20 Pics That Prove Yoga Is The Hottest Fitness Trend

Yoga was developed sometime in the fifth century according to most records. Its exact origins are unknown as several cultures claim to have been the ones to develop it first. For centuries, it was listed as among the “mysterious actions” taken in mostly unknown cultures in the Middle East and Asia. It was introduced to the West in the 19th century but it was in the 1990s that it really began to take hold in the mainstream. Not just exercise but also meditation, yoga is intended to boost the mind and body and even the spirit as well to enhance the experience. It’s been credited with helping with many mental issues and a few physical ones as well. Of course, it’s the way it helps the body that gets attention.

In Hollywood, a town where ladies are always pushed to look their best, yoga studios are all over the place. It’s a great thing, mixing in regular workouts with a bit more balance and the ability to do it anywhere, not just a gym, certainly helps. There’s also how more than a few ladies in Hollywood have…issues that can be helped by yoga immensely. The fact these are very sexy ladies in hot outfits and often wild poses also gets plenty of attention in a different way. Here are 20 starlets that showcase how yoga is truly taking off and making most anyone look great.


20 Demi Lovato

It’s been a very rough road for this former Disney Channel starlet but she seems to be emerging better for it. Demi Lovato came to attention with the movie Camp Rock and then her own sitcom Sonny With a Chance. But without warning, Lovato checked herself into rehab for issues involving drugs, weight loss and depression. She’s come out much stronger, her music pushing messages of empowerment and girls to be themselves. Lovato has also become notable for embracing her body and showing off quite a lot in various outfits. She even did a memorable spread in Vanity Fair showing off her nude rear end. Here, Lovato does a great backward stretch and shows off how she’s gotten a lot more comfortable with herself and not withdrawn. Lovato has given credit to yoga as part of her regiment to get herself back in shape mentally as well as physically and this pose showcases how she’s gotten herself back on top in more ways than one.

19 Kate Hudson


Her career has been interesting in many ways. The daughter of Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson followed her mom in the family business and broke out with her Oscar-nominated turn in Almost Famous. Her roles since had her falling into a lot of romantic comedies such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and the horror hit The Skeleton Key. She’s yet to really hit the A-list as most expected but still good turns such as a wild dancer on Glee. However, Hudson has long pushed fitness and even launched her own line of workout and yoga clothes with JustFab. She’s also written a few health books promoting the lifestyle and including herself in photos showing off her wares. This is a great showcase as Hudson credits meditation as a turning point in her life and wants to help others meet the same level of calm she has. While her acting career made be rough, this pose may show Hudson’s true great calling as a yoga icon.

18 Gisele Bundchen

Amazing as it sounds, Gisele Bundchen has been in the supermodel industry since 1997. She really took off in the 2000s with numerous magazine spreads, many showing off her incredible body and a run with Victoria’s Secret. To no surprise, a woman that gorgeous has been linked to numerous men, including Leonardo DiCaprio. She finally managed to land Tom Brady and has been his faithful wife since 2009. Her looks not quitting, Gisele enjoys showing off and has been a major proponent for yoga, insisting it not only helps the body but the mind as well. She shares many on Instagram, either alone or with model friends and promotes it with appearances at studios. This pic shows she can do it most anywhere, including this nice setting with the desert walls framing her excellent body. Looking at this pic just confirms one thing: Tom Brady really is the luckiest man alive.

17 The Bella Twins


At first, they were just a funny gimmick. In 2008, Brie Bella joined WWE as a wrestler with the idea of her getting pounded hard by opponents, rolling under the ring then coming out somehow totally refreshed to win. Finally, it turned out she’d been switching places with twin sister Nikki who’d join her. The duo spent the next few years are pretty much eye candy with hot outfits and flirting with guys. Total Divas did boost them more, especially with Brie, whose hard party behavior led to “Brie Mode” becoming a mantra. However, both ladies would impress by transforming into actually good wrestlers with Nikki holding the Divas title for nearly a year. It’s no surprise they do most everything together and that includes yoga. This pic shows them in matching poses and still amazing how well they keep their bodies to look as alike as their faces. Today, Brie is retired and just had a child while Nikki is engaged to John Cena. However, this pic shows the only thing better than one hot lady in a yoga pose is two who look alike.

16 Ariel Winter

The Modern Family star has enjoyed a huge change in her body and personality. Ariel Winter became famous for a legal battle with her mother, accusing her of abuse and was legally emancipated. She then hit puberty big time with a growth spurt so notable that she needed breast reduction surgery before she was 16. While on the show, Winter plays a genius who’s always bundled up in tight clothing, in real life she more than cuts loose. Instagram is packed with photos of her in very loose clothing and often skirting acceptable laws in how tight her shirts can be. She fills a bikini out very well as shown in this pic where she takes advantage of a break in a party to put on a nice pose with one foot on her leg. It’s pretty impressive for a woman so top-heavy and putting it on in such a loose bikini. While Winter may have it up and down in personal life, she brings the heat majorly in a yoga pose.

15 Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba is a fascinating case of a “sexy starlet” who ended up becoming far more famous and successful outside of movies. From the start, she boosted being in good shape in leather for the TV show Dark Angel that made her a star. Following that came roles in movies like Sin City, Fantastic Four and others that enhanced her in hot outfits and often bikinis to show a very nicely toned body. But lately, Alba has become more famous for her business work as the founder and CEO of the Honest Company which produces beauty and health products for mothers. It’s a massive success that’s earned her hundreds of millions of dollars more than she’d ever make with movies. As the face of the company, Alba keeps herself in shape and enjoys posting pics of herself doing yoga, including in a bikini. This comes from a magazine photo shoot, showcasing Alba’s great form still amazingly in great shape and how this Angel soars well showing her limberness off.

14 Britney Spears

Her life has seen a lot of ups and downs to be sure. Britney Spears started off as a sexpot in 1999 with her music videos showcasing her limber body and dance moves. She was soon marked as one of the hottest women alive with her blonde hair, great body and the object of desire for many a male fan. She then hit a very nasty period with a bad marriage, tough motherhood and issues like shaving her head bald and bizarre behavior. In the last few years, Britney has managed to bounce back with a new album and a Vegas stint and seems to be getting back in shape. That includes in her body as she credits yoga with helping her maintain a better lifestyle and handling her past addictions. This pic is like the Britney of old with her fantastic leaning backward to show her toned form off and how, all these years later, Britney is still an eye-opener.


13 Kaley Cuoco


Kaley Cuoco knows about being in good shape. The actress rose up as the ditzy daughter of the sitcom 8 Simple Rules and got a good following. That led to her starring as Billie on the final season of Charmed and some attention there. But Cuoco decided to boost herself up with some plastic surgery, fixing her face, enhancing her chest and other bits which she’s cited as a great decision. It’s hard to disagree as it led to her casting as Penny on The Big Bang Theory, now one of the biggest hit comedies on TV. Since then, Cuoco has been a great star and notable for keeping her toned body in shape. They work it into Theory with Penny doing yoga and even trying to teach her friends to do it to rather mixed results. Cuoco remains a hot lady and it’s common to see her in yoga pants going to and from the gym and whether her hair is long or short, Cuoco enjoys her “girly” image a lot and easy to see how her in a great yoga pose is a key reason Bang is a hit.

12 Lea Michele

There’s a lot of bad press about Lea Michele. She came to fame playing Rachel Berry on the hit series Glee, notable for her amazing singing voice and range. Yet Michele has gotten a pretty bad reputation as a major diva in real life, often quite arrogant and stand-offish. She tries to change that with her good public works yet it follows her around. Still, you can’t deny the woman is in incredible shape and has even posed in the nude for magazines. More commonly, on her Instagram page, Michele shows off a lot of yoga poses and really is committed to it. She credits it with helping her tone in body and mind and a much needed balance for her work. Having just finished the series Scream Queens, Michele is returning to TV in the comedy The Mayor which offers her more in suits. However, this pic shows that while her reputation may not be stellar, when it comes to Yoga, Michele hits the right notes.

11 Trish Stratus


She remains one of the most amazing transformations of a woman in wrestling ever. When she debuted in 2000, Trish Stratus was nothing more than eye candy. A stunningly stacked blonde in loose outfits and a cowboy hat, Trish flaunted her body a lot while just distracting guys. However, after some training, she became one of the best female wrestlers of her time, a multiple champion and wowing fans with her sensational ring work. Among her moves was the “Ma-Trish” where she would bend her body backwards to avoid a charging opponent. Retiring in 2006, Stratus keeps up with the wrestling world with some appearances for WWE and notable in that Playboy offered her plenty of money for a pictorial but she turned them down, wanting to be known for her in-ring work. She runs a yoga studio and this pic shows she has the credentials to do it without how well her leg is bent behind her. She’s not longer in the ring but this pose shows Trish can still bring “Stratus-faction” to her fans.

10 Kim Kardashian

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian but damned if the woman doesn’t know how to keep herself in shape. You have to hand it to a lady who managed to turn a sex tape into the basis for a multi-million dollar empire and one of the most famous women alive. From the start, Kim has boosted herself on social media (even before that was truly a thing) and her reality TV show and knows keeping herself looking good is important. She has to be toned in her body and that includes the now iconic shapely rear end and has actually said yoga is tricky thanks to how…curvaceous her body can be. But she looks great doing it as with this pose, nicely serene yet still that aura of heat only she can bring to the table. It always seems like Kim loves it when a camera is trained on her and does a great job in this pic to showcase that amazing body the world knows and even after motherhood, Kim knows how to make yoga a trend that gets her fans going.

9 Miley Cyrus


It looks like the “wild child” may finally be growing up a bit. Cyrus was launched to mega-fame as Hannah Montana, the squeaky clean kid playing a pop star for the Disney Channel. She changed that image big time in 2013 by going wild in her appearance. Her hair was bright blond, she showed off piercings and tattoos, she got into wild dance routines and “twerking” and very explicit in interviews. Toss in issues of partying and flaunting her nude body and one would worry Cyrus was in trouble. Still, you couldn’t ignore her, especially when she does yoga in her own unique fashion. This pic shows amazing balance, settled on her hands with folded legs raised up, very impressive in Cyrus’ body strength and actually seems pretty into it. She has gotten a makeover to a more “sedate” manner and seems to be settling down so maybe yoga is helping Miley get her head on straight.

8 Jennifer Lawrence

It’s still remarkable how quickly Jennifer Lawrence went from just another face in the crowd to the top of the Hollywood peak. She went from the teenage daughter in a TBS sitcom to an Oscar darling for Winter’s Bone. Then she wowed as Mystique in X-Men First Class, putting up with that complicated blue makeup job. Then came The Hunger Games making her an A-list blockbuster star and just months later, winning the Oscar. Since then, Lawrence has balanced sequels to those blockbusters with various roles, some small, some large while maintaining a down-to-earth attitude. Keeping in shape is a must for her job and this pic shows her putting those yoga pants to good use. Lawrence continues to work harder than most in Hollywood, not resting on her laurels yet the fact she seems so relatable than your typical “movie star” almost makes you think you have a shot at her in yoga class which just makes her hotter.

7 Stephanie McMahon


Fans can be divided a lot on her but there’s no denying just how hot the daughter of Vince McMahon can be. It’s fascinating seeing her trying to be the innocent young girl in angles like kidnapped by the Undertaker and other bits. It all changed when she joined with HHH and became a bitchy presence fans loved to hate. Since then, she’s bounced between the on-screen heel as leader of the Authority and backstage helping the company grow. Many of the current women in WWE credit Stephanie with helping them out and wanting them treated with respect. This pic actually has Stephanie joining with the various women of the NXT brand in a workout session and seems to really be having a good time. Despite two kids, her body is in excellent shape and seems downright eager using the yoga to help keep it that way. Love or hate her, Stephanie is a lady you can’t stop watching and that includes a yoga pose that can put many of the other WWE “divas” to shame.

6 Eliza Dushku

From her early roles, Eliza Dushku had a great aura that made folks want to keep watching her. It was there are the teenage daughter on True Lies and then her breakout role as Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She also showed her great form and moves off as a cheerleader in Bring It On and keeping herself in amazing shape. Since then, Dushku has bounced around with various TV and movie roles, including the Joss Whedon series Dollhouse and a feisty marshal on Banshee. She’s making a comeback with a recurring role on the hit CBS show Bull and the upcoming fantasy series The Black Company. Dushku enjoys showing her body off in various ways and this pic shows her nicely using yoga to keep herself in shape. That sultry smirk is a bright smile but still the aura of a wicked lady that wins you over. So even doing yoga, Dushku is an alluring presence.

5 Beyonce


Anything Queen Bey does gets attention and that includes yoga. Beyonce has become something more than just a typical singer and more a true icon. She’s even a trailblazer and can become a lightning rod with stuff like her charged “Lemonade” and other songs. Keeping in shape is a must for her and her background as a dancer helps with limber legs. But yoga is utilized as Beyonce continues to keep herself in excellent shape no matter where she goes. That includes this pic, taken during a vacation while touring in France. Even though her bikini is more inclined to hitting the beach than serious yoga, Beyonce still goes out for a nice backward handstand that shows her great form off. It should be no surprise Beyonce will be turning to it to get back in shape after giving birth to twins and no doubt looking amazing as ever to reign as music’s queen.

4 Gal Gadot

You pretty much have to be in great shape for an Israeli citizen. That’s because every citizen is required by law to spend at least two years in the military. Gal Gadot met that, overcoming their harsh training to serve her term. She then used her great looks in modelling before Fast and Furious made her a success in movies. Today, of course, Gadot is known for taking on the iconic role of Wonder Woman which required her to pack some more muscle onto herself. This pic from a magazine spread shows her great form off, limber yet also tough and perfectly in line for the comic book heroine. Gadot has a good humor and seems more getting into shape after having a child. Gadot mixes yoga with exercise, a rare combination but it has been credited with doing great for the body majorly. This sure showcases that and how Gadot is perfect for the Amazon Princess to make her a true wonder for viewers.

3 Candice Swanepoel


At only 28, Candice Swanepoel is already among the top level of supermodels. The South African native is notable for her lush blonde hair and pouty lips that have graced the covers of countless magazines. Believe it or not, she was discovered by a scout at a Danish flea market, showing you really can find anything there. She’s walked the runway at pretty much every fashion show there is and one of the best of the Victoria’s Secret Angels to rock their fantastic wares. Like many supermodels, Swanepoel uses yoga to keep herself trim and handle the pressures of the supermodel life. She does great with it, this pic showcasing her in an excellent pose with leg up and foot nearly touching her head, the suit tight on that great body. She has a long way to go in the business but this pose shows Swanepoel ready to join her peers in hot poses of any sort.

2 Hayden Panettiere

Yoga is something important to this young starlet. Hayden Panettiere took audiences by storm as the funny little girl of Remember the Titans and later starring on Ally McBeal. She then became an overnight star with her role as the indestructible cheerleader Claire on Heroes, her trimmed body in uniform a key part of the show’s promotion. After it ended, Panettiere took a break before taking on the role of Juliette Barnes on Nashville. It’s been notable as in the fourth season, Juliette suffered from post-partum depression but in a shocking turn, Panettiere checked herself into treatment for the same condition. She’s bounced back with the show revived by CMT and has been using yoga among her other exercises to help. Panettiere actually insisted on working in this scene to the show with Claire doing yoga while handling her meddling manager’s requests. Panettiere has credited yoga with helping her with her issues and how it’s as great for the mind and heart as well as body.

1 Madonna


Look at the photo and remember this woman is 58 years old. Given her…explicit romantic past, you can easily make a joke on how limber Madonna is. But it’s still impressive how the woman remains a fantastic knockout today as she was in her 1980s prime. The singer is now an icon with her style, her music and never stopping getting attention. She loves showing off a lot on the red carpet in a variety of frankly insane outfits but one can’t deny how she stays in great shape. This pic showcases it, a fantastic pose for her that shows a great style and impressive for not just her age but having a few kids. A lot can be said about the woman’s habits in the past, a bit too much smoking and drinking but she knows even she isn’t immune to age (despite how she seems to be fighting it pretty well) and this pic showcases that even after all these years, the Material Girl has a body to turn heads.

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