20 Photos We Bet You Can't Look At For More Than 3 Seconds

We're all tough guys until someone pulls out a picture that would cause all of our tough guy genes to suddenly disappear. We may all have different fears and things we are disgusted by. It's all about preference. What's detestable to you, might not be detestable for some.

Since the internet is bigger than we could possibly ever imagine, there are loads of content that can send shivers down our spine. All it takes for us find that piece of detestable content is a few searches and poof! We're uncomfortable. With such a huge library of content waiting to be explored, it's 100% certain that there's a scary or disgusting photo for each and every one of us.

From cringe-worthy celebrity pics to creatures pulled out of hell, we have some photos that are sure to make you look away after a few seconds. Here are 20 photos we bet you can't look at for more than 3 seconds.

20 Scary Redbox Girl

Security cams are intended to capture every moment of every second that happens in a place. Hence the name security cams. These cameras see what many people often miss out but sometimes, they capture obscure things that no other human can explain. This security cam watching over a Redbox both captures a moment that we are all more than glad to not have witnessed in person.

We don't know what's wrong with this girl but we are hoping that this is just a glitch in the security camera. With her head bent back way too much, it looks like this girl rented a demon out of the Redbox booth.

19 Jeff The Killer

Creepypastas aren't really something you should be reading late at night. Especially not if it's accompanied by a creepy picture like Jeff the Killer. He has beady eyes and a smile that's literally from ear to ear. That's because Jeff sliced his mouth across to make a permanent smile.

According to the creepypasta of Jeff The Killer, this abused child got his first taste of murder when he decided to fight back and kill his bullies. After that incident, he killed his entire family in their sleep. Jeff was never seen or heard from again. Rumor has it, he's still out and about, killing people.

18 Your Worst Nightmare

One of the most common creepy crawlers is also the most feared. There comes a time in our lives when we realize that we aren't all that brave. Despite being on the top of the food chain, the creatures at the bottom are still something worth being scared of. For us humans, one of our most feared household invaders is cockroaches. One cockroach is enough to make a grown man scream in terror, but what about countless cockroaches?

It's like our bodies are made to hate cockroaches the moment we see one. Lucky for us, this is just a picture. The thought of seeing something like this in person is definitely something we don't want to experience.

17 Matt Mitrione's Swollen Eye

With an impressive career including a victory over MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko, you would think that Matt Mitrione would go down in history as an amazing fighter. Despite his nice career, there's only one image that would define Mitrione's career. In a fight against Travis Browne at UFC Fight Night 81, Mitrione suffered a gnarly orbital blow out after getting punched by his opponent.

It looks like a career ending injury but lucky for Mitrione it was not. It's one of the nastiest bumps we've seen in any combat sports and you've got to give respect to Mitrione for coming back to the cage after an injury like this.

16 Realistic Lego

Growing up, all of us had played with Lego at one point, right? Building things with Lego were amazing and we felt like total engineers back then. Once building structures became boring, we focused our attention on the minifigs. Minifigs are basically Lego versions of humans. They're cute and fun to play with but they're not so amazing once you see how minifigs would look like when turned into a real person.

An artist created a costume based on minifigs. What's different is that he made the costume realistic. The beady eyes and the huge fingernails were enough to make the hairs on our neck stand.

15 Banana And Mayonnaise Sandwich

At first glance, this looks like a regular sandwich made with a banana and some white spread. Many would think that it's just a marshmallow spread since that would be the rational partner with a banana. But nope, that's a banana and mayonnaise sandwich. It's as disgusting as it sounds and you're lying if you deny barfing a little once you found out what this sandwich was. And now you can't look at this image for longer than 3 seconds.

Many are claiming that it's a delicious sandwich but we beg to differ. This is probably the most disgusting food concoction to date.

14 This... Thing

A vast majority of the ocean is still unexplored and this leaves probably countless sea creatures getting discovered as well. Remember how we're taught in school that as the ocean gets deeper, the creatures get more and more bizarre? That's very true. Just look at this guy. It's called a Blobfish and some would find it cute but let's be honest if you saw this guy while at the beach, you'd make a run for it.

Lucky for us, the Blobfish is a deep sea creature so coming across it on the beach is very unlikely. What you see is what you get and the Blobfish' body is indeed a gelatinous mass. We also forgot to mention that these creatures are dubbed as the world's ugliest animal.

13 Snake Pit

Not everyone has a liking to snakes. In fact, most of us are afraid of snakes. We find them repulsive, disgusting and most of all, dangerous. The thought of having one snake slither in our arms is very creepy but have you ever thought about falling in a snake pit?

Pictured here is a snake pit filled with thousands and thousands of red garter snakes. If you want to see one for yourself, head on over to the Narcisse Snake Dens in Manitoba, Canada during mating season. Let's be honest though, what idiot would want to see this in person? If even Indiana Jones is afraid of snakes then you know they're definitely something that needs to be feared.

12 Leech Pet

Are you a cat person? A dog person? Pets are a wonderful thing and we can't help but be so happy once we go home with them waiting for us. Cats, dogs, birds, and fishes are the common household pets but some would like to keep extreme and not-so-ordinary pets. This guy right here has a pet leech and we've got to say, he has quite the healthy leech pet.

This guy obviously loves his pet based on its sheer size alone. He feeds the big guy with his own blood so he really must love it. Let's all just hope that he keeps it on a leash or in a cage. Something tells us when he invites the ladies over they probably aren't going to ask to pet it though.

11 Those Annoying Hangnails

Sure, this is just a meme and memes are supposed to be funny and not scary but this picture makes us clench our teeth in agony. Unfortunately, laughter isn't something that goes on when you look at the photo we have selected for you. We've all experienced hangnails and they are quite the painful stuff to have. Many of us can't help but pull back that hangnail if there's nothing nearby to cut it with. Pulling back hangnails isn't recommended as stuff like this picture here can happen but this is over exaggerated though as hangnails can't be pulled that far back... right? You'll never see us pulling back a hangnail ever again.

10 A Pillar Of Nightmares

Bugs are disgusting. We all have our preferred bugs and we're all different when it comes to this preference. What's certain though is that we all fear at least one type of creepy crawler out there. Some of us don't know what that bug we fear is and we only know once we come face to face with it. For those who've still yet to know what bug they hate, look at this pillar filled with a plethora of bugs.

We don't know why so many bugs are in one spot but just looking at this picture sends shivers down our spine. We can't imagine what it would be like to touch that thing and if we come across it, we're going to burn that pillar for sure.

9 The Inside Of A Camel's Mouth

For the most part, all we know about camels is that they are tough animals with humps on their backs. They look pretty innocent and with their survivability levels on the desert always at an all time high, camels are a thing to behold. There's not much to say about Camels at first glance but once they open their mouths, you'll be running for the nearest oasis.

Unbeknownst to many, the inside of a camel's mouth looks like the Sarlacc pit from Star Wars. It's scary and boy, would we loathe getting bitten by a camel now. The spikes are basically papillae that help a camel direct food from its mouth to its stomach.

8 The Scariest Picture On The Internet

This simple painting of a beautiful girl isn's so innocent once you find out what makes staring at this image very hard. This girl became viral back in 2010 because of the legend behind it. Although no one has confirmed the terrifying legend behind it, we'd rather not risk looking at this lady for long periods of time.

According to the legend, people who stare at this photo for long periods of time will begin to see changes in the girl's face. Some are said to be driven into insanity once they see the face change. After that, people are driven to commit suicide.

7 The Expressionless

The internet is flooded with scary Creepypastas every day and with the expansive collection of scary stories to read about, it's not easy for one story to stand out above the rest. Aside from the creepy Slender Man stories, one Creepypasta that seems to stick with us is The Expressionless.

Pictured above is allegedly the creature named as The Expressionless. We don't have to explain why the creature is named this way though. The story has it that The Expressionless walked in on a hospital and wreaked havoc there. When asked what it was, it said that it was God.

6 Ghost Girl In Mirror

For years on end, people have been looking for proof of ghosts or other supernatural creatures. Nowadays, it's hard to believe footages that show ghosts on cam because it's fairly easy to fool anyone thanks to the power of editing. Back in the day though, footages are harder to tamper with and for a moment, it felt like ghosts are indeed real.

Above is a screenshot from an infamous ghost sighting video. It looks like a simple photo at first but look at the mirror. The girl's reflection is obviously not following her. This is really vintage footage, hence the quality and the lower possibility of it being edited considering the technology at the time.

5 Up Above The Sky

Acrophobia or the fear of heights is one of the most common phobias out there. Countless individuals are plagued with this nasty phobia that keeps us from doing fun activities such as sight-seeing from a skyscraper, riding really high and extreme rides, and so much more. They say the trick to beating Acrophobia is by not looking down but let's face it, that's easier said than done.

Look at this picture for instance. Sure, you aren't the one looking down on a really high fall but there's still some of you that are getting sweaty palms already. If you weren't already scared, we wouldn't blame you if this photo gave you a newfound fear of heights!

4 Just A Bunch Of Holes

It's not for everyone but those with Trypophobia are bound to feel sick after seeing this picture. Trypophobia is a fear of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps. Yep, this is a real thing and some people don't even know they have it up until they see a picture like the one above. While it may be funny to think that there are people afraid of holes, it's no laughing matter for those who are affected by it.

The one above isn't exactly a hand with that many holes. It's prosthetics so no one should fear getting their hands to this state. Still, it's creepy to look at for some of you.

3 Beyonce At The Superbowl

People love the Super Bowl for two reasons, the game itself and of course, the halftime show which is always star-studded. For 2013's Super Bowl 50, one of the performers of the night was Beyonce. It was already expected to be an ecstatic performance from the pop star but the paparazzi captured a few moments when Beyonce was feeling the performance too much.

Shortly after the performance, photos like the one here began spreading like wildfire across the internet. Beyonce even called for the photos to be put down but it was too late. If you're a die-hard fan of Beyonce, you're probably looking away from the photo right now.

2 A Lamprey's Mouth

There are a ton of creepy creatures out there but of course, some are more creepy than others. At first glance, lampreys may look just like leeches or other slimy creatures but once you take a peek at the mouth of the lamprey, you'll regret ever touching this guy. With a ton of teeth in its mouth, you know that a bite from a lamprey will hurt like hell.

Like leeches, lampreys latch on to prey with their mouth. They will then suck the blood of their target. But hey, not all lampreys are parasitic though as some of them simply latch on to prey to hitch a ride.

1 Justin Bieber Spits On Fans

Ever since he came into the limelight, Justin Bieber has gotten both countless fans and haters alike. As he grew older, he began becoming such a brat and he was at the center of issues that are too many to count at this point. One of the worst issues he got himself involved in was way back in 2013 when the Canadian pop-star was photographed spitting on his fans from his balcony.

It was unsanitary and uncalled for. Most of us would rather forget that Bieber actually did this to his fans but we should never forget this atrocity. For those who can look at this picture for a minute, you must have nerves of steel.

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