20 Photos Of Andie MacDowell's Hot Daughter Rainey

If readers don't quite know who Rainey Qualley is, that's ok. It's not a real shocker. She's a bit of a niche artist, given that she's a pop country singer. Though one who has never laid eyes on her will instantly regret having never done so before, once looking through the twenty photos here of the country girl.

It might be worth noting that Rainey Qualley is the daughter of a rather famous fashion model, and actor, Andie MacDowell. If readers aren't quite sure who she is, one might know her from St. Elmo's FireGroundhog Day, Footloose (2011), or as Claire Williams on 30 Rock.

But this article isn't about Rainey's mom (though she's got it going on as well). No, no. This is about Rainey herself, and for nothing specific either. This is simply a collection of twenty photos of a woman who is successful, incredibly attractive, and great fun.

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20 Meeeoow!

Well let's be honest here. Rainey has certainly got her mom's genetics. But there's been some degree of genetic mutation as well, to be sure. Yeah, her father, Paul Qualley, isn't hard on the eyes for ladies and gents alike, but the union between Andie and Paul did something special here. They've somehow managed to create a far superior being, at least with regards to appearance. As to her talent, that's a bit more subjective. And as for her intellect...well who knows, and who reading this ultimately cares? All that truly matters, one might suspect, is that Rainey's got some fantastic legs, and a rather seductive leopard print dress, with just enough cleavage visible to not pull focus, but remain enjoyable all the same. Goodness, her skin is breathtakingly pure (though somewhat highlighted out at the neck, and part of the face). And the cascading quality of Rainey's hair is pretty damned exquisite. It's almost unnatural just how attractive this woman seems to be. One of those creatures one might never want to meet, for fear of the fall from the pedestal.

19 Wet And Wild

If one were to pull away to see the entirety of what this shot covers in truth, one would see a white outfit, which may be rather appealing to readers. But what's wrong with a little tease every now and again? Not to mention a noble attempt at keeping things relatively PG in order to sweep across the net without hindrance. Now one might be compelled to get sucked into the desiring, seemingly hungry look on Rainey's face in this wicked, and wet shot. But don't get too caught up in it. This shot comes from the music video for her song "Me And Johnny Cash", and she is not the sweetest of people in the video. Much more a seductress, with an army of bound men doing her bidding. And no, so far as the video shows, none of that has anything to do with sex (other than her use of sex appeal in order to trap men). So by all means, if readers want to become a slave to this gorgeous, blue-eyed siren, have at it. But it won't end the way one thinks it should.

18 Flower Child

Now of course Rainey is far too young to be a true flower child. Flower power did not quite last beyond the sixties. But her mother is certainly old enough to recall that era, and like this writer, perhaps Rainey learned a thing or two about peace and love from her parents. Of course this shot is in no way indicative of her being some sort of hippie. It is kind of amusing though, that she's hiding behind curtains, while she raises plastic flowers into the air. One would suggest this was perhaps prom night, but the sheer top she is wearing, is just that. It would seem like it would make a great, formal dress, but one can see that she is wearing pants, through the curtains. And what look has made its way back into this entry? Oh of course it's the puffy lips, that give way to sort of look of vacant sexuality. One wonders why this is supposed to be a sexy, and seductive look. Surely there are more engaging, and seemingly more desirable glances one could make toward another.

17 Comfy Bed

That does indeed look like a comfy bed to be on. Very fuzzy and warm. What might make it even more comfy is if it happened to come with Rainey Qualley on it as well. It seems as though she's wearing a man's shirt already...so maybe it belongs to one of the readers (or at least that can be tonight's fantasy). And there again: eyebrows raised, and mouth slightly ajar; those puffy lips making way for that pouty, and somehow seductive look. If one looks carefully, away from the face, and down...down...all the way to those naked legs on the bed, one may notice the cut of her right leg. That show of muscle surely must do something more the imagination. Especially considering how incredibly long, it has already been shown, her legs are. Somehow she still manages to keep her hair perfect, even when in bed. Though yes, of course, this is nothing more than a staged shoot, and any of those fantasies mentioned earlier can only be inferred by what the onlooker wants to think is happening. Hopefully that didn't burst too many bubbles.

16 Wild In The Woods

What is the most wild about this photo, aside from it being outdoors, is that Rainey seems to be wearing fur. Given her parentage, it seems likely that it's real fur. Unless she happens to have some degree of awareness with regards to the fur trade these days. But hey, at least she likes the outdoors (or likes it enough to take a quick, and sexy shot out in it). There again, is just enough cleavage to not pull focus, but give a little taste. And that once cascading hair seems to have been traded for straightened, raven hair. Grabbing a shot at what seems to be sunset, the light plays perfectly on Rainey's face, though there is one unfortunate aspect of this photo, beyond the fur. The seemingly constant, "sexy" pursed lips, in this case, don't quite add a level of attraction. Why is that? Well simply because it shows even just the smallest fragment of a tooth that seems to take away from the composition. And it doesn't help that the natural light highlights this fact.

15 Turn Her On Just Like The Radio

Yup, that's right. That is a photo of Rainey Qualley, dressed as a sexy radio. This is for one of her songs, aptly titled "Turn Me On Like The Radio". The specific scene in the music video, that this shot is from, happens to be a Frankenstein sort of scene. A group of rather stereotypically nerdy men gather around, creating what can only be described as a prospective sex slave (think about the film Weird Science...if you're old enough). This shot is just as she wakens from creation. But instead of an attraction to the men surrounding her, she pushes them all away in order to admire herself in the mirror. And then she proceeds to make out with her reflection. While this might be enticing for some, it's likely not what the group of men had in mind. It makes one wonder a couple of things. It seems to be that Rainey has got a bit of a hankering towards the empowerment of women, through sexuality in her videos. And it also seems that she's got a very accurate sense of just how attractive she is.

14 Never Worn Mink Before...

In fact, that isn't mink at all. It's chinchilla. How is this possibly known? Well first of all, it's likely faux fur to begin with. And secondly, this is from the opening scene of the premiere episode of the seventh season of Mad Men. Now one would think that Draper would be having a go at Qualley here, for sure. But in actuality, Rainey's character, Cindy is auditioning for a commercial here. It definitely looks as though she's about to strip, and have some fun with Draper, but that's not the case. At least not in this scene. Strange to think that Rainey Qualley was given the very first words of the seventh, and final season of Mad Men. Many thought this as Rainey's highest profile gig, but that's not likely the case in her mind. To be fair, she's played The Grand Ole Opry. This came just before the end of that final season for Mad Men. So it seems to be that Rainey's career has carried well beyond a simple, objectifying cameo role in a very popular show. She's played one of the most famous country stages in the entire world.

13 Want A Bite?

Surely readers would love nothing more than a bit of a nibble. But of the apple or of Rainey herself, this writer will not waste time guessing. Surely it's a very hot thing watching a gorgeous woman, clad in a torn up shirt (though not torn in the right places), eating slices of apple from her own jack knife. Especially with that look in her eyes. Goodness gracious. A little bit of suggestive midriff, and some torn up, moth-eaten clothing really does the trick, it must be said. Though some comment has to be made with regards to the specific shirt she's wearing. It seems like a bit of commercialization to do with native Americans. As if there haven't been enough issues, now there's a cowgirl wearing an "Indian Reservation" shirt. Somehow, with the headdress featured on Rainey's top, one assumes this reservation has nothing to do with people form India. But, wearing fur, and casual racism seem not to concern Rainey Qualley too much, and likely don't cause much grief for readers of this article – far more excitement to be had over the outfit, the look, and the action in this photo.

12 Exposed...

Yes, though there is much to be left to the imagination, this is indeed a nude shot of Rainey. Oh and look: as aforementioned, there's that bit of pouty lip happening again. Surprise, surprise. But there's something more sexual about the look she's giving here. That could very well be the additional feeling sweeping over her, afforded by the freedom of being naked. And why wouldn't there be an added sexuality in her look, when there is certainly an increased sexuality to the photo itself, and therefore the way in which a viewer will take it? Of course many will be very sad that there isn't more to this shot. But that just adds to the need for one to use imagination to get a fun picture of Rainey Qualley. And if one really wanted, one could find a somewhat more revealing photo of Rainey from this same shoot.

11 Time To Dry Off

One might like to think that this is the aftermath of the shoot for "Me And Johnny Cash", but it appears, by the look of her face, that this was in fact some time before that video. She seems a bit younger. Not by any means under age, especially given that she is now nearing her thirtieth year, but still somewhat younger than what she was during that music video shoot, for sure. Who knows just what this photo is from, but it's clear she's just had a good time, and is rather wet. For some people, that is more than enough. But there is, of course, a point of focus that must be noted. Those blue eyes that, in spite of how icy they are, seem warm, and welcoming. And what's more? That sweet smile, devoid of the puffy-lipped purse. How wonderful it is to see a much more real, and candid photo of Rainey? It's great to know she's gorgeous while she's working, but it's far better to know that she can remain the fine specimen she is, whilst being real.

10 Blood Lust

One is inclined to believe that she's not really got blood covering her lips and finger. Perhaps it's strawberry, or cherry. Surely the idea of popping a cherry, with relation to Rainey Qualley, is now in the mind of many a reader, but surely she's well past that point by now. No cleavage in this photo, but there is a nice shoulder slide to her shirt which reveals some of the well structured collar bone, and enough skin to begin thinking a little more in depth about what there is underneath the shirt. No shock here, but her pouty lip look is back again, but at least in a far more interesting regard. With the bloody look that Rainey has here, that pout comes across far more as slaked blood lust...or maybe not quite as slaked as one would wish, given that those eyes of hers seem still a little hungry. Maybe she managed to get herself into Twilight. Thankfully though, if that were actually the case, Rainey didn't feel inclined to get all sparkly, in addition to the blood. What a relief.

9 Flowers And Football

Surely that's not what's being hinted here. It's pretty unlikely that Rainey intends to hand off the plastic flowers to someone, and then rush off to play a bit of football. But it is certainly an interesting mix of subjects for the photos. Not to mention the poorly-painted, sh*t-beaten dungeon door behind her. For those who care less about the composition of the photo, and more about its main subject, yes, one can see Rainey's bra through her jersey. Oh, how exciting!One might notice that in this shot, she has decided to forego the pout, at least to a much greater degree than she has previously. Though she still seems to carry over a bit of a vacancy behind her eyes. Meaning that she might be a bit empty back there. And that's not to say that's the way she actually is, but that is the way she comes across in this photo, and when she attempts to be more sexy than she already is by pouting, mouth gaping. It's a very strange method that this writer will truly never understand.

8 In Studio

Now there's a shot of those absolutely gorgeous eyes. For those readers who have read some of this writer's articles before, they will know the seeming obsession with eyes. Such incredibly interesting and engaging parts of the body, they draw one in, in several different ways. There's a reason they're called windows to the soul (even if there is no such thing). This was likely taken from the behind-the-scenes recording of "Me And Johnny Cash". She does a lot of her recording off the floor, with everyone gathered, and mic'd in studio. Which is a pretty old-school way of doing things. To be fair, she likely does not use tape like was done not all that long ago. But still: digitally recording a whole band live still presents its own complications, and any slip could require extension touch ups in post production. One has to be fairly confident as a musician to take everything off the floor. But given her pedigree, it seems pretty likely that Rainey Qualley is quite confident enough.

7 Rockin' The Wolf

A promo shot from playing at a radio station called "The Wolf", one wonders if that is also what is on Rainey's back. She does seem to be a big fan of fur, and wouldn't that be hilariously, and depressingly apt of her to wear a wolf-fur coat at this performance? Even still, if that were an actual fact, there is still a greater travesty in that room. It's the fact that one of her guitarists is sporting a Guns n' Roses tee shirt. Goodness. Gn'R met their grizzly fate some time ago, and it is time for fans, and the band to let it go. They had great times, but everyone knew Axl Rose would ruin it eventually. He did, then tried to keep going, then got almost everyone back together. Now it's some great musicians, and a high-pitched has-been on the road. Perhaps that's a bit off track though. All that really needs to be noted in this photo is that Rainey is singing...so shut up, listen, and admire the view. Because what else is there to do?

6 Pretty Kitty

Realistically there is not much pretty about either kitty in this photo, though it is nice to see some candid shots of Rainey Qualley. Again, it is nice to know that she's a normal person...even underneath that "beauty" mask. It is very interesting to know that she owns a Sphynx cat. Or at the very least that she has one in this photo. That's certainly not the expected cat for someone of her celebrity status. One would figure something with fur...though she does have a hankering for fur, so maybe it is best that she has a feline sans the fur. What's very interesting about Rainey's face in this shot, is not that she's wearing that mask, but it's her lips, yet again. They're not opened to that suggestive purse, and puffiness. But they are still rather pouted. It really makes one wonder if that's just the way her lips are, or if she thinks that's part of the look one is supposed to give when having their picture taken. Maybe she learned some poor lessons from her mom, but surely fashion didn't trend in that direction in Andie MacDowell's time.

5 Girl's Night Out...

Or rather, perhaps it's a girl's night in, since they are all laying across a bed. Either way, from left to right are Rainey Qualley, her mother Andie MacDowell, and her darling, little sister, Margaret Qualley. It is interesting to note that they've stuck with their father's name, as opposed to their mother. Especially when it's their mother with whom they are constantly seen in photo ops. Either way...what an attractive family. Though it must be said that Rainey takes the cake in terms of sexiest of the sisters. And in terms of fairest in the family. It's clear that the girls do not get their beautiful, blue eyes from their mother, but that being said, it's not the first thing to pop up, when searching for info about their father. In fact, it seems Paul Qualley has gone out of his way to not have much of an internet presence. And that may very well be for the better, if one is looking to stay out of the spotlight, which both Rainey and Margaret have, and will continually find themselves in. And of course Andie has long had her time in the light. Time to shove over for girls.

4 Interview Time

This shot is from an interview. How can one tell? Well, the mic at her breast is one clue. Not to mention the chair she's sitting in, and the film gear in the background as well. Now just what is this interview for? It's for the behind-the-scenes featurette of Falcon Song. And just what is Falcon Song? It's ok not to know. It's a fantasy, western film that Rainey Qualley happens to be somewhat known for. And to be sure, it is a film that no reader here needs to bother themselves with seeing. There are more important things to take note of, like how there is that cleavage yet again that may not quite be the focus of the shot...but that certainly does no damage to the shot, to be sure. And just engaged in conversation, she seems just as gorgeous as when she's putting on her pouty face. So why she feels she needs to ham it up when specifically posing for a photo...one has no inkling. But hey, it seems to really work well for her, and who is some writer to judge what face Rainey Qualley makes in almost every single photo of hers?

3 Maybe Just An Off Day?

First of all, one must really ask...what in the name of all that is holy, is Rainey wearing here? It seems like some sort of cataclysm of colour that should just simply never exist. The cutsey, country collar could be done away with as well. But honestly, one can seriously not tell what is going on all over this top. Then, in addition to that, it seems that Rainey is having more than a bad wardrobe day. She also seems to be having a bad hair day. It's just kind of frizzing all over, whether it's up or down. All of that being said though, her pouty lips really must cast some sort of spell, as one is still drawn into what is the attraction to Rainey Qualley. The eyes, of course, must also play a big part of this drawing in of people. So intense is the blue of her beautiful eyes, that is just cannot be avoided, by any means. Though now a horrifying thought crosses this writer's mind...could Rainey be ultimately nothing more than some sort of mouth-breathing creep? And that's why her mouth is always so open?

2 Even At The Golden Globes

That's right, Rainey Qualley even makes an appearance at the Golden Globe Awards. This particular shot was taken at the 2012 Golden Globes. The sixty-ninth annual awards show, as it happened. Rainey was named "Miss Golden Globe". Now what the hell does that mean? Basically it means she's the host's bitch for the night. She had to pass the Golden Globes to the host, to be passed to the talent. She also had to round up the talent to ensure that they were where they needed to be, when they needed to be. And in addition to that unnecessarily stressful bit of work, she also had to have a dress change part way through the show. Now she may not have minded that fact, as it does give her opportunity to show off different versions of herself, but different dresses mean different shoes, and different makeup, and different accessories. It must have been an absolute nightmare to pull everything off that night. But to be fair...that is one of the biggest, most privileged first world issues this writer has ever heard of, so...who cares?

1 A Little Dazed And Maybe A Bit Confused?

Well, she is at the American Music Awards, so it is entirely believable that she might have imbibed one or two bits of something a tad illicit. That is, of course, just this writer's speculation. It could very well be that the very next shot taken in this moment, has Rainey, wide-eyed, and ready for town. But as it happens, this is the shot that was come across, and apart from the bloodshot eyes, Rainey does seem to be a bit...off. It could very well be that she's making an attempt of some sort of seductive look for the cameras. But if that's the case, she's failed, for sure. If one should like another good look at Rainey's legs, one only need Google this shot from the AMAs and one will find an incredible slit in this nice blue dress. A dress that would do well to set off Rainey's beautiful eyes (were they opened wide enough). But hey, there's some midriff to enjoy, and again just enough hinting cleavage so as not to draw too much attention, but still be able to say "Hey I'm here!"

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