20 Photos Revealing How Cristiano Ronaldo And The World's Richest Athletes Travel

When you've got more money than you can possibly spend, one of the best ways to show off your immense riches is to travel in style. Whether it's going from point A to point B, removing yourself from public transportation by going private, or roaming the world in luxury, professional athletes are among those who boast the most lavish cars, planes, and/or travel destinations that would make the average Joe envious.

In fact, when most of us travel, we're burdened with responsibilities like packing, renting a car, getting gas, booking hotels, buying a plane ticket, and going through security, among a handful of other painstaking exercises that might make the everyday traveler choose to stick closer to home. Not to mention, most of us choose our destinations based upon what we can afford, not where we want to go just because we can. This is not a problem for wealthy athletes like LeBron James, Steph Curry, The Rock, Floyd Mayweather, or Cristiano Ronaldo.

For these athletes and more, money is no object, travel headaches are almost entirely avoided, and their entourage or staff do their tedious tasks for them. Their Instagram and social media profiles are flooded with photos of the locations that these athletes travel to and how they get there.

Just to make the rest of us feel a little more inadequate, not only are these athletes traveling in style on their own time and dime, oftentimes, their employers are covering the costs. If you ever wanted to see how the richest of the rich travel, these 20 athletes are happy to share.

20 Cristiano Ronaldo - Fly Privately With His Own Jet

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Oh, to make the kind of money Cristiano Ronaldo makes. In 2017 alone, his salary was $58 million. And if you add another $35 million in endorsement money,

it's easy to see why Ronaldo would fly privately with his own jet that, by the way, has a decal of himself and "CR7" on it.

The football/soccer star has been raking in the money for years now, and there's no reason to think he's going to lighten up his travel habits anytime soon. When you're making close to $100 million per year, you might as well have your own everything. You'll see, private jets are becoming a habit among the wealthiest of athletes. As Ronaldo says in his caption, "Flyin' in Style!" Yes, he certainly is.

His car collection of 19 vehicles is valued at $4.9 million. It includes a Bugatti Veyron, which costs around $1.7 million.

19 Floyd Mayweather - Private Plans With Cash

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Floyd "Money" Mayweather is all about showing off his riches. From the crazy cars he drives to his houses and entourage that goes everywhere with him, to videos of him counting money, photos laying in money, and ticket stubs showing how much he's gambled his money, Mayweather just shows off his wealth on a consistent basis. So,

finding a photo of Mayweather on a private plane that he's likely chartered to some fancy destination or wild party isn't hard to do.

In fact, finding a photo of him doing so surrounded by hundreds of thousands of dollars was actually pretty easy. They don't call him the "Money" for no reason. He's got it, he likes to spend it, and he's giving the world a play-by-play of all the action.

18 The Rock - Private Jet

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The Rock may not be considered a professional athlete anymore, but at one time, the now-movie star was a CFL football player and professional wrestler for the WWE. He made good money working for both, but nothing like what he's raking in now as one of Hollywood's most famous actors. The reason we can still call him an athlete is because he makes the occasional wrestling appearance, and he trains harder than most athletes do to stay in shape.

He too has his own private plane, and he likely uses it a lot.

There's perhaps no harder working person in showbiz than Dwayne Johnson as he's constantly on the move for new projects that include producing and starring in a ton of movies and television shows like HBO's Ballers. 

17 LeBron James - Tranquility

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Everyone knows the kind of money LeBron James is pulling in. In 2017,

he made a combined $86.2 million between endorsement deals and an NBA salary of $31.2 million which will go up next season.

This photo doesn't show LeBron traveling in style, but it definitely reflects one of the many tropical destinations he chooses to go using just some of his millions. He calls it "tranquility." We call it being filthy rich and traveling in style. When you're making LeBron money, why not fly on a private plane to a swanky tropical location that you probably paid to keep empty while you were there. Who knows? It might be on an island he owns. Rich people do that sort of thing (buying islands) too now.

16 Roger Federer - Chauffeured Around

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This might be one of the more tame photos of someone traveling in luxury, but it reps the fact that most of the athletes on this list don't have to drive themselves anywhere if they choose not to. Here, Roger Federer is being chauffeured around as he's on the move to Prague to play tennis for Team Europe.

If you take a look at Federer's social media pages like Instagram, you'll see that he often posts photos of him hanging out in some of the gorgeous locals in the world.

Interesting Fact: Of the more wealthy athletes, Federer isn't making a ton of coin on the tennis circuit. He's making over 90 percent of his money on endorsement deals. He's helping sell a lot of merchandise to a whole bunch of tennis fans.

15 Conor McGregor - Traveling In Style

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Surprise, surprise, another athlete flying on a private jet. This time, it's Conor McGregor and he's taking off to who knows where to say who knows what to who knows who. But, since fighting Floyd Mayweather and making millions of dollars to do so, he's got plenty of money to go around.

McGregor is also confident that he'll be making more bank as the UFC is set to pay him more money than he's ever received. The WWE wants him badly and there are rumors that Mayweather might be willing to take him on in MMA somewhere (although Mayweather shot down those rumors personally).

There isn't much McGregor doesn't do with tremendous flair. Traveling has to be included in that assumption.

14 Jordan Spieth - Family Travels In Style With Him

via NY Post

He's one of the greatest golf talents in the past few years and his winnings show he's got the money to travel in style. With career earnings to date that exceed $35,484,999, Speith's

ability to take his family and friends on a yacht to the Bahamas isn't much of a chore.

While his numbers went down a bit in 2017, he's still one of the most bankable golfers in the game. Spieth is a marketing dream for a number of companies who find his talent, good looks, and young age perfect for their products. He has ten endorsement partners including Under Armour, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Titleist, and Rolex and Wheaties. Spieth earned nearly $30 million from sponsors and appearance fees.

13 Von Miller - Private Jet-Black Helicopter

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Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller and former teammate D.J. Williams know how to travel in style and nothing says style like a private jet-black helicopter sitting on a helipad and waiting for them to hop in. Their caption, "we fly, we party, we land," reads like both men have no problems throwing good money at lavish things. Miller doesn't just fly in private helicopters,

he has a number of luxury cars, including a wide-body 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS and his futuristic two-toned metallic grey 2015 BMW i8.

He has custom-made them to look the way he wants and that alone costs thousands of dollars to make each ride unique. Williams, on the other hand, is better left to finding other ways to get around as he has two DWI convictions on his driving record.

12 Tristan Thompson - "Star Bwoy Tekk Flight"

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Canadian basketball star Tristan Thompson is not shy about showing off his style when he travels.

Making over $15 million per year, it's no surprise to see him flying in a private plane and sitting in swanky leather seats.

This photo he calls the "Star bwoy tekk flight" is just scratching the surface of how Thompson gets from point A to point B. In a relationship with Khloe Kardashian, he likely got used to living the lavish lifestyle and there's no chance that his high-class lifestyle is going to slow down anytime soon. He's also quick to show his wicked shoe collection. While shoes might not be what most people think about when they travel, for a basketball star, shoes are a pretty big deal. NBA stars alone make money moving around in some of the most brandable shoes in the world.

11 Tony Hawk - Laid-Back (But Still Impressive)

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Pro skateboarder Tony Hawk is ridiculously wealthy but also impressively laid-back. This crew definitely looks like they’d be more at home on a seaplane than a stuffy private jet.

That doesn't mean he doesn't have a luxury car collection, fly private, and travel to amazing destinations.

His resume of riches includes a $10 million home, a couple custom-style jeeps, a Chevrolet Corvette, and trips to a number of tropical destinations. With sponsors like X-Box paying him insane amounts of money to use his name and rep their games, he's got enough money to live a lot more lavishly than he does.

10 Michael Schumacher - Impressive Car Collection

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How can we not add a professional race car driver to this list? He spends his entire life traveling around a track in some of the most gorgeous and insanely fast cars on the planet. He's also got quite the collection of personal vehicles that make the average person drool.

Among his collection are an F1 for Ferrari and Mercedes GP, and of his personal cars, a Ferrari FXX, Original Fiat 500, and Fiat Croma.

You can only imagine what these cars are worth as an F1 that he drove brought over $7.5 million at an auction in November of 2017. Considering that Michael Schumacher is worth over $800 million, it makes sense that he might have a few style preferences in his vehicles.

9 Dwyane Wade - Only Things The Super-Wealthy Can Afford

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Dwyane Wade's got it pretty good. He's with the beautiful Gabrielle Union, he's a published author, an NBA champion, a man of style and fashion, and he's got some pretty cool ways to get from one destination to another. Whether it's traveling between games or spending time with his family,

his Instagram account shows a variety of photos using boats, cars, planes, and other things only the super-wealthy can afford.

Some of his more iconic rides include a private jet, Vespa, a horse, a mini Porsche, and a variety of cars. In this particular photo, he's enjoying some time on his boat and says he's "cool as a pillow."

8 Michael Jordan - Customized MJ Private Jet

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Michael Jordan was known as one of the best basketball players in the world but he's also known to spend vast amounts of money on lavish things. What is one of the craziest things the billionaire former NBA pro bought with his money? Well,

Michael Jordan bought a personalized private jet that cost $30 million called the MJ-G550. It has Air Jordan symbol on it and has been customized to his style preferences.

He's also had a healthy car collection, including a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 40th Anniversary Edition, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition, Aston Martin DB9 Volante, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, Aston Martin DB7 Volante, Ferrari 512 TR, and a Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG. Perhaps the old saying "I wanna be like Mike" means a whole lot more when you see how he gets around.

7 Lionel Messi - Plenty Of Cash To Go Around

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Lionel Messi is among the highest-paid athletes in the world, with sponsors paying him a ridiculous amount of money to rep their products. He's got plenty of cash to get around, including this photo of him getting cozy on a private plane.

These spacious leather seats would be more comfortable than most people will ever experience on a plane in their lives.

There's also a story that describes a time when Messi's neighbors in a ritzy Barcelona suburb were partying a little too much and being a little too loud. The solution was to buy their house. Apparently, Messi doesn't just travel in style. He likes to keep his home a place he can feel at peace so he doesn't have to travel to get away from the noise.

6 Kevin Durant - Huge Car Collection (And Connected To The Private Jet Industry)

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Kevin Durant was known for being two things in the NBA. He was an MVP and he was willing to take a huge pay cut to play for a winning team. His plan worked as he joined the Golden State Warriors of the NBA and won the league's championship. Now, he's making about $26 million per year and his team is still winning. But, it's not like his interesting salary situation has stopped him from traveling like he's been making the league max for years.

He's got a huge car collection, including a red Camaro SS, his Ferrari California, and a white Range Rover.

He's also been connected to the private jet industry when he was a spokesman for Wheels Up and invested in private aviation firm JetSmarter.

5 Tiger Woods - Toys Include A Mega-Yacht

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He's attempting to make a comeback in golf this year, and while he hasn't played a PGA tournament is ages and definitely hasn't won, he's still worth a huge amount of money and sponsors always seem eager to give Tiger Woods another opportunity to rebound.

With the money he's earned from his many years as one of the world's best golfers, he's built quite the collection of travel tools.

His toys have included a 155-foot-long megayacht, a private jet, tons of stylish vehicles, including a Cadillac Escalade, a Buick Enclave, a Porsche Carrera GT, a Lexus LS 460 Sedan, and a Mercedes-Benz S65.

Fun Fact: Tiger is playing in his first PGA tournament in over a year, and as of Saturday, he was close to making the cut at Torrey Pines.

4 Magic Johnson - Notable Cars And A Private Jet

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He's a former NBA star but he's still an athlete. He's still active in the NBA and he's rich beyond imagination, having made some extremely wise investments after retiring from the game. He's also known to travel well between business meetings, checking in on one of the many franchises he's an owner of and his dealings with the Lakers. Johnson has a few notable cars

including a Bentley Bentayga, Lincoln Mark LT truck, Cadillac Escalade, Rolls Royce Ghost, and a Gulfstream G-III private jet.

Flying around in his jet, he's been so smart with his time, he's now worth in excess of $600 million dollars and can afford to buy a whole lot more if he wanted to.

3 Stephen Curry - Travels In Style (But Remains Humble)

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He's the best pure shooter in the NBA, and he's paid as one of the best players in the league so it's not surprising to see Steph Curry driving around in the some of the world's most lavish cars. In fact, he's one of just many players on the Golden State Warriors who like to travel like champions.

His car collection includes a Porsche GT3 RS, a Porsche Panamera, Mercedes G55, and a Range Rover.

Unlike some of the other athletes on this list, despite Curry's huge contract and making tons of money on endorsements, he doesn't seem to rub in his wealth like some others. Yes, he's got nice cars and houses, and he surely travels private but you don't hear much about him going over the top with his purchases.

2 Danica Patrick - Private Yacht

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She's arguably one of the most famous female athletes on the planet, and she's done quite well for herself financially, thanks to her success as a race car driver and having spokesperson deals. She's also a successful entrepreneur and model. Let's face it, she's one of the most attractive and wealthy women in the world.

In this Instagram photo, she took to show the view of her vineyard after she decided she wanted to get into the wine-making business. She writes, "For me the luxury-go to-no brainer gift is wine. Each has a story and most importantly, it leads to one when you drink it." She has a number of lavish houses that hold just a few of her many personal cars. She also has her own private yacht.

1 Alex Rodriguez - Private Everything (And Mansions)

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He's a retired baseball star now but that doesn't mean he isn't still making great money or made enough to travel in style. Still active,

he has a huge collection of cars, a private jet he flies on, and tons of others to take him back and forth to the many houses he owns, including a $7-million Miami mansion.

His car collection includes a Maybach 57S, Chevy Suburban, Mercedes CLK, and a Ferrari. But, as you can see in this photo, when he travels by plane, he buries himself in the back of this swanky private charter and looks after some important emails. "You can't hide," he says, but he appears to be able to stay away from the public when he's traveling between cities.

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