Gigi Hadid's 20 Best Fashion Looks (And How To Mimic Her Flawless Street Style)

Gigi Hadid is one of the world's most infamous fashion models. She's beautiful and is already taking the world by storm at the age of 22. She does have a huge following on Instagram, 30 million followers and her net worth were valued at $13 million last year. It's mind-boggling how youngsters become famous so suddenly, but its understandable with looks like hers and her flawless fashion choices.

Gigi had been in the news for some reasons, but each year, there are articles about her best looks, such as street style, formal, event wear, casual, and so on. She wears bold clothes and likes to make a statement. She's also not afraid to take risks and always manages to pull it off.

Last year was an exceptional year with her choices, edgy, risk taker, and luxurious dresses for events. In 2018, she's already making headlines with an edge and bright colors. Even her work out outfits are stylish, and she always knows how to match her clothing with accessories. Yes, some of her clothes are over the top, but somehow it looks good on her and is featured in the best section. A fashion model needs to dress the part and luckily, Gigi does. Love this fashionista and need a fashion change read on for the 20 best fashion looks from Gigi and especially her foxy street style for a day out in town. With this advice, you'll look amazing and feel like a model.

20 Puffer Jacket And Striped Patchwork Pants

You may see this look as out there, but actually, it's chic in the fashion world. The grey and red do well together, and the silver boots are workable with the pants. She chose the right accessories, a red strap tiny bag and necklace. The belt adds a different element to her top and bottom. The jacket is nice and long as a short one won't work so well. This look will be perfect for a night out and heads will definitely turn!

19 Bold And Classic Casual 

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Snapped walking the streets of New York, Gigi looks trendy in this selection of a mustard color faux fur jacket, a color in clothing, which never goes well, but somehow it works for her. It could be the light blue torn denim and a tan long sleeve top match. The brown belt matches well with everything and her choice of shoes for an added casual look is actually lovely. The color works well with the scheme.

18 Smart Bodysuit And Jeans

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I love this look, its casual for an event but she looks fantastic! The jeans are unique as it has a collar over the top and it has a bit of a bulge. The top is foxy, revealing some chest and its tight fitting. The design in the middle and collar over the chest adds more appeal and thankfully its long sleeved. I don't think it would work without them. The boots are my favorite, as the toes point out and the metal clasps give it more flavor!

17 It's All About Soft Material

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Gigi looks stunning in this corsage pantsuit. Thankfully, it's one color, and yes, its quite revealing but the flow of the pants gives her elegance. When it's cold, the blazer will finish off the look, and she made the right choice choosing a darker shade of blue for the shoes and the pointy toe high heel is perfect. Have a fancy party to go to; a similar outfit will do as its formal but with some appeal!

16 Slacks And A Hoodie

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Hoodies can be trashy if not worn the right way and well, it also depends on the brand. I like this look, except for the shoes, I think a pair of tiny heel point black high heels would've worked better, but she was going for casual in these chequered slacks and hoodie. Thank goodness she matched the colors again. It'll be right for a stroll in the streets as its leisure wear but with some style!

15 Fitted Buttoned Dress 

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Usually, celebrities don't wear dresses street style, but Gigi decided to for a perfect look in the city of love, Paris. What makes this dress stand out is the buttons, which gives it a jersey quality. It flaps open at the bottom but not too much. Once again Gigi knows how to work her colors, and she kept to the black theme. The accessories work well, and the Doc Martens give it a street type of feel.

14 Plain Jane With A Twist

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Gigi Hadid spotted jetting off from Milan, Italy.

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Once again, she's wearing her beloved Doc Martens, which work together with this everyday jane look, necessary for a no-fuss day. The tight light denim and black turtleneck are equal, and I like how she tucked her top into her jeans as you can see her waist. The different shades of black are nicely done!

13 Plaid, Wool, And Denim

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I'm crazy about this, red and black go together and she knows how to make it work. The tight black denim reveals her leg shape, and the red belt adds a different element as she's wearing a black top as well. This coat is fashionable and vintage as its wool and chequered red-and-blue pattern form together stunningly. Of course, the red Doc Martens finish it off.

12 Crochet Crop Top And Rose Gold

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Gigi looks very wise in this pale peach attire. I love the crochet crop top which makes her stand out and the high-waisted cropped pant is very classy! The darker color shoes make her feet stand out, which she seems to like. Its good for summer, especially since its light and not bulky!

11 Casual Denim

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Gigi made no fuss when selecting this outfit, but the shoes are what makes it worthy. I love the plain white shirt though; it fits well with the light blue cropped denim. The red high heels make it more formal, which will be ideal for a day of shopping.

10 Urban Safari

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NEW YORK, NY - JULY 18: Model Gigi Hadid is seen walking in Soho on July 18, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

Some people love their animal print, as its striking and adds fox appeal to any theme. Gigi chose to wear it the right way with leopard print high heel boots with high-waisted jeans and an office type buttoned and collared shirt. She mixed it up with having buttons undone and done, and I love how she tucked one side of the shirt in and how she rolled up the sleeves, which gives it a sleeker look.

9 Bold And Bright

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Gigi is impressive in this retro but modern garb. Those bright orange high-waisted pant, I love the material, it looks soft and light. I love the graphic t-shirt, which makes it informal. The baby blue jacket fits the color scheme, thank goodness as the wrong choice can make you look drab!

8 Sporty Lycra Leggings

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Gigi even looks immaculate with a sporty wardrobe. You need to look your best on your way to the gym because of the paps, and you want to feel good while working out in cute clothes. The black lycra leggings are a must, and the hoodie, which ends near her cleavage is cleverly done. She chose well with the white shirt as it blends in with the all black. I adore it!

7 Rocker Chic

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The bad-boy leather jackets from past decades are in fashion now with the ladies deeming it, maybe even better than the men. Gigi looks slick with a graphic white crop top and low-waisted cropped jeans. The black leather jacket shines, and I love the white sneakers and pink clutch bag.

6 Tracksuit For Travelling

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Its always hard selecting comfortable clothing for travel and thankfully, Gigi has come to the rescue with this wear. The cropped long sleeve top with a large design zip and black and white buttoned tracksuit is just what we need. You can leave a flap at the bottom, just like she did and you will be able to wear your comfy but upscale sneakers.

5 Crop Top And Pants With Sparkles

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This ensemble has a bit of a tracksuit feel to it. Once again, its matching color and the grey was the best decision. The well-done cut on the side of the pants is fantastic and makes it less ordinary. The flower pattern sparkling metal is vintage and makes it more fun and of course, the silver shoes!

4 Dress Coat And Thigh-High Boots

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Hunter Abrams/BFA/REX/Shutterstock (8467905k) Zayn Malik, Anna Wintour, Gigi Hadid CFDA and Vogue Fashion Fund 'Americans in Paris' event, Paris, France - 03 Mar 2017

A dress that looks like a coat, what on earth? There are no words; it has buttons and a collar with a long sleeve. It falls like a dress but what Gigi did with it is spectacular. The black belt tightens it around her waist which makes it more tight fitting and I love how she made one side off shoulder. I think no other type of shoewear but thigh-high boots would've worked.

3 Gold Jumpsuit For Formal Occasions

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It's required to look your best at work events and Gigi outdid herself in this gold jumpsuit which glitters in the light. What I love is it isn't over the top, and she looks like a babe in this tight one piece. The minimum jewellery actually is good because if there were too much, it'd ruin everything. Its essential to have a clutch purse and the purse she chose is incredible, its gold and its big enough to fit whatever she needs. She's breathtaking and certainly knows how to dress for formal events.

2 Red Carpet Beauty

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Another jaw-dropping dress by Gigi for all the right reasons. It flows down her legs, and even though it's see-through, she still looks polished. Its strapless but with a strip of material at her waist and going around her neck. The sequins make her shine, and the color of the dress is ideal. Her ponytail hairdo is favourable as her dress will be fully revealed to the public.

1 Night Out 

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Ladies nights are always fun, and if you need a suitable gown for all the clubbing activities, this sequined thigh-high dress is crucial. I love the short sleeves which make it not to sex appealing, and the added horizontal stripes on the bottom for a less one color look. Its short, it sparkles, and you'll feel amazing.

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