20 Photos That Are Making Us Insanely Uncomfortable

It can be no surprise to any of you that the internet is full of some really, REALLY disturbing things. All you have to do is spend two seconds on the "Dark Web" or "Deep Web" (depending on what you call the bloody thing) and you know that the human species hasn't really progressed all that much. We are all animals after all.

This article pulls away from disturbing images and focuses more on just very uncomfortable images. And there is no shortage of those on the net either. Some of these images might make your eyes water. Hopefully, they don't make you want to wretch. But I guess some people can be pretty queazy...so you never know.

So be prepared to be a little uncomfortable. A wasp too close to your eye. A really grimy toothbrush. A wholesome bowl of thumbtacks. A drowning iPhone. A real-life LEGO man. Dentists, spiders, heights, ice, nerds, and that nastiest hair you've ever seen. These are a just some of the uncomfortable treats you're in for. So, get scrolling and feast your eyes on some of the horrible images the internet keeps for your amusement and disgust.


20 The Nastiest Toothbrush In The World

Ok...ok, I don't even know how to start this one. What's awful about this is that everything around the toothbrush actually looks fairly clean. I realize that's probably because this was a staged photo but if it isn't...then whoever uses this brush has got some real problems. Gingivitis is probably one of those problems! I can't even begin to imagine how someone got a toothbrush to look that way! Did it fall in the toilet and then just ever get rinsed? Is that actually just build up from dirt and caked toothpaste and eventual mold? I want to say that there's no way anyone uses this brush, but you'll notice how white it looks closer to the top of the brush...that's obviously from being in someone's mouth while the rest just gets caked in filth. Well, my stomach is getting a little grumbly about this, so that's it.

19 A Very Public Washroom


Wow! This is probably the most public washroom I have ever seen. I hope there's a lock on the door of this restroom because I can't imagine sitting there on the toilet when suddenly one or two guys stroll in to take a leak. And I'm sure the look on their faces would match the surprise on mine. Or what if it were the other way around? You're taking a leak when someone comes in, sits behind you, drops his pants, and starts going to the toilet! There is no positioning in this bathroom that could make me feel comfortable. Not unless there was a lock on the door so I could go do my business by myself. I think the most uncomfortable spot in this washroom is the urinal on the left side in the corner. Trapped. Forced to turn around and walk by someone going to the toilet...

18 LEGO Men Are Scary In Real Life!

What sort of crime against the gene pool has been committed here!? Oh my goodness! Detailing everything that's wrong with this picture might take more than I'm allowed to write about her. This outfit just really makes it seem like this guy was trying to give the most realistic look for a real-life LEGO man. And it's terrifying! I can imagine trying to use those hands for anything. Having those big, bulging eyes is just really creepy. I realize that this was someone's vision to make a real-looking LEGO man, but those ears carved into the side of the head just really add to how uncomfortable this picture makes me. The only thing that could really make this worse is the LEGO man taking off the head he has to put on a completely different one.

17 Dentists Were Already Scary Before This!


I don't know many people who enjoy going to the dentist. First of all, because it's expensive as all hell. But it doesn't help that there have been far too many horror movies and stories that have to do with dentists doing horrible things to people while they're awake and while they're asleep. Not to mention that a visit to the dentist can be pretty painful while they poke around in your mouth. Now, imagine that you have to be put under to have some dental work done and your dentist walks up to you wearing a mask like the guy above...no way! If this guy came at me wearing that mask while he tried to put the gas mask on me...I'd be right up and out of that chair. I'd drop the $50 it costs for every visit and tell them where to stick it.

16 A Wholesome Bowl Of Thumbtacks 

This photo doesn't really turn my stomach or anything like that. But I can't help but feel a little off about it. There's something about having a bowl of milk filled with thumbtacks instead of cereal that is just really off-putting. I think it wouldn't be near as bad if there wasn't a spoon being lifted from the bowl filled with tacks. That's the killer right there. Literally, I would guess. It's just really awkward to know that there's someone who is picking up that spoon of thumbtacks from the bowl of milk. I know whoever it is is just doing it for a weird picture (I would hope), but that doesn't change the fact that you're now thinking about what it would be like to take a spoonful of thumbtacks and milk in your mouth.

15 That Biker Who Uses You As A Pillow


I actually did laugh out loud when I first saw this picture. There's just something about a business guy getting cuddled on a plane by a biker-looking guy that makes me smile. I know it should make me uncomfortable, but I find it hilarious. That being said, if I was in the same position, I would be very uncomfortable for sure. I would be afraid to move because if I upset him or woke him up he might get a little more physical than just a little cuddle. And there's something about being in a flying box, thousands of feet in the air, trapped with this big guy snuggling into me that would really make me not want to wake him up or piss him off. I think the business guy in the picture is weighing his options, and deciding just how much he wants to stay alive.

14 Choking On Tarantulas...

Ah! Just...ah!. I can't even begin to imagine what was going through this girl's mind when she decided to stuff a tarantula in her mouth. It makes me think of A Nightmare On Elm Street when Tina has a massive centipede crawl out of her mouth. It's just nasty. And makes me feel really uncomfortable. Because now, all I can think about is what the fur on this spider's back legs and thorax would feel like in my mouth. It makes me want to wretch. And it makes me wonder if this girl had just a very realistic looking model of a tarantula or if she actually put a real tarantula in her mouth. I have to say that it looks very, VERY real, and that makes me just as uncomfortable. I wonder what the spider did after this picture. Did it try to climb up her face? Did it try to climb down her chest?


13 Drowning Your iPhone


I can't help but laugh at this. One, because I don't have an iPhone and two because the expression on the poor girl's face is just perfect. I'm sure that this picture is staged because if it isn't then it is definitely one in a million. It would be a miracle if someone managed to get that perfect angle just as someone dropped their phone. So, at least you can take comfort in that. But imagine how long you would have to keep your phone in a bowl of rice, waiting for the damned thing to dry out while you hope that it will start up again. Chances are that dropping the phone into a pool would blow the circuits pretty quickly. I guess you never know, but it's clear that you wouldn't be able to hide that water damage if you took it into the Apple Store to get fixed.

12 Purposely Walking On Thin Ice...

I can't even imagine why someone thought this was a good idea. I'd say "at least they didn't go so deep into the ice water that they soaked their important bits", but you can tell they their shorts are totally wet, so...I can't imagine how or why someone would do that. On purpose! I could understand if someone was chasing you and, for some reason, the only way you could escape was by wading into an ice-covered pool...but I don't think that's something that would happen very often. There can not be anything important enough for these two guys to get into the pool. Nothing more important than them looking like complete idiots anyway. I really don't have much to say other than I think these guys are nuts, and speaking of nuts, I'm very uncomfortable looking at this picture.

11 Too Many Spiders...Just Too Many!


This tangle of daddy long legs spiders is a snapshot from a terrifying video. All of the spiders are in one big cluster until some prods a bit, then suddenly all of these spiders spread out, untangle and crawl all over the place. I can't imagine having that many daddy long legs near me at one time. I'm used to seeing them where I live, but not like this. It kind of sends a shiver down my spine when I think about what it would be like if this was a corner in my apartment. I have spiders in my place (it's a basement apartment) so I'm used to some creepy crawlies...but not like this. I don't know what I'd do if this happened in my place. I'm too sensitive to kill them all, but I don't know how I would trap all of those in one go.

10 A Very Uncomfortable Family

Where do I start with this one? Let's start with the dad. It looks like he's a reverend of some sort. He seems to be wearing the collar of some church-preaching guy. But those shorts! So uncomfortable. But maybe they're comfortable to him...Then the son. He looks pretty happy, but it seems pretty clear that he's about to kill his mother. The sister looks like she's the reason why the brother is about to commit murder. She doesn't seem all that happy at all. And then the mother. I think she's half surprised and is half enjoying the potential strangling that's about to happen. I'm not even sure how that is a way to think. It's very difficult to read this photo. Is it real? Or is this all an act. You can never fully be sure in this very strange world.

9 Why Would You Stand On This Ledge?!


I'm sorry if this might make some people want to wretch. Or make some people feel light-headed...but it certainly is an uncomfortable photo, so I figured it should end up in this article. I just can't believe that this maniac is reaching down and forward with his hands. It's like he's asking for an updraft to grab him a bit, throw him off balance, and send him soaring however many stories down to the ground. Pretty sure he'd be liquid from that height. There's always a part of me when I look over a railing from high up, that wonders about what it would feel like to be soaring through the air...but I'm always pulled back to reality because I'm not a fan of the sudden stop at the bottom of the jump. "I believe I can fly"!

8 Treadmill Face Plant

This is just hilarious. I mean, I feel bad for the guy, but he must have been going purposely overboard with the speed on the treadmill for this to happen. Either way, I'm very happy there was a camera there when it happened. That being said, the way he has hit that treadmill makes me wonder just how sore he'll be when he gets up. It makes me pretty uncomfortable seeing how his neck and arms have folded on impact. And the look on his face tells me that he's not a big fan of how he's landed as well. He must have been going very fast considering that his right leg is almost all the way round to the front of the treadmill. That's how much power was used to toss his face straight into the workout machine.

7 Dare To Wax Your Chest Hair?


Ah! No! Stop! No f*cking way! I don't know how this guy has a smile on his face. It must be the only way he can cope with the horrible thing that's happening to him. He has a pretty solid carpet of fur on his torso...except for the parts of his body that are lobster red from the hot wax tearing out all of the hair from his body. OUCH! This might be even more uncomfortable for me than almost all of the other shots in this whole list. I could not imagine lying there and allowing someone to do this to me. You would have to strap me down and do it against my will. I have a decent amount of hair on my torso and I can't imagine tearing it all out at once with a big strip of wax. Something about pulling everything out by the root just makes me want to vomit a little.

6 Just Don't Blink With A Wasp On Your Eye...

Ok...I can't actually look at this image for too long without my eyes starting to water. I can't imagine keeping my eye open long enough for someone to snap a shot of this. And I can't imagine having the control to not blink while a wasp wandered around on my eyeball. That's just not a thing I could do. Wasps will sting people, but I'm pretty sure it would be more concerned about flying away from the closing eye than stinging the eye while it closed. At least that would be my justification for not having the control to keep my eye open. Either way, I'm looking away from the picture while I type this because it really makes my eyes water and makes me very uncomfortable. I'm not afraid of wasps, but I would definitely not ever want one to sting my eye!

5 Evil Jim Carrey And His Even More Evil Son


There's something that is just really creepy when you see Jim Carrey sitting next to someone who can be more creepy than Jim Carrey. I really thought, at first, that the guy on the right was Carrey's son. But that's not the case. I guess he's just a very intense fan who spent a lot of time mastering the strange Jimmy Carrey face. And now that Jim Carrey is getting on in years, it seems that this kid is able to make his faces better than Carrey himself. I'm not sure what's scarier...the fact that this kid can out-face Jim Carrey...or that he actually cared enough to be able to out-face Jim Carrey. Either one is pretty discomforting to me. And that's before just looking at the photo for what it is...it just looks like two people who are really creeping on the photographer.

4 Who Dips Their Cookies In Juice!?

Alright, look. Chocolate and orange do go together. I don't know how many of you recall or still buy those chocolate oranges, but they're pretty damn tasty, I think. That being said, chocolate chip cookies and orange juice...those two things do not go together. That's just nasty. I think it's sacrilege. Even if you're lactose intolerant you can still dip your cookies in milk. You just need to get almond, or soy, or rice milk. It's possible. Don't switch from milk to orange juice though. Oh, man. The tangy taste of the juice with the sweet taste and crumbly texture of the cookie just seems pretty nasty to me. I can't begin to understand what would make someone do this. If you're looking for a healthier option then maybe don't even bother with the cookie. Don't ruin a good thing!

3 The Nappy Beaver Tail...


What...the...f*ck!? I have long hair. It get's knotted sometimes. That's just the way long and curly hair works. I know that if you just leave hair to its own devices you'll eventually end up with dreadlocks of some sort and your hair will keep getting matted. But I can't even begin to imagine just how long it took for this hair to go from regular curly hair to this nasty beaver-tail-looking thing. This is just disgusting. I think it would be like a car wreck if I saw this person in real life. I wouldn't be able to look away as I walked by. There's no way. Look at how solid and matted and greasy this hair is. It looks more like a solid chunk of nasty on the bottom half than any sort of head of hair. I actually can't get over how uncomfortable this makes me feel.

2 Just Kiss Already!

I don't really care if any of you like either Mayweather or McGregor. I keep hearing that UFC and all that fighting crap is very masculine and really tough, and these two guys are really manly. I don't doubt that they're manly. But they should just do what they've clearly been waiting to do since their first promo. They should just kiss already. The tension between the two when the damn near face plant each could be cut with a knife. And you can see the guy in the background smiling, thinking that they're going to finally do it. Mayweather looks into it. He looks like there might be some love going on there. But it's all aggression with McGregor. No wonder they could never make it work.

1 These Really Creepy Anime Nerds


Alright, so it's no surprise to anyone that nerds can be pretty awkward and uncomfortable. Readers here, of all people, should know that. But there's something far more uncomfortable and awkward about this picture of fully grown guys with wigs, hats and body pillows of sultry-looking anime characters. I mean...I'm not the only one to think that's really sad, awkward and uncomfortable am I? And these are guys in public! It really doesn't look like they're playing a joke. They look totally serious here. And it seems that someone from their group is elsewhere. That or the guy with the orange wig is gearing up for an anime-body-pillow-threesome. And that's way more uncomfortable to think about. All I can do is feel sorry for these guys while I feel very uncomfortable...while I feel very sad for their futures.


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