Well let's be honest here. Rainey has certainly got her mom's genetics. But there's been some degree of genetic mutation as well, to be sure. Yeah, her father, Paul Qualley, isn't hard on the eyes for ladies and gents alike, but the union between Andie and Paul did something special

here. They've somehow managed to create a far superior being, at least with regards to appearance. As to her talent, that's a bit more subjective. And as for her intellect...well who knows, and who reading this ultimately cares? All that truly matters, one might suspect, is that Rainey's got some fantastic legs, and a rather seductive leopard print dress, with just enough cleavage visible to not pull focus, but remain enjoyable all the same. Goodness, her skin is breathtakingly pure (though somewhat highlighted out at the neck, and part of the face). And the cascading quality of Rainey's hair is pretty damned exquisite. It's almost unnatural just how attractive this woman seems to be. One of those creatures one might never want to meet, for fear of the fall from the pedestal.

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