20 Photos Of Russell Westbrook's Most Confusing Fashion Choices

Professional athletes have always been celebrities. There is no place in the world you can go to and not find a professional basketball, soccer, or even hockey player giving out autographs to their devoted fans. That is just part of the gig. When you are a professional athlete, you inherently have a rare talent to do something people love to watch. And that should be enough for anyone to be considered a celebrity on their own merit. But, staying in the world of sports is not something that professional athletes seem too keen on doing these days. We always had the examples of Michael Jordan and other athletes who decided to try their luck on the big screen and starred in juggernaut movies. There were also many athletes who tried to make this transition and failed miserably.

Nevertheless, in recent years one guy in the NBA has been trying to leave his mark in an industry that we have always known athletes respect and like, but one in which we had seldom seen an athlete try to really make a splash. Of course, we are talking about the self-proclaimed King of Fashion, Russell Westbrook. Yeah, being the king of triple-doubles and the reigning NBA MVP was not enough for Russ.

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20 The Cut-Off

Via: businessinsider.com

Sure, the guy does seem to have an amazing taste for clothes from time to time. But there are also occasions in which we have spotted Westbrook wearing clothes that look almost too ridiculous to be fashionable. But then again, we are sure that he knows way more about fashion than any of us. Either way, for mere mortals like ourselves who do not have such an exquisite understanding of the tenants of fashion, these clothes look ridiculous.

The first example we could find came from when Westbrook appeared at the Teen Choice Awards back in 2013. For one of the most athletic guys in the NBA, a cut-off should be the way to go on any occasion where you don’t have to wear a suit, right? Well, yes, but it doesn’t need to be this kind of cut-off, does it?

19 Are They In Miami?

Via: morethan-stats.com

The only reason we could fathom for someone to wear an open floral shirt like that along with sunglasses, a bandanna, patched up jeans, and a pretty cool necklace, would be if they were going to South Beach. But not just walking near South Beach, we mean literally going to the beach, which doesn’t seem to be the case here. Our best guess would be that Westbrook was walking into the arena for a game. Usually, we see guys either walking into arenas in suits before they get to the locker room and change into their playing gear. More than that, there are even those guys who come in wearing regular T-shirts and jeans like the other player behind Westbrook, which still looks okay.

Nevertheless, okay is never good enough for the NBA King of Fashion, who decided to go with this suburban pirate style.

18 A Classic

Via: morethan-stats.com

During his almost 10 years in the NBA, Russell Westbrook has had the chance to come up with some rather unique outfits to show photographers before he walks into the locker room and gets ready to play the actual game. Believe it or not, fashion has always been something that was in his mind as he developed as an athlete and as a person. A testament to that is that Westbrook finally decided to put one of his dreams in motion and published a book on fashion.

Needless to say, the book was a huge hit, and one of the pictures everyone brings up when talking about it is this one. Why? Because you would never see anyone other than Russell Westbrook wearing this kind of outfit and still pulling it off. A King of Fashion indeed.

17 Ready For School

Via: twitter.com

One thing Russell Westbrook does every night when he plays in an NBA game is school other point guards. Sure, we are not considering when he plays guys like John Wall, Steph Curry, and Chris Paul. Those are point guards who can hold their own against Russell Westbrook. But when we are talking about most rookies and backup guards in the league, you will seldom see a game in which Westbrook is not giving a lesson on intensity and ferociousness to his opponent.

In a way, this can be terrifying for the other guys, but we are sure their coaches like it because that is something good for the young guys to learn. We decided to choose this high school quarterback outfit with a man-purse look to show that Westbrook has probably been schooling people since he was in high school.

16 Not For Normal People

Via: pinterest.com

As we said before, Russell Westbrook is undoubtedly one of the most athletic players in all of sports. Yeah, we could have just said the NBA, but we are including every single sport out there. You could probably find people in weightlifting who are not as strong as Russell Westbrook. That being said, here Westbrook is committing one of the foulest sins when it comes to fashion. He is wearing horizontal stripes. Wait, that might not actually be a sin. It is a sin because he is just showing off to other people.

Just imagine the commotion there would be if Shaq decided to wear horizontal stripes. The guy would look like he was the size of a freaking building. Not fun, Russ, not fun. And we didn’t even talk about the fact that the shirt is tucked into his sweatpants.

15 The Dream New Year’s Attire

Via: vox-cdn.com

You know how every year people start googling and trying to find out what each color you wear during the new year is supposed to bring? Yeah, it seems like Russell Westbrook is one of those people who wants peace. But he wants a lot of peace. That is the only reason anyone should ever be allowed to wear this much white for any occasion. We can pretty much guarantee that people could see him from miles away regardless of where he was standing.

But we do have to admit that even though it seems a bit ridiculous, Russ still made it look awesome from a fashion standpoint. There is just something about this guy, maybe the fact that we always see him wearing different kinds of clothes, but it always seems like he knows what he’s doing, and he pulls everything off.

14 How Much Is That?

Via: usatftw.com

One of the most interesting things about fashion for people like us, regular folks who might not be all that connected to everything that is happening with the latest trends in the fashion world and whatever, is the idea that people pay ridiculous amounts of money for torn-up clothes. Yeah, we sound like an old guy spitting on his lawn from the porch, but this is how most people think.

For example, do you have any idea how much Russell Westbrook probably paid for these clothes? We don’t even want to guess a number because we know we would have been outraged to find out. Still, one of the tenets of Westbrook’s fashion manifesto is that people don’t really have to spend a lot of money in order to be fashionable. We hope this was one of his examples.

13 Weekend At Russ’

Via: vogue.com

This was definitely not what the protagonist of Weekend at Bernie’s wore during the movie, but it is definitely something that his friends would have worn throughout the film. This is that classic beach attire your grandpa will put on in order to look cool for the grandchildren. Well, at least so he thinks he looks cool in front of the grandchildren.

And yet, somehow, Russell Westbrook makes this seem like something people could wear on a regular basis. This is about as ridiculous an outfit as they come, and we are not even counting the “W” necklace he always wears. Oh, Russ, what would we do without your Messiah-like takes on fashion, teaching us what to wear. Seriously, we are not kidding. We do think the way he pulls these clothes off is nothing short of amazing.

12 Love Is In The Air

VIa: thunderousintentions.com

Whenever the NBA has a Valentine’s Day showcase, they should make sure that everything the players wear before heading to the locker rooms is something that was picked out by Russell Westbrook. Seriously, have you ever seen a more majestic entrance for a Valentine’s Day game than this rose-filled sweater?

Hell no. Who other than Russell Westbrook would be able to wear something like this and not be made fun of? Well, we are not sure if his teammates make fun of him in the locker room for the stuff he wears. But judging by how good he is and how important he is to his team, we have a hard time believing anyone would risk souring their relationship with the guy who practically owns the Oklahoma City Thunder. We certainly would not risk it. We would probably wear anything he told us to.

11 It’s All Gucci

Via: looklive.com

And here we thought we would never be able to make fun of anyone wearing Gucci clothes. Gucci is arguably one of the most recognizable brands in the world. It doesn’t matter where you go; if you see people wearing something made by Gucci, you know that they are doing well financially regardless of whatever else they might be doing. You could go to India and see the rich people wearing Gucci, the same in Europe, as it is in South America and literally everywhere else.

Back to Westbrook, he wore this to The Jimmy Fallon Show, and it was a hit. After all, it is not always that you can see a dude pulling off pink pants with a tied-up sweater on his waist without laughing. But then again, this is none other than Russell Westbrook, the King of Fashion.

10 Is This Real Life?

Via: twitter.com

Did Russell Westbrook just turn into Willy Wonka or did Willy Wonka grow up and become a triple-double machine? Well, this might not look exactly like something Willy Wonka would wear, but somehow that is the comparison that immediately came to our minds when we saw Russell Westbrook wearing this particular outfit. It is amazing how ridiculous this guy looks, but it still seems like he is looking good. He pulls it off every time. Sorry, I’m already getting mad again for no reason, but that is just what Russ’ sense of fashion does to you if you try to keep up with him.

This guy is for fashion exactly what he is on the basketball court. He is a machine. The man is relentless, and he will attack you from every side. We just never expected him to be as good when it comes to fashion as he is on the basketball court.

9 The Time He Went Too Far

#fashionweek #loubs on the feet!!

A post shared by Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) on

We have seen Russell Westbrook wearing some ridiculous clothes, but nothing came even close to the level of ridiculousness that we witnessed when this guy decided to get creative with his shoes. We are not even going to talk about the leopard print shirt he was wearing at fashion week. That one has just become something we are not even surprised at seeing if the subject is Russell Westbrook and fashion. We want to talk about those shoes because we had never really seen studded shoes.

These shoes are the very reason why people first started yelling: “What are those?!” whenever they saw someone wearing ridiculous shoes. Come on Russ, studded shoes, really? Is there a limit to what this guy can wear and have us be okay with it? We guess not, so we are just going to leave it to you to decide how okay this is.

8 Lost In Jeans Land

Via: pinterest.com

Remember that one entry we talked about Russell wearing more white than anyone should be allowed, even on New Year’s Eve? Well, there was also the one time he wore more jeans than anyone should. We don’t know if this would have made the news if the jeans jacket was a regular size jacket, but if it would not make the news, why would Russell even wear anything like that?

No, this guy is all about making fashion statements, and this is about as big a statement as anyone can make. We live in an age where a lot of people hate on guys who wear jeans too much. We live in the age of sweatpants and suits, you have to be brave to live somewhere in between, and if there is one thing we know Russell Westbrook to be, it is courageous.

7 The Ellen Show

Via: looklive.com

So, we randomly came across a website that tells us all of the clothes Westbrook has been seen wearing and how much they cost. Yeah, you can find pretty much anything on the Internet these days, right? Better get ready because this is going to get a lot more fun now. This particular outfit was something Westbrook wore to one of his appearances on The Ellen Show. Needless to say, the man was about as exquisite with his fashion as ever.

Rocking long sleeves and shorts, as well as a pair of pitch-black shoes, Westbrook made a killing in that appearance. The most impressive part of it all might just be that the clothes he wore were not even all that expensive by his parameters. That striped jacket, for example, costs something around $280.

6 Are Those Pants?

Via: looklive.com

Wow, this guy just cannot stop innovating. We have all seen those long-sleeved shirts that make your arms look like they are tattooed, but we had never seen pants like those. As a matter of fact, we are not even sure that those things Russell Westbrook is wearing in this picture are actually pants. For all we know, they could just be long socks or something else he came up with, and we just don’t know about yet.

Nevertheless, this seems to have been the way he found to transform an outfit that otherwise looks rather normal. Just imagine if you saw a guy walking around with everything he is wearing but without those things on his legs. You would not even give it a second look, would you? Yeah, Westbrook seems to have a knack for attracting other people’s eyes.

5 Another Miami Style

Via: looklive.com

The 2016-17 season was one of breaking records for Russell Westbrook. If you think recording triple-doubles is what makes a player “complete.” You might as well just say that Russell Westbrook is the best basketball player who ever lived. After all, the man did beat the season record for triple-doubles that Oscar Robertson set in the 60s. That is no easy feat, and as much as people say Westbrook just “stat pads” a lot, it is still hard to pull off a figure like that. He is also the only player to record a triple-double against every other team in the NBA.

But triple doubles are not the only thing he does on the regular. It also seems Russell often likes to sport a beach-ready look whenever he heads into a game.

4 Mixing It Up

Via: pinterest.com

We already made fun of Russell for wearing too many jeans at one time or wearing too much white another time. Well, this is what he does to pretty much slap people like us in the face for the comments we make. The guy really does not care about what other people think of his style. He is just the way he is. If you love it, you follow him, if you don’t love it, you hate on it, and he still won’t care. You gotta respect that about Russell. He’s a guy who is going to keep doing his thing no matter what other people say. That being said, this outfit right here looks beyond ridiculous from our standpoint. The all-white look (shoes included) going along with a jeans jacket and his classic man-purse? A brave man indeed.

3 No Words

Via: nydailynews.com

We are not exaggerating when we say there are no words to describe this outfit. The only thing we could possibly do is compare this Russell Westbrook look to other similar ridiculousness we have seen through the years. This looks like something that evil lady from 101 Dalmatians would wear. What else can we say about this? Hell, maybe someone from FEMA should take a look or have the animal protection activists start bugging Westbrook because that is definitely some kind of fur.

One thing we do have to say, however, is that those shoes look pretty fresh. We don’t know if that is because we are inherently changing from looking at Russell Westbrook outfits all day, but we are kind of starting to like his style, and the shoes seem like a pretty good way to start. You won’t see us wearing those coats though. I swear.

2 Tin Man

Via: twitter.com

We know it must be hard to set new challenges for yourself when you already broke an NBA record that lasted more than half a century. There is also the fact you are the reigning MVP, and no one denies you are arguably the most ferocious player ever to enter a basketball court. So, what could possibly be next for Russell Westbrook? Well, if we take into account his outfits, the easiest choice would be to turn into a fashion designer whenever the NBA thing stops working. But this latest entry on our list has changed our perspective a little.

Why? Because it really looks like this guy wants to go to the moon. Maybe there is a galactic basketball league that we just don’t know about, and Russell has gotten an invite to play. It has to be that because there is no other way anyone would wear a jacket like this unless they were going to space.

1 Old-School

Via: flickr.com

Someone has been watching Stranger Things way too much. Geez, this is cringe-worthy even by Russell Westbrook standards. No grown man should wear clothes like that. It really looks like he is some young kid in an overgrown body, playing that Star Wars arcade while wearing an outfit he definitely had a fight with his mom for before he could sneak out of the house to go play with his friends. Seriously, would your mom let you leave the house if you were wearing something like that?

The funny thing here is that one thing Westbrook always says in his interviews about fashion is that he owes his style to his mom, who always made sure everyone in the family looked fresh at all times. We still don’t think this would have been something his mom would’ve picked for him though.

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