20 Photos That Will Make You Mad AF

Why did you open this list? We forewarned you that these photos will make you mad AF, didn't we? Oh well, too late to turn back now. Whether you have OCD so bad, it drives you crazy that it's not called Compulsive Disorder Obsessive just so that letters C, D, and O can be in their proper alphabetical place or you just like seeing things a certain way sometimes, I think it's safe to say that most everyone has a bit of Mr. Monk in us at times. It's unnerving to see something that's a little off, especially if everything else is right in the placement. We are creatures of habit, whether we like to admit it or not and we come to appreciate the normalcy in things being just so in the way we've come to expect them.

That being said, it's not like we're going to blow a gasket or anything if the stop sign we pull up to reads pots because the city worker painted it backwards. That's just funny. And possibly a little bit dangerous. The point is that most of us can appreciate creativity but it's a whole different subject when some inconsiderate tile designer accidentally throws a pattern off just a little bit, just enough that the tile you thought would be an upgrade to your bathroom may now be slowly leading to a complete mental breakdown someday. In any case, here are 20 photos to aggravate that side of you and pretty much make you feel mad AF.


20 Mimic The Rainbow, Infuriate The Rainbow

Color me frustrated. It would probably have been better if all of the colored pencils were misaligned with their proper placement per the packaging. But it's almost like rubbing salt in the OCD wound to have some of them in the correct position and some not. It's also extremely annoying how this company has spelled CoLoREd. It should be either all capital letters, all lowercase letters or at the very least, a proper alternating pattern. But the "RE" really messes things up. We should not be subjecting innocent children who just want to get done with a coloring book to this madness. The important questions to ask here are, who is behind the packaging design at this company, who oversees quality control and what do they have against people with varying cases of OCD?

19 Seeing Orange


This was obviously done on purpose. The question is why? Maybe someone opened a bag of M&Ms and felt like performing an impromptu counting and color-sorting lesson for their child and then realized there were more green and blue candies than orange and yellow candies and didn't want the orange to feel left out thus teaching a lesson on compassion. But that theory makes as little sense as it does to stick a solo green M&M in with a group of orange M&Ms. That's just sick. The disturbing thing is that this person went so out of their way to create this maddening piece of candy art. They took the time to sort out each individual M&M just to annoy people like us. That's a special brand of evil.

18 Snack Attack

Does looking at these photos make you feel like attacking the sadist who had the nerve to chomp willy-nilly? If so, you aren't alone. What's so frustrating about cases like this is that these treats are specially designed for the snacker to eat them in a certain way. That's why it's "break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar" and not "just go ahead and take a bite anywhere you want." See? That's not catchy.

Hubba Bubba's case is designed for the gum chewer to take a big or long piece as desired as smoothly as one would pull tape from a tape dispenser. These two rebels have gone against the grain, ruining time-honored traditions passed down for generations. Who knows what their motive was? Perhaps it was to ensure that no one would ask them for a piece of their candy. In doing so, they have successfully created a break-less Kit Kat bar as well as six feet of pure misery. Give me a break, indeed.

17 Room With A Crooked View


How in the world did this pass inspection? Seriously. This sad window seems to be an afterthought, like the construction crew came back lazy from lunch one day and haphazardly starting measuring and installing. It seems to be floating while its perfectly lined brother and sister windows make it look even worse in comparison. If this is some kind of a modern art piece, it should be entitled "Insanity From The Outside In." And then it should be destroyed. Or fixed at the very least. The more you look at it, the more you start to wonder about what it looks like from the inside. Is the whole apartment crooked? Does furniture have to be bolted down? The more you look at it, you will begin to realize that you are thinking way too much than anyone should ever have to about an apartment building window.

16 So Close Yet So Far Away From Perfection

Okay, who's the wisenheimer who thought it would be funny to walk by the mustard aisle and turn one bottle upside down? What a monster! I'm sure that the good people at Heinz would not be very happy about this. They took the time to design their new bottle that opens from the bottom and someone just had to make a joke. It's a slap in the face to Heinz and a slap in the face to anyone walking by.

When people say gas prices are outrageous, this isn't what they mean but I feel it still applies. How many people would go into the store and pay the clerk one penny just to have to sweet satisfaction of seeing a full number as the sale amount? Well, maybe not too many but I bet most of us would wish we would have left our finger on the pump trigger for just a fraction of a second longer. There's something about being so close yet not perfect that can just drive you crazy.

15 Rebels Without A Heart


Follow the protocol, people! Follow. The. Protocol. A pizza is a full meal with the potential for leftovers and a carton of lemonade can last about a week. And some inconsiderate rebel without a heart or care for anyone just went ahead and ruined it. Was this done out of revenge? Just to be a smart aleck and get under someone's skin? Or maybe the pizza partaker is crust-sensitive and wrecked the whole pizza to avoid any possible crusty encounters. Maybe the lemonade lover is old school and didn't happen to see the bright yellow screw-on cap just begging to be opened properly. We don't know and we don't care. We just never want to see these images again, thank you.

14 McPointless

You had one job, Column. Just one. No, unfortunately your pretty shimmery blue mini shiny tiles do not distract from the fact that you are failing to do your one, your only job which is to hold up the ceiling — or just pretend to hold up the ceiling. Obviously the ceiling is having no structural problems without you so it seems that your job was even easier... and you couldn't even do that.

There are a lot of questions to be asked here. Who got the measurements wrong? How could this happen? Why does Mickey D.'s feel the need to have a Las Vegas casino style pool column inside their restaurant? I'm thinking that maybe the owner of this McEatery found this cool blue column on clearance from some flashy place going out of business and thought "Eureka! This column must be in my McDonalds!" And the rest is history. Unfortunately, it's a pretty terrible history.


13 Knob Okay, Knob Okay At All


How exactly does a nightmare like this happen? Was this delivered and the buyer didn't check it properly before installation? Was it purchased at a discount because of this ghastly error? Or could something even more terrible have taken place... maybe the owner of this eyesore fancies him/herself an artist and decided to take creative liberties with the knob placement. There does appear to be a wave pattern that was attempted... with poorly executed results of course. Who could live like this? This appears to be in a workroom or garage of some sort so maybe that's why no one has taken measures to correct this awful looking chest of drawers. Work room or not, this is a knobby nightmare that is begging to be fixed and straightened out!

12 Fruit Punch Operator Error

This seems to be an intentional operator error. There's always a guy like this in a group. You can't escape them. "Insert straw here, you say?" that guy snickers. "Think again!" That guy is a rebellious rogue who mocks authority with a slick sneer and plays by his own rules, asserting his power by jamming the yellow plastic straw into the side as he pleases, mere centimeters from the designated area. "That'll show 'em over at Capri Sun!" that guy laughs as he sucks down a mouthful of chemically flavored juicy water. When you meet people like this fruit punch rebel out in the world, there's only one thing you should do: run. We're all for standing apart from the crowd but in ways that make sense and ways that are for the greater good. The only thing this little demonstration is good for is to aggravate people.

11 Considerate Paper Towel Placement?


You want to think the best of people. You want to believe that people have good intentions. So when you come across a visual hazard such as this, you might hope that some considerate person lined them up in this awkward fashion so that short and tall people alike, those with long arms and those with not so long arms, would all be able to reach for a paper towel with ease. But even if that is the case here, the catastrophe to the eye that it creates is just simply not worth the convenience factor. Maybe the person installing these paper towel dispensers was told to stagger them but was unfamiliar with what the word "stagger" means. Or maybe they were installed during a power outage? Whatever the case may be, this horrible placement is too much to bear.

10 The Librarian's Revenge

"Payback is a son of a gun," your local librarian whisper-laughs, remembering to use her quiet voice as she sneakily applies the call number sticker upside down. It's revenge for those overdue library books. Or maybe it's payback for all of those times you got too rowdy, speaking louder than your indoor voice. Because now you're an adult and if you find yourself suffering from OCD, prepare for a serious conundrum. You're going to the library for help, checking out books on OCD when it smacks you right in the face — an upside down sticker, right in the middle of all things! You fight the urge to rip the sticker off and turn it the right way but you don't want to get charged those crazy library fees for damaging a book. Then it occurs to you— your librarian isn't getting revenge. She's helping you to overcome your OCD with exposure therapy. Aw, thanks for caring, librarian!

9 Satan Worshipping Book Publishers?


Yes, more books. Grr. But this goes even deeper. This was no library error. Is there a secret, evil message here? When you finally collect all volumes of this series, you'll find not just one, not two but three sixes. Why, you ask? Devil worshipping, I'm assuming? But then again that theory is sort of blown to bits when you look at the other numbers listed in this cockamamie series. The numbers are all askew (by the way, try typing "askew" into Google for a fun way to mess with your day) and if that's not bad enough, the fonts are different too. The joy of placing a series in your bookshelf is in the idea that the books are supposed to look good lined up together like they belong together. This is not a time for each book to assert its individuality. This looks like someone purchased books from different series and they all happen to be black and white. That would certainly explain why there are two copies of Volume #6 anyway. Formatting fail, publishers.

8 Cheesecake Server From Hell

Oh sir, what have you done? You silly maddening fool, the baker of this fine cheesecake has provided an outline in powdered sugar for your benefit and you take it upon yourself with your miscreant ways to do things "your way." How has "your way" been working out so far? Not too great, I'm sure. With "your way" you are bound to rip someone off of their full slice of cheesecake. And what's to become of that now weird end section near the middle? Doing things "your way" has created a whole host of problems. Not too cool, my friend, even if it might be your birthday. The lesson to be learned in all this is that when someone is considerate enough to draw a guide in powered sugar for you, you follow those lines, dammit! Anything less is just disrespectful.

7 I Am Unable To Abide By Your Wishes, Metal Sign


As a law-abiding citizen, this is a toughie. I want to the follow rules. I want to do things the easy way. But when the handle says "pull" and there is nothing to pull on, a frustrating feeling settles in and questions start to form. Questions like "did they mean push?" Or "did an actual handle capable of being pulled fall off?" So many questions and no time for answers because this looks like a bathroom door to a public restroom and when it comes to public restrooms, you have one goal in mind. To get in. And then quickly, as quickly as possible, get out. I really want to know how the staff can stand seeing this day in and day out. For more irritation regarding public restrooms, read on.

6 How Is This Supposed To Work?

The logical conclusion to this brain busting image is that the person who regularly uses this restroom currently enjoys holding the title to the Guinness Book of World Records for World's Longest Arms or the person has a tool of some sort, like one of those grabber sticks, to assist them with this ridiculous chore. As far as I know, toilet paper holders only cost a few dollars at any home improvement store and I'm sure it doesn't take a brain surgeon to install one. So even if this toilet paper holder was somehow bolted from the inside to the wall, this problem could have been easily cured. Why this still exists is a better question than why does it exist at all? Mistakes happen. So when they do, just fix them!

5 Picnic Table Madness


Imagine trying to eat lunch with the nagging feeling that something just isn't right. No, not right at all. It feels like your legs are being uncomfortably pushed outwards. Why? Because some picnic table erector got his righties and lefties mixed up. And because of that mistake, this picnic table is now forever deemed the "bad table" that no one wants to sit at... or look at... or walk by. It's extra irritating because when you first look at it, you might not notice anything wrong. But the more you keep looking, you notice that something is terribly off. And then when you find it, you can't stop looking and you can't stop seeing this insanity. It's so very, very wrong. And all you were trying to do was just enjoy your lunch.

4 T-Shirt Irony

While trying to show off your pride for Canada, your T-shirt is harboring a naughty secret. It was made in the US of A! Or at least its material came from America. Talk about ironic situations. That's all well and fine, Gildan Company, that this T-shirt was made with cotton that was born in the U.S.A. but what's the need to announce it on a specially made sticker? I mean, why would someone care where their cotton comes from as long as it's being ethically sourced? And by admitting that, it seems that the point of the shirt is somewhat murky now. Is Canada's own cotton not good enough to produce your shirts with, Gildan? What gives? As for the second mystery, why is there a loaf of bread at the bottom of this photo?

3 Just Turn Off The Lights And Run!


You're looking at a true horror movie still shot for people with OCD or just OCD-like symptoms. An already eerie-looking hallway becomes a true nightmare from hell when you see that the lights above have been positioned in a haphazard manner, at first staggering and then tapering off too far to the right, only to try to get more in the center and then to veer off again. Switching the placement of light fixtures with big panels like this is no easy task. It would take a call to an experienced electrician to sort this matter out which brings the question of who is responsible for this monstrosity in the first place to mind. If it was done by a "professional" then that person is begging for a negative review on Angie's List.

2 It's Time To Redo The Floor

Both of these photos are equally frustrating. They both look like something from a puzzle book where you're asked to pick out what doesn't belong. And in this case, what doesn't belong is people who don't know how to lay out a proper tile design. Tile is not exactly the toughest substance on earth. It's not going to last like the Mayan pyramids but it is a heck of a thing to redo. That'll ruin your weekend for sure or maybe even your whole week. How badly do you think the person who laid the front to end instead of side by side wanted to kick himself when he saw the finished product?

The second photo is also scream-worthy because at first, you might think you can just grab a white permanent marker and cover up the silly little mistake but then your mind starts to comprehend the infuriating pattern and you realize there's nothing silly or simple about this mistake at all.

1 Is The Landscaper Mad At Us?


If it's true, then he's a very passive aggressive landscaper. Just look at the placement of those bushes. It's cruel and downright abusive to the eyes of these apartment dwellers. Ruining an otherwise perfectly nice courtyard, the landscaper has planted two bushes on the corners that surround a young pretty tree... all except for one left-out, sad and lonely corner with just one bush. That bush sits alone on its corner, forever doomed to be single and isolated forever. What's the landscaper's motivation here? A passive demand for a higher salary? I think it's safe to say that there's probably enough ticked off tenants, who have to stare at this every day, who would be willing to chip in and pay the amount that it takes to plant another bush, pronto.

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