs," the man says. "Any questions?" It was a quick PSA that was shown over and over again when it was first released in 1987, hoping to change kids' minds about trying drugs. But we think that it's very fitting for this meme as well. When you cash Danielle ousside, she undoubtedly would want you to be that intimidated. But we think that too much cashmeousside is similar to brain frying. So her reality show that is currently "in the works" might be a disastrous thing for our minds. Remember this anti-drug campaign when you're tempted to tune in.

4 Try Again, Teller

Here's the truth of the matter... there are two actions that could have prevented Cashmeousside Girl from being the meme fascination that she is. If only the audience in Dr. Phil's studio on that fateful October 2016 morning wouldn't have clapped at Danielle's sassiness when Dr. Phil questioned how street-wise she is, then she wouldn't have slurred those infamous words directed to the audience, "Cashmeousside, how bow dah." Even then, the world might have still had a chance to be protected from Cashmeousside Girl. But then Dr. Phil simply asked, "What?" and Danielle clarified. Loudly. And her mother, Barbara Ann translated. If he hadn't asked "what?", maybe Danielle's words would have slipped by unnoticed by the world, never having the chance to turn into a catchphrase. Ah, but those two things did occur and this is our reality now. How about that?

3 Baby's First Catchphrase

The sad truth behind this very funny meme is that many child behavior experts believe that Danielle is only an out of control teen due to the way her mother, Barbara Ann raised her. Dr. Phil said that Danielle did exceptionally well at Turnabout Ranch, where he sent her after her appearance on his show and she was even a leader for the younger girls. But as soon as she got back home with Barbara Ann, Danielle was right back in the drama and all of the good work that had been done was instantly undone. In fact, Dr. Phil no longer allows out of control teens to be sent away for behavioral treatment unless the family is going to be treated first which is a good policy. If only that had been done with Barbara Ann, maybe Danielle would have the chance to be a normal, well-adjusted fourteen-year-old child. Though going back now after she's been tempted with the bright lights of Hollywood and all that money... sadly, it's never going to happen!

2 No Cashier Is Safe

This is one of our favorite memes thanks to its subtle yet effective humor but just take a moment and think about how Cashmeousside Girl has possibly affected the working lives of cashiers everywhere. Teenagers impatiently waiting for the cashier to ask, "Cash or credit?" before blurting out, "Cashmeousside! How bow dah!" before high-fiving their friends. People who got sent the video by their co-workers jokingly telling cashiers, "You're cashing me inside. What if you cashmeousside?" We can just see the weary annoyed cashiers now, cursing the day Barbara Ann Bregoli dragged her daughter, Danielle to the Dr. Phil show. As if they don't get enough irritations throughout the day and now this. So make sure to do your part. Never ask a cashier to cashyouousside.

1 McCashmeousside, How Bow Quack?

If there's anyone who would love and have the most appreciation for the phrase "cashmeousside" it's Scrooge McDuck. Though Ol' Scrooge wouldn't be looking for a fight like Danielle and he would likely prefer to be cashed inside his vault of treasures instead. Whoever thought to include the classic characters, quirky yet heroic pilot Launchpad McQuack and greedy Scrooge McDuck (uncle to Donald) from Disney's 80's cartoon, DuckTales in with the cashmeousside trend, won favors with 80's and 90's kids everywhere who grew up singing along, "DuckTales, woo, ooh!" Ironically, Danielle probably doesn't even know what DuckTales is since she wasn't around for the 1987 version and is way too cool to watch the revamped 2017 version.

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